How to clear the memory on your huawei phone

How to clear the memory on your Android huawei

You can check if the phone memory is not clogged through its settings in the appropriate section.

It provides the user with information on the following folders:

To the right of each folder is information in gigabytes about how much each folder weighs. A bar with different colors is displayed at the top, showing how much each folder takes in relation to the total volume.

With such clear information, the user will be able to understand what types of files take up the most space on his device and free up internal memory. And how to do this is described below.

How often to clean the tablet

There is no need to systematically clean your mobile device, because “clogging” depends on how you use it. With active use and the constant installation of new programs, you should clean the device every 3-4 days. The best way to do this is to use the wipe program.

In rare cases, all of the above information does not lead to the desired result, and the gadget continues to lag. You have to resort to a radical method. the factory reset. This action will delete all user data.

To reset all settings, turn off your device, hold down the power key and the volume up key, select “wipe data/factory reset”. The device will reboot and be completely blank in terms of data, with preinstalled software.


Step-by-step memory cleanup on Honor and Huawei phones

If the Huawei or Honor smartphone does not have enough internal memory, you should take care of cleaning it. Besides deleting vital files, there are some alternative ways. For example, you can move some data to SD-card or clear the app cache.

The latter are regularly updated and store various information, becoming over time more and more, and eating up gigabytes of internal phone space. Let’s hear all the ways how to clear memory on your Huawei or Honor phone.

Removal of embedded applications

Long gone are the days when mobile games and apps took up little space. Some of them now weigh as much as full-fledged programs for the computer. If you don’t need to use an app, you don’t need to keep it on your phone. Below will be a step by step instruction to remove games and applications:

  • Choose “Memory” section in your phone settings.
  • Press the “Clear” button in the window that opens.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the new window, where there will be a section called “Special Cleaning” and select the subsection “Applications”.

On the page that opens you will see how much space each game or app takes. Clicking on it, the user will have only one action. “Delete”. Press the button and confirm the action. Done.

You can also use “Phone manager” to access this section.

Alternative method. In the settings of your smartphone, you can go to the “Applications” section, select the one you want to get rid of and in the window that will open, click on the “Delete” button.

Both methods are effective. You can use whichever one you like.

Transferring data to the SD card

What to do if it seems that all the files on the mobile device are badly needed? In this case, transferring part of the data to the SD-card will help, thanks to the fact that most Huawei and Honor smartphones have it.

  • If the SD card has not been used before. it must be installed and formatted.
  • Next, go to “File Manager” or “Files” on your smartphone (the name may vary depending on the version of the Android operating system and shell).
  • Select the file you want to move (it can be a photo, game, video, document, song, etc.).
  • When you select a file, “Copy” and “Move” options will appear at the bottom. If you select the second and then select SD card, the file will be moved to free up space on your device’s internal storage.

Deleting temporary files (cache, history)

Cache and history of apps usage eat up a lot of space. For example, any browser stores search and navigation history by default. Over time, a lot of such data accumulates, and they begin to take up a lot of space.

Cache memory on Honor and Huawei is cleared as follows:

  • In the phone settings, select “Applications”.
  • Select the one we want to clear the cache.
  • Click on the “Memory” subsection.
  • Then select “Clear cache”.

You can perform a comprehensive clearing of unused cache through “Phone Manager”. Select the appropriate menu item to clear Android memory manually and click on the “Junk Files” section. Then press the “Delete” button.

Deleting photos, videos, and other files

Clearing other things in the memory of the mobile device, whether it be photos, videos, documents, and so on, is much easier.

Photos and videos can be deleted through “Gallery” by selecting the appropriate files. The rest, whether it is music, text or PDF-documents can be easily deleted through the “File Manager.

Just keep in mind that the files which have been moved to PrivateSpace must be moved from PrivateSpace to the main storage before they can be deleted.

Cleaning the cloud storage

There is a need to clear the memory in the cloud. Using Google Drive as an example, this is done quite easily, and in other cloud services does not cause any problems either.

You need to open the unnecessary file and click on the delete button. It will go to the trash, from where it will automatically disappear in 30 days. Until then it can be restored.

What is a “factory reset”?

A lot of questions for newcomers are caused by the terminology itself. Resetting Huawei to factory settings is a system process aimed at clearing your smartphone to its original state. At this time deletes all the information that was previously entered in the internal memory of the device by the user. In particular, messages, contacts, apps, music, photos, smartphone settings and other. In other words, to reset your Huawei to its factory settings is to return it to the state it was in at the time of purchase. In this case the Android version remains the same as it was installed before the process began.

