How to clear cache on Samsung a50

Batteries in Galaxy A50 smartphones are controlled in the menu “Device Maintenance”. “Battery”. It shows you the percentage of charge, approximate runtime, and battery optimization settings, like turning on the power-saving feature.

There are 3 modes available and it depends on them how fast the percentage of charge decreases:

You can set or unset the percentage of charge in the settings, then only the light indicator will tell you about the remaining charge.

Quick Charge Setup

To enable Samsung adaptive fast charging:

  • Opens the “Settings” menu.
  • You click on the “Device Maintenance” line.
  • “Battery”.
  • Activates the “Fast charging” function.

If you put the percentage of charging in the visible mode, it is easy to see how fast the phone is charging.

How to clear the cache on the Samsung Galaxy S8. step-by-step instructions

Cache is a hidden section of memory on your phone that stores files for the operating system to perform functions. Each application, when installed, determines the minimum cache, which increases as you use the gadget. When the cache memory is taking up a lot of space, you need to clear it.

  • How often do I need to clear it??
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to clear the system cache in your Samsung phone
  • Via settings
  • Using applications
  • Through Recovery
  • Delete cache folder manually
  • Using the engineering menu
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to clear the browser cache on your Samsung phone
  • When clearing the cache is necessary?
  • Is there a difference in clearing for different models?

How often should we clean it?

Cache is constantly updated and clogs the device’s RAM. If your smartphone has a lot of free space to use, it is recommended to do a deep cleaning of the cache when a new system update arrives. In this way, not only is there new space for downloading applications, but also optimizes the work of the software.

If you are an active user of social networks, it is recommended to clear the cache once a month or more often. This is especially true for the Instagram app, where cache accumulates when you view stories, feeds, and live feeds.

Step-by-step instructions on how to clear the system cache on your Samsung phone

In order to clear the cache on Samsung devices, use special utilities and applications or use the basic settings of the phone.

Through settings

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To clear the cache through the settings is simple: go to the appropriate menu item and find “Storage”. Select “Cache” and press “Clear”. Before clearing, you can uncheck the programs whose cache you do not want to clear.

With the help of applications

Google Play offers a host of apps for cleaning up junk, troubleshooting Samsung devices, and expanding memory range. It is recommended to refer to them to keep your device stable. Pay attention to Cache Cleaner and CCleaner. To date, they have proven to be a good application to optimize the RAM of your device effectively.

Let’s look at the cache clearing process using Clean Master utility as an example:

  • Launch the app and click on the “Start” button to start checking your smartphone.
  • Check all the items on the menu, especially the “Junk Cache” and “Leftover Files” checkboxes. The system will identify and highlight files that can be deleted without harming the applications and the device as a whole.
  • After scanning is finished, the system will give a result with the number of megabytes occupied by the cache. Click “Clear Garbage”.
  • An additional tab can be used: Go to the bottom of the same page, look for “Clear more” and select “Thumbnails.
  • The additional cache from the applications will be displayed, and then you need to delete it by clicking again on “Clear trash”.

Via Recovery

Clearing the cache through Recovery is effective if the device is unstable or due to certain system crashes. Perform cache cleaning this way it is necessary when all other methods were useless. Recovery cleans not only the browser and app caches, but also affects areas of factory software and updates. How does the cleaning procedure work?

  • Turn off your device and go to the Recovery menu. To do this, simultaneously press the combination of keys, which will display an additional menu on Samsung devices: the home key, volume key and power off.
  • After the menu appears, find “Wipe cache partition” by pressing the volume down key. Click the power button to start automatically clearing the cache and other debris.
  • Wait for the procedure to finish and tap “Reboot system now” to safely reboot your phone.

Delete cache folder manually

Most of the cache accumulates in social networking applications (VK, Instagram, ), messengers (Viber, Telegram) and video hosting (YouTube, TikTok).

In order to delete the folder with the cache of one program manually, follow the algorithm below:

  • Go to “Settings” and open “Application Manager.
  • This will open a list of downloaded apps with the amount of memory occupied. Select the add-on you need and click on it.
  • In the window that appears, select “Memory” and click on “Clear cache”.

