How to configure a huawei Wi-Fi router

How to configure the router without the help of a specialist

In the menu of the router, you can see up to a hundred different settings. But this guide covers only the most important of them, which will allow you to quickly prepare your router for work. If you encounter unknown settings that are not mentioned in the text, just ignore them.

The names and location of the parameters in the interface depend on the manufacturer and model of the router. So we will describe the general principle of setting up, which should help you regardless of the device.

Review and configuration of Huawei B315 video

The main functional feature of the router Huawei B315 is its versatility, namely, the ability to combine such devices as a modem for access to mobile Internet mobile operators, Wi-Fi router with 4 LAN-ports for creating a local network at home, in the office or at home. If you have access to wired Internet, you can connect the device via cable to a special universal LAN / WAN connector.

Well, if there is no wired Internet connection at your place of residence, you can use the mobile Internet of cellular operators as source of Internet. In this case, all you need to do is to buy a SIM-card of any mobile operator available in your region (Megafon, MTS, Beeline, Tele2, Iota), insert it into a special slot for SIM-cards located on the router rear panel and enjoy high-speed Internet access.

The built-in modem in this device is a great advantage as it saves you from having to buy an additional USB-modem and its future configuration (unlocking for SIM-cards of any operator, flashing). It should be noted that the Huawei B315 router supports SIM-cards of any operator, and no additional actions to configure it for work with mobile networks are required.

B315 is a category 4 LTE device and the maximum data transfer speed in 4G (LTE) mode reaches 150 Mbit/s for downloading data and 50 Mbit/s for sending. In the absence of 4G network coverage at your location, the device, due to the support of previous generations mobile networks standards (3G, 2G), is able to provide Internet connection in any of the available modes. When operating in 3G mode, the speed of Internet access will be the maximum for 3G networks, which is 42.2 Mbit/sec for downloading data.

If you are planning to install the device in a remote location away from the base stations of mobile operators, where the signal level leaves much to be desired, in this case it will be very useful to connect to the router B315 outdoor antennas (3G or 4G with MIMO technology), which will help significantly increase the signal and thereby provide a stable stable access to the Internet.

As for the Wi-Fi module of B315, it is worth noting the increased, compared to previous router models, coverage area, which is 250 for a maximum of 32 simultaneous connections to the Wi-Fi network. The device works with support for Wi-Fi standards 802.11 a/b/g/n, in the 2.4 GHz band.Another important feature of B315 is the presence of a USB-connector, which can be used to connect USB drives or a printer.

To the USB-devices connected to the router can be configured for sharing with other network users (network printer, file sharing).Huawei B315 has a small size (186x139x46 mm) and due to the vertical setting will take up very little space on your desk. On the front panel of the device there are indicators: power, network mode (lit with different colors depending on the type / mode of Internet connection), Wi-Fi / WPS, LAN / WAN, the signal strength of the network.

On the rear panel of the device there are: connector for power supply connection; Reset button; port for telephone connection (RJ-11); ports for external antenna connection (antenna, amplifying signal of 4G, 3G, 2G mobile network); SIM-card slot.For those who need IP telephony B315 offers support for VoIP, CS and VoLTE protocols.

A landline phone connected to the RG-11 socket on the rear panel can be used to make calls within the cellular network of the operator whose SIM card is inserted into the router (it should be noted that not all SIM cards can be used for making calls, some are designed exclusively for Internet access).The on/off button of the device is located on top, and a long press (within 3 seconds) is required to turn it on or off. There is also a button to enable WPS connection.

The first time you connect to the B315 Wi-Fi router, you must enter the password. You can find the network name (SSID) and password (WI-FI KEY) on the bottom of the device. You will also find the IP address of the device to access the web interface and the login information on the bottom panel. Here’s a detailed review of some basic router settings.Change Wi-Fi network name, access password.In order to change the name of the Wi-Fi network, the password to this network and other settings you need to connect to the web interface of the device.

