How to clear RAM on Xiaomi

How to clear internal and RAM on Xiaomi (Redmi) with MIUI app safely and automatically

In every Xiaomi smartphone (Redmi) is soldered permanent, or internal, memory and RAM. Internal memory stores files and data stored on the phone: photos, videos, documents, applications, the operating system and the like. The operating memory (RAM) temporarily stores only the data of the running programs and the data that these applications are working with at the moment.

Such a structure and division of memory is necessary for one reason. speed. The OP works orders of magnitude faster than the internal memory, precisely because of the need for very fast data exchange between the processor and memory, it became necessary to divide it. And, of course, the faster, the more expensive, also by orders of magnitude.

Another unpleasant thing about RAM is that it loses everything when the power supply goes out, which means that if you turn off the Xiaomi and everything contained in the RAM is lost without the possibility of recovery.

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But I digress, in this post I will show how to optimize the system memory from unnecessary data with the help of Xiaomi system applications in automatic mode is absolutely safe.

go to the settings of your phone Xiaomi, then to the tab “All applications”. select from the list the application whose data you want to erase. You can do this by tapping “Clear cache”.

Cleaning RAM or speeding up the Xiaomi smartphone

  • Open the application “Security”, the icon of which is located on one of the desktops.
  • Choose “Acceleration” and after the automatic analysis we look through the list of running processes (functions and applications).
  • Opposite each of them (on the right) is a button in the form of an open lock.
  • At the bottom click “Accelerate”.

How to clear RAM on Xiaomi (Redmi)

There are 2 types of memory on Xiaomi smartphones (Redmi):

  • Permanent. used for long-term storage of data (photos, videos, documents, applications), data is not deleted when power is off
  • RAM is used to store information needed by the application at the moment. It is completely wiped when de-energized

The difference between the RAM and the regular one is that it is very fast, so it is suitable for the data that the processor operates during calculations. At the same time chips with RAM are much more expensive than regular memory, so the manufacturer can not install it as much as the regular memory, otherwise the cost of the phone will explode by thousands of dollars.

Modern phones have 4, 6, 8, 10 and even 12 GB of RAM. For the average user who does not have special requirements for a smartphone, 6 GB is enough to not notice its shortcomings.

My Mi 9 SE is equipped with 6 GB of RAM and for everyday use this is enough to spare, I have never seen the phone consume 5 GB, usually this value is about 4 GB.

The MIUI shell has a built-in RAM cleanup manager for the rare cases where the operating system is unable to effectively manage memory on its own, which usually happens with horribly badly written apps. In modern operating systems Android version 8 and newer do not require a manual memory cleanup, but in MIUI on Xiaomi this option remains.

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To perform the operation, enter the menu “Recent apps”, this is either a swipe from the bottom edge of the display to the center or the leftmost navigation button. In the upper right corner you will see how much RAM is consumed at the moment and the total amount of RAM. As you can see, it is barely half full and there is no need to forcibly delete data. At the bottom of the screen there is an icon “Crucifix”, press it and the information of all programs, and they themselves will be deleted from the memory. After that, you will automatically get to the desktop and a message will appear at the bottom about how much memory has been freed.

Remember: it is not possible to clear RAM completely, t.к. Some of it is always used by the operating system for its work, if you start to delete data belonging to it, the phone freezes and stops working.

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How to clear Xiaomi memory

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Using a smartphone you sooner or later will face the problem of memory cleaning Xiaomi. Today, Xiaomi devices have a fairly large amount of internal memory. For example, you can easily find a budget model with 32 GB and above. But if you use at least 30% of the features of your smartphone memory runs out rather quickly.

The easiest way to fill Xiaomi memory is to take lots of photos and videos. Not so obvious option. useless APK files (apps, games). By the way, toys can be very “heavy” and take up several gigabytes of memory. Do not forget about the cache, which accumulates while you browse sites or videos on YouTube.

How to fill memory we all understand. And here is how to clean it? This is what we will talk about in this article. We’ve gathered all the actual ways to clear Xiaomi’s built-in and RAM memory. This list will allow you to fight with unnecessary files and return your smartphone to the fast performance!

Clearing with apps

How to clear memory through special utilities? There are many apps to help remove interfering files from your Redmi phone. The main advantage of such utilities is clearing internal storage and RAM. To find the program, you need:

The interface of these utilities for Redmi phones is almost the same. Many choose the popular CCleaner application, but it has the disadvantage of a lot of ads and imposing a paid subscription. It is recommended to install a free version of any utility suitable for your Xiaomi phone. During installation you need to give the necessary permissions. To empty your phone’s trash (internal memory), you’ll need to

  • Click on the Memory tab.
  • See how much space each category takes up.
  • Go to required section and clear internal storage of the phone.

SD Maid utility to clear your phone

Often different files occupy about 80-90% of the internal storage of the phone. The operating system will be slow if it is not emptied. Clearing the memory of your device will increase the speed of your device, install other programs.

how to clean RAM in redmi mobile phone

SD Maid utility can find unnecessary files, folders and delete them without affecting the operating system. After installing the utility you can see the start screen. It has buttons that launch basic cleaning operations. Press “Scan” button. Waiting for the end of the process, click on the red “Clear” key.

How to clear the cache on Xiaomi?

If you use your smartphone for a long time and even without installing additional applications you will notice that the internal memory becomes less and less. The reason for this is the auxiliary files (cache), which are necessary for the functioning of programs. How to clear the cache on Xiaomi and how critical is it?

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Any program or game creates its own set of caches that can hold add-ons, temporary files, and other junk downloaded from the Internet.

Thus, for example, by clearing the cache of the application (when it was still able to cache audio) you could free up quite a lot of space, because the music could unnoticeably fill up all the available memory of the smartphone. Together with the music, the cached pictures will also be deleted.

