How to configure Smart TV on Haier TV

How to connect a phone to Haier TV?

Open the network settings on the TV and turn on Miracast. On the smartphone go to “Settings” → “Screen” → “Wireless Monitor” and turn on the function. Select the TV in the list of Miracast devices found. The image from the smartphone will appear on the TV screen immediately after connecting.

Haier tv operating and connecting mobile hotspot with phones

To display the smartphone screen onto the TV, use one of two methods:

  • Go to your smartphone settings. Find the item “Connected devices”. “Translation”.
  • Open the curtain and click on the icon with a square (a phone or wave can also be drawn on it, like a Wi-Fi icon).

Why do you need a connection?

Instructions for this technology are available in video format:

This is an “integration that allows you to exchange data between devices on a wireless channel. You can connect Android to the TV using Miracast as follows:

  • Carry out the entrance to the main menu;
  • Redirected to the “Network” tab;
  • Choose a Wi-Fi Direct point, and LG TV starts a phone search.

This is a popular program that allows not only to watch interesting videos, films and cartoons, but also offers various services for connecting devices.

To perform the connect of the receiver and transmitter, act as follows:

  • View the TV menu in which the YouTube channel should be configured;
  • This program should also be installed on the phone. If not, then the application is downloaded from the store and installed;
  • A video that should be displayed on the TV monitor is launched on the gadget;
  • Press on the screen icon with Wi-Fi on a smartphone (located in the upper right corner);
  • After that, the system begins the search for receivers;
  • They choose the right option from the entire list and click on it.

Television setting on old models

If the TV is more than 5 years old, it is likely that it does not support digital television. In this case, the usual TV prefix will come to help, which can be purchased in almost every specialized store.

Depending on the TV model, the receiver can be connected in two ways: using a “tulip” or an HDMI output. To receive a signal, you need to use a decimeter antenna. The higher it is, the better. First of all, it should be turned towards the transmitter. You can find out about the place of its location by making a request on the Internet.

By attaching the equipment, you can start the settings:

  • We go to the tuner menu.
  • Choosing the item “Settings”.
  • We find our country.
  • Select the type of signal, in this case dvb-t.
  • Click on the item “Automatic Settings”.
  • We are waiting for the completion of the settings.

After a few minutes, the procedure ends, and you can enjoy viewing the channels. Very rarely automatic setting does not give a result. If this happens, you must use manual setting. To do this, we repeat the same thing, but select the item “Manual Settings”.


Haier TVs use the latest developments in the field of wireless communication. Bluetooth 5 module.0, Wi-Fi 5 GHZ provide maximum fast and stable connection, accelerate content loading. In modern TV models there are also:

Haier Google Tv Fast Time Installation, Haier Full Smart Tv

  • Screen with a diagonal 32, 40, 43, 50, 55 and 65 inches;
  • The case in 3 colors. Black, metallic, silver;
  • Support-renewal or legs for floor accommodation;
  • Firmware corresponding to the model;
  • High quality body with a tightly adjacent frame;
  • Built-in TV tuner for receiving a signal of the ethereal TV;
  • Necessary entrances and outputs for connecting headphones, HDMI, USB;
  • HBBTV support when connecting to the Internet;
  • Stereo collections in the case;
  • LAN for wired network connection;
  • Optical input for the receiver.

These are only general characteristics that are relevant for all brand TVs. The individual properties of each model should be considered in more detail.

Wireless and wired connection

A smartphone on Android or iPhone can be synchronized with a Wi-Fi TV, connecting them to a common home network. Haier does not support the wire connection with Apple gadgets via USB as a drive. There is no such problem with Android devices. On the iPhone to broadcast from the screen, you need to use additional applications or Chromecast.

The most simple way to connect is the use of HDMI to the computer. To play content, it will be enough to choose the right port in the menu as a signal source. The cable receiver, game console is also connected.

The optical output of TV allows you to connect a cable to it for connecting with an audio core input of external acoustics. For wired connection via the Internet on Haier TVs there is LAN input.

Why doesn’t catch. The main reasons

There are cases when users correctly set up digital channels, watched them for a while, and then they disappeared somewhere. How to fix this problem? There are many reasons. Consider some of them:

  • The antenna does not accept the signal. To solve this problem, you need to purchase a new signal amplifier. If this does not help, you need to replace the antenna.
  • Tearing the contacts connecting the antenna to the TV. To solve the problem, the cable should be called.
  • The tuner does not receive a signal. It is possible that the prefix does not support the DVBT-2 format. Only buying a new receiver will help.
  • The signal amplifier stopped working. It must be given to the service center. A common cause of breakdown, burned power supply.
  • Some channels do not work. Try to direct the antenna towards the TV TV.
  • Half of the channels disappeared. If the equipment works correctly, the set.Top box settings are most likely, and they should be made by a new.

In case of malfunctions in digital broadcasting, it is necessary to take the following steps:

  • Check the integrity of the cable and the compounds between the antenna, the prefix and the TV.
  • Try to reconfigure the prefix. If the automatic setting has no result, use manual.
  • To orient the antenna towards the TV TV.

