How to configure Smart Share on LG TV

How to synchronize the phone with Samsung, LG TV

Viewing the image from the screen of our smartphone on a large screen opens a lot of useful capabilities. We can share the photos or videos in the circle of our family on vacation, it is convenient to conduct a presentation at work, share with friends your creative developments and much more. We will analyze below how to synchronize a mobile phone with a TV using the example of Samsung and LG models. And also what tools will help us with this.

It is convenient to synchronize your smartphone with home TV using Wi-Fi Direct. This standard allows you to combine the phone and Smart TV without using a wireless access point.

The synchronization procedure looks as follows:

    Activate the Wi-Fi Direct function on your phone. Go to the settings of your gadget, select the “Wireless Connections” section, and then activate the “Wi-Fi Direct” function there. On other phones models, activation of the specified function may be in the Wi-Fi section. There it will be necessary to click on the button in the form of three vertical points and select the mentioned option;

As an alternative way to connect, open the right photo or video on the smartphone, then click on “Share” (share), and in the menu you open, select “Wi-Fi Direct”. Your TV will appear in the list of devices. Select it, and then run the broadcast you need.

Installation and configuration of the program

After that, you can create separate folders for photos and music. Over, in the appropriate tabs of the software “balls” they are configured in the same way as in the “video.

What gives a connection of a smartphone and TV?

Having figured out how to connect the iPhone to the LG TV, you can significantly expand the capabilities of the device. You can connect TV in various ways, this opens up a wide range of accessible additional functions:

  • View the most diverse video content online online. The user can launch video from YouTube, watch any films, enjoying the high quality of the image and sound. Watching a movie from a large screen is much more convenient and pleasant, now for this it is not necessary to buy a modern smart TV, if the house already has a smartphone.
  • Business goals. Using a smartphone, you can organize various conferences seminars, performances online, and this is also more convenient to do from a large screen.
  • Video communication with Skype and other common messengers. You can talk with friends and relatives using a wide screen and good sound for communication.
  • Reproduction on the TV screen of photos taken on a smartphone camera. This allows you to evaluate their quality and consider even the smallest details.

This is far from a complete list of advantages for which it is worthwhile to figure out how to connect the iPhone to the LG TV. You can connect quickly enough, for this, various methods are used.

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LG TV Smart Share webOS

Download SmartShare PC SW for free to computer

Smartshare PC SW is a multifunctional LG software that allows you to display multimedia content on the TV screen from a smartphone, tablet or personal computer.

It is enough to simply install the application on the device, synchronize it with a “smart” TV and you can forever forget about burdening wires. An important condition. The devices should be in one network. Actually, given the fact that this software is intended for home use, where the TV itself is located, you should not have any problems.

If you go into details, then SmartShare is a technology that is controlled by LG. The full name of the program for the computer that provides the above functions. Smartshare PC SW DLNA.

Save the archive with the program in a convenient place on a hard drive, then to install it on your computer.

In addition to this, LG software also offers another utility. Media Link.

This is a service that in an entertainment form provides detailed information about multimedia content (films, TV shows, TV transfers) that the user is watching or looking for.

How to install SmartShare PC SW on a computer?

The installation of this is no different from this process when installing any other program. Screw the archive with a downloaded installation file and carefully follow the instructions of the installer.

Actually, that’s all, now you know where to download SmartShare PC SW for free on a computer and how to install this software. Pleasant pastime and multimedia entertainment.

Screen LG TV. How to connect and duplicate the screen from a phone or computer to LG TV?

Open the Smart TV menu on the TV and start the Screen Share application.

The window will open where the name of the TV will be indicated, which will be displayed on the phone in the miracast function settings (wireless display).

TV is already available for search and connection. On the phone, or on the tablet, you need to open the connection settings for the wireless display and select your TV there. The name and location of Miracast settings may vary depending on the phone manufacturer and the Android version.

Where to look for screen broadcast settings on Android devices:

There is a quick access icon in the notification curtain.

After that, our TV should appear in the phone settings. Just choose it from the list.

You may need to confirm the connection on the TV. Or enter the code that will be displayed on the TV screen. After connecting, the image and sound from the phone will be broadcast on the screen of the LG TV.

If there is no such function on your phone, then try to install one of the following applications from Google Play:

configure, smart, share

You will need:

All TVs with the Smart TV function have DLNA, in the case of other models you need to read the instructions for the technique.

You should start the connection by installing the program itself, you can download it from the official website of the developer. This software weighs a little, so even low.Power electronics will cope with such a task. As soon as the crossbar is installed on your device, start it. Remember that the TV and laptop should be connected to the Internet using one router. In the future, this software will be launched automatically, every time you turn on the technique.

