How to compress video on your computer without programs

How to compress video “without loss of quality” (reducing video size)

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Hello, Alexander.

How to Quickly Compress Large Video Files via VLC. GIZBOT

Is it possible to compress video without losing quality?? Not so long ago I downloaded a program (about which they wrote a similar) and tried it. video is still worse, the quality has dropped noticeably.

Generally speaking, it is a popular question, and beginner video amateurs often fall for this “fishing rod”. any video can be compressed, but there will almost always be a loss of quality!

Another thing is that in some cases it is noticeable by eye, in others even an experienced film buff’s eye can’t see the difference!

In this article I would like to describe in details how to compress video and how and when to do it “without quality loss” (note the phrase I put in quotes).

How to compress the video without loss of quality

Three main reasons why users resort to video content compression:

  • Downloading to smartphones and tablets in the right format. Unsuitable media content does not start or freezes on portable devices.
  • Saving the resource of your hard drive or the cloud. This should be considered if you are constantly filming videos and created a large gallery.
  • Importing clips into the editor. Even serious video editors can’t play all video formats. You need to prepare your video to pass in any formatting and compression option.

When selecting the right compression software it’s important to consider the flexibility of the settings. Ideal if presets are offered for your devices.

Compress a Video without any Video Converter | No Quality Lose | 100% Working with Proof [English]

What affects video file size

Three main factors are most important: resolution, bit rate and encoding.

Resolution is the number of pixels in the video and is usually represented by horizontal and vertical dimensions. The 16:9 aspect ratio is the most common.

compress, video, your, computer, programs

Here are the solutions that YouTube recommends for different quality metrics:

What is a codec and a container

As for coding, we need to consider two parts separately: codec and container.

A codec is a program that can convert data or a signal. encode in order to store, encrypt, transmit, and decode in order to view or edit. Codecs are used during digital processing to reduce video size. The compression mechanism is based on the fact that the same static images are removed, leaving only the changing fragments.

If you want maximum video compression, it makes more sense to use codec x.264. But it is worth considering that not every device, especially obsolete, has the ability to view this kind of video content. If you shoot with a higher resolution, even ultra-modern, but low-powered computers will not be able to play it without glitches and slowdowns.

Opinion of an expert! If the video file was not compressed in the encoding version x.264 (for example, in MPEG1, 2). it is feasible to convert it to a more compact codec, such as Divx, and the quality characteristics will not suffer.

Once the video files are compressed they need to be packaged for portability and further playback. Container formats are used for this purpose. They contain video files compressed with different codecs preserving the balance of quality and streaming capabilities. Examples are Advanced Systems Format (ASF), QuickTime, MP4, AVCHD, Flash.

All these data must be considered when choosing a program that compresses the video file in order to obtain the desired quality for the desired device after decompression.

By compression (or compression) we mean the practice of reducing the file size. What we are talking about here is video. By compressing video into an archive or using advanced algorithms of machine learning you can significantly reduce the space that the video takes on your hard drive or cloud storage.

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Why do it? For example, to send a video by mail or messenger. In such programs, there is often a limit on the size of the data transmitted, and it is not possible to send long videos in good quality. This is where compression is needed.

Users also compress videos to fit on their mobile devices, degrading the picture quality (there is not always a need for 4K resolution), or archive them to keep their home video collection on an external hard drive.

Saving the received video file

When you open audio-visual information, Viber automatically saves the file. You can see it in the Gallery of the device (smartphone, tablet) or in a special folder (computer).

In order not to search for the location of the video fragment on a PC:

  • Open messenger.
  • Enter the correspondence that contains the file you want.
  • Right-click on the video.
  • Confirm the command “Show in folder”.

There are more nuances when transferring video files via Viber than when sending photos. However, if you understand the peculiarities of audio-visual communication, the pleasure of sharing information increases. The main thing is to understand what kind of errors can occur and how to deal with them.

The program Viber helps to communicate with other users via text, voice messages, and video. The question of how to compress video to send via messenger to B arises frequently, because the peculiarities of messenger is that it does not allow you to send a file larger than 10 MB. Due to the fact that video files are transmitted as often as ordinary text files, programs have been created that allow you to quickly and efficiently compress files to send via messenger to B. Refresh your memory by reading the material on how to record video messages for messenger on B.

