How to clear history on Honor 7a

How to transfer apps to Honor and Huawei memory card

Design, size, controls

The front panel is pretty straightforward, except that the Honor logo will remind you of yourself. The rounded side edges are probably made of brushed metal (hard to tell exactly), painted blue. By the way, yes, there are only three colors on sale: black, blue and gold. In my opinion it’s the blue one that looks best, the others are extremely primitive.

The rear panel is plastic, semi-matte, flat. Conditionally divided by silver strips into three parts: the top and bottom, the central. I think that the silver stripes are not antennas, because the cover is plastic as it is: the signal can pass through it without much difficulty.

On the top left is the module, hinting at several cameras in the phone. But in fact, this is just a design trick.

Как удалить историю браузера на Huawei Honor 7A / Очистка истории на Honor 7A

The dimensions of the smartphone 7A Pro are small 15273×7.8 mm, and the weight is 155 grams. In your hand it feels completely plastic, so you clearly understand that you’re holding an inexpensive device. Although you’re unlikely to draw such conclusions without comparison: I had the P20 Pro, P20, P20 Lite and 7A Pro at the same time in my review, so I know what I’m talking about.

The body is perfectly assembled, there is nothing to complain about. The materials are quality: during the test the smartphone was not damaged in any way. no chips, no scratches. The plastic, by the way, is very durable.

The front panel is protected by glass. It has a weak oleophobic coating: fingerprints abundantly cover the entire front of the device, poorly erased, leaving a greasy residue. The finger slip is not very good.

clear, history, honor

Despite some flaws, the Honor 7A Pro still makes a good impression compared to similarly priced devices.

Front area: event indicator, various sensors, camera, selfies flash, speaker. It is loud, sounds clear, the timbre is pleasant, but mostly the middle frequencies are audible, little low.

How to bypass the family link on the HUAWEI Honor 7A Pro

In this article you will learn how to bypass Family Link protection. If your parents set parental controls on your HUAWEI Honor 7A Pro. You can use our instructions to remove parental controls on your HUAWEI Honor 7A Pro. Let’s read this guide to learn how to reset Family Link parental protection on your HUAWEI Honor 7A Pro.

  • At the very beginning, scroll up to open the main menu of HUAWEI Honor 7A Pro.
  • After that, find and select ” Settings” among all the apps.
  • In the next step, scroll down to the end of the HUAWEI Honor 7A Pro settings list.
  • Then select the option with the name ” Google ” to open Google settings on your HUAWEI Honor 7A Pro
  • When you see a screen similar to this step, click ” Manage Google account”.
  • In the next step, select ” Date and personalization” to open a new tab with advanced settings on your HUAWEI Honor 7A Pro.
  • Now you need to scroll through the list of settings on your HUAWEI Honor 7A Pro and select the option ” Delete service or account”.
  • Here you will see a screen with more removal options, but you need to select ” Delete Account” to temporarily remove your Google account from your HUAWEI Honor 7A Pro
  • On this screen, you must enter your password to confirm that this is your account.
  • After entering your password, press ” Next” button to continue.
  • At this point, you need to check the three checkboxes here and click DELETE ACCOUNT to release HUAWEI Honor 7A Pro from Family Link parental control
  • Once you’ve done that, press and hold the power button for a moment and select the “Restart” option.
  • Cool! As you can see, after restarting, you can use all applications previously installed on your HUAWEI Honor 7A Pro.
  • To complete the whole operation, open the main menu and hold down the “Family Connection” icon, then drag it to the “Delete” icon
  • Finally, click OK. To completely remove the Family Link app from your HUAWEI Honor 7A Pro
  • Now open Play Market and click ” Login” button
  • Enter your Gmail login and click Next. To access Google on your HUAWEI Honor 7A Pro
  • After that, the HUAWEI Honor 7A Pro displays a message like the one below. Click Next to continue
  • Then enter your Google account password and click “Next” again.
  • Here you have to click Next again.
  • Accept Terms of Use and start using your HUAWEI Honor 7A Pro with no restrictions
  • Perfect operation! You have successfully completed the parental control bypass operation. Now Google Family Link won’t stop you!
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How to Bypass Family Link on

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To remove the cover, you do not need to put much effort. on the back of the device from the bottom or top there is a ledge, which you can pick up with a fingernail/tonne and a sturdy object. With a little effort, the user will be able to open their Huawei, access the battery and SIM cards.

