How to configure Wi-Fi on ASUS laptop

How to enable and connect Wi-Fi on an asus laptop

Most of the models released from the conveyor over the past decade, as a rule, has a built-in Wi-Fi card. If you set out to find out if there is such a card on your computer, then follow the advice given in this section:

  • If you are a user of Windows 7 or more old versions of this OS, then open the “Device Manager”. You can do this by clicking on the “My Computer” icon with the right button, selecting the “Properties” context menu item and in the window that opens on the button with the inscription “Device dispatcher”. In the dispatcher window there is a tree.Shaped list of all equipment of your laptop. Select the “Network Adapters” subsection and expand it. In the list of network cards, find a device containing in the title the word “wireless”, as in the figure below:
  • If such a device has been discovered, you can read more about how to connect Wi-Fi on ASUS laptop. If not, then run to the store at a new computer. Your for this purpose is unsuitable.
  • Windows 8 users do not need to do a few other manipulations. Open the lateral right menu and select the parameters item. In response, a frame with interactive icons will appear, one of which will be in the form of a “ladder”. If such a icon is present, then everything is in order.

Having done these operations, you can start the settings themselves. Turning on Wi-Fi on a laptop means to get the on-included adapter we found in the list. We will focus on this.

Connection of the Wi-Fi ASUS router

There are many analogues in the lineup of routers, so their settings do not differ significantly. After purchasing the device, do not rush to include it in the outlet.

Initially, it is recommended to connect the router itself, and then configure it so that the signal is of high quality. In packaging, as a rule, there is a standard network wire. One end it must be stuck in a connector on a laptop or a computer, the second-to connect to one of the LAN ports (mainly yellow) to one of the router itself. Most models of this company have 4 similar ports.

The router also has an entrance painted blue (WAN). It is necessary to attach the provider’s network cable to it. In addition, you need to insert a cord from a special block into the power connector for power (it is included). At the end of all actions, it is required to include a router in the network.

Attention! When using the modem, its wire is also connected to the blue connector. Similarly, the connection is carried out when using a special flash drive with the Internet.

There is a sticker on the back panel with all the necessary data

Turning on wireless Internet on Windows 7

To activate it, you need to perform the following actions:

  • Click on the icon in the system tray. Through the menu, you must go to the “Control Center of Network Compounds”.
  • On the left side of the screen select the item “Change of adapter parameters”. As a result, a list of joints will open.

Now the adapter is in active condition.

How to enable Wi-Fi on an asus laptop: we will study step by step.

Configure the router

  • We connect the router to the mains. Then, using the network wire, connect it to the laptop.
  • Open any browser and prescribe in the address “https: // 192.168.One.1 “and click” Enter “. The login input line (user name) and password should appear. Enter the values ​​of “admin” and “admin” into the lines. Also, the login and password can be viewed on the bottom of the router, on the sticker. Click “Entrance”.
  • The following is the WAN network settings stage so that the router can distribute the Internet. Previously, you need to learn from the provider, look at their website or in the contract for connecting services what type of communication is used (dynamic or static IP, PPTP, L2TP, etc.D.). It is also necessary to find out if the provider is necessary for the MAC address of the device. A. For dynamic IP. We go to the Network tab. Subsection “WAN”. In the paragraph “Wan Connection Type” select “Dynamic IP”. Press the Save button to save parameters.B. For static IP. We go to the Network tab. Subsection “WAN”. At the “Wan Connection Type” item, select “Static IP” and enter the lines below the IP address, the subnet mask, the gateway that we received from the provider. Often, the provider gives these data on the memo, when connecting. Press the Save button to save parameters.
  • After all the manipulations, the Internet should appear. Near the network icon the red cross should be the abyss and when involved you will see a network that was set up. If this does not happen, check the settings in the Wan tab, somewhere they made a mistake.

Installation of hardware switches

How to connect Wi-Fi on an asus laptop hardware? Some ASUS models contain switches that help to turn on and off the adapters. Its location depends on the specific model. To turn on the toggle switch is transferred to the “ON” position. Also, to turn on, you can use a combination of “FN” keys and a functional key on which the Wi-Fi icon is marked.

