How to clear the story of views on the Samsung tablet

How to delete the search history on Android. How to clean a browser on Android

During the web set, browsers retain a large amount of data. The standard set looks as follows:

  • Cache: some elements of web pages-details of design, images, sounds, scripts, etc.
  • View History: Site addresses that you have visited, pages on the quick access screen, tips in the address bar.
  • Cookie (Cook). Files with these sites that you opened in the browser. They are needed to preserve user actions and settings.

In addition, browsers retain your passwords, these auto.Filling of forms, bank card details, etc. D. All this (or only part) you can safely delete.

The most popular browsers

The user does not always find a useful function of storing sites he visited. This is a matter of confidentiality, sometimes freedom of personal space. That no one has the opportunity to view the resources you visit, you need to know how to delete an event magazine on a tablet.

The easiest way is to do with Firefox. When opening, the browser opens immediately on bookmarks or on top sites. In order to go to the event magazine, you just need to be able to navigate in the integration. In Firefox, this is carried out by a simple horizontal display movement. “History” is in the extreme left position. If you are already on the page or on several pages, then you can simply close them. To do this, click on the tabs indicator in the upper right corner. How to clean a magazine on a tablet? Firefox in this regard is not the best browser. If you want to clean the magazine, then each resource will have to be removed manually. To do this, hold the desired position for 2 seconds. The menu opens, where you should select “Delete” item.

Yandex browser

1) First open the greeting page in the browser, and next to the search line, click on the icon displaying the number of open tabs (see. An example below).

Open tabs (to view history)

2) Next, click on the icon with the “clock” (this is history): it is located at the bottom of the window.

3) History in Yandex Browser is displayed by dates (as in Chrome), which is very convenient for searching.

1) On the starting page of the browser, opposite the search line, click on the icon with three points (example below on the screen).

3) In the “Privacy” section, follow the link “Clean data” (see. Screenshot below).

4) after mark with checks what you want to delete (for example, history, cache, loading, warning, etc.) and click on the “Clean data” button.

How to clear the history in Yandex on Samsung through the settings of the device

To destroy search stories, you can use the settings of a smartphone. In the application section, you must find Yandex.Browser, open its storage, and then slip in the control of the place. Here it is also necessary to note with checkmarks all types of information that must be eliminated, and then click the “Clean Data” button.

Each of these methods is suitable for any Samsung Galaxy smartphones and other models.

How to clear the history of the browser

Consider the ways to remove the history of web seing on the most popular browsers.

Native Android browser. We find ourselves in the settings menu through the button with three points, then select the section Personal data, press clean the story

Google Chrome. Choosing a story, and at the very bottom, click “Clean the story.”

Opera for Android (in the opera mini everything is similar). Click a large red letter O, then click the story. Click to remove everything

Opera Classic. Click on the letter o, then settings from the right storage

Mozilla Firefox. We go into the parameters, select the privacy tab, and click delete the data. We put checks opposite the inscriptions “Magazine”. This is how the history is called in the mosilla.

Clearing browser cache/history on my Samsung Android Galaxy Tab A. Click 3 dots Address Bar, History

Dolphin browser. Click on the button with the image of the dolphin (left below), three icons will jump out. Click on the lower, which in the form of three strips. Book the settings button, select confidentiality.

Dolphin browser mini. There is an erroneous opinion that this browser does not keep history. All because many do not know how to get into settings, since as such a button for access to the browser settings is not provided. For this, a standard button for calling the menu is used (in Android 4.1 at least). In the panel next to the buttons back, home, etc.D. There is a button, in appearance as three horizontal points. Here we click, the menu opens. We get into the settings by clicking on the icon with the wrench Toolbox. On the right side, find the inscription settings, click it. Next, click Clear Data, and finally, we get into the removal section. Check Clear History, and click OK.

Boat browser. On the right side of the screen we make a movement along the tach “from the right to the left”. The settings panel are put forward. Click the icon that resembles the “list” T.E. Three points with three horizontal lines. Another panel opens, press the settings in it, select personal data, then clean the data

Boat browser mini. You need to slip along the display, two icons will appear right in the bottom right. Click the button with horizontal stripes, go into the settings. As you have already guessed, we need a item to clear the data

UC browser. Settings. Clean records.

Full History Removing on Samsung in Yandex.Browser

If you want to completely clear the history of the Mobile Yandex on your Samsung smartphone, then there are several ways for this.

  • Launch your mobile web navigator Yandex;
  • On the screen opened, click on the right of the search line on the button in the form of three horizontal lines;
  • In the section of the menu opened below, slip to the tab with the designation of the dial with the clock;
  • Both the pages that you visited and the list of search queries introduced by you have been opened;
  • Perform a long slippers to any of the links you cited;
  • In the menu that appears, slip to “clear history”. The whole story of your Yandex Browser will be deleted. Select the menu item “Clean history”
  • Launch your mobile navigator on Samsung;
  • Tap a button in the form of three horizontal points to the right of the search line;
  • In the “Settings” menu that appears below the menu; Select “Settings”
  • On the settings page we have opened, we find the “Privacy” section;
  • In this section, we find the “Clean Data” option and slip on it;
  • In the list that opens, put a checkmark at the point “History” (set the other checkmarks in accordance with your desires), and then click on the “Clean Data” button; Put a checkmark next to the “History” item, and click below “Clear data”
  • Your search queries will be deleted.