Television setting on old models

If the TV is more than 5 years, it is very likely that it is not compatible with digital television. In this case, a regular TV setup will come to the rescue, which can be purchased in almost all specialized stores.

Depending on the TV model, the receiver can be connected in two ways: using a “tulip” or an exit of HDMI. To receive the signal, the decimeter antenna must be used. The higher it is, the better. First of all, it must be turned towards the transmitter. You can find out your location by making a request on the Internet.

After connecting the equipment, you can proceed to the settings:

configure, smart, haier
  • We go to the tuner menu.
  • Select “Settings” item.
  • We found our country.
  • Select the type of signal, in this case DVB-T.
  • Click “Automatic Settings”.
  • We are waiting for the completion of the settings.

A few minutes later the procedure is completed and you can enjoy viewing the channels. In very rare cases, auto.Building does not work. In this case, you should use manual setting. To do this, repeat the same thing, but select “Manual Settings”.

Channel tuning

You can find channels on the home antenna using the choice as source of the DVB-T signal, and then:

  • Press menu on the remote control;
  • Select “Channel settings”;
  • Establish the country (Russia);
  • Run auto.Installation;
  • At the end of it, go to view the found channels.

Remove too loud sound that is not adjusted to the remote control is easy. You just need to replace Shop Mode with Home Mode, if this was not done during the initial setting.

On cable television on Haier TVs, source of the DVB-C signal is highlighted. You need to go to the menu, install the country, start auto.Building with the type of “Full scan”. If nothing can be found in this mode, the frequency is specified by the provider and manually entered.

Prefix-resort, it is not necessary to connect. The TV has a common integration, through which you can connect a SMART card to view paid content or CA module.

Review of reviews

According to experts, Haier TVs can be called a successful discovery for the Russian household appliance market. The range of products is not too wide, but it presents all the necessary options for use in different rooms of the house or apartment. It is noted that in terms of quality of implementation of technology 4K, the company is still inferior to leaders. The rest, including the design of the technique, the brand deserves the highest assessments.

Customer opinions about Haier TVs were divided. There are those who, having hastened to save, returned the goods to the store due to unjustified expectations. However, most buyers are enough and matrix, color reproduction, and the implementation of Smart functions. Since the brand is relatively new, it is treated wary, but with real comparison with more expensive analogues in the store, they still decide to purchase goods.

Among the obvious advantages of Haier TVs, a great perception of the Wi-Fi signal is noted-you do not have to keep the router in the immediate vicinity of the TV. The columns also play loud enough, in stereo, there is a change in settings, the inclusion of a special option for volumetric sound. Buyers also note a sufficient number of slots with the possibility of not only reproduction from USB carriers, but also recording content. In addition, you can install a connection with the phone, play video files from it.

Users attributed a long turning on to the disadvantages. After the signal is filing, the TV for about 20 seconds is loaded. In addition, not everyone immediately manages to understand the settings menu, and the scale with which the sound is adjusted occurs in the center of the screen. The Wi-Fi network is looking for a TV every time-this also takes time.

How to set up a Haier TV

Haier has released a new Smart TV line, Haier TVs (Hayer), thanks to its price category, can allow everyone, because the cost of Smart Haier TVs is much cheaper than popular brands.Haier Smart TV TVs have a built-in DVB-T2 and DVB-s, which allows you to watch digital television and go online.

  • How to set digital television on Haier TV (Hayer)
  • How to connect the Internet on Haier TV (Hayer)
  • How to configure Smart TV on Haier TV (Hayer)

How to set digital channels on Haier TV

In order to configure digital channels on the Haier Smart TV TV and watch digital television, find the Muni button on your remote control and click on it

Next, find the channel item and click OK

We go to the dvb antenna and select a cable or antenna

configure, smart, haier

Next, select auto.Navigation or manual search.

At the auto.Navigation point, select the parameters.

In the settings mode, select DTV is digital channels ATV are analog channels, if you want the number and analogue, then select DTV and ATV

configure, smart, haier

Next, you need to choose the country leave Russia.

The operator put others, do not choose operators from the list, just put others and that’s it.

Search type choose full, if you know the frequencies of your operator, then put the network and drive the parameters below.

Next, we turn on the auto.Poin and wait for the digital channels on your Haier TV (Hayer).

How to connect the Internet on Haier TV

In the Haier TV TVs, Smart TV is possible to enter the Internet via Wi-Fi or via cable connection.

In order to connect and configure the Internet on your Haier TV, go to your TV menu.

Next, we find the network configuration point or all

Next, select the Wi-Fi connection method or cable

If we choose Wi-Fi, then click Wi-Fi configurations

All your Haier TV (Hayer) TV is connected to the Internet and you can use all Smart TV capabilities.

How to configure Smart TV on Haier TV

After you have connected and set up the Internet on your Haier TV (high), all Smart TV applications will be available to you immediately.

In order to look at YouTube, you just need to find the button on your remote control, if the button is absent, then click on the button and select the application you need except YouTube there is a browser for direct Internet access on TV.

Also on your remote control should be the Arr button Pressing on it, you will go to the applications that are loaded to your TV.