In order to delete the cache folder of all programs at once:

  • Select “Optimize” or “Memory” from the “Settings” menu.
  • At the bottom of the window that appears, you will see the storage data and the “Memory settings” item to go to.
  • Click on the “Data Caching” link and reconfirm the action by clicking on “OK”.
  • Wait until the cleanup is complete, and restart your device if desired.

Using the engineering menu

The engineering menu is an optional feature on Samsung devices that allows the user to go to the developers menu. Use this method to clear the “unremovable”.

To open the desired menu:

  • Go to “Settings” and scroll down to “About Your Device”.
  • Double-tap on the “Collections” button.
  • An engineering menu with additional functions will appear. Select “Delete cache from internal device memory”.
  • After finishing cleaning, return to the regular menu by tapping on the assembly again.

Step-by-step instructions on how to clear the browser cache on your Samsung phone

The browser is one of the biggest accumulators of cache, because the user opens a lot of pages and clicks on links, accepts site cookies and saves files through downloading content. The browser cache needs to be cleaned regularly according to the following algorithm:

  • Open your browser and click on the triple dot icon in the top right corner of your screen.
  • Find “History” and “Clear History.
  • In the menu that appears, check the boxes for “browsing history”, “cookies and site data”, “images and other files stored in the cache.
  • Set the time range. This can be as a limited period of 24 hours, a month, or all time. It is better to choose the latter option for deeper and more efficient optimization.
  • To make sure that the browser cache is completely cleared, go to “Settings” on your device, select the browser icon and press “Memory”, and then the screen will show the size of the cache data. Clear it again if there are numeric values greater than 0.

When clearing the cache is necessary?

The cache must be cleared in case of unstable applications and malfunctions in the Samsung device. First, try to clean all applications manually, then in the application Clean Master conduct memory optimization and remove the remaining garbage.

If the above procedure did not help, enter the Recovery menu and perform a deep cleaning of the system cache. Reboot the device and if the failure still remains, you need to reset the phone to factory settings. All apps and messengers will be deleted and system performance will be optimized. To do this, go to the Recovery menu and press “Wype data/Factory reset“.

Is there a difference in cache cleaning between different models?

There is no particular difference in the cache clearing process for different Samsung models. However, there are differences in menus and cleaning methods. For example, the models A10, A50, A5, A30, A51, A30S, A6, A20, A3, A8, etc.д. It is better to optimize through apps or manually.

The J7, J5 and J8 have an automatic cache cleaning feature built in. The user only has to set a time period and the device will delete garbage and unnecessary files by itself.

Differences can also be in the interface. Depending on the model and version of Android, some functions can be optimized and cleaning will be done in a single click.

To summarize, we want to note that Samsung’s cache cleaning can be performed in different ways with different degrees of effectiveness. It is important to follow the specified algorithms and carefully read the displayed menu, especially when cleaning through Recovery. Otherwise you can lose data saved on the device or worsen the system.

we invite you to watch the video of the article:

  • First of all, turn off the cell phone using the power button.
  • In the next step, hold the volume up button and Power Rocker together for a few seconds.
  • Third, as soon as the Samsung logo appears on the display. release the held keys.

How to clear the cache of your applications on your Samsung smartphone

In the list of all applications find the necessary one and clear the cache by pressing the appropriate button. Now, to remove the cache of all your existing apps, go to “Memory” and tap on “Cached Data” and then confirm the clearing by tapping “OK”.

Install special software

Your Samsung Galaxy may be slowing down. What to do in this case? In many cases this happens due to system errors. But the lack of memory can also affect the correct operation of the device.

Therefore, in addition to cleaning the archives of your smartphone, you need to install an auxiliary utility. Sometimes they come preinstalled and suitable for such tasks. Sometimes you need to install them from Google Play.

Clean Master is considered a useful program. It helps not only delete junk, clean cache and phone memory in general. The app handles overall system acceleration, helps find bugs and fixes them.

