How to clear cookies on Android. Cookies in mosilla or firefox

How to clear the cache memory on Android

Knowing how to clear the cache memory on Android is necessary in order to correct the work of a malfunctioning application, as well as to speed up your smartphone.

  • The easiest way to speed up your smartphone is to find out how to clear the RAM on Android: you can do this by returning to the factory settings.
  • If you do not want to resort to drastic measures, how to clear the cache on Andriod. the question at the moment is irrelevant, t. к. You can free up some space by deleting unnecessary text messages. You can do this quickly by opening the special app “Delete Old Messages” (Google Play). With it, you can select the time period to be deleted.
  • Also a lot of space is taken by photo, audio and video files. They can be deleted from the SD card with the “Astro File Manager” application, which is another way to clear the memory on Android.
  • This tip is good for those who like to download an unimaginable number of applications, many of which are hardly used. They just need to know how to clear the cache on your tablet. To do this, long press to select the application and press “Delete”.
  • Even more efficiently, you can clear your Android phone’s memory by directly clearing its browser and app cache. Temporary files, which are created by all applications, in some users clog almost all memory. To do this, it is very convenient to use the utility “Easy Cache Cleaner”. It will check all your downloaded applications and show how many cached files you have. In the application menu, click “Clear All” or select the files to be deleted.
  • How to empty Android’s internal memory if you can’t bear to part with some apps? Move them to your memory card. To do this, download the app “Apps2SD” (Google Play), which will select suitable applications for the migration.
  • One way to clear the memory of your phone on Android is to delete the browser history: it must be chosen depending on the type of browser you use all the time.

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Foundation, the developers of Firefox, recently rebranded the Android version of their browser. After such a global update, it is recommended to delete cookies for more stable sites.

In the settings, use the “delete web browsing data” option.

Deleting Mozilla Firefox's seoing data to clear cookies on Android

Uncheck all items except “Cookies“, then click on the delete button.

How to clear cookies on Android in the Internet browser

Cleaning cookies does not require any special knowledge or skills. The user just needs to find the browser in which he would like to clean files and then apply the algorithm, which is identical for almost every system. To do so:

  • Open the built-in “Internet” browser on your Android phone. It’s usually on the Home screen of your phone. It is different for each system. Its difference is that it is installed on the phone at once. There is no need to install it beforehand;
  • After opening click on the “Options” button. It is located in the upper right corner on one of the pages of the open browser;
  • Next, choose a section such as “Settings”;
  • Now tap on such an item as “privacy”. It is often at the very bottom of settings;
  • Then go to the delete browsing data and click on the data, including cookies, which you would like to delete.

Note! Cookies do not delete data about this or that site, about the phone as a whole. Their destruction will not lead to something global or bad, as many users of phones on the Android system may think.

This way, additional data can be stored even in the built-in programs. As a rule, you need to clean them once a month in any case. This is necessary for preventive maintenance and cleanliness of the system.


The Internet browsing application from the Russian IT giant is known for its user-friendliness and provides the ability to easily delete cookies if necessary.

    Open the application menu by tapping on the three dots, then click on the “Settings” button.

Use the “Clear data” item.

Now Yandex cookies.Browser will be erased from the memory of the device.

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How to clear the cache and cookies in Yandex browser

For some time of Yandex Browser work, a lot of unnecessary files are accumulated. Such as cookies, cache, browser history. If you do not know what they are, then we explain why they are needed and how to clear Yandex on your Android phone and computer.

General concepts about caches and cookies

Cookies are text files that are stored in your browser. They are needed for the site to recognize you when you come back to it. That is, in them are prescribed authentication data, settings and user preferences. As well as statistics and tracking sessions with the user.

The cache in your browser is used as an intermediate link between you and the site, which saves some pictures, texts, styles. Reduces website load time and used traffic. The disadvantage of caching is that:

Browser History. Records which pages you have accessed.

Cache and cookies in Yandex browser

It is important to remember that deleting cookies will also delete your authorizations on websites. So make sure you remember your passwords.

C:\Users\account nameAppData\Local\Yandex\YandexBrowser\User Data\Default\

Account name is your account name on the system

But it is not necessary to go to this directory and manually start deleting. We’ll do it all from the browser. To do this, open your Yandex browser and press “CtrlShiftDel”. The history cleanup window will open.

Here you select “files saved in the cache” and “cookies and other data of sites and modules”. Hit clear.

So cleaning the cache and cookies is not very difficult.

Hit clear. So clearing the cache and cookies is not a big deal.