How to compress video on your computer without programs

Greetings to all on my blog, you probably know in your practice that the faster everything is loaded, the better. In the search results of Google or Yandex, the same policy. Today I want to share my experience how to compress video without loss of quality and software, this information will be useful for beginners SEO specialists and ordinary users who have the task to reduce the video, while maintaining its quality. As a SEO specialist, I oversee a project, the header of which instead of a slider installed a beautiful video in mp4, visually all looks very cool, but weighs 11 megabytes, it is very much, even if you have good internet, look how to fix it.

How to compress video without loss of quality

As I said above, I need to compress the clip on the site, which is located at the top of the resource.

If you look at the size before the manipulation, it is 11.6 megabytes, which is unrealistic. In general, as explained to me, when the site was created, there foremost task was to make a beautiful and high-quality resource, and then sharpen it for SEO, as they say the master of the gun. When I conducted an audit of the site, one of the points, was a check on the speed of the resource from around the world, to read about this can be found in this article. So from Sweden, the site is loaded in 5 seconds, but from America, as much as 23, it’s just horror, what a normal user will be waiting 20 seconds to have it open resource. You can understand that getting a site from search results will be a penny traffic.

compress, video, your, computer, programs

As I wrote above, we will do everything without software, well, almost without them. I will not send you to some cluttered online conversion services, and do not make you download the converter program, and then play and deal with its settings, there are easier ways, but to implement it, you still have to put a small utility, but only for the purpose of downloading your video in compressed form.

The utility, which can download compressed video files to a minimum size, is called UmmyVideoDownloader, it is similar to the utility SaveFrom to download video clips from video hosting, but its advantage is that it pulls video with higher resolution, I will show you by my example.

The tool weighs about 26 MB. You should have no problem installing it. Launch the installation file and click to accept license agreement.

  • Download and install Yandex Browser
  • Download and install Yandex’s extension for browsers
  • Download and set the quick access settings to search
  • Download and install the Browser Manager

You don’t need all this stuff from Yandex and it’s useless to compress video files.

That is all the UmmyVideoDownloader is installed, you do not even need to launch it.

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Further to compress video size without loss of quality and programs, you need to have a gmail account.Be registered on YouTube is the one that will help us make things happen. Go to the video download page at Choose a video to be compressed.

After downloading, you can go to the page with your video, the link will be on the left.

Now, pay attention to you under your clip, there will be a link with an arrow down and it says Download. Click it and you will have options to download the clip, note that the utility UmmyVideoDownloader, gives a quality of 1080, but the utility from SaveFrom.Net is only 720, although the clip has a format of 1080.

After downloading, I got a compressed movie without loss of quality, a total volume of 5 megabytes, you just imagine I reduced it to 6 megabytes. The coolest thing, I did not have to look through a bunch of converter programs, and make fine adjustments with codecs, I just spent a minute and got the best result.

As you see to reduce the size of the video with saving the quality is very simple, and the coolest thing is that it will always work, of course you can then experiment more and compress more, but watch the quality.

Choose the optimal container and codec

In the case of uploading the video to video hosting sites like YouTube, Vimeo, or. select MP4 as the container on the Format line of the Summary tab.

Choose H format.264 or H.If you are working with high-quality, high-resolution video. MPEG-4 will do the compression and the quality will drop a bit.

WARNING! Never change the “Frames per second” value.

FPS (Frames per second). the number of frames per second. It is considered sufficient to have a recording with an FPS around 24-30 fps in order to view the video comfortably. It is logical to suppose that it is possible to reduce FPS from camera-recorded 60 to values acceptable to the eye, thereby ostensibly without loss of quality to achieve a smaller size (as if it were a resolution).

In fact, absolutely all video hosting, guides and experts do not recommend changing the amount of FPS that was recorded by the camera. Reducing the number of frames will make scenes look jerky and unnatural.

How to Compress a Video File without Losing Quality | How to Make Video Files Smaller

Compress MP4

First, you need to select an application from the available options and download the MP4 file.

Compress it

In the next step you need to select the necessary settings and start compressing your image.


And finally, when everything is ready, you can download the file to your device and check it.

How MP4 compression works

Since video takes up a lot of space and bandwidth is limited, video compression is used to reduce the file size. Compression involves packing the information of a file into a smaller space. It works with two different types of compression: lossy and lossless. Every video consists of lots of static images which replace each other every second during the playback. This process is called video streaming. To compress it, you need to reduce the amount of data transferred per unit time (bitrate). You should also select the appropriate resolution for comfortable playback. If you watch a film or TV series on a small screen (e.g. on your PC) you will not see the difference in quality between 4K and Full HD. Although the size will be many times different. To optimize a lossless video sequence you need to transfer it from one codec to another. The best solution. MP4 with H264.

