How to connect a digital set-top box to your computer

To connect a digital set-top box with HDMI?

Depending on what you mean, to a computer monitor no problem at all, as long as it has an HDMI input, then it will just be a monitor, as usual. If you want to connect to the PC itself, in principle, you can also, but you need to download special programs.

Connecting with HDMI

To connect your laptop to the TV through HDMI, you need to ensure that the devices have these connectors. So before you buy this cord, check to see if these jacks are on the chassis of the devices.

If the laptop and receiver has these jacks then no problems with connecting HDMI should not arise.

  • Disconnect the device from the network, so that no short circuit occurred.
  • Plug in the HDMI cord.
  • Plug in your devices.
  • On the TV, find the Input or Source button.
  • Select the desired HDMI source, if your TV has several inputs, select the desired number.

Next, you need to configure the display on the laptop, to do this you must click on the right mouse button and select from the list of screen settings. This option works for all versions of Windows.

Find the screen resolution and set the recommended values.Then you can set up multiple displays, for example to duplicate the information on the laptop screen and the monitor. You can also switch the picture only on the TV screen.

HDMI cable is the best connection in terms of picture and sound quality. You can achieve the best picture quality of Full HD through this cable.

How Smart TV Box for TV: android (Android) Smart Set Top Box with wi-fi

The advent of the computer in the home has reduced user interest in television. Most viewers do not like to watch commercials, they would like to control not only the video settings, the antenna, but also to choose the programs themselves. The latest versions have the ability to enter the menu and schedule the viewing of favorite TV programs, scroll through commercials, display several programs running simultaneously from different channels, but still the user does not feel in complete control of the situation. The computer still has more advantages and independence, so Smart TV set-top box on Android is designed to add functions to the TV.

What it is

The new props for the “blue” screen can be compared to the plug-ins for the site or electronic equipment for the car, which has already made the technique convenient and comfortable to use. Android TV set-top box transfers capabilities of your computer to your TV. The device has an operating system, a processor with memory, USB outputs for connecting a mouse, keyboard, flash drive, games download, Wi-Fi. It turns out that the minicomputer in the set-top box and the TV set replaces the monitor. Since modern models have a high screen resolution and size diagonally, in this assembly, the TV becomes more advantageous.

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The device is a plastic box, the software “stuffing” which varies depending on the model and manufacturer. On the sides of the case there are input ports for connecting the components of electronic equipment.

The capabilities of modern TV set-top boxes on android

A self-contained operating system allows you to download documents, photos, video files, edit and work with them. A brief list of the possibilities opened in connection with the installation of Android hardware:

  • Broadcast unrestricted video content from YouTube, Yandex, other video services.
  • No need to record movies to watch them later. displays online video on the screen.
  • Smart TV box allows you to connect your webcam and get full access to Viber or Skype.
  • Possibility to use IPTV technology and choose the content from more than 1000 channels.
  • Gamblers will appreciate the high-quality video with high resolution during gaming.
  • , Odnoklassniki and users will be pleased to see the news feed in social networks on the big “blue” screen.
  • Freely connect video player, turn on office applications or karaoke programs.
  • Recording and support of 3D content from external drives.
  • Smart TV STB online mode gives you access to Google Play, where you can download any mobile apps for operating system A

Smart TV set-top box on Android: overview of possibilities and choosing the best model

Advantages for old TV

Thanks to the way Smart TV set-top box works, you can use an old TV, if the user is satisfied with the quality of the displayed image. The main functions are contained in the “smart” device, which is connected to expand additional features. If there’s a line to your home computer to check your email, your social media feed.

connect your Android device to the network or watch the weather forecast, google a question of interest, or watch a soccer match online.

The problem of multifaceted interests of the family will only be solved by a Smart TV set-top box for TVs. no need to understand how the electronic gadget works: just connect the plastic box to the old screen and use the TV rationally.

How to choose a set-top box

There is no single standard software configuration in set-top boxes. Each manufacturer offers its own idea of the future use of TV, so pay attention to the following parameters of the “smart” props:

  • Memory capacity. at least 1-2 Gb. If you plan to use it for computer games, the minimum power reserve will be 3-4 GB.
  • The more modern version of Android, the better will work the set-top box for TV.
  • Users give preference to the most powerful “stuffing” as possible. In most models of set-top boxes is a 4-core processor. For gamers at least eight cores are recommended.

Smart set-top boxes: top 5 manufacturers for this year (mini reviews)

  • Nexbox A5 s905x model has a compact size and high power quad-core processor. Powered by the operating system 6.0.1. It is controlled with a remote control synchronized with the TV. Inside the gadget has a fan that successfully manages to cool the black plastic box decorated with a red brand logo.
  • Option Xiaomi BOX 3. the updated version has a 4-core processor, Android. 6.0. The model supports 4K Ultra HD. Props comes with installed applications for sale. The “smart” remote reads Mi Bluetooth Remote gestures.
  • TV set-top box with WI-FI Beelink R68 runs on Android 5 operating system.1 TV. The device has a 8-core processor. Using the Bluetooth connector connect speakers, headphones to listen to music. USB port is designed for a portable keyboard and mouse. Manufacturers have installed 16 GB of operating memory.
  • S912 version runs on an 8 core processor. Android 6 is responsible for the variability of control and the number of functions.0. Allotted 16GB of memory for installing applications. The device is equipped with an antenna for smooth operation.
  • NVIDIA SHIELD TV is a device of premium price category. You can enjoy how the high-tech hardware works. The box comes with a gamepad for game combat, controlling racing cars and other objects in computer games. The device has several ports, a huge number of supported formats and the Android Experance2 operating system.