If you are not a fan of hotkeys, but you like it more complicated. Then we click on the browser settings, and we access them by clicking on the three bars on the top right corner.

Now click on the history tab and click on “clear history”. This will bring you to the “clean up window”. What to do next read just above.

Clearing the cache and cookies on your Android phone, in the Yandex browser

Go to browser and click on the three dots icon

Press “Settings” and there you scroll down to “Clear data”.

In this menu item, put a tick “Web page data”, “Cache”. Then click on clear.

How to clear the Yandex browser history

Several options for implementing this action. With the hotkey “CtrlH” enter the query history in Yandex browser.

We see a page with the time and the name of the visited resources. Hover your mouse over the title, as shown in the picture.

We see that on the left there is a form where you can check the box, and on the right a small black triangle.

When you click on it a menu of choices will appear.

from the same site, it will reflect only the address and time from this resource. This is useful when you want to delete the history of only one site. As an example. Click on “more from the same site” then on the left side put a tick in the topmost entry. Scroll to the bottom, hold down the Shift key and check the box on the lowest entry.

Thus marked all the addresses. At the very top there will be an inscription: “Delete the selected items”, click on it and all addresses from the unnecessary resource are removed.

In the menu is “delete from history” you will delete the entry in the history.

You can also clear your browsing history completely for a certain period of time. To do this, click Clear History on the right side of the screen.

Go to browser://settings/clearBrowserData, select the time and click on clear.

Clear History on Android in Yandex Browser

Here you will need to repeat the steps written above in the header clearing the cache and cookies on the phone, but to mark the window “history” and you click on clear the data.

I remind you that after the clearing of the authorizations on the sites will be reset.

Remove passwords in Browser

It happens that you have logged in to your account through someone else’s computer and accidentally clicked on the save password. And now you urgently need to delete it.

To do this, go to the settings by pressing “Ctrl H” and click on the “Passwords and Maps” tab. You can go to browser://passwords, just copy this address and paste it into your browser’s address bar.

Check the site with your username and password and click delete.

Read more in All About Passwords in My Browser

Remove Android passwords in the browser

You can also delete it in the mobile version of the app. To do this you will need to find the “list of passwords” item in the settings. Go there and delete it, but you may be asked to provide a password or face scanner due to security policy.

Add-ons for automatic removal

Finally I would like to tell you that there is an add-on to automatically delete the data after closing or after a certain period of time.

The most popular ones are ClickClean and eCleaner (Forget Button)

You can read more at these links.

I also suggest you read another add-on Adblock, which blocks all ads on the page. You can read how to set it up correctly in the article Installing Adblock for Yandex Browser

We wish you a pleasant and fast navigation in Yandex browser.

What are cache files on android?

Cache files. these are temporary storage files that store information on your device to perform the task quickly next time. In Android, cache files are created by apps and web browsers. When you open a web page on your device, it stores its data as a cache, so the next time you reload the same page, it takes less time to open it. It is the same with Android applications, as the phone memory stores data for different applications.

But cache files can grow in number and then contribute to the problem of full storage on your phone. Sometimes system errors can also occur due to old or corrupted cache files. To avoid them, you need to learn how to delete the cache on Android. In this blog, we discuss simple ways to clean your Android cache using manual and automatic methods.

Tool 3. 1Tap Cleaner

This tool provides its users with many useful features including Default Cleaner, History Cleaner, Cache Cleaner, Call Cleaner and Text Log Cleaner. With it, you can be sure that most of your personal data is secure. Because its interface is simple, you don’t need to worry about detailed operations.


  • 1. It offers many nice features.
  • 2. You can use it to clean unnecessary files on your SD card.
  • 3. It makes it easier for users to manage.


Now, having seen so many good tools for clearing personal data from your Android phone, you’ve found one you like? If there’s anyone interesting. And by the way, dr.fone also offers a free trial version for those who are considering downloading it. I believe you are using this amazing tool; you will love it. And you might find more useful features after trying.

Reset your Android phone to factory settings

The most effective (and radical) way to clear hidden files from your phone’s memory is to reset your device to factory settings. Thanks to it, you can restore your phone to a basic state. The reset deletes all user-installed apps, files, images, video documents, and other data collected while using your phone. The reset does not delete the latest version of Android and keeps the latest updates. Before you perform the reset, it is recommended to copy all the important files from your phone to another storage device to avoid losing them.

To reset your phone, do the following:

  • Go to ” Settings;
  • Find and select there “Backup & Reset” or its equivalent (it may also be under “Advanced Settings”);
  • Select ” Reset Settings “;