Compress video

Our service will do everything for you, just upload the file and Clideo will set the best quality to size ratio by yourself.

Secure encryption

You and only you have access to your files because all the processes are done in secured channels.


You can view your video first and only then save it back to your device.

Online service

Our video compressor works online, which means you don’t need to download and install anything on your device.

Simple interface

Don’t worry, our service is completely intuitive, you don’t even need to read the instructions before using it!

Supports any format

Clideo works with all popular formats, such as MP4, WMV, MOV, VOB, AVI, and other more rare ones.

Multifunctional video compression software for the computer

If you need to work with large video files and perform additional editing, sound tuning, and effects, you’ll need a PC converter.

Movavi Video Converter

Movavi Video Converter is the choice of people who value both speed and advanced editing options. Movavi video compression software and basic video editing skills will do wonders for your movies.

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Convert video into up to 180 media formats (with a variety of codecs and resolutions), including MP4, AVI, MOV and MKV. Two hundred profiles available for different devices. Easily convert small movies for popular platforms. Clip can be formed by standards suitable for Asus, Google, HTC, Huawei, LG, Nokia, Samsung, Sony (including four variants of Playstation formats), Xiaomi and other gadgets. The tool automatically detects the device, so there are no difficulties with the selection of settings, too.

Impressive speed is ensured by SuperSpeed-conversion. it transfers stream to another format without any previous decoding or jamming. Technological know-how makes it dozens of times faster than similar products, while maintaining the original quality. Acceleration without decoding is available if the input and output codecs match.

The program has a tool to improve the video and audio. Stabilization, color correction, cropping, adjusting volume and removing background noise are available. If necessary, you can apply subtitles or a watermark, check the result in the preview, take a screenshot. You can also remove fragments from the beginning, middle or end of the clip with frame-by-frame accuracy.

Even inexperienced users can work with the software and if you have questions, you can find answers in the tutorial videos and detailed documentation. Step-by-step instructions for all basic steps are available on the website.

  • Fast video conversion speed
  • Supports auto-detection of the device
  • There is an option of slicing with frame-by-frame accuracy
  • All the basic editing tools
  • Quick user support
  • Free trial version

Freemake Video Converter

The program is simple enough to create simple clips, contains the basic features for converting and editing video. Russian speaking interfaces are well implemented.

Main function. converting multimedia documents into different formats. Convenient if you want HD or DVD, animation in SWF, FLV common on video hostings, as well as RM, WMV or universal MP4. Also works with codecs and libraries Divx, Xvid, TS, Fraps. The converter works with modern camcorders, 4K, Full HD, HD.

Provides simultaneous conversion, creating a movie from the audio track and photos.

Utility allows you to create custom profiles for playback on devices with Apple and Android operating systems. Prepares videos for Samsung, Sony or Nokia, takes into account Xbox and BlackBerry requirements, converts to 3GP for reading on mobiles of older models.

Basic editing slicing, rotating, flipping, de-black-banding, merging clips all at once available in Freemake.

Automatically interacts with multimedia platforms like YouTube (you can add multiple clips at once), Vimeo, social networking sites and VK.

for adding your finished videos to Apple devices, prepare DVD format files for burning to discs and supports Blu-ray. Several formats, including those supporting HTML5, are available for uploading to web sites.

  • High speed file compression
  • Handles both 4K and Full HD video
  • Basic video editing features
  • Create custom profiles during conversion
  • There are russified menus and technical support
  • Some functions are only available after purchasing a license
  • The free version of the program adds developer’s promo to the frame (company logo and a watermark over the image)
  • Little choice of output formats

Free Video Compressor

Free Video Compressor is a free program with which you can compress video files saved in most known formats, but in the output the user gets only one result without any alternatives: an MP4 clip with video codec H.264 and AAC audio codec.

The user can set the approximate value of the desired result. You can do it in several ways: reduce the bitrate of output audio or convert without sound, select to compress only a part of the video, change the scaling. This option also allows you to change the aspect ratio if necessary (4:3, 1:1, 16:10, and 16:9 ratios are supported).

No additional add-ons in the program. It is extremely easy to use, which is due to a small selection of preprogrammed functions. But it is quite enough to independently reduce the weight of the file in order to save disk space or the Internet, download video to your smartphone.

  • Scarce set of functions, impossibility to set user settings
  • Only one version of the output video container and codec
  • No menu in Russian