Connection can be made in one of the following ways: via Ethernet cable to a computer (laptop); via Wi-Fi (to connect using this method, you need to disable current Wi-Fi connections, select the desired one from the list of available Wi-Fi networks and enter the password to access it (the name of the network and password are on the bottom panel of the router)).Launch any browser and in the address bar enter the IP address indicated on the bottom of the router (, press the Enter key and get the web-interface.

If the SIM-card is not inserted, you will see a window like in the picture below.

configure, huawei, wi-fi, router

If the SIM-card is inserted, then on the main window you can see the information about the operator, the current connection status, and the status of the Wi-Fi network.Then press the “Settings” button, and in the appeared authorization window enter the login and password that are indicated on the bottom panel of the device (User: admin, Password: admin).You will be offered to change the password to access the router settings. You can do it immediately, or you can do it later by pressing the corresponding button. In our example, we will do it later.

To change the name of the Wi-Fi network and the password to this network, go to the tab “Wi-Fi” and select the item “Basic Wi-Fi settings”. The “SSID” field is the name of your Wi-Fi network. You can change it, for example, to “Home Wi-Fi“, or leave it as it is. But it is better to change the password (the field “Key WPA-PSK”), preferably on a sophisticated enough to avoid the possibility of its calculation by the lovers of “free” internet, for example the neighbors. After you are done, click “Apply”.

How to configure a huawei Wi-Fi router

After connecting to a PC or laptop wire you will need to launch a browser, for example, Internet Explorer or. But to install it, you must first download it by specifying the full model name on the package. It is easy to do this using the subsection “WAN”. “WAN configuration”. Is it true and can they do so, because it’s pure imposition of the equipment for the insane amount of money??

Usually it is yellowish or gray, connect one end of the wire to the port LAN1, and the other end to a computer or laptop. After all the above manipulations on the router, there will be no problems with how to configure the huawei router to work in the Rostelecom network. To save all the entered data correctly, it is required to make a checkmark in the section “System tools” with the item “Save configuration.