Ways to clear internal memory

When the information is in a safe place, you can start cleaning. Manual cleanup, deletion using apps, PC and other methods are used for this. Step-by-step instructions will serve as a guide in each case to avoid confusion.

Manual deletion

Cleaning the memory of your Samsung smartphone manually is time-consuming, but it will not delete anything important. It takes up more space for photos and videos. Thanks to the camera lenses 12-25 megapixel photos are 4-6 MB, and a couple of minutes of video in 4K quality will take up to 1GB. To clear the memory on your Samsung, enter the gallery and browse the contents. Press 2s to select the insignificant and delete.

If you regularly run out of space on your internal drive, it may be because you are using messengers. It’s not just a small text message like on SMS, but also a big file with music, pictures, etc. Although most messengers compress information to save space on the servers through which they transfer files to users, they are still cumbersome.

To clear such messages from your Samsung device, follow these steps:

  • Go to My files.
  • Select “Internal Shared Drive” or “Device Memory”.
  • Scroll down the list to the Telegram, WhatsApp, etc. folders.
  • Click on the first messenger. Folders Audio, Documents, Image, Video will be opened.
  • Go into each folder, highlight the files, select “Delete”.

Tip! If you often send video pictures, they will accumulate a lot of. To avoid selecting each one separately, press 2 seconds to select the first one, then press the “Select All” symbol.

You can manually uninstall apps that take up space in Samsung. For example, if you don’t need the game anymore, tap it on your desktop and hold your finger. After a tactile recoil, the trash can icon will appear at the top of the screen. Move the game to the trash, clearing storage space.

Uninstall using built-in features

How to clear the cache has already been discussed above. Using the same built-in tool clean the internal drive. Follow the path: “Settings”. “Optimization”. “Memory”. The device will do a count, showing you how much unnecessary stuff can be removed. If you don’t have anything important stored on your Samsung phone, press Clear. When you are afraid the gadget will delete the information you want, do a custom cleanup.

Examine the user data below, noting which ones to keep and which ones to delete. Choose by navigating through the categories: Documents, Pictures, Videos, Audio, Apps.

By clicking the three dots in the upper right corner and selecting “Clear Memory”, specify what to delete: Large files, duplicates, unnecessary files, unused files, etc. д.

Full erase to factory settings

This is a kind of built-in functionality allowing you to completely erase your data. After the process your phone will be the same as it was when you bought it. there will be the Android operating system and standard programs. But even your phone book will be lost, so move everything important to your PC, flash drive, or cloud storage in advance.

To completely clean your Samsung smartphone you need:

  • Press “Home”, volume up and power button simultaneously.
  • Wait 10 seconds.
  • You will see a screen with a list in English.
  • Press and hold the volume knob to move down to “Wipe data/factory reset.
  • Use the power button to select.
  • A warning message appears, asking you to agree. It looks like this Yes. delete all user data. Press.

Phone will reboot, process will take 3-5 minutes, after that internal disk will be cleared, settings will be reset.

Cleaning with apps

On Play Market, download cleaner apps to help free up space on your device. One popular utility is Clean Master:

Utility in Russian, free cache cleaner, speeding up the work of the gadget Samsung. Keeps track of power consumption, offering to reduce resources. Monitors the temperature of your phone or tablet. The “Advanced cleaning” function allows you to dig through your personal files, bringing order there and deleting unnecessary ones.

Android Assistant is another popular utility. It has features:

  • power saving;
  • Android Assistant is another popular utility for cleaning your system;
  • cache cleaning;
  • Startup file manager settings;
  • copy and restore.

Mobile Booster with simple functionality allows you to remove cached information, garbage, temporary files. SD Main will find duplicates of music, optimize databases, remove garbage, and sort out other items.

Using PC

Samsung smartphone cleaning with PC is similar to the file transfer process. Need USB cable and permission to manage files (selectable from phone’s screen when cable is connected).