How to clear the storage on your phone?

To clear the cache find the button in the settings of the cell phone or app. For Android-based devices, clearing the data in the cache is done using a standard tool. In the settings menu, find “Storage” or “Memory” and navigate to it. Then go to “cache data” and select “clear cache.

The internal storage is always present in the smartphone memory, regardless of the fact whether it is possible to insert a memory card (and even more so whether it is inserted) or not. This area of memory is protected. Located in the system partition /data.

How to clean the internal memory of Huawei and Honor phones

Although the latest generation phones provide an internal storage of considerable size, the countless content, system data and information of installed applications rather quickly clog it. Therefore the question “How to clear Huawei phone internal memory” sooner or later becomes relevant for every phone owner of this brand. We have collected the most tried and effective ways. This article will help you to get acquainted with them and choose the best one for you.

Types of memory installed on Android phones

The internal memory of the smartphone is usually divided into two conditional positions: power-dependent and independent.

RAM cannot be cleaned manually. It can only be unloaded by disabling one or more applications. And the ROM-keepers can be cleaned almost completely, it all depends on your intentions and the desire to save the necessary data. About this procedure and let’s talk in detail.

How to clear Huawei and Honor phone memory

To free up space on the internal drive, you need to perform several actions in sequence:

  • delete unnecessary data or move it to an alternative storage location, such as a memory card or cloud storage;
  • clean the operating system from unnecessary components, spam, and advertising bots;
  • Delete unnecessary files, photo and video copies, replace them with albums on the cloud or streaming services.

Browser cleaning

The most important “polluter” is the browser. The daily active user looks through more than a hundred pages in it, and each of them leaves their “trace” in the storage. So the first thing to do is to close all unnecessary tabs. It will also help to remove the load on the RAM. Next, we need the phone settings. Look for “Applications” section, find the program you need and open its card. We press the “Clear cache” button, and wait for the process to complete. You can also click on “Clear data”. this option will also delete all settings.

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Deleting messages

Hard to imagine but SMS also takes up a lot of space. Therefore, it is recommended to clean the list of messages from time to time and delete unnecessary ones. Make a habit of saving necessary data in a text file or as a message in one of the instant messengers. then after cleaning the partition you will not lose important information.

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Clean the phone from unnecessary files

To optimize the operation of your smartphone it is recommended to delete unnecessary files and programs manually on a regular basis. These can include movies, photos and music that you definitely don’t plan to go back to, apps you don’t use.

Recent Android updates include an automatic memory cleaner option. You can activate it in the “Storage” section, which is located in the settings. You just need to press the “Free space” button and the system will offer you several options to do this, such as deleting duplicates or sending photos to Google disk.

Cleaning the memory of your smartphone using apps

If you can not or do not want to delete files manually, use third-party applications created specifically for such operations. Let’s consider some of the most popular options.


The well-known computer program also has an analogue for smartphones. The utility works on the same principle as on PC. The cleaner scans the file system and identifies malicious and unnecessary items. After scanning a list of revealed problematic components appears. You can exclude the necessary files from the list, and then click “Clear”.

How to clear internal memory by means of the computer

If your device has a large amount of memory, which needs to be disassembled and cleaned, it will be convenient to do it with the help of a computer. To do this:

  • Phone to the computer using a USB cord;
  • wait for the devices to synchronize;
  • enter HiSuite application on your smartphone and choose the phone memory as the internal module;
  • in the drop-down list select the directory “APS”, copy data from it to the SD card, delete or transfer to your computer.

After the process is complete, disconnect the smartphone and reboot it.

How to clear the operating memory (RAM) of your smartphone

If the performance of your phone has dropped and you do not have enough space to install new software components, carry out the standard cleaning procedure. Go to the Task Manager and find the “Storage” option. Here you will find information about the amount of free space. Press “Free space” button. automatic cleanup will start. If there is nothing to delete go to “Free memory and cache monitoring” tab. Manually select the programs you want to delete and press the “Clear” button.

After the process finishes, you will see a message with the amount of freed memory.

A radical way to clear RAM is to reset it to factory settings. After applying this option absolutely all unnecessary and necessary files are deleted, as well as all manually set parameters are reset, applications and accesses to them disappear. So before using this method check if any of the above mentioned will work best for you.

If you do decide, open your phone settings and scroll down to the “System” tab and open it. Here you will see several options, one of which is to reset. Tap this button, confirm your action and set your phone aside for a while. in different cases, the process takes anywhere from 20 minutes to several hours. At the end of the process the phone memory will be completely clean.

