How to connect a digital console to LG TV

Is it possible to connect an analog TV to digital TV and how to do it?

Hey! Today I have a relevant topic. The fact is that on June 3, 2019, the third stage was passed on the transition to digital television. 36 regions fell into this wave.

I think that everyone already knows that to connect to the number of some receivers you need to buy a device for receiving a signal (antenna) and a prefix. That’s just today I will tell you whether it is possible to connect an old TV to digital television, and how to do it?

When connecting the receiver, your old receiver will not receive Smart-TV functions. You just have the opportunity to watch digital television channels.

Step.By.Step instructions for connecting the prefix to TV

Before connecting the TV set to the TV, it is worth de-energizing the equipment used. This will eliminate the breakdown of devices in case of voltage difference. The connection diagram is simple:

It is necessary to combine the prefix with the antenna. To do this, the antenna cable must be installed in the “Rf in” connector.

The next step you need to connect the prefix to the TV. To do this, connect the prefix with HDMI cable or Tulip cable. The method depends on the TV model.

How to connect a digital console to a TV

Before connecting all devices, turn off all equipment from the mains by means of wires. After that, connect the cable that goes from the antenna to the RF In connector on the prefix.

Insert the antenna cable into the rf in connector

Now connect the prefix with the TV. For communication, you can use one of three cables:

  • HDMI. Suitable for more modern TVs with the same exit. This wire will provide maximum image quality, which is capable of digital TV.
  • Tulip cable with three plugs. It is used most often in the case of outdated TVs. The quality here is not what is with HDMI, but if you have a small display on TV, the difference will not be too noticeable. It is easy to connect the cable: the color of the plug coincides with the color of the round slot. Yellow is used for the video signal, white for the input audio signal, and red for the output audio.

The prefix with TV can be connected using “tulip” (RCA) or HDMI

After connecting the devices, connect the TV and the prefix to the mains and turn on them. Now you can proceed to the very search for channels.

Installation and connection of the prefix

In addition to the receiver, we also need some details to connect digital television. You need to think first of all. How exactly the decoder will be connected, more precisely, through which port.

First, we look at the ports that are on the TV. We will study the entrances that we can use in the future:

  • HDMI is the most preferred, since the image will be the highest quality. We will be interested in “HDMI” with the prefix “in”. Also do not use the input for the adapter on “DVI”.

It is on the basis of entrances (in) on the TV that you will need to select the prefix. Consider the example of my model:

  • Entrance for the antenna. Here we will connect our antenna.
  • Antenna output. It is necessary to connect another prefix.
  • Digital audio. We do not need it yet.
  • HDMI. Ideally it is better to use it.
  • AV. Those very bells that can be used if there is no hdmi on the TV.

Some digital consoles may have other ways about which I wrote about earlier: Scart, S-Video, Vga, etc.D. A

There may be additional inputs and outputs:

  • LAN. I need to connect to your home router. Thus, you can go online from the prefix and watch movies from there.
  • USB. Some think that with it you can make a connection to the TV, but this is not so. This port performs the same function as on the TV and is intended only to connect external media, flash drives and hard drives.
connect, digital, console

As soon as you found the ideal version of the ports, you need a corresponding cable in order to connect the TV console. There are also such adapters like:

They can also be calmly connected in cases where there is no appropriate port on the TV or on the receiver.

On very ancient TVs, you can try to use the same “RF OUT” antenna output. That is, we take and directly connect the coaxial cable to the old TV.

Now it remains to make a regular connection: we connect the TV through tulips, HDMI or any other cable, which I spoke about earlier.

And of course, we connect the antenna cable itself to the entrance to the receiver, which should have a prefix “in”. If you bought the antenna, then the cable should be included. You can also buy a certain meter in a specialized store.

Now, through TV, the console will go a digital signal and give an impulse in analog or digital form to the TV. Also do not forget to connect the prefix to the outlet itself. We have left only to turn on the receiver, TV and configure the channels.

NOTE! It doesn’t matter what kind of TV you have: Samsung, LG, Philips or Sony. Setting is still done through the prefix, and the screen will act as a showing device. We watch further step.By.Step instructions in more detail.