How to clear playstore app cache in Samsung Galaxy a50

On the computer screen, some people are more comfortable to work with. Immediately visible all the folders, it is easier to navigate, moving from one to another. By right-clicking on the object and selecting “Properties” in the list sets how much space occupies the partition. Here you can:

The last action is standard: right-click on the mouse, select “Delete” from the menu.

Cleaning of storage devices

Depending on the model of Samsung gadget can support work with memory cards ranging in size from 32 to 128 GB. If you choose in the settings the path of saving to SD, then the video, photos will go straight to the flash drive, bypassing the phone memory.

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The user can go to “Settings”. “Applications”. “SD card”, and then access to transfer applications. They will not take up space in the phone, and can be opened from the flash drive.

But the third-party drive will also gradually fill up. You can clear the SD card in your Samsung phone by following these steps:

  • Go to “Settings”. “Optimization.
  • Click on “Memory” and select the three dots in the upper right corner.
  • In the “Portable media” tab that opens, go to “Memory card”.
  • From the menu, select “Format” and confirm the action.

In early Samsung models, in the settings, go to “Storage” and select “Clear SD card”. Any music, photos, and programs stored on the third-party drive will be erased.

The phone maker offers users free Samsung Cloud storage with 15GB for a single account. Pictures, movies, documents can be transferred to it. When restored, the cloud will serve as backup storage for contacts, calendar, call logs, voice recordings, music, messages. You can set up synchronization so that photos and videos are transferred there immediately.

But not all Samsungs support cloud storage, only: Note 4/5/7/8, Edge S7, Galaxy S5 and 6, Edge S6 Plus.

Follow these steps to transfer information from your phone to the cloud:

Now you can reset the smartphone to factory settings, deleting all the garbage, and then restore the information from the cloud. To implement the plan you will need a Wi-Fi connection with a speed of 20MB/s or more.

How to Wipe/Clear Cache Partition on Samsung Galaxy A50s, A50, A40, A30, A20, A10, etc

Next, in the settings, click on “Security” and find the item “Device Administrators”. Here you will see a checkmark on the application that is not deleted in the usual way. Simply uncheck the checkbox and click “Disable”. Now the application can be uninstalled in the usual way.

  • Find and select the Gallery icon on the home screen;
  • Here you will find two buttons: Search and Menu.
  • Select Shopping Cart;
  • At the top there will be another menu button to select;
  • From the two items select Edit;
  • Select the checkbox of all the files that you would like to restore;

Next, in the settings, click on “Security” and find the “Device Administrators” item. Here you will see a checkmark on the app that you can’t uninstall the normal way. Simply uncheck the box, then press “Disable”. Now you can delete the app the normal way.

Follow these steps to delete imoji.

  • 1 Open Camera and select the “Selfimoji” tab at the top of the screen.
  • Tap and hold the imoji you want to delete. Then click on the red delete icon.
  • 3 Press “Delete” again to confirm the deletion of the selected imoji.

How to delete data in Chrome browser

Open the “Chrome” app and click “Options” (looks like three dots).

How often you need to clean the cache

Cache. This is not only important data which allows you to launch the add-ons more quickly, but also the content that takes up free space in the memory of the Samsung Galaxy A50. The time buffer is refreshed each day, and how quickly a new copy appears depends on how actively the owner uses his or her phone.

It is recommended to clean the cache once a month for preventive purposes. But in some situations removing the dirt will be indispensable. For example, when:

If either of these conditions is not met, you can bravely avoid clearing the cache. But it should be remembered that the presence of a large number of smut appears at the most inadequate time, so the prophylactic measures are also not worth forgetting.

Cleaning via add-ons

  • run Clean Master (or any other cleaner);
  • Press Start button;
  • tick the checkbox beside the Unneeded cache checkbox. System will start scanning and display files which can be deleted without destroying them for device functionality;
  • Press Clear Cache;
  • In addition to these operations, you can open the Clean tab and reset the settings;
  • Press CLEAR Cache again.

Garbage collection not only removes unnecessary cache, but also keeps all programs in optimal conditions. As in the case of the browser, some add-ons may be activated earlier at the first start.