Deleting a single application’s cache

To clear the cache of a specific program, you need to enter the settings of your smartphone, open the item “All applications” and select there the program whose data are not very important at the moment.

After that, in the window that opens, click on “Clear cache”.

The data will be deleted, but when you work with the application again, a new cache will be created for it.

If you don’t need the “voracious” program at all, you can simply delete it. On how to do this you can learn from the article:

In the case where you want to quickly clear Xiaomi from the trash, you can use a special utility pre-installed in the system.

To do this, go to the settings of your smartphone and open the “Storage” item, where at the very bottom click on the “Clear” button.

The application window will open, capable of searching for all sorts of garbage on your smartphone. After the program displays the data available for deletion, uncheck the ones you want to keep, and then click on the “Clear” button.

The process of clearing the memory will start, allowing to free up free space on your smartphone.

http://Mi-box. ru/kak-ochistit-kesh-na-Xiaomi. html

How to check the RAM on Xiaomi Redmi 9?

RAM will be important for the good work of your Xiaomi Redmi 9. It represents the RAM of a smartphone, such as a PC. RAM allows you to multitask at the same time without slowing down your phone. The higher the amount of RAM, the better the performance of the smartphone. We usually forget to check the available RAM when we buy a phone. Mostly we think about internal memory. So, how you can check the available RAM in your Xiaomi Redmi 9? There are several options depending on the version of your smartphone.

Check the RAM through the settings

  • Go to the settings of your Xiaomi Redmi 9
  • After that, select “About the phone” and you can see the available RAM, sometimes this option will be hidden in the developer menu.
  • When the RAM is not displayed, click the Build number button several times (usually 7 times).
  • go back to the settings
  • try searching at the developer options menu level
  • Then click on Memory

App to check the available RAM on your Xiaomi Redmi 9

Indeed, there are a number of applications that allow you to not only check the available RAM, but also to clear it. The device information will be an application that displays information about your smartphone, such as the RAM as well as the internal or external (SD) storage space, the battery, installed applications or even possible optimizations.

Maintenance of your Android device

On some Android smartphones, you’ll have direct access to your smartphone’s storage at the maintenance level. Go to your Xiaomi Redmi 9 settings, then click on Phone Maintenance. Then click on the memory icon, you will see the internal storage and RAM.

How to check the RAM on Xiaomi Redmi 6?

RAM will be important for the good performance of your Xiaomi Redmi 6. It represents the cell phone’s RAM, just like a computer. RAM will allow you to perform multiple actions simultaneously without slowing down your smartphone. The greater the amount of RAM, the better the performance of your cell phone. We usually forget to check the available RAM when buying a phone. We are thinking in particular about internal memory. So, how to check the available RAM in your Xiaomi Redmi 6? Depending on the version of your smartphone, there are several ways.

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Check the RAM through the settings

  • You need to go into the settings of your Xiaomi Redmi 6
  • and then select “About the phone” and you can find out the available RAM, sometimes this option will be hidden in the developer menu.
  • If RAM is not displayed, click several times on the Build Number (usually 7 times).
  • Go back to settings
  • Look in the developer options menu
  • then select Memory

How to Free Up Memory Ram on Xiaomi / Speed Up Xiaomi phones

Application to check the available RAM on your Xiaomi Redmi 6

Indeed, you will find a number of applications that will allow you to check the available RAM and also to clear it. Device Information will be an app that will give you all the information about your smartphone, such as RAM as well as internal or external memory (SD), battery, installed apps, or possible optimizations.

Servicing your Android device

On some Android mobile devices, you’ll have direct access to your smartphone’s memory at the maintenance level. Open the settings of your Xiaomi Redmi 6 and then select Phone Maintenance. After selecting the memory icon, you will see the internal memory and RAM (RAM).

Ways to clean your MIUI system of debris

Free the memory of the smartphone “Xiaomi” can be several ways: with the help of system functionality, third-party resources, reset to factory settings. Let’s explore each option in detail.

Built-in tools

The easiest way to free the memory of the gadget. to take advantage of its capabilities and the Android operating system, which has a built-in data cleaning function. This method of cleaning allows you to get rid of 90% of the garbage in your phone.

To use the internal tool, just do the following

Open the “Settings” menu by clicking on the gear icon.

In the menu that opens go to each item and manually delete unnecessary files.

To automatically clear the cache, temporary data, click on the “Free space” button.

Temporary documents. cache accumulates in the smartphone and clogs the memory. To clear the data, go to the “Clear” folder, then press the “Clear” button.

Third-party programs

In clearing the memory of the gadget Xiaomi effectively help special applications. Verified resources can be downloaded from the online store for free. Intease and app features are identical.

Popular programs for cleaning junk in Xiaomi:

The functionality of the programs is designed to remove not personal data from the phone memory, but accumulated garbage:

Depending on the version of the application, the functionality may contain a schedule for automatically cleaning the gadget, statistics, access to hidden functions and so on. To use the utility, you just need to download it to your phone. After opening the main menu, select the area to scan in the Xiaomi smartphone. After confirming the action, the application will start scanning the device, offering files for deletion.

Full phone zeroing

If the previous methods of cleaning the Xiaomi smartphone did not help, the owner is left to resort to radical measures. Effectively remove garbage from the gadget will help reset to factory settings. It should be remembered that this method deletes all files, including the necessary. So the user copies the data beforehand so that it can be recovered later.

To zero the Xiaomi you will need to perform the following steps:

Find and press “Reset to factory settings.

After completing all the points, you just have to wait until all the files from the phone are deleted. Later it will be necessary to reboot the phone. This method allows you to return to the original settings from the factory.