How to configure the mac address of the router tp-Link

Parental control on the TP-Link router-filter at the MAC address, restriction of Internet access in time

Surely you, once digging in the settings of the router, came across a function such as parental control? If we are talking about TP-LINK routers, then it combines a filter at the MAC addresses, a complete restriction of access to the Internet introduction or to separate specific sites for one or more computers at the same time. What is it and why use it? I have already written as many as two articles about the ban on viewing certain resources using the filters of the router and the Yandex service DNS. Today it’s time to understand parental control on TP-Link routers.

Parental control is an opportunity to introduce a restriction at the level of the router for some or at once for all computers connected to Wi-Fi or by cable.

In this setup, not access to resources is set, but the working hours on the Internet. For example, you can turn off the exit to the World Wide Web at those hours when the child is supposed to do lessons or sleep. Or the employee to do his job when it comes to the office network. In some models, the function of blocking sites and temporary restrictions is combined.

On TP-Link, parental control has three functions at once:

Why clone the MAC address from a computer to a router?

There are providers that tie the user’s computer address to their equipment. They simply prescribe it on their router, or a gateway through which an exit to a worldwide network is carried out.

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In practice, this means that you can go to the Internet only from one computer or laptop, which is connected directly by the cable from the provider. If you connect another device, then accordingly its MAC address is another. The provider does not know about him, and does not give him access to the network.

The result is a situation that when you put a router in your house, it cannot connect to the Internet, although all the settings are introduced correctly.

How to change the MAC address on a router (clone)

In order to clone the MAC address of the computer, you should connect to it through the browser, and in the network settings select the MAC address setup.

The easiest way to clone the MAC address to the router is to press the corresponding button in the settings window.

Here it is displayed as “clone the MAC address”. After that, the MAC address of your computer will be displayed in the WAN field. It remains only to apply the settings by pressing the “Save” button.

If your computer has changed or you changed the network card, and the MAC address has changed, then you can manually register the desired mas and in the same way save the settings.

After the MAC address on the router was cloning, it must be reloaded, for reliability, it can be dumped by nutrition, so that it re.Conduct the entire algorithm for initialization in the network. Although, usually network devices are carried out every time after loss with the subsequent renewal of the connection on the Ethernet port.

How to set MAC Filtering or MAC Binding in TP LINK WiFi router TL WR740N

How to change the MAC address in the router

How to see a MAC router?

You can see the value of the Hardware Address on the computer as follows:

  • It is necessary to get into the “control panel”, through the “Start” menu.
  • In the section “Network and the Internet” find the “Center for Networks”.
  • Find in the left frame the item “Change of adapter parameters”.
  • On an active adapter, call the context menu with the right mouse key and select “condition”.
  • On the “Support” tab, click the “Details” button for Win XP or “Information” in Win 7.
  • The new window will have information about the connection, where the physical address will be written.
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Another way is on the command line to prescribe the IPConfig /ALL command or Getmac /V, which is suitable for any version of Windows. For a computer under the control of OS Linuh or MacOS, in the terminal we collect “IfConfig.A | GREP HWADDR “.

MAC address change on computer

Due to the fact that the MAC is assigned by the plant by the manufacturer of equipment, many users believe that it cannot be replaced or it changes using a special programmer. This is not the right opinion. The address can be changed by integrated means of operating systems:

  • For Windows in the properties of the network board, in the “Additionally” tab, it is possible to register any Hwaddress through the Network Address or Locally Administrated Address).
  • For Linux “IfConfig HW Ether”, but only before rebooting the computer. For a constant shift, you need to rule configuration files.

Change the address of the router

Now, with examples, we will consider how to change the MAC address of the router. This is done no more complicated than on a computer. To change, open the web page of the router configuration, and then act according to the instructions for the most popular manufacturers:

After the shift, it is mandatory to press the “Save Settings” button, otherwise the shift will not happen. After all the changes made, the router should be overloaded by nutrition or through the corresponding configuration menu item.

There is the possibility of cloning the MAC address. Cloning will be made from the address of the machine with which the configuration page is made. But it is better to enter data manually, t.To. If there are several devices on the network, then you can easily get confused and not enter the data.

We set up the MAC address

If your provider for access to the Internet requires linking the chain of the network card, you will need to configure it. Otherwise, access to the Internet will be blocked. Find out if you need such a binding, you can when signing the contract or by calling your provider at Support.

How to wifi mac Address Setup |Wireless Router MAC Filter Configuration | Tp-link router

For configuration, enter the section “Network”. Select “Cloning Mas Adre”. Now the router is the same as your computer. And the Internet connection becomes active.

Command line in Windows

Using one simple console command, you can determine the MAC spinning roar through the operating system, without starting a browser and any third-party programs. To do this, perform the following actions:

    Open the “Start” and run the “command line” from there, for example, by finding the application through the search.

This method is universal and allows you to find out a certain MAC or IP, depending on which initial data are known to the user in advance. If you are interested in the topic of searching for such information, we recommend that you look at articles on links below.

Zyxel Keenetic

To change the Zyxel Keenetic Mac address, select “Internet”-“Connection”, and in the “Use MAC address” field, enter your or use the “Clown Mas” button if PC has previously connected to this cable.

Click on the “Internet” (“Globe”) at the bottom of the settings page. Then click on the Broadband Connection on the page you can find the MAS-Adris field, enter it there using colonies to separate pairs of characters. Or use “clone Mac” if the PC has previously connected to this cable.

Disconnect the remote access to the router

The next setting is remote access. If you have remote access to the router, and you do not use it, it is better to turn it off. Because remote access makes it possible to go to the router via the Internet from any other device. This means that any user who knows the IP address of your router (Wan address) can go into its settings.

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In order to disconnect it, go to the “Security” (“remote management” (“Remote Management” tab). And in the line IP-Adrx indicate zero. By default, this function is disabled.

To turn on the publicly accessible remote access, the IP address will have this type of

We set a static IP address for a computer on the Keenetic router (not ZYXEL)

Let’s start with the new Keenetic routers series, which recently separated from Zyxel. We go to the control panel at IP address 192.168.One.1 (My.Keenetic.Net) and log in under the administrator account.

On the starting page (system monitor), we are looking for a “home network. Device on the network”. The number of gadgets connected at the moment is displayed here.

Click on the icon and fall into the list of computers. We need to choose the one for which we want to assign a static IP address and click on the editor icon opposite it.

If the device is still unregistered, then assign the access profile for it and click “Register”

After which the computer will appear already in the list of registered. Click on the editor icon again.

After that, a pin icon will appear next to the IP address of this computer.

If we want to completely turn off the function of automatic distribution of DHCP on a router and assign all computers and other IP devices manually, then go to the “home network” section and put the flag on the corresponding menu item in parameters.