How to configure Samsung uhd TV

Step by step channel configuration on your Samsung TV

Many inexperienced users are increasingly asking the question: How to configure the channels on a Samsung TV? Direct transmission of images can be made through an antenna or the Internet, and do not forget about cable television. Nowadays users actively use non-standard packages of channels. If necessary, all programs can be adjusted to your preferences. Any channel on your TV is not only easy to set, but also to edit. To configure the programs you do not need to invite a specialist. you can do everything yourself. Recently, the manufacturer of Samsung televisions has done everything possible to ensure that the user does not spend a lot of time searching for the right program. Anchor TV is a thing of the past now, and quality digital pictures are being broadcast on the screens.

Some people forget about automatic tuning of channels and immediately turn to the wizards who work in the service center. Note that here it is worth taking into account the series model of the TV. However, we can distinguish these basic steps of automatic setup:

  • Go to the menu. There is a corresponding button on the remote control, which should be pressed after turning on the device;
  • Selecting the network setup. In the TV menu there are many tabs, and next to the “Antenna” you can see the inscription “Network Setup”. Using the arrow keys, it should be highlighted and then press OK;
  • Selecting a cable. In the tab “Cable”, the user will be offered to select the country. As before, everything is done with the up and down buttons. When the country selection is made, it is necessary to press OK;
  • Switching to automatic mode. When the user reaches the item “Autosettings”, he only has to enter the required parameters. Here the “Digital” item should be selected and then the “Next” button should be pressed.
  • When the user is in the channel search mode, he will be offered “Quick Search”. When the user is in channel search mode, “Quick Search” will be offered, and if it is selected, it will be necessary to set the parameters again. This time it concerns the frequency, the baud rate and the modulation value.

If we consider a standard Samsung TV-set, then its frequency indicator must be at the 290000 kHz mark. The baud rate is set to 6875 KS/s and the modulation of a standard TV set is 56 QAM. After this the “Search” button is pressed. Then the process of channel recognition starts automatically. In just a few minutes, the user will be able to enjoy the excellent quality of the programs that are available in their region.


Before using the app store for Smart TV you need to register on the official LG website. To do this in the main menu you need to select the item “Login” and register with your e-mail address, and then confirm the registration with the link from the received letter.

You can now log in to your account. Remember to check “Stay in system” the first time you login so you don’t have to enter your password every time.

Setting up your Smart TV

It is important to understand that when you first start up the TV will likely take quite a long time to boot. But that’s nothing to worry about. After pulling up all the basic settings, the technique will turn on much faster.

The basic settings

To bind the remote control to the TV, press the OK button for a few seconds. Some remotes have a scrolling wheel instead. To unlink the remote control, press the button with the house image Back button and hold for about five seconds.

Then in the settings select the country, language and time zone. Sometimes you can not see the right values. In this case use the scrolling or click on the arrow in the drop-down menu.

Next, the technique will prompt you to select two modes: “Home” or “Store. Choose the option depending on the place of use, press Ок and continue with the settings.

To adjust the sound, you need to go to the settings with the special button on the remote control, in Menu or use the voice command. In the sound settings you can select a mode for movies, music, watching sports or games.

If you can not hear the dialogues on the screen, activate the item Clear Voice or similar option with a similar name. Before watching movies we recommend to enable the emulator of surround sound. Each Smart TV model has a different name, but in any case it significantly improves the quality of viewing.

Do you want the smart TV to choose the appropriate sound settings itself? Select the option “Smart Sound” in order to avoid going to the settings each time you change the broadcast format.

In order to avoid sudden volume increase during commercials, go to “Advanced settings”, select “Volume mode” and activate the option Auto Volume.


In the settings of the screen you can also select modes for watching movies, sports, high brightness, or, conversely, economical power consumption.

To prevent your movies or shows looking like cheap soap operas shot on camera, we recommend going into “Image Settings” and turning off the TrueMotion option. After that the playback speed will slightly decrease, from 25-26 to 24 frames per second, and the same magic of movies will return to the screen.

In the “Connection” menu it is convenient to change the start name of the TV from letters and numbers to any suitable option.


Enter the account through the “General settings” menu. First of all, here you need to sign the user agreement and agree to the privacy policy. Check the appropriate boxes and click OK.

You can use your account to download many useful apps with enhanced functionality. If you do not have an account, click “Create account” and follow the prompts. You can also authorize through popular social networks. special buttons will be at the bottom of the page.

