How to clear the cache on your Samsung TV

How to clear Netflix cache on your Samsung Smart TV?

How to clear application cache on your Samsung Smart TV

  • Press Home button on the Samsung Smart TV remote control.
  • Go to Settings.
  • Select Apps.
  • Go to System Applications.
  • Select the application that you would like to clear the cache and tap Clear cache.
  • Tap OK to confirm.
  • Switch your TV to Smart-TV mode by pressing the “Smart” button on the remote control.
  • Launch Internet browser. Select “Settings” in the upper right corner.
  • On the window that appears, select “Clear cache. Confirm by pressing “OK” (“Done”).
  • Press the Menu key on the remote control;
  • Select “Support”, then “Self-diagnosis”;
  • Click “Reset”;
  • Enter PIN code;
  • Confirm the action by pressing “Yes.

Timely removal of cookies and clearing cache on your computer’s browsers and phones improves their performance. But this is rarely practiced on Smart TVs, which leads to the deterioration of the equipment. As a result, errors associated with lack of memory occur in the TV.

It’s important to know how to clear the cache on your TV, because that’s where the data about previously downloaded audio and media files can be stored, as well as the history of visiting sites in the browser and the history of viewing channels on YouTube. In addition, in the operating system of the TV may be installed applications that are not used, but take up a lot of space. In such cases they will have to be deleted before clearing the cache. In this case maximum free space will be released.

Sometimes this procedure has to be recalled when an error has occurred due to a lack of memory. In this case the TV turns on automatic deletion of unnecessary files according to the built-in program and performs a system restart. The worst situation is a cyclic and non-stop reboot of the technique. In any case the problem can be solved very quickly.

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Clearing memory

Clearing memory lets you improve TV performance, browser loading speeds, and app loading speeds. Different data can be stored in the memory, including cache, downloaded files, images, and scripts that are automatically saved in Smart-TV. You can delete them only step by step, selecting each of the items and erasing unnecessary data using the remote control.

To delete them all at once you need to select “Restore and Reset” in the settings to reset the TV to its factory settings. Then reconnect the TV to Wi-Fi by entering the login and password. After that you only need to install new software and remove factory applications you don’t plan to use. In this case the TV will work like new with no errors, of course, if you timely clean the cache of your browser and applications and don’t download unnecessary files.

Clearing the Sony TV’s memory is as easy as on other TVs:

  • Press HOME and then Settings and Apps.
  • Choose the app you want, like YouTube.
  • Press “Clear data”, then “OK”.

Note that this is also an easy way to clear the browser cache and other app caches. It will take some time, but the result will be worth the effort.

Browser cache

Deleting the browser cache is also quite simple. Press the “Smart” button on the remote control to enter Smart-TV mode and start the browser from this mode. Then open “Settings” in the upper right corner and select the desired clearing function.

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The same way you can clear browsing history of some sites.

Application cache

When regularly using applications the cache becomes full, and not always the Smart-TV built-in cache cleaner can cope with this problem. Therefore it has to be solved in the following way:

If in the process of cleaning the TV memory there were found applications that are installed and not used, select the “Delete” button and erase it. This will noticeably increase storage space.


Cookie files and massive browsing data can eventually accumulate in the TV and adversely affect the performance of the browser and device. They are needed so that when you regularly visit a particular site, it is loaded faster, and the data entered is stored. If you have recently logged in to sites you don’t plan to use in the near future, you can safely delete cookies:

  • Open the browser with the remote control and enter the settings.
  • Go to “Tools”. “Security”.
  • Tick the “Remove cookies” box and click “OK. After that all saved cookies will be deleted, but data to certain sites will have to be entered again.

Unnecessary apps

Determine which applications are needed and which have never been used by yourself. Some of them can be installed in Smart-TV by the manufacturer, but not all of them are of any significant benefit. For example, if you only use Movie Search and YouTube, you don’t need to keep other apps offered by the manufacturer in your TV.

You can safely delete them by pressing the Smart button and selecting from the functions that pop up on the screen: “Change” and “Delete”. Then press “OK” or “Yes” and get rid of the app that takes up a lot of space.

If the TV is running on Android, proceed as follows:

  • Using the remote control select “Applications”.
  • Open Play Market and select “My apps”.
  • Then select unnecessary apps and uninstall.

With Apple TV it’s even simpler: you need to select “Settings”, then “Main” and “Storage Management”. Browse through the available apps and press the touchpad area of the remote control to select and delete unnecessary apps.

  • On the remote control find and press the Samsung Apps button;
  • In the menu that appears, find and select the item “downloaded”;
  • by pressing the yellow button on the remote control (with the letter “C”) to open edit mode;
  • Select the desired software, click on the “delete” button and confirm the action.

Press the right button and select Change Channel. Select the channels you want to delete and press the center button on the remote. A checkmark appears to the left of the channel name. Select Delete.

Cleaning from viruses

How to clean Smart TV and how to clear the cache if the TV lags? There are different ways of doing this. First, let’s try to work on the memory of the device, perhaps it needs to be freed.

What caused the memory shortage error?

This problem is caused by the fact that most likely your device is not designed for viewing multimedia online. On these models, you need to forget about using a simple browser to watch movies and TV shows. It is worth to use special programs, which can be easily found in the application store.