How to clear the internal memory of your Honor and Huawei phone

How to clear the memory on your Huawei and Honor phone is interesting to almost all owners of these models. This is because the free space gets clogged, and the need for new applications, photos and music goes nowhere. And in order to keep enough space on your phone for downloads, you need to delete old items. In this feature overview, let’s look at what types of memory these phones have, how to determine if it’s full, and how to clean.

Types of memory on Android devices

There are three types of memory allocated on Android devices:

The system memory (RAM) is used to provide the processes of starting and running the installed applications. This operational storage takes any downloaded software and its utilities.

The second type is the place where the operating system is stored. The user can not intervene there and change something. Such actions will cause an error in operation, so this type of memory was made closed.

The third option is the memory used to store user files, messages, music, photos, videos, etc.

How to see statistics on memory usage

If your smartphone has become slower to load sites or run software, it’s time to check it for congestion. You can do it this way:

  • open the Play Console;
  • choose the software you want to see its load information for;
  • click on the line ” information”;
  • specify the type of files.

If the explorer partition symbolizes the lack of internal space, it should be unloaded by deleting unnecessary files.

How to clear Honor and Huawei phone memory manually

There are several options on how to clear Huawei and Honor phone’s internal memory manually:

  • Move unwanted photos and videos to Google Drive or another convenient cloud;
  • Through the settings, transfer apps to an external SD drive;
  • Simply delete what you don’t use;
  • Format the external and internal space.

Deleting “garbage” in the browser

Visiting different sites, we definitely collect a lot of unnecessary components in our cache. To seing on the Internet to remain fast and convenient, garbage on Google, Yandex, Opera and other browsers should be regularly cleaned. This can be done by clearing the cache and the search history.

Deleting messages

Many people don’t realize how fast SMS are clogging up the memory. They are small, but there are a lot of them. This makes gigabytes of free space impossible to use for other purposes.

Cleaning unnecessary files

This option should be conscious, as here it is important to understand and sift out what you no longer need: little-used software, old photos or music. Move everything to the trash.

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Deleting apps

Often people download an interesting application, but after a couple of days stop using it. It gets updated and becomes more and more difficult to use. In order to prevent such frames from slowing down the phone, timely delete what you do not need.

How to clear smartphone memory using apps

In 2020 Google Play offers Android owners several valid options on how to automatically clean up junk on their gadget.

SD Maid

You can also find this software on Play Market. It is better to download there, because in this store the programs are free of viruses and malicious components. The peculiarity of SD Maid is that it clears unnecessary components on the flash card as well

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App Cache Cleaner

This offer is for those who want to automatically clear their app cache. Clearing your phone’s internal memory through your computer. After connecting your mobile gadget to PC, open “My Computer” section, find your phone there. Right-click to call the context menu, there click on the “Format” item. This method is simple and does not take much time, but it removes all components of the device.

How to clear the cache on Android Honor and Huawei without deleting photos

In order to automatically or manually clear the cache on your Huawei and Honor phone, but save the photos, you will need to perform some settings. Features:

  • you should remove all the “garbage” on the media manually, or by setting the screening parameters on special programs;
  • It is important to remember that if you do not touch photos and screenshots, delete all unnecessary things from the phone will not work.

Deletion via settings

The classic features of any tablet or phone will help to do the following:

  • Open the settings;
  • You select the “Memory” section of the same name;
  • choose there the objects and partitions you want to scan;
  • confirm and start.

The Recovery menu

The “Recovery” section is very useful because it can be used even in emergency cases. when the smartphone is so clogged that it does not turn on. To do this, in the off position, press the volume keys on the end of the device, and release them after 8-11 seconds. Then the internal menu is launched. Using the same volume controls and the main home button navigate through the options, and find the “Wipe cache partition” command. By pressing “Home” you confirm the start of cache clearing. This menu is responsible for all memory of this format that the machine has. the procedure usually takes from 2 to 15 minutes, depending on the state of your gadget.

CCleaner program

C-Cleaner is one of the most popular utilities for smartphones, tablets and PCs that helps administer the explorer and RAM. Its advantage is that C-Cliner performs screening even on a predetermined schedule. So you do not have to worry about the timeliness of certain tasks.

Deleting the cache of a specific program

To do this, open the settings section “All programs”, select a specific item, click on the line, and the bottom left (or bottom center, depending on the model) click on the clear button. Exit after confirming the action. We recommend to repeat this for each service at least once every 2-3 weeks.

