How to connect a card to Android Pay.

Play Market contains a large number of various applications. Most of them are free, but there are also paid options. The most convenient way to pay is the use of a bank card. With it, you can buy books, music, programs and films. How to add a card to Google Play will be described in detail below.

Many users are concerned about the safety of payments through Play Market. According to the developers, all payments pass through the SSL certificate, which guarantees their full confidentiality. All completed transactions are stored on secure servers Google.

It is worth noting that during the payment the seller does not see the customer bank card number. He is displayed only a unique number, which is created by Play itself with a markete and does not bear any value.

Now the security issue is resolved, so you can find out how to add a card in GooglePlay.

How to tie a card to Google Play

There are several methods for setting up payment methods in Play Market. Each of them allows you to do the same. Let’s look at how to add a virtual card to Google Play in more detail.

Through the settings

Adding a payment tool to Play Market is quite simple. Below is a instruction, following which you will make it without mistakes:

  • Open the Play Market by first turning on the Internet.
  • Go to the lateral menu, pressing the “three strips” pierced near the search window.
  • Click on the “Payment Methods” tab.
  • Here, click on the “Add bank card” button.
  • After entering the room, click “Save”.

Now the added payment tool is displayed in the list.

through the purchase of an application

This method is relevant when making the first purchase in the Games store. When using it, these payment tools will also be saved. About how to add a card to Google Play on the phone, it is written in detail in the instructions:

  • Select your favorite application or book.
  • Click the “Buy” button.
  • In the window that appears, the system will notify the need to add a payment method. Click “Continue”.
  • Click the already familiar key and enter data from the payment document.

note! During the performance of all actions, you must be authorized in your Google account. Otherwise, nothing will come of it.

Android Pay. what is it?

There are now several popular contactless payment services. On iOS, for example, Apple Pay is practically unplendically used. The situation is more complicated on Android. some competition is observed on this operating system. However, the easiest way to use Android Pay. Especially if your smartphone is not produced by Samsung.

This service is inherently something like an intermediary between a bank card and a terminal. When registering a card, an identification number is created. it is also called token. Only the application and your bank know it. Token, when paying, is transmitted to the terminal using NFC communications, after which the bank deducts the corresponding amount from your account.

Android Pay is convenient in that payment is made very quickly. If the amount is not large enough, then you will not even need to enter the PIN code or applying the finger to the fingerprint sensor. Also, the service allows you to take a bank card with you as little as possible. From now on, you definitely will not lose it and will not forget it in any terminal or ATM.

What phones are supported?

The service works on most smartphones equipped with NFC chip. Without it, it is impossible to force Android Pay to function, since it is with the help of NFC that information is transmitted to the terminal.

An important restriction is the version of the operating system. The application requires at least Android 4.4 Kitkat. However, to meet now in the hands of users smartphones with an older version of the operating room is becoming more and more difficult.

Android Pay will not work on a device with an unlocked bootloader and obtained ROOT laws. The fact is that on such a device to use contactless payment methods would be simply unsafe. It is for this reason that most banking programs do not work on smartphones with ROOT laws.

connect, card, android


The main issue of safety, which has been asked many times: what to do with the fact that to pay up to 1000 you do not need to unlock the smartphone? I read it on IGUIides that the maximum number of payments without unlocking the smartphone is limited by three, but I saw this mention late, so I will check it myself tomorrow. But in principle, such a restriction looks logical, and in case of loss of a smartphone, an attacker will be able to spend no more than 3000.

Another horror story. people in public transport, walking with terminals and imperceptibly apply them to passengers smartphones. In my opinion, this is also an implausible story, because the payment terminal is so easy to get and, with such fraud, to calculate the thief will not be difficult. Plus, for such payment, at least the screen of the smartphone should be turned on, which means that it is in your hand, accordingly you will see a fraudster with the terminal.

I will say this: any payment tool, starting from a regular wallet with cash and ending with Android Pay, is always a small risk. In most cases, convenience justifies the mythical possibility of theft or fraud, but if you are very worried, you can either tighten the limits in the Internet bank or not use the cards at all.

Loyalty maps

In addition to bank cards in AP, you can add loyalty cards. The main stores are already in the service database, though it was ridiculous with Victoria’s card, I seemed to have found it on the list, introduced a number, and then it turned out that if you go to the store’s website, you would not get to the supermarket page at all.

Estimated deadlines project launches

According to the head of the NSPK, Vladimir Komlev, Mir cards already have more than 30 million. users, which is 11% of the domestic market of payment systems. Therefore, already in 2018, it is planned to launch the Pay world service for payment using the phone. At the same time, the Samsung Pay service is already working, and negotiations are underway with Google and Apple. However, they do not go so fast, so the exact dates of the launch of the project is impossible to name for the time being.