How to clear memory cache in Samsung Tizen OS Smart TV

This kind of errors can also be caused by “real” clogging of the system. Many users get excited and fill the TV memory with third-party applications and widgets that they almost never use. In this case you should go through the list of installed applications and delete the ones you deem necessary.

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It is worth noting that this error is not caused by malware, then there is another question.

Is it possible to catch viruses on Smart TV??

Theoretically yes. Many televisions run on the Android operating system. But the cases of tampering with the system are few, so conditionally we can say that there are virtually no viruses for Smart TV. Most of the errors are caused by system malfunctions that can be fixed using the following methods.

Cleaning the cache in LG TVs

You can also clean the internal memory of the browser itself, not the applications. To do this, you will need to perform the following steps:

  • Use the Smart button on the remote control to bring the TV into the main Smart mode menu.
  • Start the browser, go to settings mode by pressing the button located in the right corner.
  • Select Clear Cache from the menu to delete all saved data from the cache
clear, cache, your, samsung

After cleaning it is recommended to reboot the TV. It will completely remove all temporary files, no problems with playing any files. The operation has to be repeated periodically if you use Smart TV functions frequently. A more reliable way is to update your browser and other software in a timely manner. This is an opportunity to increase the amount of memory, therefore, the problem with cache overflow will occur much less frequently.

Nevertheless, there is still a way to manage and delete apps on Samsung Smart TVs. You can remove that app from Smart Hub. Simply highlight that app, like Netflix. Then press the bottom of the navigation ring and select Remove.

Restore factory settings and Samsung TV self-diagnostic tools

clear, cache, your, samsung
  • Go to Settings and select General.
  • Select Reset, enter your PIN (the default is 0000), and then select Reset.
  • Select OK to complete the reset. Your TV will automatically reboot.
  • If these steps don’t work for your TV, go to Settings, select Support, and then select Self-diagnosis.

Ways to solve the memory overflow problem

There are a few simple steps you can take to resolve free space issues.

  • In any operating system, over time, there are a lot of unused or ineffective applications that are installed “temporarily” or that “didn’t go”, that is, they don’t like their functionality. These applications must be uninstalled along with the accompanying files that create the programs themselves.
  • Clear your browser cache. It is not always necessary to delete the cache of absolutely all applications. To reduce the load on the volatile RAM, it is sometimes sufficient to free the memory from the temporary files of the browser that is used most often. Deleting all temporary files also resets all settings and deletes passwords. As a result, you will have to log in to your account all over again.

If you do not have root access to the operating system, there is not much you can do to increase the free space. ROOT rights give you full access to all programs, including pre-installed ones, overclocking the processor, and other operations. This program is for developers, service specialists. But if you are not an expert in working with the operating system, it is better not to even look for a program on the Internet with ROOT-rights, otherwise you can ruin your device or the OS, removing necessary software for its work or making the processor work in non-standard mode.

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So how do I remove apps from my LG Smart TV with WebOS 3.0? You need to open Smart TV menu, which can be called with the remote control. Use the arrow buttons on the remote control to select any application you don’t need at the moment. Press the “OK” button and a window with the word “Done” will appear. After clicking on it, a cross symbol appears above the program, indicating that it is being deleted. After clicking on the cross, you get a menu with the names “NO” and “YES”. Press the “YES” button. The program icon disappeared from the TV menu list. This way you can delete any program and free up memory space of your device and increase the speed of your operating system.

You can also use the mouse to uninstall an application. Go to the menu and left-click on any application while holding down the mouse button. The application seems to jump out of the row. Release it, press the “Done” menu window. A cross mark appears above the program. By clicking on it you will see the “REMOVE” window menus. “YES” and “NO”. After confirming the application goes to the trash.

Sequence of actions to clear LG TV memory

LG Smart TVs are based on WebOS operating system, which uses Linux kernel. And there is no built-in function to quickly delete all application cache. In case of error such as “Not enough memory” it is recommended to perform software reset to factory settings. Before clearing memory and deleting cache on LG TV it is recommended to create and activate an online user account (for this you need to register with confirmation of E-mail). Then the basic application settings will be copied “to the cloud” and this data can be restored after TV reset to the factory settings (passwords to applications, Desktop settings, list of saved playlists).

  • Press “Home” or “Menu” on the remote control (depends on the installed version of WebOS);
  • Go to the “Settings” section;
  • Select “Advanced Settings” and select “General” in the subcategory;
  • activate the item “Reset to factory settings”;
  • Enter your account password (or the factory default password for resetting, by default: 12345678);
  • confirm the operation and wait for the device to reboot.

Sometimes when trying to perform a reset an error E561 occurs. This means that WebOS update is available for this model. First you need to perform an Update, and only then reset to the factory settings.

It is also possible to use such a solution as clearing the browser cache on LG TV: this functionality is provided by the manufacturer and allows you to free up 1-2 GB of data. The settings of other applications are not affected. Before clearing the memory cache of the browser on the LG TV, you should add frequently used pages to the bookmarks. The following steps are required:

  • Press “Menu” or “Home” on the remote control, go to “Settings”;
  • Open the “Network Settings” category;
  • Select the item “Clear internet data storage”, sometimes after selecting the display shows a requirement to enter a password. you need to confirm it.

This also removes cookies from your browser, so you’ll need to manually enter your username/password when you visit some sites (clearing this will deactivate auto-entry).