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Samsung Smart TV 5 TV setting

You chose incredible labor, bought and hardly dragged Samsung’s brand new TV at home. Now it remains to set up the channels, connect it to the Internet and finally flop on the sofa to watch the movie on the big screen. In this article, we will touch on the topic of searching and distribution of television programs in our places. How to connect Smart TV to a router (Wi-Fi network) and other points, dismantled in this article.

There are 4 main sources of media content in total:

We determine the series: Decrypage the model number

The setting of digital channels varies depending on which series the specific Samsung model belongs to.

Therefore, first we need to determine what specific TV receiver we are dealing with.

  • Take a look at the back panel. There should be a factory sticker with the main information about the TV: type of power, year of release, etc. D. At the very top there will be a combination of numbers and Latin letters. This is the model code;
  • Go to the TV menu. Select the “Support” item and the position “Appeal to Samsung”, information about the equipment will appear, which includes the desired combination of letters and numbers.

We decipher the number found in order to determine the letter denoting the series:

Which country to choose in the settings of the Samsung TV?

Enter the main menu by pressing the Menu button on the remote control. In the section “Channel”, select “Country”. The TV may request PIN. Code. If you did not install your own, try to enter one of the standard passwords: 0000, 1111, 1234.

In order to configure digital television channels for the vast majority of Samsung models, click the Menu button on the remote control, you will have a TV menu in which you will need to select the channel (satellite antenna icon). The TV will ask for a PIN code, if you did not change it, then enter 0000.

How to Set Up your Samsung TV | Samsung UK

How to move channels on a H-series TV

Or click the KeyPad button and select the Menu item on the TV screen.

Channels are analog and digital. Channels that have the name next to the number. Digital. Channels without name. Analog.

How to Change the order of channels on a Samsung Smart TV

If you move digital channels, they change places (the fifth channel is moved to the place of the third, the third moves in place of the fifth, the rest of the channels will remain in place).

If you move the analog channels, the channels are changed the position below the one that has been moved (the fifth channel we move to the place of the third, the third will move in place of the fourth, the fourth. In place of the fifth, etc.D.).

Select “Izm. Numbers “and click the” Enter “button.

Move the channel to a new place using arrows on the remote control

Or enter the number to which you want to move the channel.

Click the “Enter” button to save the channel in a new place.

The channel number is changed. Repeat points 5. 9 to move other channels.

Setting algorithms using specific models as an example

The provider has two main options for transmitting the receivers signal, first of all, these are GS 8605/06/07/08, as well as the GS 210, 510, E501/591 series. Depending on the receiver model, the question of how to streamline the channels on a TV set to TV tricolor. As a rule, all settings need to be done once with the initial installation. This process is simple, everyone can do it on their own.

Settings on GS 8605/06/07/08

On such devices in the panel there is a function of organizing television channels. With its help, you can change the name, view the parameters of the functioning of each channel. And there is a special point of the menu “streamline the chosen ones”, which allows you to move the program from one position to another, creating the so.Called favorite groups.

The item “Strengthen the favorites” is opened as follows:

  • Click the “menu”.
  • Using the “Volume” and “Canal” buttons, we find the “channels” item.
  • Press OK.
  • We see on the screen the menu with 2 subparagraphs, where we choose “streamline the chosen ones”.
  • Press OK.

The menu is based on the initial version, there are 5 favorite groups. You have the opportunity to change their names and change their positions inside.

To do this, you need to do the following.

  • The buttons on the remote control we find the right list that we will rename, click F
  • After we jumped to the screen version of the keyboard using the buttons of the enumeration of programs and the sound control, select the combinations of letters and characters. If the letter is selected incorrectly, we wash it through F1, we use F
  • Press OK.
  • With other groups, if necessary, we do the same.
  • We form the list itself. The choice buttons find the one that we will form and click OK.
  • To move the necessary programs from the right side of the “All channels” opened to the favorite list, we use the choice keys on the remote control and f
  • After all the necessary channels are added, they can be replaced with each other. We do this with the keys of the verest, find the right one, click f
  • To remove excess, we use F
  • Click on the remote control “Exit”.
  • To view the newly created groups, select “OK, and then F opens the menu we need, which allows you to select the desired group.

How to configure?

So, modern Smart TV TVs are very obvious in setting. But the sorting of the channels on the Samsung TV is not in an obvious place because of which users have difficulty. Together with this problem, you can simply clearly follow the instructions. By analogy, you can configure any Samsung TV.

  • We enter the TV menu. The same name on the remote control.
  • Choosing in this menu item “Translation”.
  • Using navigation buttons, scroll down the list down. It is important to remember that you can change the channel number only after automatic setting of the channels. In this paragraph, click on “Change the channel number” and activate this function.
  • Now we select the item “Changing channels”. Before us opens the menu that allows you to move the channels. In it, select the channel of interest and click the button “Izm. Numbers “.
  • Now we can move this channel to another place. It is important to know that the channels that have the name are digital and when moving one to the place of the other, they simply change places. And if the channel does not have a name. It is analog and its movement will shift the rest of the channels down.

Thus, it is not difficult to understand that the change in the order of the channels on Samsung TVs is not a difficult task. It is enough to show this procedure a couple of times, and he can easily repeat it.

You think this does not work with grandfathers and grandmothers? Ha, for my experience on the provider, it was this category, recording the procedure on the paper sheet of paper, the least of all made repeated appeals. But younger people paid twice, and sometimes three times. And with the instructions on their hands, many dealt on their own. There is no need for special knowledge here, it is enough to know that all this can be found and done.

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How to adjust the TV channels on Smart TV

Press the remote control “Menu” button.

  • Select “Broadcast”.
  • Two windows will open sequentially, in each of which you need to select “Auto”.
  • Click “Start”, select the search mode. “Full”.
  • The program itself will select available digital channels in a single list.

Note! If the user has all television channels, then you will need to configure the frequency using the module itself activated in the TV menu.

configure, order, samsung

If, at the end of auto.Building, digital television channels have poor quality or are not displayed at all, it is necessary to check the correct connection of the equipment and go through all points from the very beginning.

These methods are universal for setting up the television channels pool on Samsung TVs of different versions. If difficulties arise, seek help from Samsung service centers.

Set digital TV on the Samsung TV

The advantage of this type of signal transmission is undeniable. The user sees not only a high.Quality picture with a realistic color transmission, but also does not observe signal interruptions when instead of the picture. White stripes or snow.

Since setting digital channels on the Samsung TV? For this, the model should comply with the standards of the tuner DVB-C. Fortunately, except that the oldest models of the company do not comply with this standard. And if you have Smart TV, then there is nothing to worry about.

configure, order, samsung

Below, consider step.By.Step instructions on how to configure digital television on the Samsung TV.

Samsung‘s digital channels setup are the following scheme:

After the device finds all the television channels available to your country, you can enjoy watching your favorite TV shows and series.

Manual setting of digital channels on the Samsung device is inappropriate. The user will have to spend too much time to find the frequency every time and fix it behind the TV channel.

Samsung’s digital channels setting up the digital channels as simple as adjusting the analog or cable TV. You just have to set the frequency and signal transmission speed. Otherwise, setting a cable TV from the “number” is no different.

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