This combination of keys makes it possible to connect a network card. The LED can serve as an indicator.

Connect using “BIOS”

Sometimes you can turn on Wi-Fi using “BIOS”. To search for this option, it is best to use the laptop operating manual. To connect, you need to go in the base type settings on the laptop when it is turned on or reboot. After choosing the required point, set the Enabled value. To assign data, you must use a combination of keys presented in the leadership.

Installation of drivers

To connect with Wi-Fi, you must make sure that the drivers are installed on the ASUS laptop. To do this, we will use the Start menu in which we select the “control panel” and then the “Device Manager”. If, opposite the device, there is an exclamation or question mark, then the next step will be downloaded drivers from the official ASUS website and their installation. Further, a computer reboot is required.

Wireless Internet connection

On the right on the screen and below on the taskbar of your ASUS, click on the network connection icon.

Further, possible network connections are highlighted. In the right corner at the top in the form of blue arrow is the function “update”.

Upon completion of the scan, a list of installed network type connections will be updated. The connection to the network set when installing the router is selected, after which a request for an introduction of a password occurs on the ASUS. Next, we expect to receive the address, as evidenced by the change in the icon.

Network testing

To verify the inclusion on the ASUS network Wi-Fi, it is necessary to launch a browser. Next is the address of the Internet page. If it has not been loaded, then it is necessary to check the balance. With a sufficient balance of money, you need to check and configure again. And after that we consult a support center for the presence of an adapter malfunction. They can also consult how to configure the network. In the work, we examined how to configure Wi-Fi on the ASUS laptop. This manual should not be difficult and there are no special skills to conduct the necessary settings.

How To Fix Wireless Adapter Missing In Windows 10 | Get WiFi Adapter Back

The main problems and ways to solve them

There is no wi-fi icon in the tray

There are several main reasons why this is happening:

  • There is no wireless network. The Wi-Fi Adapter is installed in all modern portable computers, and it can only be on very old models, or on the devices from which this part was removed.
  • Wireless network adapter malfunction. It remains only to replace, for this it is worth contacting a master who will fix or change the detail.
  • The problem with the drivers is the absence, malfunction or outdated version. It is necessary to update either through the “Device Manager”, or by downloading the driver over the Internet on your own.
  • Wi-Fi adapter is turned off. You need to turn it on, also through the device manager.
  • The presence of viruses in the system. Use any convenient antivirus program and scan the computer for viral activity.
  • Firewall or antivirus programs block network functions, which is why it is not possible to connect to the Wi-Fi network. Turn them off and try to connect again to the wireless access point.

The wireless network icon is crossed out with a red cross

Causes of error and recommendations on correcting the problem:

A snowflake is displayed on Wi-Fi icon

Such a badge suggests that the Wi-Fi module works properly, and there are available networks that can be connected to.

In order to connect with the desired access point, you need to click on this icon, select the necessary network, and then enter the security key and click on “Connect”. ASUS laptop will be connected to the Internet.

If you cannot connect with your network, or do not see it in the list of available ones at all, and the snowflake continues to be displayed on the icon, then you can reboot the router or even make it full reset to factory settings. It is also recommended to launch a means of eliminating Windows malfunctions so that it reveals the problem. And check that the driver of the latest version is installed on the network adapter.

Wireless connection is displayed, but there are no Wi-Fi networks

Some recommendations for eliminating error:

  • Press with the right button on the connection icon and select the “Diagnostics” item.
  • A system program will start that will look for possible problems with network equipment. If the utility shows that the malfunction takes place, then the recommendations for its elimination will be displayed there, which must be followed.

It is also worth scanning the system for viral activity with any convenient antivirus. Do not forget to check that the system has an actual and corrected version of the driver for the Wi-Fi adapter. So, on this we have everything, we hope that this leadership has fully helped you deal with the problem of including wireless Internet on the ASUS laptop. If you still have questions, be sure to ask them in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев. Thank you very much for your attention!

Turning on wireless Internet on Windows 10

This is one of the most popular Windows operating systems at the moment. Everything in it is as simple as possible, and even an inexperienced PC user will be able to figure out all the subtleties as soon as possible. There are several ways to launch Wi-Fi on Windows 10 OS, each of which deserves a detailed consideration for a complete understanding of the topic. Further, we will talk about these methods.

