How to clear the browser history on your iPhone

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How to delete your Internet history on your iPhone (Safari browsing history)

If you want to use Safari to find something, your Safari should have a lot of browsing history. Do you know how to delete history on your iPhone, such as Safari browsing history? Just follow these steps.

Step 1. Launch Settings on your iPhone, then scroll to find and select Safari on the settings page.

Step 2. Now you’re in the Safari Menu, scroll down and click on Clear Website History and Data.

Step 3. A window will appear asking you to confirm. Confirm that you want to delete history. And you complete the process of deleting the internet history on your iPhone.

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How to clear iPhone history

To keep the iPhone’s history from taking up a lot of memory space, it should be cleaned periodically. Information gradually copied on your device: search and web form data, saved passwords, visited site addresses, download list, cookies, cache, recent calls. Sometimes it helps the user. You can quickly open a page you recently visited. Or with a single click, sign in to your social networking profile. But if your history is affecting your iPhone’s performance, you’re better off deleting it. After all, it will cause your gadget to occasionally slow down and work slowly.

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How to clear iPhone junk if you have it in your hands

The “tails” of deleted apps, a million postcards from Viber, audio messages from Contact, Safari inventories. sometimes the information junk on your iPhone takes up more than a gigabyte of precious memory. How to free up space without sacrificing precious photos and needed data? To do this, you need to clear the cache on your iPhone without loss of data by yourself without going to a service center.

Clear history, cookies, and caches in Safari

To help you speed up your iOS device, Apple offers several ways to clear cache data for Safari or other apps. You can follow these steps to clear Safari cache and history from your iPhone.

How to clear Safari history and cache on iPhone

Step 1Launch the Settings app from the home screen when you find your device is slow.

Step 2Tap on your profile and select the Safari option, which is usually in the Mail panel.

Step 3Scroll down to find Clear history and website data. And choose one. When prompted, tap Clear history and data to confirm.

How to clear website data in Safari on iPhone

Step 1Also open the Settings app and go to the Safari settings screen.

Step 2Then click the Advanced option and select Data Site. You’ll then be presented with all the websites you’ve browsed in Safari.

Step 3To delete data from a particular website, hover the cursor over the item from left to right and tap the Delete button icon. Or you can click on Manage Website Data. When prompted, tap the Delete Now button to quickly get rid of them.

Questions on how to clear Safari cache and history on iPhone

I have some personal caches on my iPhone 5 and I am going to sell this iPhone on eBay. What should I do?

Before reselling your iPhone, you should clear all the files on your iPhone to better protect your privacy. The most important thing to look at is a clean browsing history on the iPhone. You may have forgotten to clear these caches.

Got it. Thanks. I deleted apps from my iPhone, messages and contacts were deleted and copied to my computer. But I’m not sure if the browsing history from Safari has been completely cleared. How to clear the cache in Safari? Is there any way to check?

There are two simple solutions to clear Safari cache.

First Solution: Open Safari find the book-shaped icon at the bottom tap it and tap History, you’ll get all of Safari’s history here. Tap the Clear Button at the bottom of your iPhone, there are several time slot options to clear. You can clear history according to your needs. With just a few taps you can erase the browsing history on your iPhone.

The second solution is to click Safari Settings Clear history and website data, This clearing will delete history, cookies and other browsing data on your iPhone.

The two aforementioned solutions can help you clear cookies and history on your iPhone. And the same methods are available on the iPad and iPod touch.

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However, there are many Safari cookies that I have deleted from my iPhone. Since these cookies may contain my privacy information, I wonder if the history and cookies are really gone?

These two ways to clear Safari history and cookies are the easiest. You can’t get a 100% guarantee. Since there are many recovery tools that can also recover deleted Safari cache and browsing history, contacts, bookmarks, messages and videos.

э. But is there a way to completely delete the cookies? It could be a disaster for me if the recovery tool can get all my privacy information back. What I have to do?

In this case, you may need a third-party iPhone Data Eraser to thoroughly delete all the information from your iPhone, There are not many removal apps on the market, so finding a professional app is not easy.

So, where can I find a professional? Can iPhone Eraser permanently delete all Safari history, cookies and all information from my iPhone 5?

You can try to find Aiseesoft iPhone Eraser from the website. iPhone Data Eraser supports iOS 10/9/8/7 and more. With this software, you can easily clear history from your iPhone Safari. Also, your contacts, text messages, videos, photos, songs can be erased from iPhone if you want. The most important thing is that no recovery tool can bring deleted files back to the world.

