How to clear the memory on your lenovo phone

How to clear the system memory on your Lenovo phone?

Cleaning via Task Manager It is located in the settings menu and opens when you click on “Applications”. To clear your memory, you need to click on one or more utilities and select the item at the top “Delete”.

  • Use the “Applications” menu to clear the cache.
  • View the system folders with your browser and delete temporary files.
  • Use one of the special applications like CCleaner, Smart Booster or Easy Uninstaller and delete the programs afterwards.

Not enough free memory in your Lenovo smartphone

How to clear internal memory on your Lenovo smartphone. How to move information and previously installed applications.

How to check your memory status, total size and free space. What is internal and external memory in a smartphone?

Having transferred some programs, it is possible to achieve clearing of memory for installation of new games and software.

Of course, to transfer the applications you can not use additional programs, just go to “phone settings”. “all settings”. “applications”.

And a list of installed programs is displayed, but it does not specify what can be transferred, so I prefer AppMgr Pro III, although if you want you can go to each item in this list and see whether you can transfer to the memory card.

Of course, the first thing you should do to ensure free memory is to watch WHAT and WHY you install on your smartphone.

If there is no need in some applications. it is desirable to remove them immediately. Many programs use so called cache. temporary files which provide quick access to information. For example, the app caches music for listening to it without access to the Internet. If all these things are initially cached in the system memory, it is natural that the free space will run out very quickly. It is necessary to keep an eye on this.

The button to clear the cache is under the button to transfer applications to the memory card. Here it is necessary to enter the programs and look at their cache, for example, the program Aliexpress caches all the pictures viewed by the user, which greatly clogs the space, but in fact they may never be useful. The conclusion. it is worth watching the cache of each application.

Surely in your life there was a time when the internal memory of the phone was full. What to do in such a case, our article will tell.

In these days with the support of most phones with memory cards with a large capacity, the problem with the lack of free space on the phone is practically solved. Complications now arise with the fact that the internal memory of the phone fills. which plays an important role in a stable phone. When the internal memory is full, sometimes it is even impossible to receive SMS messages. This immediately raises a serious question. how to clear the internal memory of the phone?

Methods of cleaning the internal memory

To date, we know the 2 most popular ways to clean the internal memory of the phone: moving programs to the memory card and clearing the application cache.

In Android smartphones almost from the first versions of the OS you can choose where to install the applications: on the phone or on the flash drive. It is clear that everything must be installed on the memory card, but if you have already downloaded all of the internal memory of the phone? And now there is a way out. Go to Settings. Applications. Application Management, select the one you want, and click on the “Move to SD-card” button. In this way you can move all applications, except the standard, installed by default on your phones.

Using special programs

On your Lenovo A5 phone you can install an application that can analyze the internal memory of the device and find garbage (temporary files) in it. There are several tens of such programs. One of the most popular is Clean Master.

After downloading and the user needs to open the program, go to the “Trash” section and run the scan. At the end of the test, the application will offer to free some free space. You only need to confirm the operation.

If the memory is still low

The previously discussed ways can fully free up space on the internal drive Lenovo K10 Plus. However, even the deletion of a large number of files does not lead to optimal results if the owner purchased a version with minimal memory space.

There are a couple of ways out. First, a microSD card can be installed. It expands the internal storage by 32-256 gigabytes, depending on the selected configuration. Secondly, there is the option of uploading personal data to a “cloud” like Google Drive or Yandex Disk. But here it is important to pay attention to the fact that only a limited amount of free space is available. You have to subscribe to expand your virtual storage.

Choosing the right option, the owner can transfer most files to a microSD-card or upload data to the “cloud”. Unfortunately, applications are not relocatable. But you can get rid of photos, videos and music without much trouble.

The program for clearing memory in your Android phone

In your phone, you must take care of the system and the applications you install and remove the garbage in a timely manner.

Most garbage is in the app cache. Cleaning it does not speed up your phone, but it saves memory if you don’t have enough.

At the same time, cleaning applications that are often used is not recommended, because they will take more time when working.

However, if you install dozens of programs that you don’t use on a daily basis, you can get hundreds of megabytes of extra.

You can do a cache cleanup in a separate app, but it’s best to use an app.

I recommend trying the “1-Click Cleaner”. It’s great for clearing app cache.

At the same time you have the ability to delete messages from memory, call history, clean the browser, search history, Gmail, Google Play, etc.д.

How to free memory on Lenovo tablet?

Go to menu “Settings”. “Memory”. In the “Internal Memory” tab select “Application data”. Click on the icon of the application you want to move and in the window that appears select “Transfer to MicroSD.

How to clear the cache in the application

Deleting the cache of an individual application in some cases can even restore its functionality in case of all sorts of failures in the program.