How to clear memory on Android Honor

What is the “Recycle Bin” in a smartphone and why it is needed?

On a laptop or computer, every user knows that with the “Recycle Bin” you can recover deleted files. On devices, such a possibility has been unavailable for a long time. Therefore, many photos that were deleted by mistake could no longer be recovered, the owner lost invaluable content forever.

The developers of applications and software have implemented the possibility of adding functionality to smartphones and tablets, and now you can not worry about the valuable information.

How to free the internal memory of Honor 7?

The storage space of your Honor 7 is small and you want to free up space to be able to send text messages or take pictures. In this article we will enlighten you so that you can know if your internal memory is full and how to free up storage space. Often photos, unused apps, music apps take up a lot of space.

How to clear Honor phone memory using programs

You can also clean it with programs. This method is convenient because:

  • The program automatically detects what the user does not need, what he does not use at all;
  • The program does everything for the user. On the part of the person enough to download it, the rest it will do itself;
  • The program will find the data that a person might not notice.
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A selection of apps can be seen below. If we tell the algorithm of each, it is necessary:

Honor 9 Lite: Uninstall Bloatware To Free Up Storage Space [Hindi]

  • Download the application through the official source;
  • Open it, allow it to make changes on the device and clean the data;
  • Press the “Scan” button and wait while the utility finds unnecessary data;
  • Click on “Clear” and you’re done.
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The program is a great tool for anyone who doesn’t know about settings and doesn’t want to clear everything on their own.

It is worth downloading programs only from official sources, so as not to accidentally download viruses.

How to clear the cache on your Honor or Huawei phone?

Occasionally there is a need to clear the cache on an Android smartphone, for example, when the application does not work properly. How to do it? Now we will show you an example based on an Honor or Huawei smartphone. There will be several ways.

If you need to remove the cache for an individual app, go to Settings.

Find the app you want and open it.

On the application page, select the Memory.

Internal Storage running out On Huawei 2018 How to solve

You can delete the entire cache at once. Open the application Phone Manager.

Select the cache files you want to delete, then click on the Delete button.

Deleting may take some time depending on the amount of data and the speed of the system.

What are invisible files on Android OS?

Most Android phones usually warn their owners when the device’s internal memory is full. But the system usually does not tell you how and with what tools you can free up much needed space. Almost all users rush to delete applications and old photos, which you usually should not do. Files that really need to be deleted are hidden (hidden) deep inside the folders of your device, making it hard to find and dispose of them.

Usually, unnecessary files on the phone are:

  • OS and app cache files;
  • Data in messenger folders (pictures, videos, audio, etc.).);
  • Pictures in a folder.thumbnails, located in the DCIM directory;
  • The contents of the Downloads folder ;
  • Files from the torrents folder (in some cases);
  • Offline navigator maps and other.

Let’s look at how you can find and delete invisible and unnecessary files on Android to clean up its memory.

Built-in storage settings

The latest versions of Android have built-in tools that allow you to assess what the internal memory is occupied and take steps to clear it.

The steps for evaluating what’s taking up internal memory and planning actions to free up space are as follows:

  • Go to Settings. Storage and USB.
  • Click on “Internal Storage.”.
  • After a short period of counting you will see what is occupied by the space in the internal memory.
  • Tapping on “Applications” will take you to a list of applications, sorted by the amount of space occupied.
  • Pressing on the items “Pictures”, “Video”, “Audio” will open the built-in file manager of Android, displaying the appropriate type of files.
  • Tapping “Other” will open the same file manager and display folders and files in Android internal storage.
  • Also in the storage settings and USB drives at the bottom you can see the item “Cache data” and information about the space they take up. Clicking on this item will clear the cache of all applications at once (in most cases this is completely safe).

The next cleanup steps will depend on what is taking up space on your Android device.

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Deleting firmware

  • For applications, going to the list of applications (as in p.4 above) you can select an application, estimate how much space its cache and data take up. Then click on “Erase Cache” and “Erase Data” (or “Manage Space” and then “Delete All Data”) to clear that data if it’s not critical and takes up a lot of space. Keep in mind that deleting the cache is usually completely safe, deleting the data is also safe, but may result in having to log in to the app again (if you need to log in) or delete your game saves.
  • For photos, videos, audio and other files in the built-in file manager, you can highlight them with a long press and then delete them, or copy them to another location (like your SD card) and delete them after that. Keep in mind that deleting some folders may prevent some third party applications from working. I recommend to pay special attention to the folder Downloads (Downloads), DCIM (contains your photos and videos), Pictures (contains screenshots).

Types of memory

First, let’s understand the types of internal memory that affect your phone’s performance. In mobile devices, as well as in computers, two kinds of memory are used: ROM and ROM.

  • RAM is a short-term memory device that only stores data during the actual operation of the device. Running games, tabs in the browser, enabled applications. all these processes consume part of the RAM;
  • ROM is a permanent memory device. ROM is where all data is stored until you erase it yourself. This category includes all files on the hard drive, application cache and the like.
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When both types of memory run out, your device starts to slow down and malfunction. Elimination requires cleaning the RAM and ROM from “garbage”.

Cache is an intermediate storage device that collects data for faster access. The importance of this kind of storage can be illustrated by the browser. For example, the owner of Huawei Honor 8S often visits the same website. It takes 3 seconds to open the page when you access the resource for the first time, and 1 second when you visit it again. Thus, the cache saves time.

Cache is collected by a variety of applications. This is not only browsers, but also image processing programs, video editors, social networks and games. Despite the obvious benefits of the cache, the temporary buffer has a significant drawback. It takes a lot of free space in internal memory.

Since the cache does not contain important files (such as account passwords or media), you can get rid of it without any consequences. So the owner of Huawei Honor 8S will not only get extra space on the internal drive, but also speed up the device.

How to clean the cache on Huawei and Honor smartphone: manually, without deleting photos

Before dealing with the question. how to clear the cache on Android Honor and Huawei, it is worth understanding the definition of “cache”. The program while running loads all the data into “temporary memory”. This is necessary to accelerate the work processes. Applications can be resource-intensive. When the program starts to crash, it can close in an incorrect way. But, after closing it, the cache space is not freed up, and the free memory becomes less.

Today’s modern smartphones are equipped with a large amount of memory. But there are still situations where the user receives a warning about the lack of space. Smartphone over time begins to work much slower. And some apps may take a while to launch. Let’s consider how to clear the cache on Huawei and Honor phone.