Also, the professional Eraser History Browsing Phone software works well to erase cookies and Safari cache on iPad and iPod touch.

It’s great. Can you tell me how to use this iPhone Safari History Eraser to permanently delete browsing history?

Do the following part to clear Safari history and cookies on iPhone using the Safari History Remover app on iPhone.

How to clear history, cache and cookies in iPhone Safari

If you want to clear the cache and cookies on your iPhone, you will first go to Safari. Here’s how you can clear cookies on iPhone Safari:

Notes: If there are no available logs or website data to clear, the setting should turn gray. So after clearing the cache and cookies on your iPhone, you will notice a difference.

Where’s the history on your tablet

The process of opening web browser history on a tablet is similar to that on a computer, but different from the algorithm on a smartphone.

    Open the start page of the Yandex browser. To do this, at the end of the tabs press “”.

There is another way. The tablet’s interface, like the computer’s, allows you to query through the address bar. To do this, you need to enter “browser://history/”. This opens a tab with a complete list of previously viewed sites.

This concludes our brief guide to the history in the mobile version of the Yandex browser.

FISHKA How to selectively clear Safari history

Articles marked “FICTION” include short recipes for activating little-known features in iOS, OS X, and Apple gadgets. If you already knew about this, we’re proud to present you with a virtual “power user” medal. Let’s give other readers the opportunity to receive such an award as well;)

What’s the trick: Accessing Safari browser history with the ability to remove unwanted “traces.

Where to look: Safari Browser allows you to sync your history, open tabs, and views between OS X and iOS running under the same Apple ID account. To ensure your Christmas surprise isn’t discovered by a spouse or child who’s interested in Browser History, just follow a few simple steps.

    • Open the Safari browser and tap on the Books icon (Figure 1).
    • In the window that opens, select History (Fig. 2).
    • The list displayed will contain a long history of pages you once opened on both your MacBook and iOS device.
    • To delete individual pages, swipe the header from right to left and select Delete (Figure 4).
    • To completely clear all history, select Clear. The system will offer several deletion options for a certain period of time: for an hour, for today, for the last two days and for all time (Fig. 5). Select the desired option.
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Note: Please note that clearing history will delete cookie data on all devices using this Apple ID account. In other words, if you logged in to one of the sites and don’t remember the password, then after clearing the history you’ll have to enter the data again.

Part 3. Clear app cache from app settings (support for some apps)

Not all apps allow you to delete an app from the app settings. Here we will take only a few popular apps which store a lot of caches, for example.

Clear Instagram cache on iPhone (cache and history)

Instagram cache will take up a lot of memory on your iPhone. It is advisable to clear the cache to free up more space.

Step 1. Launch the Instagram app on your iPhone and log in with your password.

Hit “Profile “icon at the bottom and tap “Settings “icon in the upper right corner.

On the “Settings “page, tap the “Clear search history “option. Then you just need to confirm the operation and wait. Check out this post if you need more information on how to clear your Instagram search history.

Delete the cache on your iPhone (cookies and cache)

Also receives cached images and messages. So you won’t regret clearing the cache.

Launch the app on your iPhone and then click “” at the bottom.

How to Clear Safari Web Browser History on iPhone and Mac

Select “Settings” and then “Account Settings” from the drop-down list.

Click “Browser” on the browser settings page.

Press “Clear data”.

Empty the Google Maps cache on your iPhone (all local offline maps, cache data, and reset cookies)

Clear cache manually. a handy feature for Google Maps users.

Step 1. Open Google Maps on your iPhone and tap the menu in the top left corner.

Hit “Settings” icon, then select “About Us, Terms & Privacy”.

Hit “Clear app data “and hit “OK “to confirm your action.

Easy, really? Now you can feel safe about your location.

Erase YouTube cache on iPhone (watch and search history)

If you’re a video buff, YouTube also offers more caches on your iPhone.

Open the YouTube app on your iPhone, tap the “Menu” in the upper right corner, tap the “Settings” icon.

Click on “Clear watch history and alsoClear search history” under “Privacy.

You will then delete the videos you watched while logged out on this device and the YouTube search results performed on this device.

There are more apps that can support the cache from their own settings. You can do this by following steps similar to the applications described above. Here you can quickly delete documents and data on your iPhone.