Unnecessary Google Maps data on Android

The latest versions of ” Google Maps ” application (Google Maps) allow you to download a map of any route or place, making navigation easier. Downloading such maps will require a lot of space to store them in your phone‘s memory. Country maps can take many gigabytes. So you may need to clear the memory on your Android.

To delete, open the application ” Maps “, tap on the avatar of your account, and in the list select ” Offline maps “.

clear, memory, your, huawei, phone

On the page that opens, see if you have any offline maps, and how much memory space they take up. If necessary, delete them.

Clear the memory of the device

Also, Huawei and Honor smartphones have a way to clean the memory more precisely. To do this, we need to go to “Settings”, select the “Memory” section and click on “Clear”. In the “Clean Memory” menu that opens, you can use the recommended cleanup or the special cleanup, but be careful with this method, as you can delete personal photos, videos, music, files, etc. that you need.д.

How to clear the memory on a Huawei smartphone

When a user purchases a new Huawei smartphone, he expects to get the expected. But unfortunately, the expectation does not always coincide with reality. Sometimes there are hidden defects, flaws, or imperfections.

For example, many users of Huawei mobile devices face a lack of memory on the phone. For example, the owner installs applications on his smartphone, actively uses the device, and then the system gives out that there is not enough memory, refusing to load programs. After that, the user realizes that the memory is completely clogged.

In this case, most owners want to move applications from the phone to an external memory card, but even here, users sometimes encounter problems. Someone does not know how to move the files, while others this method does not help, because not every program can be moved. There is also another category of users. Some users can’t move applications because the mobile device simply doesn’t support the memory card. But there is a way out of this situation as well.

Causes of lack of free memory

The built-in memory on a Huawei mobile device can be divided into two types:

  • Memory. memory intended for storing temporary files. If you power off the smartphone, the RAM will be cleared. In addition, the system performance depends on the RAM. I guess all smartphone owners at least once noticed that the smartphone thinks for a long time and hangs before executing a user command. This means that the amount of RAM is not enough for the correct operation of the device. To do this you need to clear it. Reasons for the lack of RAM: several heavy programs are running; the device has many temporary files, many programs are running in the background mode.
  • Internal memory. the memory where Huawei smartphone user information and files are stored. The reasons for the absence of such memory are logical. a lot of files on the drive. Unnecessary files must be deleted.

Thus, if with the internal memory all relatively clear (open the device “Files”, delete unwanted files manually), then about the ways of clearing RAM known not to all users of mobile devices Huawei.

Ways to clean the memory

These methods can be used absolutely free of charge by every user of Huawei smartphone. The user can choose his preferred way of clearing the memory.

There are several of the most popular ways to clear the memory:

To find out the amount of free RAM in Huawei smartphones, you can do the following:

  • Press the “Recent Tasks List” key on the navigation bar (square icon);
  • see the free space at the bottom (e.g. 1.5 GB out of 4 GB free).

In addition, in the same menu, next to the inscription about the free memory capacity, there is a trash can icon. The user can click on it, closing all recent programs and freeing up additional memory space.

Cleaning using standard functions

The important procedures for cleaning the memory in your Huawei mobile device are as follows:

Often, these actions can be time-consuming, but most importantly, they bring results.

Cleaning the cache

In order to clear the app cache on your Huawei phone, the user needs to follow these steps:

  • Open your mobile device settings.
  • Go to “Applications” section.
  • Click on the line “Applications”.
  • This will open a list of all the programs that are installed on the Huawei smartphone.
  • In order to clear the cache of a particular application, the user should select the program, click on its name. A new window will open.
  • In the program information, click on the “Memory” line.
  • Then click “Clear cache”.

After that the cache of the given program will be cleared. These steps can be repeated with other applications.

Cleaning the browser history

Browser also stores a lot of temporary files that leave a lot of garbage in memory. You can use the following algorithm to clear the memory:

  • Open the browser you use.
  • In the side menu, select the item “History”.
  • Press the “Clear history” button.
  • Then confirm your decision by clicking on the “Delete Data” button.

After that the history and temporary files will be deleted from the mobile device.

Uninstalling programs

Sometimes the system notifies you that there is not enough free memory in the device. This happens most often when trying to install a new program. One of the ways to clean the memory is to uninstall unnecessary applications.

The second way implies that the user needs to go to the phone settings, go to the “Applications” section, and then select the program in the drop-down list, click on it. After that press the uninstall key. The program will be deleted from the device, it means that some memory will be released.