How to connect Wi-Fi on an asus laptop through the parameters of the operating system

Windows 10 parameters are a special menu in which you can configure the operation of the main functions of the system. In order to enable Wi-Fi through the parameters, it is necessary to act as follows:

  • Click the “Wini” button from the PC keyboard at the same time to open the desired tool.
  • Go to the “Device” tab.
  • Stick up to the end of the list of the proposed parameters and click on the line “Device dispatcher”.
  • In the window that opens, find and expand the section “Network adapters”.
  • Select the name of your Wi-Fi module from the list of devices presented and press it PKM.
  • Select the option “Turn on” and check the result. It is not necessary to restart the computer.

Additional Information! You can go to the Windows operating system parameters of the Windows operating system, you can not only combine the buttons on the keyboard, but also through the control or menu panel “Start”.

Windows 10 parameters

Reloading the network adapter

To activate wireless data transfer on a laptop with Windows 10, it is enough to restart the built-in Wi-Fi module. This is easiest to do according to the following scheme:

  • Click the right key to the “My Computer” icon on the laptop desktop.
  • In the contextual type menu, press the LKM once on the line “Properties”.
  • In the window that opens, go to the “Device Manager”, clicking on the corresponding option in the column on the left of the properties menu.
  • After the previous action, a window will be displayed on the screen in which a list of devices connected to the computer will be presented along the sections. Here the user needs to deploy the section “Network Adapters” by clicking on its name PKM and pressing the “Disable” item.
  • Wait for the completion of the deactivation of the module and do similar actions to include it. That is, click once again according to the word PKM, and then click on the line “Turn on”.
  • Check the result. Now you can go to the connection section and synchronize with an affordable Wi-Fi access point by entering the corresponding password for it.

Note! If other devices are connected to the laptop, then they will be displayed in the list of devices manager.

Thus, you can turn on wireless Internet on ASUS laptops in various ways. The most common of them and simple in implementation were discussed above. After reading the above information, it will be possible to understand how to turn on Wi-Fi on the ASUS laptop.

Checking the work of the hardware Wi-Fi module on the laptop

Establishing the reason for the disconnection from the network is carried out by checking the state of the wireless module. To this end, they go to the “Task Manager” and click on the “Start” button, in which the “Device Manager” is opened. It contains connection folders that need to be analyzed. In the absence of drivers, you need to install them.

On some models of laptops, wireless communication is turned on the hardware method using a special button or toggle switch. After this action is performed on the laptop case, the indicator will light up, and Wi-Fi should turn on.

Important! If none of the attempts brought the desired result, it is necessary to reload the device.

Как включить Wi-Fi на ноутбуке Аsus

How to configure Wi-Fi on ASUS laptop

Most laptops already have a built-in Wi-Fi module. For such computers, no additional equipment needs and setting up an Internet connection should not cause any problems. If there is no such module in the ASUS laptop, then it will need to be purchased at any computer store. Outwardly the module resembles a regular flash card. It connects through a regular USB input, and the module is turned on by pressing the button on its case. Some modules are turned on automatically when connecting to a computer. When choosing a laptop, it is better to take it already with a built-in module, since the external has a high risk of mechanical damage.

If you are uncertain in the presence of a built.In module, then you can check your ASUS laptop very simple. As a rule, manufacturers install special stickers on the laptop body with basic information according to its contents. You can find them easily under the keyboard on the left and to the right of Touch Pad. If the stickers were removed, then you can check the computer for the presence of a module by looking at the keyboard. In the lower left corner there should be a button responsible for turning on the Wi-Fi module. If it is not on the laptop, then press the keys F1 and F12. If there is a module, then information about the inclusion of Wi-Fi will appear on the screen. If nothing happened after pressing the keys, then most likely there is no module in the laptop.

