How to clear your Samsung phone from garbage

Manually delete the cache of installed programs and games

Many smartphone users manually delete the app cache, as well as regularly clearing the folder with photos and videos received through messengers. That is, if you use programs such as WhatsApp, Viber, Hangouts or others, then you should quite often delete files received through them, because they take up a lot of space.

Most tools for cleaning your mobile gadget promise to improve its performance. They do it by cleaning the cache. Essentially, the cache is an area in memory where data or frequently used processes are stored for quick access in the future. Ultimately, it saves time and prevents unnecessary hardware consumption of your smartphone or tablet. So, in the short term this seems like the best option, but then it can have consequences.

  • Open the Settings app
  • Go to “App Manager”
  • Choose the application that consumes the most memory

Clear the contents of the folder.You can also use your smartphone from your computer if you connect it to your computer with a cable.

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How to check how much memory is left on your phone?

Before clearing the cache, we’d better check how much memory is left on your Samsung phone.

On most devices, you can see the amount of memory in the My Files app, just open it and you will see “Memory”. If you can’t find through my files, you need to do the following steps:

Then find “Device Maintenance” and click;

Then click “Memory” and you will know your phone memory.

In addition, you can also find “My files” and open them, at the bottom you can also see the memory of the Samsung device.

Doing a reset or reflash

Sometimes system errors force the user to take drastic measures. Sometimes neither manual deletion nor auxiliary tools work. The phone is still slow, and the memory is filled with “invisible” files.

In this case, it is worth mentioning such a concept as “gray sector”. This is a common Android problem. Devices are suddenly filled with files that can neither be found nor deleted.

In this case you have to use formatting (in case of external memory) or reset to factory settings in case of internal storage.

Some people also use reflashing, but if you install it incorrectly, you can damage the system. Therefore, it is better to apply Hard Reset, which will get rid of the phone not only from system failures, but also from malware that is difficult to detect by antivirus or manually.

Clean Android from junk files

There are several methods of clearing junk from the device memory. using third party applications and system tools. Let’s start with apps.

SD Maid

The main purpose of this program is to free the drives from unnecessary information. It is simple and convenient to work with.


Android version of the well known Windows Garbage Cleaner. Like the older version it is fast and convenient.

    Open the installed application. After the introductory instruction, the main window of the program will appear. Click on the “Analyze” button at the bottom of the window.

Clean Master

One of the most popular and tricky applications for Android that can clean your system.

  • Launch the application and click on the “Start” button. The process of analyzing files and searching for junk information will start.
  • When it’s finished, you’ll see a list divided into categories. It provides quite detailed information about this or that element. As with other cleaners, be careful. sometimes the application may also delete files you need!
  • Highlight what you want to delete and click on “Clear trash”.

System Tools

The Android OS has built-in components for cleaning the system from junk files, so if you do not want to install a third-party application, you can use them.

    Open “Settings” (for example, by opening the curtain and using the appropriate button).

Be warned. it will delete the cache of all installed applications! Save necessary information and only then press “OK”.

As you can see, the task of clearing the device from unnecessary information is solved quite easily. If you know other methods of deleting trash from your phone or tablet, share in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

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Cleaning the memory of your Android device using your computer

The most reliable method is to connect your smartphone or tablet to your computer via cable. In turn, you can use a companion app to solve the problem, or you can do everything manually. In order to implement this method you will need to perform a few additional actions.

    Download and install the drivers for your device.

Companion application

It is often the practice of modern manufacturers to use programs for the computer, with which you can manage the contents of the Android device, including clearing the memory. Here is an example of how to use this software, based on the solution from Huawei called HiSuite.

  • Download the program and install it on your computer.
  • Connect your Android device to the PC and wait until it is detected by the application. After performing the procedure, you can view the file system of the device by going to the “Device” tab.

Clean up manually

Get access to your phone‘s file system through the normal USB connection. Note that this uses the MTP protocol, which does not allow you to open protected areas of the phone or tablet’s storage.

  • Connect your phone or tablet to a computer in a free USB port.
  • Wait until the device is detected by the system. If autorun is active, you will see a menu of choices.

Clearing memory on Samsung Android devices

In smartphones and tablets produced by the South Korean giant, there is a tool for comprehensive device management. Among its features is also the clearing of storage from unnecessary data.

Transfer files to a memory card

If your Samsung uses an SD card, it would be wise to move some of the voluminous data (videos, images, game cache) to it. You can use the built-in file manager for this operation.

    Find “My Files” in the application menu and run it.

The ability to expand storage is not a bad help, but all the problems with memory overflow on the Samsung it will not solve.

Using a computer

The computer can be useful for our today’s task. the phone can be connected to the “big brother” and with its help free up space in the internal memory. Instructions on the most effective ways of using PC for this purpose you can find in the article at the link below.

Reset the system to factory defaults

If the source of Samsung memory clogging is unclear and all methods to identify the culprit or at least to clear the drive were ineffective, it is worth turning to the most radical solution. the reset of the device to the factory condition. It is recommended to use it in situations where the constant lack of space is accompanied by additional problems in the work such as brakes, a variety of errors or app crashes. You can find details about the features of this procedure on Korean smartphones in the material below.

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Attention! Do not forget to copy all the important data beforehand!

Proven ways of cleaning the memory of Samsung smartphones

Quite often the owners of portable devices are faced with the “braking” of gadgets. This is expressed in the slow operation, the occasional appearance of various errors, hangs or drop-out installed applications, etc. д. The cause. the accumulated system “garbage“. Someone puts up with it, not knowing that there are several ways to solve the problem. If you own a Samsung smartphone or other gadget with the Android system, then the best solution. a call to the service phones Samsung. Save time and be sure that your device is safe. But how to clear the memory of the phone “Samsung”, if you can not turn to professionals? This is what we will talk about in this article.

Manual cleaning

Find a person who never cleans the memory is hard. periodically deleted photos, music and videos. But it is not enough. The reason is that in most cases, the owners of the gadget do it in the gallery, where all the media files are displayed. But Android is designed so that not all folders with media are shown. For a complete cleaning it is more convenient to use a file manager. In the Samsung Galaxy smartphone, this utility is preinstalled and located in the applications directory.

To clean your phone manually you do not need special knowledge. it is enough to enter the manager, to open the root folder. usually for this you should click on the three dots before the list of folders. Next, one by one we look in all folders and delete everything unnecessary. Particular attention should be paid to directories created by messengers and social networking applications. Anyone who owns a smartphone communicates not only through calls and SMS, but also exchanges quick messages in Viber, WhatsApp, VK and others. If you send a photo in the application, it will be duplicated in the program folders and will take up memory. That is why there is no need to clean it in the gallery. the file stays in the memory.

You need not worry that you will delete something and your device or program will stop working. The advantage of Google OS is rooting. You can access system files by getting Root access. without it it is impossible to delete anything.

If for some reason there is no file manager, then install Total Commander. this is the oldest utility that has existed since the appearance of Windows XP. It is most convenient for cleaning and sorting information.