How to configure Bluetooth on a Windows laptop

How to find and enable Bluetooth on your laptop

Bluetooth was mass installed in laptops in the mid 2000’s. If you have a model from 2010 or newer, it almost certainly has this wireless interface. If you have an older laptop, you may want to check on the manufacturer’s or authorized dealer’s website for specific model specifications.

This is easier for MacBook owners. There is nothing to check, since even the very first 2006 model had a MacBook. Technical Specifications Bluetooth module.

Turning Bluetooth on and off

Turn Bluetooth on and off from this screen.

If Bluetooth is not active, it is possible that your computer does not support it, in which case you will need a Bluetooth USB adapter. There could also be a hardware issue with the Bluetooth device or a problem with Windows services.

If you know your computer has built-in Bluetooth but it’s still not working, try running the Windows Troubleshooter:

  • Type “Troubleshooting” in the window’s search bar and select “Troubleshooting settings”.
  • Scroll down to “Find and Troubleshoot Other Problems”, select “Advanced Troubleshooting Tools” ” Bluetooth “, then select “Run Troubleshooter”.
  • Your computer will search for problems and either fix them automatically or suggest further actions.

How to turn on Bluetooth on your Windows 10 laptop

In Windows 10, the drivers for the Bluetooth module are installed automatically, even if the module is external.

First, make sure it’s not already working. To do this, look in the tray of the Bluetooth taskbar icon. It can be hidden, to show it, click on the arrow next to it.

Clicking on the icon, you will see the possible actions to add a new device, for example, wireless headphones, click on the corresponding button.

But, it is not always enabled by default, so we activate it manually.

1 The way. via tray

Click on the notification icon in the system tray. In this dialog box activate Bluetooth module, it will turn blue. If the icon is already blue. it means that everything is already working.

2 The way. through the system settings

Press WIN I at the same time to open the options and go to “Devices”.

Turn it on in the first window in the “Bluetooth and other devices” section.

3 Method. Hotkeys

For some laptops Bluetooth is activated by simultaneous pressing of special key combinations: FN F1-F12.

Look on the keyboard, on which key is drawn the Bluetooth connection icon and press it simultaneously with the FN key. First press the FN button.

What to do if Bluetooth does not work?!

The most common reason is that the Bluetooth adapter is not activated. And, as a rule, the user simply forgets to press the button to enable the wireless module.

It also happens that the button itself worked, but the adapter did not turn on, so try again to disable and turn it on.

Note: Separately, I note that very often after reinstalling Windows 7 or Windows 8, users simply forget to put the driver on the function buttons of their laptop, and they, respectively, do not work.

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The second point. pay attention to the Bluetooth icon in the system tray next to the clock. If it is red like on the screenshot:

This means that the adapter has been disabled programmatically. In this case, right-click on the icon and in the menu that appears select a single item. Enable.

If these actions do not help. then the problem is at the level of drivers and hardware. Then, first of all, go to the Network and Sharing Center and in the menu select “Change adapter settings”. The network connections window opens. there should be 3 connections. a wired network card, a WI-FI connection, and a Bluetooth adapter:

Make sure that they are active, i.e.е. The connection icon should not be gray.

If suddenly there is no Bluetooth adapter in the laptop’s network connections, you should look for it in the Device Manager. There are several ways to get to it. The fastest way to do this is to press WinR and in the window that will open type devmgmt.msc:

A second option is to right click on your Computer icon in the Start Menu and select “Manage. This will open the “Computer Management” snap-in, where you should select “Device Manager”:

We are interested in the “Network Adapters” section. If all drivers are installed, then you should have at least 3 items in this list. wired network, wireless and Bluetooth. As you can see, in my example there are two devices that are “blue-tooth”. the Bluetooth Device and the Bluetooth Personal Area Network. No crosses or exclamation points indicating hardware issues. that’s already a good sign. It remains only to check whether the Bluetooth network is running. To do this, right click on the devices on the Bluetooth Personal Area Network:

If the context menu has the item “Activate”. safely click on it. The problem with the USB cable is that it is not working properly.