It is possible to call screen recording on Huawei Honor smartphone with a combination of keys. simultaneously pressing the power and volume up keys. The notification will appear again, press “ACCEPT” and the recording will start.

Third-party applications for reading QR codes on Huawei

There is an integrated QR scanner on the gadgets from Huawei. But, the built-in ways don’t offer advanced functionality. Then you should resort to third-party applications from Play Market. They will also be useful if your phone does not support this function.

QR Scanner

  • Quickly identify addresses with viruses or links to unsafe online resources.
  • Automatic virus scanning of all QR data. pictures, sites, etc.д.
  • Detecting contacts and moving them to the device’s book.
  • All the scanned data appears in the memory.
  • The app will activate WI-Fi on its own if the internet is needed.

Lightning QR Scanner

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  • Quick scan.
  • Auxiliary actions, such as Wi-Fi searches, are performed only if the user provides access.
  • It is possible to use the detected links according to their intended purpose. Can be stored in an electronic box.
  • It is possible to activate the flashlight, which allows you to illuminate the QR and scan.
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QR Code bar code scanner

The main advantage is the possibility to scan not only QR but also barcodes. Other features:

  • It is possible to create QR.
  • No need online connection for getting, scanning and changing information.
  • All acquired data can be saved in the program history.
  • Quick transfer of information to contacts and other places for storage.

The only disadvantage will be the lack of Russian language.

QR and barcode scanner

Program which has a set of necessary functions including QR scanned history, converted color mode, automatic clicking of detected links.

The application under consideration has a wide list of settings. To read the code, click on the picture of three bars in the upper corner of the display. A menu will pop up, the first line is “Scan”.

Go to Phone Manager Clear Memory to clear the system cache, delete application residual files, residual system files, unnecessary installation files, thumbnails and temporary files from the phone.

Interal Storage (Interal Phone Storage). internal storage of a smartphone (or other device). This memory section is for storing user data, installed applications and so on. This is something like a hard disk drive in a personal computer.

How to clear memory on Huawei and Honor

How to clear memory on Huwei and Honor? In this tutorial we will explain how to free up space by cleaning the internal memory and at the same time learn how to free up RAM.

How to Clear Browser in HUAWEI Honor 7A – Delete History

RAM. Necessary for storing temporary files. Its quantity affects the speed of the system. You must have faced the situation when the system starts to freeze and even the opening of simple programs takes longer than usual. The reason is just the lack of RAM. Probably have a lot of applications open that run in the background.

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Internal memory. Here it is clear it is needed to store files and programs on your smartphone.

Manual cleaning of your phone from unnecessary files

User files are the main content of the smartphone memory. So before you clean Honor 7 a Pro using software methods, it’s worth manually removing unused images, movies, music or apps.

Photos should be periodically saved to the cloud storage or SD-card, and from there copied to a reliable external carrier (for example, USB-drive). In order not to occupy the memory of the phone, all new photos can be automatically uploaded to Mobile Cloud. the cloud service Honor.

In addition to saving space, saving photos to another device will help save them in case your smartphone gets broken or lost.

clear, history, honor

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How to Wipe Cache Partition in Huawei Honor 7A – Clear Cache

To unlock the bootloader, we need to get some information about your HUAWEI Honor 7A Pro:

  • Phone model name
  • Product IMEI or MEID
  • Product serial number
  • Product ID (unique to our phone name)
  • You can find phone model name and IMEI / MEID in Phone Menu Settings About Phone
  • Product model name
  • IMEI or MEID (main IMEI, if the phone has two SIM-cards)
  • You can get the product ID (unique for each phone name) and serial number from the phone service menu. To do this enter on the phone keypad # # # The service menu with all the information will pop up.
  • You can also get the serial number from the IMEI
  • That’s it, now we have all the information we need to unlock the bootloader.

Use a Phillips screwdriver to remove 3 screws from the metal bracket on the motherboard. Remove the bracket with tweezers. Disconnect fingerprint sensor cable by hooking the connector on the motherboard. Now remove the cover.

We take in our hands the smartphone and on the left side of it (at the top) look for a small hole. Insert a paperclip into this hole and with a little effort push it inside. If everything went as planned, the slot opens, which you need to grasp with your fingers and pull out of the smartphone.