  • To configure digital channels, we turn on both devices.
  • Now on the TV you need to turn on the display from the entrance to which the prefix is ​​connected. To do this, take a remote control from the TV and find a button that turns on or switches “input ports”. It can be called “Input” or “Sources”. Can just have a square icon with an arrow inside.
  • Next, you can see such a menu. Just choose our port. There is no such menu on very old TVs, so here you just need to turn over until you see the image of the prefix menu.
  • We managed to install the receiver, now we need to catch the right channels. The receiver’s systems are different, but the principle itself is the same. In the menu you need to find “settings” and enable “Search for channels”.
  • The system will automatically look for channels and configure them. You can also make manual setting.

Channel tuning

Settings of digital television channels are carried out differently depending on the option of connecting the receiver.

To configure the digital console, the user needs to perform the following actions:

  • Turn on the receiver and TV receiver.
  • In the prefix menu, select “Settings” item.
  • The country and signal type are selected.
  • Auto.Poja of television channels is launched.
  • If the channels are not detected in automatic mode, then they can be found by manual tuning.


After the setup is carried out, you need to save all the changes.

Signal quality check

If the channels are not detected by the prefix in the process of scanning the ether, then the cause of this phenomenon may be a low signal power indicator. To check it has a special function of the receiver, its launch is carried out using the remote control.

50%level is considered the norm, if below, this indicates the instability of the signal. To increase its power, it may be necessary to redirect the antenna and purchase an amplifier of the television signal

How to connect a digital console to two TVs

It should be immediately noted that the ability to connect a digital TV tuner to two TVs can be limited or full-fledged. It all depends on the purpose of the prefix itself. All Smart tuners have the function of connecting and distributing a signal at once on several different devices, so they are able to control each individually. When the receiver is absent from such an option, the second TV will only be able to ensure the dubbing of the program that is broadcast on the first device.

This problem can be partially solved by connecting different receivers. It can be a satellite plate plus cable television. Various broadcast formats work at certain frequencies. Thus, the broadcast of the same program will be carried out on various independent channels in different ways. This applies to both image quality and sound.

Connection of a TV tuner using the antenna is carried out with the aim of taking a digital ethereal television broadcasting from a relay or other transferred of the ether. Currently, there are three types of signal receivers, the very circuit of connecting a digital prefix to the TV depends on them. Consider below each of them in more detail.

Smart tuners allow you to connect digital-TV to two TVs at once

We set up digital television

The process of setting digital television broadcasting depends on your equipment.

During the setup, the LG TV may request a four.Digit password from you. If you did not change it, then you have a standard one. 0000. If you changed the code, then enter your combination.

The choice of antenna

Let’s start by choosing an antenna. Immediately note. For free broadcasting it will be needed in any case, regardless of whether you use an external receiver or bypass TV equipment. The external prefix does not play the role of the antenna, as well as the built.In tuner. Compact decimeter antennas are usually used for digital television broadcasting. They are inexpensive. About 400-600.

Another option is the “Polish” antenna (the so.Called lattice). It can catch a digital signal, although for stable operation near the tower you will need to remove an amplifier from it.

It is easy to remove the amplifier from it. It is almost a separate design in its body, which is simply connected to the antenna

Indoor antennas are suitable for places with a good signal coating. But here in the villages or on the outskirts of the city, where television studies are poorly, they will not work. Digital broadcasting is very demanding of the quality of the signal.

By choosing an antenna, connect it to the TV. Let’s start the search for channels.

TV after 2012 release (tuning without a prefix)

Absolutely all LG TVs released after 2012 support DVB-T2 without any additional prefixes.

The manufacturer offers a single algorithm for all modern models:

    Click on the Menu remote control (or settings depending on the model).

Settings button will send us to the TV control menu

Here you can find channels in automatic and manual mode

The antenna will catch federal free channels

[LG WebOS TV]. How to connect PlayStation game console to LG Smart TV

This is a general work procedure. Since the LG lineup of LG TVs is very wide, the individual names of the menu items may vary slightly.

