How to close open applications on iPhone x

How to close the application on the iPhone x

Before the iPhone X model, the transition from one iPhone was absolutely smooth and without problematic for the user. Since earlier in each new model everything worked in the same way as in the previous ones, and if the changes appeared, then they were very insignificant.

But, with the new iPhone X (or what it is still mistakenly called the iPhone 10) no longer the usual “home” button and all the operations that were previously performed with its help are now done in a completely different way. In particular, screenshots are now made in a different way, the device is turned off differently, and neglected applications are closed in another way.

In this material, we will talk about the closure of applications. In previous iPhone models, in order to close the application, it was necessary to press the “home” button twice, after which the application list was opened and they could be closed with simple brushing from the screen. But, due to the lack of a “home” button in the iPhone x, this does not work. Instead, to close the applications, exclusively the screen of the device and gestures is used.

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So, in order to close the application on the iPhone X, you need to perform the following non.Complex actions:

Step your finger from the lower edge of the screen to the center of the screen and stop the finger for a second. This gesture is used to open a list of advanced applications. If you just run a finger from the lower edge of the screen up, you just go to the main screen.

Press the step on any of the running applications and hold your finger until a button with a red minus appears near the apps of the applications.

Step Close unnecessary applications by pressing a button with a red minus or just brush up the apps up.

That’s all, as you see, nothing complicated, you should get used to it a little, and you will not remember that you closed the applications somehow differently.

By the way, IOS 4 on iOS 6 used a very similar way to close applications. At that time, in order to close the application, the user had to click on the closing button of the application. Starting with iOS 7, this method has abandoned and since then to close the iPhone applications has already used the usual smart from the screen. Now Apple partially returned to the old method, combining it with the new.

How to open a home screen on the iPhone with Face ID

There are no more buttons home, but you still need to somehow get to the main home screen (for example, from the lock screen, from other home screens, from widget screens, from applications, etc.). In the iPhone 13, 13 mini, 13 Pro / 13 Pro Max, 12, 12 mini, 12 Pro / 12 Pro Max, 11, 11 Pro / 11 Pro Max, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR and iPhone X instead of the button for the button This uses a special gesture.

Touch the gesture panel with the finger at the bottom of the display;

Brush up with a quick short motion and immediately release your finger.

The gesture is almost the same as for calling the control point in other iPhone models. It is very simple and quickly becomes familiar.

Mozilla Firefox

If your browser by default is the Mozilla product, to close the tabs, you should act similar to the algorithm considered above.

close, open, applications, iphone

    Open the application and click on the button on which the number of open tabs is displayed.

Closing excess web pages, return to the usual Mozilla Firefox intense.

How to see open programs on iPhone

To view open applications on your phone, you must repeat the following actions:

close, open, applications, iphone
  • On an unlocked apple device, press the “Home” button twice.
  • Open (neglected) programs will be displayed on the screen at this time.

This option is convenient in that it allows you to quickly find the necessary application or close the one that will not be needed at the moment.

How to close the apps on the iPhone

  • Press the home button twice (or click on the left side of the screen using the 3D Touch on the iPhone 6s or a newer model) to make a list of advanced applications.
  • Find the application you want to close.
  • Put your finger up on the application card that you want to close.

If you suspect that the application is such as. Pokémon Go or Skype, consume an excessive amount of energy, you can go into settings and check suspicion.

How to close (unload) application on iPhone

After starting the “multitasking mode” on the iPhone, you will see a screen similar to the below. The display will display large miniatures of all recent open applications. With a finger with your finger left or right on the screen, you can view this list.

Twist the miniature with your finger until you find the right application that requires closing. Place it in the middle of the screen.

Now draw a finger up the miniature of the application so that it disappears from the screen.

After that, the miniature will no longer be displayed on the screen of the “multitasking mode”, since the program is already closed.

To restart the application, find its icon on the main screen and tap it.

How to look at the iPhone and open recently closed tabs

Many use the Safari browser on the iPhone to view sites, online video, etc. D. This is a functional Internet browser, which is used only by iPhone owners.

But often during use, the user accidentally closes active windows in it, or he needs to study the information again on the previously closed site. For this, Safari has a special function. How to activate it described below.

You need to start the Safari browser. Next, press two squares on the icon, which is in the lower right corner.

After you need to press and hold the button

The button needs to be kept for a few seconds

Iphone X How to Close Running Apps

A list of recently closed windows will appear. To open the desired page, you just need to click on it.

Closing open utilities on Apple gadgets is simple, the main thing is to learn how to go to the multitask menu. Therefore, the article examined the ways how to do it easily and simple, taking a few steps. Thanks to this, the new iPhone user will be able to quickly remove the program demanding on the resources from the device’s memory, which will allow him to work longer from the battery.

Do I need to close applications

The iOS operating system is arranged in a slightly different way than Android, to maintain the performance of which should unload applications from RAM. In fact, there is no need to close them on the iPhone, and this information was confirmed by Apple vice president for software.

The fact is that iOS, after folding applications, does not store them in memory, but “freezes”, which means that after that the consumption of the resources of the device stops. However, the closing function can be useful to you in the following cases:

    The program works in the background. For example, such a tool as a navigator, as a rule, continues its work when folding. At that moment the message will be displayed at the upper iPhone;

These recommendations will allow you to easily close applications on your iPhone.

How to hide the application from the history of downloads?

Apple remembers everything that was downloaded by you from the application store. And even after removing the program from the device, the mention of this application will remain in the history of the download. So anyone who has access to your device can find out which applications you downloaded and installed earlier. But deleting this information is very simple.

Open the App Store application, click on the icon of your profile in the upper right corner and go to “Buying”.

Records that are required to be deleted, you just need to brush to the left and confirm the action by pressing the “Hide” key (in detail).