Yandex Browser for Android

  • As in the case of Chrome, to clean the history of Yandex Browser on mobile devices, you need to enter the application menu. To do this, click on the “menu” icon in the lower right corner.
  • Then, click on the “settings”, then “clean the data”, and confirm the action by pressing the “Clean Data” button.

Clean the history of the browser directly through the phone

Each user to increase safety and the level of confidentiality can at any time clear the story on the phone, deleting the information completely or only part of it.

How To Reset Samsung Galaxy Tab S. Hard Reset and Soft Reset

During the Internet set on the smartphone, the following data are automatically preserved: Cache, which includes some elements of the Internet page, say, design details or scripts; The history of views with addresses of the visited resources and labels of web pages; cookie that stores files with Internet sites open.

Go to the “Settings” menu and select the “Applications” section; 2. Indicate the browser you want to clean; 3. Go to the “Storage” point and click on the “Manage Place” button at the bottom; 4. In the menu that opens, put the checkmarks next to what needs to be erased; 5. Click “Delete” or “Clear data”.

This universal method will control the volume of data from any browser using the internal settings of your Android.

Clear the story through the browser

If the method does not fit above, you can delete history in browser settings. You can also erase cakes, cache and other information there.

In some browsers, this process can be automated so that the system independently erases all the information after each session or after a period set by the user, for example, every week/month/half a year/year.

Consider how to erase history in the main browsers. Yandex.Browser, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox.

To delete history from Yandex.Browser:

  • Go to “Settings” “Privacy”;
  • Next, go to the “Clean data” section;
  • Mark the elements that you want to erase and then confirm the operation.

In the “Privacy” section, you can turn off the “Save history” function. After that, the system will not remember the addresses of the site visited. Please note that the cache, passwords and downloads will remain.

If you want to partially clear the story in the Yandex browser:

  • Open the browser and press the button with three horizontal stripes;
  • Go to the “Magazine” section and find the record that needs to be deleted;
  • Click the cross or “Delete” button so that it disappears from the magazine.

To delete the story from the Google Chrome browser, integrated by default in Android devices, you need:

Run it and press the button with three points;

Open the section “History” “Delete History”;

Note the data that is required to erase;

Go to the point “Additionally” and there to note the elements for irrevocable removal;

As in the Yandex browser, here you can selectively wash the story.

There is another section in Google Chrome, where the whole story of visits to the user is stored even after the cleansing of the magazine and the cache.

To fully erase the story in Google Chrome:

  • Open the menu.
  • Go to the “Saved” section.
  • Find below the list of all sites visited indicating how much traffic they used.
  • Click “Reset statistics”.

No less popular and demanded browser, which users choose is Mozilla Firefox. Follow the instructions below, if you do not know how to clear the search history there:

So, with just one click you can delete the story completely. If you need to erase only one entry, then press it and hold your finger until the context menu appears.

In addition, the developers of Mozilla Firefox provide for the possibility of automatically destroying data immediately after the completion of the session. To activate the option, go to the “Parameters” section “Privacy”.

It doesn’t matter which mobile browser you use. To erase the search history and other surviving data, such as Cookies, cache, from any application. The examples discussed above show that each of them has a similar algorithm for removing history through the internal settings menu.

History management through a browser

If the described method is not suitable for you, in this case you can clear the story on the phone through the browser.

Any browser has a settings menu through which you can delete Cookies and Cache and other information. In some browsers, this process can be automated so that the system without your participation washed all the information after each session or through the established period of time, for example, every week. Let’s see how to clear the story in different browsers.

To delete the story from the browser Yandex, you need:

clear, story, views, samsung, tablet

Please note that in the “Privacy” section, you can deactivate the lever opposite the “Save History”.

After that, the system will stop maintaining the addresses of the sites that the user visited, while the cache, passwords and downloads will remain in history.

You can not clear the story on the phone in the Yandex browser not completely, but partially. For this you need:

Many people prefer to use the Google Chrome browser. To clear the story on the phone in the standard Android browser, you need:

In this browser, as well as in the Yandex browser, the possibility of selective removal of history is realized.

An important point that all Google Chrome users should know about. This browser has another section in which the whole story of visits to the user is stored even after the cleansing of the magazine and the cache. To delete the story there, it is necessary:

Now you know how to clear the history of the Google browser chrome completely.

Mozilla Firefox is an equally popular browser that many people use. If you do not know how to clear the history of this browser, just follow the instructions:

Thus, you can delete the history in one click in one click. If you need to erase only one entry, then press it and hold your finger until a context menu with the ability to do this appears.

Now it is clear how to clean the story of visiting sites in Mozilla Firefox. It remains to find out how to clear the story regarding the cache and Cooks:

For the convenience of users, browser developers have provided the possibility of automatic data destruction immediately after the completion of the session. You can activate this option in the Android browser by going to the “Parameters” section. “Privacy”.

In general, it is not so important which browser is installed on your Android. You can erase history from any application. The presented examples shows that everywhere there is approximately the same algorithm of how to clear the story. You just need to start the application, and go to its settings.