Chairman of the board of NSPK JSC in.AT. Komlev

How to add a card to Google Pay

Despite the fact that the Mir system is only preparing to launch the project, Visa and MasterCard have been working with the Google Pay service for a long time. Adding a card to your smartphone is quite simple. The sequence of actions is as follows:

  • First, the application from Google Play is loaded to the device for free.
  • Then open the application and select “Add the map”.
  • Entry data.
  • Accept the terms of the agreement, putting a mark in the right field.
  • Confirm the entered information using the password received in the SMS message.
  • After that, the card is added. you can immediately use it when paying for purchases on the network or in ordinary stores.

How to configure Google Pay

Contactless payment is possible only on devices with NFC. If you reflash a smartphone or received a ROOT-right (super-user), then connect Google Pay and pay for purchases anymore. Instructions:

Download and install the Google Pay application on the phone. To do this, start the Play Market and use the search by name.

Open Android application and click on the blue button “Start”, and then “Add the card”.

If earlier you have already launched the Google Pay application, then on the main screen press the blue button “Configure”.

Enter these cards. Take a picture of its front side or click “Enter data manually” to independently indicate the bank card number, validity period and CVC code. In addition, you will need to enter a payment address, phone number. After that, click “Save” and accept the terms of the user agreement. Configure the screen lock if necessary.

Confirm the card data. To do this, select “Get SMS”, and then the “Continue” button. In the window that opens, enter the resulting code to activate the card in the Google Pay application and click “Send”.

If you did everything right, then SMS will come to the phone from the bank with confirmation, and the card will be displayed in the list of “Payment”. The Google Pay setting ends on this.

Now you can pay by phone purchases without a card. To do this, just attach it to the rear panel to the terminal with support for contactless payments.

Attention: Contactless payment by a smartphone is possible only if the device includes a screen lock (PIN-code, fingerprint, graphic key).

How to change the payment method

The first card that you add will be used to pay by default. If necessary, you can add several cards. How to do it:

On the main page of the application, go to the “Payment” tab and in the window opened, click on the “Payment Method” button. Enter these maps and repeat the same thing as when adding the first card.

In the list of bank cards attached to the application, click the one you want to make the main. In the window that opens, move the slider “Basic card for contactless payment” to the “Inclusive” state.

Here you can rename the card for more convenient work with the payment system. To do this, click “Add pseudonym”, enter the name and slip “Save”. If you have a Sberbank card, then a related application for Internet banking will be displayed here (Sberbank online).

If you want to untie the card from Google Pay, then open it and click on the icon in the form of three points. In the context menu that appears, select “Delete the Payment Method” or “Disable the contactless payment” to temporarily freeze the card in the application.

You can change, add and delete bank cards for contactless payments at Google Pay. If you freeze or remove the card, then the history of transactions will be erased.

Tip: tie bonus and discount cards to the account. Then, by applying the smartphone to the terminal, their data will be automatically written off by the system and you will not need to carry their physical copies with you.

The service in practice showed objectivity and demand.

Firstly. contactless payment involves speed, simplicity and comfort. Reading terminals today are available almost everywhere: from a small supermarket to large shopping centers.

Thirdly. Various promotions, bonus programs, discounts, lack of commissions are held. Any user will be able to configure. The integration is simple and understandable, the more available free download is. Fourthly, data protection at all stages of payment of goods. The plastic number is replaced by a code combination, in other words. a virtual account.

Bids Google Google Pay

First of all, a negative feature is noted that not all cards can be tied to the application. Plastics such as the world service does not support. There will also be difficulties with corporate, unbearable, virtual accounts; Maestro; Cirrus; Visa Electron; American Express.

Another disadvantage of customers highlight the delays in the service when processing a payment for travel in public transport.

Some users say that not only the functionality fails, but also the performance of the application. So it is possible to lose information about saved cards. Others complain that payments do not pass the first time.

Also, not every new mobile device supports contactless payment. Phones have a shortage quickly sitting or hanging. But the application developers are not guilty, and such factors only interfere with the use of the service.

Contactly payment using the Google Pay application is a simple and comfortable service for consumers. A person does not carry solid money with him and does not worry that someone to pull out a wallet or simply does not lose.

No one will succeed in using cash, since the lock works flawlessly. The only thing you need to look to ensure that the phone has charging and choose stores in which terminals support this payment format.

Step-by-step instruction

You can add 1 or several cards. There are no restrictions.

The procedure for attaching a bank card to Android from NFC to Android Pay:

  • Wait for the end of checking the card.
  • Enable the screen lock to prevent the use of the application by an outsider using a password, PIN-code or graphic key. In the latter version, you need to enter it twice.

Using Android Pay On The Go With Mastercard UK

Attention! In some cases, SMS is written off in the region of 30. Later, another notice of the abolition of this action will come.

How to tie a card?

It is worth noting separately that if there are several payments at once, a choice of the main application during the inclusion of NFC may be required. In addition, each solution contains a number of settings that we have not considered, but many of them can be useful, and you should study them yourself.

We are glad that we were able to help you in solving the problem.

In addition to this article, the site has another 13176 useful instructions. Add the site into bookmarks (ctrld) and we will definitely come in handy for you.