P.S. If the above steps didn’t work for you, I would suggest updating the driver for your Bluetooth adapter. This is quite easy, especially since you can always download a free Bluetooth driver on the website of the manufacturer of your laptop.

Try adding the device (t.ч. turn on Bluetooth with the keyboard)

Actually, if all of the above is checked, the drivers are there and working, it is time to try to connect some device!

Update from 10.04.2020

1) How to connect wireless headphones (via Bluetooth)

2) How to connect a wireless keyboard to your computer and phone.ч. Bluetooth version)

In the tray next to the clock you must have a Bluetooth icon which you can click to add a new device, send or receive a file, see the current connections.

Notice on the keyboard: Some laptops have a special function key to turn on the wireless network. For example, here is a notebook with a FnF8 shortcut that turns Bluetooth on.


Often the problem with a Bluetooth adapter that doesn’t work is that you simply can’t turn it on, i.e.к. Fn button does not work when you press it

Button to start Bluetooth operation

Also pay attention to the LEDs on the notebook (some models have a separate LED for Bluetooth).

If everything is fine with the adapter, it is on and working. you should see the LED light (or blink).

Hard drive, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth indicators on your laptop case

Another way to add a Bluetooth device is to go into the Windows Control Panel, type “blue” in the search box and select “Add Bluetooth device” (example below).

Another way to add a Bluetooth device

How to enable Bluetooth on a Windows 7 laptop

In this version of the operating system the connection is activated using the factory tool. Or you can use the icon located on the control panel. Click on it with right mouse button (PKM). The icon should appear in the control menu. Wireless must be turned on. It is worth bearing in mind that this switch is not always available. It can be missing from older machines.

If there is no icon and the drivers are OK, you need to use a different algorithm. The first option to configure Bluetooth on your laptop:

  • Go to the “Start” menu, then to the “Control Panel” and click on “Devices and Printers” (“Device Manager”).
  • Right click on the Bluetooth Adapter. The name of the position can be different.
  • If the button is present, enter “Settings” (“Properties”). All wireless characteristics are displayed here: the icon in the panel, visibility mode, etc. If this icon is not present, you will need to click on “Add device”. The system will automatically find and connect to the gadget
  • Click on “Driver. If it is not there, click “Update”. You can close the window if everything is OK.
  • Go to “Network and Sharing Center”. The button is in the “Control Panel”.
  • Press “Change adapter settings”.
  • Next you need to enable Bluetooth in the network connections.

If this does not work, you can use the second connection option. In “Control Panel” click on the Internet connection icon. Enter “Control Center”, then “Change settings”. In the window that opens there should be an icon of a wireless channel. If it is still missing here, then you can make an assumption about the problems with the drivers. They might not be present on your computer (laptop). Then you need to download and install the drivers, then configure the channel as described above. Download the drivers from the laptop manufacturer’s official site only!

Looking for Bluetooth devices

Bluetooth is working, now let’s find a device that can be connected to. Go back to Change Computer Settings. But now select “Computer and Devices”. Open the Bluetooth tab. It is also possible to enable or disable the module. Immediately the computer searches for all available devices in range and displays them.

It remains only to select the desired device, from the list of detected devices, and follow the prompts that appear. If your phone, or tablet, does not appear in this list, make sure it also has this technology enabled. In some cases, you still need to activate the parameter responsible for detecting the device.

If you have difficulties, for example, nothing works, or there is no such item in the settings, then most likely there is no driver you need, or the current one is not working correctly.

What to do if you have a PC?

It just so happens that the PC does not have built-in Bluetooth. You can not connect your speaker to your computer. But it is not so bad. You can buy an adapter for little money. You can always find one in specialty stores. Plug the Bluetooth adapter into the USB slot and voila! Your PC has a wireless personal network.

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