Nvidia Shield TV PRO 2019 TV set-top box review

What is needed for them to work

Necessary conditions for receiving a full-fledged stream from the multimedia space via Android Smart:

What you need for connection

In order to proceed with this procedure, you need to ensure that you have the following:

  • You need to buy a digital set-top box with the appropriate capabilities. A mandatory requirement is the ability to work with digital television.
  • You will need an antenna that can catch the signal corresponding to the DVB-T2 standard.
  • It is necessary to prepare all the necessary connecting cables.
  • RF modulator is necessary in cases where the TV model is so old that it does not have the necessary connectors.

Once everything is prepared, you can proceed with the connection.

Installing a WEB-camera on a PC

This process is quite simple and consists of only a few steps. You will not need any special knowledge and skills, you just need to act according to the instructions.

Study the documentation

The camera often comes with a manual, which clearly describes how to proceed. Sometimes you first need to install the drivers, and then connect the WEB-camera to your PC, but sometimes the opposite happens. In any case, study the manual.

Connect the device and install the driver

In most cases, the first thing you need to connect the camera to the PC:

Your computer will see the new device, but can not identify it without the driver on the webcam. Where to find this web driver? Everything is very simple:

  • If you find it, insert it into your computer’s CD-ROM drive.
  • Start installing the driver.
  • After its completion, restart the computer, and the camera will start working.

At this point, the question of how to install a webcam on a computer without a disk? It also happens that it is not included. In this case we need to download the driver for webcam:

  • Launch it.
  • Find an undefined device there (there will be a yellow icon next to it).
  • Right click on it and open the Properties.
  • Switch to the “Information” tab and select “Hardware ID”.
  • Copy the value.
  • Open the devid website in your and type this “ID” into its search box.

Possible difficulties and errors

Considering that the connection path is not that complicated, but the settings are long and thorny, errors can occur at different stages of entering the necessary data in the appropriate fields.

Besides, setup fields can be different for each router and IP-camera, which can create some difficulties in the work.

Also keep in mind that downloading utilities from unconfirmed sources on the Internet can lead to infections of viruses, loss of performance, loss of valuable data and other negative consequences.

When you connect to a PC or router and set up an IP camera, the main thing is to understand that you can do this job yourself only if you follow all the points and do it without unnecessary haste, checking all the entered fields for one or more cameras to ensure that they work properly.

How to Connect a Digital Camera to a Computer

Sooner or later, the footage recorded with your digital camera will need to be copied to your computer for viewing or editing. Depending on the type of camera will use different interfaces to connect.

  • How to Connect a Digital Camera to a Computer
  • How to use a regular camera as a webcam
  • How to Connect a Security Camera to a Computer

To connect your digital camera to your computer, you’ll need a cable cord and an appropriate connector in your computer’s system box. Usually a USB cable is used. Connect one end to your digital camera and the other end to the USB port on your computer. After that, turn on the camera. Some models offer several options to connect to your computer. these will be displayed on the screen of the device. Choose from the suggested ones that suit you best. After that, the system will detect the connection of a new device and automatically install the necessary drivers.

In some cases, the drivers required for a digital camera to work properly are not installed automatically. Insert the disc provided with the camera into the computer, wait for it to load, and then install the necessary drivers.

You can also download the driver from the manufacturer’s official website. Open the website, find the appropriate camera model in the catalog, and download the driver installation file. After downloading, double-click on it and install it.

Digital video cameras miniDV and HDV, which use a cassette as a recording medium, connected to a computer using IEEE1394 interface. Other names are i.Link and FireWire. To connect such a camera you will need the appropriate wire and an IEEE1394 card installed in your computer system unit. Connect one end of the wire to the digital camera, and the other end to the IEEE1394 jack in the system unit.

An IEEE1394 connection is required to transfer video from the camera to your computer. You will also need a special program for capturing video, such as the standard Windows Movie Maker. In order to send photos taken with such a camera, you will need a USB connection.

Possible complications and errors

Considering that the connection path is not that complicated, but the settings are long and thorny, errors can occur at different stages of entering the necessary data in the appropriate fields.

Besides, each router and IP camera may have different settings fields which may cause some complications.

Also, please keep in mind that downloading utilities from unverified Internet sources may lead to virus infections, performance degradation, loss of valuable data and other negative effects.

When connecting to a PC or router and setting up an IP camera, the main thing is to understand that you can do this job only if you follow all the points and do it without unnecessary haste, checking all the entered fields for one or more cameras to ensure that they work properly.