Setting up the 3G Wi-Fi router Huawei EC5321u-1

The Huawei company is one of the two networking monsters, which have proven their profitability on the market of networking technology, along with Cisco. The American company also has a huge market in. thanks to its excellent quality and huge base of system integrators. By the way, Rostelecom also actively uses Cisco equipment at the aggregation level. The firmware remains the same. S106. But they may have covered a loophole with superuser. Meanwhile, those who had S122 firmware continue to work in normal mode. Mode of operation. auto-adaptive automatic detection of the speed at which the port is running. The maximum length of the connected device from the ONT. not more than 100 meters. Instructions issued by the provider In the pictures, under the spoiler: Instructions in the form of a PDF file from Rostelecom: Setting up HG8245H Before you start! To configure the services yourself you need to know the VLAN ID of each of them! Also note that the settings are available only in the super-user mode, how to log in through this account is described in the “Firmware” section. If you can not configure the terminal yourself, then just call 8 800 100 08 00 and report the need to re-activate your services. this makes the technical support level 2. After this is done usually on the same day. all settings will again be on the terminal. VLAN ID, as it was said above, is most likely your own. With that on the picture the Internet will not work for you. For the Internet service, by default, should be 0 3. Checkmark on SSID1 means that the Internet will work via Wi-Fi. Correspondingly, if you do not need wireless internet. you may leave the box unchecked 2. Then set the parameters, as on the picture below: Комментарии и мнения владельцев: 1. VLAN ID, as mentioned above, you are likely to have your. With the one on the picture you won’t get Internet access. The default setting of IP-TV service is maximal, i.e. If you have not one but several receivers, check the number of set-top boxes in the Binding Options item. Setting for telephony Telephony settings can not do without a special password that registers the SIP-protocol. Therefore, it is not possible to configure telephony by yourself. How to make it possible to use all ports for the Internet? Problem with speed or WI-FI access If one of your devices is not giving the right speed or can’t connect to the optical terminal Wi-Fi access point, you should do the following: 1. Enable WWM mode To do this, go to the terminal settings at 192. Then go to menu WLAN and choose WLAN Basic Configuration: Look for item Enable WMM, put tick here if it is not checked. Set the channel width to 40Mhz. To do this go to the terminal settings at 192. Then go to menu WLAN and select WLAN Advanced Configuration: Find item Channel Width and set item 40Mhz: 3. Manually set the radio channel by region selection. To do this go to the terminal settings at 192. Then you will go to menu WLAN and on the left side select WLAN Advanced Configuration. Select number 6 in the Channel menu and Russia in the Regulatory Domain menu. Optical terminals tend to “mope”, for no particular reason, on specific devices laptops, phones. So if your device stubbornly can not connect or connects without access to the Internet. you should try to disable the encryption. To do this, go to the terminal settings at 192. Then in the WLAN menu and on the left side select WLAN Basic Configuration. In the Authentication mode field select Open. Press Apply If this method helps, you still need to think about protection. Another protection method is filtering by mac-address. There in the Filter Mode we select Whitelist. We enter the Mac address of the device, which will be allowed to have internet access from this access point. Firmware HG8245H The problem with firmware of HG8245 terminal without alphanumeric values is that the telnet functionality was severely reduced. there is no access to the shell. That’s why it is not possible to pull out the superadmin password from the config to load the firmware. The only way to flash hg8245h will be if the standard password from the developers will fit see. This may help with problems such as: 1. Low access speed 2. Unstable operation of the terminal 3. Unstable Wi-Fi 4. Superadmin rights for fine tuning. Download firmware At the time of this writing the latest firmware version is HG8245HV300R013C10SPC122 Download. 2. Logging into the terminal as root user. Therefore, you need the rights of t. Let’s enter this data into the login page at 192. Save the configuration of the terminal in the file. The point is that after flashing the settings of the terminal will be reset to default. Independently configure the terminal will be very problematic without the data, which can only provide the provider, who certainly will not be happy that you dig into the guts of the device. Thus, saving the config file of HG8245H, we make a kind of backup of all settings. You are saving your file already from root account (see “Saving file from root account” on page 66). Then press the button Download Configuration File 4. Load new firmware Attention! Don’t flash the device via Wi-Fi. Press the Browse button and select our previously unpacked firmware. Then there will be an information message about successful downloading, where you should press Restart 5. Making the services work again Load config file If after reflashing the services stop working, you need to load the configuration file, that we’ve saved before, see “To resume the services work again”. To restore the configuration you need to restore it from the root account. So when typing 192. Next, press the Browse button at the bottom of the page near the Configuration File field. You can only turn it on from superuser. It is worth considering that in the model HG8245H telnet has been severely cut, there is no access to the shell anymore.

Can you use your phone’s SIM card in a 4G router?

You can usually use your cell phone’s SIM card in other devices, such as a tablet, 4G router, mobile broadband dongle, or other smart devices. This includes using a regular mobile SIM card inside a tablet, in a 4G router, in a mobile broadband adapter, or in an IoT device.

Remove the SIM card from the Wi-Fi molile, insert it into an available cell phone and make a call. 2. Remove the SIM card from the cell phone, insert the SIM card into the mobile Wi-Fi, and the SIM card is in the activated state.

How to set up a Wi-Fi router from your phone?

To enter the router configurator, type in the address bar of your Internet browser (Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, etc.). д.) address and press Submit button. In the window that will open, enter the admin password in the Password field, then click on the Login button.

How to configure the Wi-Fi router from the phone?

To access the router configuration, enter the 192 IP address into the address bar of your Internet browser (Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, etc.). д.) address and press Send button. In the window that opens, enter the password admin in the Password field, then press the Login button.

Configure the security settings

Since this router can be accessed from both the LAN and the outside network, it is recommended to change the default password to. You can do this in the Tools System Management menu.

You can prohibit access to your router’s settings from outside the network. On the Internet Advanced Security settings page, specify the applications for which you want to block access from the external network. You can configure the device via a web interface or a command line. Checking web and telnet will protect your router from unauthorized access from the Internet via browser and command line. After that the need to change the password will disappear by itself.


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