If for some reason you are not able to cope with the setting, the specialists of the LG service center will solve the problem in a matter of minutes.

If nothing in the indicated section is changed, all common folders will be available, so video and tracks can be moved to them.

Be sure to visit the “Parameters of my device” tab, here you will learn the name of the DLNA connection, it will need to connect to Smart TV. The last section of the menu, which will be the completion of the setting process. “allow/block other devices”, here all devices connected to one network with a laptop, including LG Smart TV TV, are displayed here. Well, the last manipulations in the program menu, click alternately “apply” and “ok”, now everything should work.

DLNA settings (Smart Share) between PC and TV

We need (necessarily). So that our TV and computer (I have a laptop) are connected to one network. What does it mean? This means that both the TV and the computer should be connected to one router.

It doesn’t matter how they are connected. The TV can be connected as Wi-Fi (how to connect read in this article https: // f1compp.Ru/televizory-smart-tv/kak-podklyuchit-televizor-so-somart-tv-interenetu-po-fi-na-plimere-LG-32LN575U/), and with a cable. The computer is the same. For example, I have a TV and a laptop connected to the TL-WR841N router via a wireless network.

Then we need to set up file distribution from the laptop so that the TV can play the video from the desired folders, or show photos. We just need to open emu for this access.

This can be done even using the standard Windows Media player. Despite the fact that there is a small minus in this method, we will still consider it.

DLNA setting using Windows Media

Just start the Windows Media player (look for it in the Start menu). Press the stream on the tab and install the checkmarks near two points:

It’s all. You can already go on the TV in the Smart Share menu (in the case of LG TV) and watch all the media files that are in common folders: music, video and images.

Add our folder with films to the Windows Media player

If you configure the server via Windows Media, then only standard folders with video, music and images will be displayed on the TV. And the contents will respectively be reflected only from these folders. In order not to copy the necessary films and other files to these standard folders, we can add the folders we need to the library, and they appear on the TV. How to do this, they prompted me in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

configure, smart, share

�� Screen Share LG Smart TV & Windows 10 Computer ��

Open the Windows Media player and click on the left button to streamline. Pull the cursor to control libraries and in accordance with what kind of media content you want to add, select a phonothek, video, or gallery. For example, I want to add a folder with films, then I choose a video.

Installation and configuration of the program

  • First we need to go in and download LG Smart Share from the official site. Https: // www.LG.COM/RU/Support/SmartShare. The program is suitable for all versions of Windows (10, 7, 8.One).

How to connect a computer to LG Smart TV

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From this article you will learn how to display a picture from a computer on the screen of the LG Smart TV TV screen. To play video and sound on the TV, use the pre-installed SMARTSHARE program, Miracast’s wireless data transmission technology or connect the computer to the TV using HDMI cable.

  • We recommend connecting the computer to the TV via Ethernet cable, since the signal transmission via a wireless network can lead to delays or low quality of the picture and/or sound.

Turn on the LG Smart TV TV. Do this to add a TV to a computer system as a trusted device.

Enter the parameters of the streaming of multimedia. The option “Participation parameters” will be found, which is usually located on the control panel.

Press the parameters of the streaming of multimedia. This is the option at the top menu “Start”. The window of the same name will open.

Click on OK. This is the button at the bottom of the window. Now the computer will be able to broadcast media content on LG TV if both devices are connected to one network.

Select the SmartShare option. Scroll to the right or left to find the SmartShare icon, which looks like four color spheres (red, yellow, green and blue), select the icon with a cursor and click “OK”. [2] X Source of Information

Account registration and input

After a successful connection, it is necessary to register a new user.

To turn on the Smart TV on the LG TV, click the “Home” button (house icon) on the remote control.

In the main TV menu, select “Enter”. Typically, such a button is located in the corner areas of the screen.

Pass the authorization procedure, or if you first use the Smart TV function with the LG TV, go through the registration from the beginning by selecting the appropriate option with the remote control. The new window will offer the usual form of registration with the following data:

Be sure to remember the entered data, namely the mail and password used.

Return to the previous step and switch to the authorization form. Enter the Smart TV LG system. In the process of authorization, it is recommended to put a box at the inscription “stay in the system” so as not to enter your data every time when the TV is turned on.

At this stage, the registration process is completed.

How to set up channels on a Smart TV LG. Connection and Setting Smart-TV

If the TV is endowed with the Smart TV option, then by connecting at least one advantage to his TV, the user will receive at least one: you can use the Internet at the same time watching digital television.

Who faced the setup of routers earlier, should know that IPTV is broadcast by Multicast packages. Do not be surprised that the “standard” version of the Smart TV option does not support.

And the LG or Samsung TV can be considered as one of the computers that is endowed with a browser reproducing streaming video.