LG Smart TV setting

SMART TV setting does not differ from the usual described above:

  • Press the Home button on the remote control.
  • Open the settings menu.
  • Select “Channel Settings”.
  • As a signal source, select “Cable” (paid cable TV) or “Antenna” (free channels).
  • If the TV asks whether to use digital signals, we answer in the affirmative.
  • Search for channels and their installation is automatically carried out.

Search for digital channels on Smart TV will also take some time. From 5 to 15 minutes

Manual TV setup until 2012

If your TV does not have DVB-T2 support, you will need a separate prefix. In Yandex.Market ”, according to buyers, are the leaders of Lumax DV-4205HD, Cadena CDT-1631, BBK SMP015HDT2, Selenga HD950D.

To connect your TV to digital broadcasting using such a prefix, prepare the HDMI cable or “tulips”. If you have a HDMI connector on TV, then choose it. The image quality will be better.

The process of connecting and setting digital receivers to various TV models does not differ. However, various manufacturers of receivers have their own subtleties of settings. For detailed instructions, contact the management of the receiver user. We will give a common and most widely used setting algorithm.

By connecting the TV and the prefix with the cable, let’s start setting up and searching for digital channels:

  • Select the HDMI or RCA signal in the TV menu (depending on which connector you connected the receiver).
  • We produce further settings using a remote control from a receiver, not a TV. Mostly the receiver menu choose the country (Russia).
  • Find the string “manual search”.

The prefixes often cannot find channels in automatic mode, so it’s easier to configure through a manual search

connect, digital, console

This map shows all real digital TV broadcasting frequencies in Russia

connect, digital, console

Here you can see if the tower has failed and stopped broadcasting

Find that frequency channel that corresponds to the closest broadcast frequency to you

Comparison of the DVB-T2 consoles SEENGA models

At the moment, the company has 8 digital receivers. Their comparative characteristic is presented in the table below. At the same time, it is worth considering that the list does not include such functions that are present on all models of receivers, for example, such as: teletecst, program program, subtitles, etc.D

Support DVB-T2
Cable tv
The presence of Wi-Fi
Frame Plastic Plastic Plastic Plastic Plastic Plastic Metal Metal
Digital tv connectors HDMI HDMI and RSA HDMI and RSA HDMI and RSA HDMI and RSA HDMI and RSA HDMI and RSA HDMI and RSA
Tuner Maxliner MXL 608 RT836 Maxliner MXL 608 RT836 Maxliner MXL 608 RT836 RT836 Maxliner MXL 608
Power Supply External on 2a External on 2a External on 2a External at 12V 1A External 1.5a External at 12V 1A Built.In 220V Built.In 220V

To view Wi-Fi programs, an additional adapter will be required. On the models T42D, T81D and HD950D in addition with YouTube and IPTV, you can watch the MeGOGO portal.

Connecting a digital console to TV TV TVs

Often TVs with Smart TV platform support do not require connecting a console to configure digital television. Since such models are equipped with a special adapter providing support for the broadcast standard DVB-T2. However, even if your TV has become an exception to this rule, then it is probably equipped with an HDMI integral.

Partially this topic was examined earlier. Practice shows that old models are equipped with analog connectors: RCA, Scart. However, there are devices that have no connectors at all, with the exception of antenna. Of course, the clarity of the picture will not be very high, but the loss is almost invisible on the old TV.

To make a “number” cable connection on the old TV, use a small piece of antenna wire. Additionally, antenna plugs will also be needed. The best option will be the use of a soldering iron, but if there is no necessary equipment, use F-connectors. Remove insulation from the coaxial cable. You need to do this as neatly as possible. The risk of damage to shielding braids is extremely high.

Clean a piece of cable by 1.5 centimeters. Bend the braid, remove the insulating shell from the central core. Carry out 10 millimeters of the central wire. Now you can wind the connectors, rotating them clockwise. Continue until the central vein begins to bulge for about 2 millimeters from the connector. Insert the cable made into the socket to connect the antenna. Now you know how the DVB-T2 prefix is ​​connected to old TV models.