When setup is complete, your TV will automatically sign in to your “account” anytime it connects again.


To enter the menu, use the button with the house image. For the first time, you may see a list of applications that are not available in the region where you use the TV. This means the location is not specified in the settings.

In the “other settings” menu, it is also very desirable to specify the exact country of the Smart TV service instead of automatic mode. Press Ok or Yes to confirm. Your tech will reboot after that. After a few seconds it will be over, and the menu will show the actual applications.

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Voice Search

The microphone button on the remote control is used to activate this function. Next, you need to sign the user agreement. put the necessary checkboxes and agree to everything. After that, press the microphone again and the screen will display a list of available commands.

For example, “turn on the TV for 8.00 a.m.” instead of the annoying alarm clock rattle. The same command can be canceled if you have the opportunity and desire to sleep longer.

Before going to sleep, using a voice command, it’s easy to order the Smart TV to turn off after a certain amount of time. There are about a hundred voice commands available. You can also use them to search for applications, such as YouTube. After searching it takes only a few seconds to install.

For YouTube to work correctly, we recommend logging into your Google account through your phone or browser. After selecting one of the ways on the screen you will see a detailed step-by-step instruction. All you have to do is to follow the prompts.

You can also search for movies, shows, and videos on YouTube using voice search. Use advanced settings to easily display your most popular, favorite apps or most interesting YouTube channels in the shortcut menu.

How to reduce the number of ads

Go to “General settings,” go to “Advanced” and disable the “Home advertising” item.

Browser settings

First, you’ll be taken to the manufacturer’s home page. LG, for example, but it’s easy to fix. Go to the menu (the icon of several horizontal bars), then to “Settings” and change the address of the start page on any convenient option. This is also where you can select which search engine you want to search for. For example, Google can be changed to Yandex.

It is not difficult to “hang” your favorite app or browser on the buttons with digits. Once you’re set up, you can access YouTube immediately by holding down 1, 2, or whichever button you choose for quick access for two seconds. To do this, press the “Zero” button and hold for a few seconds.

After that, a small editor with intuitive settings will appear on the screen. Using any of the buttons from 1 to 9, you can assign quick access to your favorite application, site, or online movie theater.

How to configure the TV set for cable TV?

For automatic tuning of analog and digital TV you need to go to “Menu” on your TV remote control, then select Tuning → Tuning programs (TV channels) → Automatic tuning, select the input source for tuning programs. “Cable” and by pressing “Start”.

To start setting, press the “Menu” button on the remote, select the tab “Broadcast” (can be “Channel”). In the menu that appears, select “Cable Search Options”. Return to the “Autoset” menu and select “Autoset”.

How to set up a new Samsung TV?

To start the setup, press the “Menu” button on the remote, select the “Broadcast” tab (can be “Channel”). In the menu that appears, select the “Cable Search Options” item. Go back to the “Autoset” menu and select “Autoset”.

  • Enter the menu and go to the “Channel” section;
  • Go to “Country”;
  • If your TV asks for PIN code, enter 1234, 0000 or 1111
  • To set up terrestrial or digital TV, go to “Other”;
  • You will then need to go back and go to “Cable Search Options”;

Features of the settings of Samsung TVs, issued after 2010

To configure the channels on a Samsung TV of a modern model for the first time, you need to follow a few simple steps:

Using the remote control, enter the menu.

Select the “Channel” section (it is represented by the satellite dish symbol).

Specify a pin code (the standard set is 0000). If the password has been changed, enter the actual password.

Check the source (“Cable”), the type of channels (digital, analogue or both).

Set the required search parameters. Suitable frequency range from 298000 to 362000 KHz.

configure, samsung

Once auto-tuning is complete, press the OK button.

configure, samsung

The automatic search will help you to find all the channels that broadcast in digital format. In this case, the access will be only to those that are selected by the user on the basis of an existing subscription. For ease of use, the remaining ones can be deleted. To do this, go to Menu. Channels. Channel manager. At the selected position, press Tools and Delete. After doing this with all the channels, you can keep only the frequently used ones.

Using the remote control, sort the rest in the right order. To do this, go to Menu. Channel. Channel manager. Press the Tools button at the required level and put the channel in the required place.

To set channels using “Smart-TV” remote control find Smart Hub button. By clicking on it, you can select channels and sort them in the desired order.