Given all the above, it becomes clear: it is not much required from the router, namely, to be able to create a connection with the Internet provider. To use Smart TV, you will not need to configure the Multicast broadcast in the router itself (although, you can also do it).

  • The router is suitable for almost anyone, with one reservation: the model should be able to work correctly with the connection protocol that supports the provider. For example, the connection “under DHCP” works as it should with any router.
  • But the heavy options for connections with a VPN server-in budget equipment, as a rule, are not supported.
  • You can connect the TV to the router in one of the ways: the LAN network cable (usually called “patch cord”) or using Wi-Fi. The second way is worse. Not all routers support Wi-Fi, in addition, when working through a wireless network, interruptions in video flow are usually observed, etc.D. Consider the first method.

It will be necessary to set up the provider in the router. To perform settings. You will need a computer. All actions are best performed in the sequence below.

Setting up connection in the router

Roter setup is made in Web-Inteiis. Which can only be opened in the browser (for which, to the router. Connect the computer). The sequence of actions is this:

  • Connect the power adapter to the router (not including the latter in the outlet), connect the port of the LAN router to the computer network card, connect the provider cord:

When the computer is loading, you can open any browser, and go to the address (or 1.1, 10.1, as indicated in the instructions of the router). Usually, to undergo authorization in the settings integration, you need to enter the login and password (Admin and Admin or something else). Next. Set up a connection with the provider.

You can make sure that the Internet connection is correctly configured if you can open in the browser, for example, the search engine “YA.Ru “.

To work together with the “classic” Smart TV. The following options are not required: “IGMP Snooping” or “Multicast Proxy”. They are needed to view IPTV translated through “multi.Ades” flows. Successful setting!

It is important to know: if the router is not bought in the store, then it is necessary to “reset” all the values ​​of its settings (in most cases-without this it will not be possible to go to the Web Inteape). Roter power. Turn on, wait for 1 minute and press the Reset button located on the case. Reset must be kept 10 seconds (then let go). Accurately the number of seconds is indicated in the instructions.

Connecting the router to the TV

Any port of the LAN router-connected to the LAN port of the TV. Before performing this action, pre.Disconnect the power cord from TV. And after 1.5 minutes-you can connect a patch cord:

Wended connections. Executed. The router for Smart TV will transmit data from the Internet. Do not forget to turn on the TV power again.

Final step. Setting up the connection on the TV

On LG TVs: “Home” is pressed on the remote control, select “Installation” item. In the window, you need to select the “Earth” icon, and then. “Network: wired”. This is what the result looks like:

After pressing OK on the remote control. We see a network settings window:

We need just “Auto” settings of IP/DNS (click “OK” again). TV setting. Completed.

On Samsung TVs. The connection is tuned faster. Go to the main menu, select “Network Settings”. “Cable”:

Then, it will be necessary to configure the Smart Hub service (to use it). Successful setting!

  • Where are the “Russian” television channels in LG Smart TV? It turns out that everything is not so difficult.
  • Recently, watching movies from a computer on a TV of films seemed a peak of technical progress.
  • By connecting the release of the video card with the entrance of the TV with a special cable, you could comfortably view films from a hard drive on a large screen or DVD-drive on a large screen. But the technique developed, the speed of the Internet grew.
  • It turned out that it is already completely optional preserving the videos on the hard drive or DVD, you can watch a movie online with a high HD quality.

The described PC scheme was an intermediate link between the TV and the Internet. A logical question arose: is it possible to combine two devices? This is how Smart TV was born, which can be translated as “smart tv”.

TV “taught” to connect to the Internet. The user was given the opportunity to navigate from the remote control.

The technology turned out to be so convenient that it is already used in more than 50% of all the televisions produced.

Computer connection

You can also connect a computer to Windows. To do this, it must be equipped with a Wi-Fi module, in laptops it is built-in. The computer should have a Windows 8 operating system.1 and above. Windows 7 does not have a broadcast function.

  • On the TV start the program.
  • On the computer, press the Winp key combination and in the panel that has sailed on the right we select “Connection to a wireless display”.
  • After the search, the name of the TV should be displayed, and select it.

After that, video and sound will be duplicated on the TV screen.

If Windows 7 is installed on the computer, you can try to broadcast from it using WIDI technology, which is also based on the Wi-Fi standard. First you need to make sure that the computer supports this technology, information can be found on the Internet. The requirements must comply with the processor, video card and Wi-Fi module.

On the TV you need to run the Screen Share program and on the computer a program for WIDI, which can be downloaded on the Internet, T.To. It is no longer supported by an official developer. The Intel Widi app is automatically looking for wireless displays and displays the list. After connecting to the display, the computer screen will be displayed on it. Next, you can adjust the screen resolution for convenient viewing.