Turn on the ASUS mobile computer and wait for the operating system loading. Check the activity of the wireless adapter. Open the device manager and find the desired device in the equipment list. Make sure that all the necessary drivers are installed for him. If the drivers are not installed or incorrect, then you need to correct this error. Otherwise, even if there is a connection icon with the Internet, there will be no access itself. To make sure of the proper work of the drivers you need to go to the “My Computer” and at the top in the left corner click on the inscription “Properties”. A window with the main data on the laptop will open. In the left panel, click on the inscription “Device dispatcher”. In the list that opens, you need to find a section with network adapters. From the entire proposed list you need to find an adapter with the inscription “Wi-Fi”, “Wireless”. If, opposite this item, there is an exclamation mark, then the installation or reinstall of the driver is required. You can install the necessary driver from the disk attached to the laptop or after downloading it from the Internet. Perhaps the driver will have to be installed more than once until the moment the module does not work correctly.

So that all available Wi-Fi networks are found by the adapter, you need to configure an automatic technique of IP addresses. If you are the owner of the ASUS laptop with the Windows 10 operating system, then you must go to the “Parameters” tab. You can do this from any folder by pressing the gear icon on top and the inscription “Open the parameters”. Go to the “Network and Internet” section. In the “Status” subsection, click on the inscription “Setting up the adapter parameters”. The window should open where all the Internet Internet are presented. Select the connection that will be used and click on it twice. The network condition window should open. Press the “Properties” button at the bottom and in the list presented once click the mouse on the TCP/IP item. This item should light up blue. Now, under the window with the list, press the property button and put a checkplace opposite the item “Get IPV6-address automatically”. Also, the checkmark must be put opposite the receipt of the DNS server address automatically. After that, press the OK key.

For the user Windows XP, the automatic reception IP is somewhat different. You need to go to the computer control panel. Having opened “network connections”, you need to select the necessary connection to correct. Next, you need to open the properties of the connection used and find the TCP/IP item in the components that this connection uses. Now a item with the properties of the component is also pressed and checks are affixed opposite automatic connections.

Now it is necessary to wait for the Wi-Fi to include on, click on “Connection with a wireless network in the TREE”. As a result, a list of networks available for use should appear. Select the one you know, enter it and press the “Connect” key.

If no available networks are observed, then click on the sign of wireless networks in the system tray and select the menu “The Center for Control of Networks and General Access”. In the left column of the open menu, find the “Wireless Networks Management” item and go to it. Press the “Add” button. In a running window, select “Connection to a wireless network manually”.

Now you need to fill out the opened table. It is important to introduce the exact name of the access point to which you want to connect. Indicate the type of safety that equipment that has created a wireless network. Select the encryption type and enter the safety key (password). Put a checkmark next to the parameter “Connect to this network automatically”. Click the “Next” and “Close” buttons. It remains only to wait for the connection with the selected wireless access point.

If your mobile computer is already connected to the Internet, and you want to connect it to another laptop, then go to the network control center and total access. Open the “Wireless Networks Management” menu and click the “Add” button. Click on the point “Create a computer computer-computer”.

Wi-Fi activation guide to ASUS laptop

  • To get started, turn on the laptop and wait until the operating system is completely loaded. Activate a wireless network router. Next, adhere to the following instructions for configuration.
  • Go to the Device Manager and find the device in the proposed list. It is important that all the necessary drivers are installed on the device. Take care about it in advance.
  • In the window you will see a wireless grid icon, click on it. Next, go to the menu “Center for Control of Networks and General Access”.
  • The menu will appear. Find “wireless networks” on the left and click on this item. Then click “Add”. In the menu that opens, click “Create a network profile manually”.
  • Now you need to fill out all the lines of the table. Carefully fit the name of the access point, the type of safety used by the device. The success of the process depends on the correctness of data input. In the end, dial the key (password) and determine the type of encryption.
  • Put a checkmark near the point “Connect to this network automatically”, click “Next”, and then “close”. Wait until the device sets contact with the access point.
  • In the case when your laptop already has access to the network, and you need to connect it to another device, do the following: open the network control center, then “control of wireless networks”, click “Add” and “Create a computer computer”.
  • In the table that appears, fill out all the fields: network name, password, security. Click “Save the parameters of this network”, “Next”.
  • Then turn on the second device and connect to the new Internet network by the second, third and fourth paragraph of the instructions. Open the properties of the connection and confirm the possibility of using the network by other computers in the “Access” item.