Describe what you didn’t succeed. Our experts will try to answer as quickly as possible.

“Add” Sberbank card to the phone

Check if you have NFC

The first thing to do is to make sure that the NFC module is on the phone and whether it works (in principle, it has already begun to install it even on many budget devices).

For reference!

NFC is special. technology for contactless data transfer (at a distance not exceeding 20 cm.). The technology has received wide application and today is used everywhere. details on Wikipedia.

The easiest way to do this is to go to the Android settings menu to the Wireless Network tab. If there is a NFC module on the phone, you will see the corresponding settings section (see. screenshot below).

How to make Gpay NFC Payments | Setup & FAQ !!

You can also check the presence of NFC using special. applications (for example, NFC Check, link to Play Market).

Check if the Google Pay application is installed

In general, usually, if the phone supports NFC, then Google Pay is set by default. But just in case, I give a link to the Play Market (if you do not have applications, install it).

For further work. open Google Pay.

card scan / entry of data card manually

In the “Payment” tab, all the added cards in the application will be presented (in my case there are only 1).

To add a new card (and in my example I will add a Sberbank card). you need to press the “payment methods” button (see. An example below).

Then the phone will offer to scan the card: just put the camera on it and wait 1-2 seconds. You can enter the data data manually (number, its validity, name and surname, in general, everything that is on the front side).

After you need to enter the CVC code (is given on the back of the bank card, see. certificate below).

CVC Code can be found on the back of the card (last 3 digits, cm. An example below). Each card has its own unique CVC code. Most often it is needed to confirm the payment of online purchases. For safety reasons: never tell anyone this code.

conditions of use and confirmation

If the card details were introduced correctly, Google Pay will offer to familiarize yourself with the conditions of use in the next step (you must click on the “” button, and after “accept”).

Further on the phone tied to a bank card, SMS with a confirmation code will be sent. It will need to be introduced into the special. a field that will appear immediately after you click on the “Continue” button (see. photo below).

The card added (selection of the default card)

If the above steps were performed correctly, in the section “Payment” (on Google Pay) you will have a new card. If you have added several cards, then for payment you can choose one of them (which will be used by default).

Another alternative option

If you have a Sberbank-Online application (a link to it to Play Market) is a greater task.

After you start and log in in the application. open the properties of your card (just click on it).

Next, select the “Add to Google Pay” function (see. screenshot below).

In the next steps, you will only have to agree with the conditions and confirm your decision. After which the card will be added. Quick and convenient!

1) how much do these “games” cost with Google Pay and phone?

Is free. At the moment, neither Sberbank nor Google Pay is taken for this payment of payment. What will happen next. I don’t know.

2) how to pay a smartphone after I added a card to Google Pay?

Yes, just. Come to the store, take out the phone at the checkout, remove the screen lock and bring it to the terminal (there may be one moment: some stores use old terminals that may not support contactless payment, but there are less and less, and the program seems to be adopted that the program is accepted that In a year or two, replace them all).

After that there will be an inscription that the payment has passed (some smartphones are issued additional. sound signal).

3) on what smartphones Google Pay works?

The smartphone should have a NFC module, and the Android version is not lower than 4.four. In general, now even many inexpensive smartphones satisfy these requirements. And, it seems to me, further this topic will only popularize.

5) Are all cards you can add to Google Pay?

Depends on the bank that released the card. As for Sberbank, you can add almost any classic international maps Mastercard, Visa (except for cut social options).


I also recommend that you familiarize myself with another article on this topic (I give the link below). It is more informational (there is no instruction there), but it also contains popular questions and answers to them.

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How to add a card to Android Pay?

You can add one or more cards as follows:

Launch the Android Pay application (you can download it from the Google Play store).

Now you have a shortcut on your table, which needs to be opened.

If you have a card to the Google account, then it remains just to choose it. If not attached, then you will be immediately offered to scan it or enter the data manually. If you have chosen the first option, then you will not need to enter the number and validity period, but the next data will also have to be entered manually:

  • authenticity code (three digits that are on the circulation of the card);
  • name and surname of the owner;
  • address (street, house number);
  • city;
  • region;
  • index;
  • phone number.

About some jambs with an index in Android drink and how to get around you can read on our website.

Accept the conditions for using Android Pay and your bank:

Wait until the card is checked.

To use the application, you need to turn on the screen lock. This is necessary so that someone else cannot use your phone to pay. Select one of the options: graphic key, PIN-code, password. Remember! You need to remember it, otherwise you cannot unlock your phone.

We have chosen a graphic key. You need to draw the opening path and repeat it to confirm.

Now we confirm our SMS card: the code will come, which needs to be entered.

If your phone has a NFC chip, then everything, you can use the service. On those smartphones on which there is no such chip, the following message will appear:

connect, card, android

Important: after adding, you may receive a message that they wrote off a small amount of money (30). Do not be alarmed, this is temporary, SMS should come soon that the operation is canceled.

So, we figured out how to add a card to Android Pay. The next hint is devoted to the opposite action.