How to connect a DVR to a laptop via VGA

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Is it possible to connect a monitor to a laptop with a broken screen?

On your main computer, press the Windows P key and select “Connect to a Wireless Display” at the very bottom. Your computer will begin to look for available displays, and as soon as the second screen is found, you will have the opportunity to expand and duplicate.

There is a simpler and more affordable way on Windows 10. Using the “Project on this computer” parameter “Parameters” of the screen of the screen properties. True, it will work only if the laptop is equipped with a Wi-Fi adapter with Miracast support (standard transmission of multimedia-signal).

Mechanical problems

First of all, you need to watch the “mechanical” component, namely:

  • Cable. After all, often DVRs of Chinese production, and the quality of the components they have appropriate. He himself was a witness when the cable was simply scattered in his hands, namely the contacts broke. This is the first and most banal reason why the computer does not see the registrar. Just try to replace the cable.
  • USB contacts. Also often fail. Both on the device itself and on the computer. It is worthwhile to plunge into another port. I also want to note that some DVRs do not work with USB 3.0, usually they are painted, in blue, just go to other connectors.
  • Memory card.It is worth noting that some models can “stupid” or not work at all due to the wrong memory card. As I already wrote, for modern devices, 10 classes are needed, if you have 2. 4. 6. 8, work in 70% of cases will not be. Also, some DVRs will not be determined by the computer.

How to connect to a DVR via the Internet?

To connect a DVR to the Internet, you need to connect it to your local network. For example, if you use a home Wi-Fi router TP-Link TL-WR841N, then you need to connect a network cable to the LAN router LAN and to the corresponding connector in the DVR.

Most often, the manufacturer describes this process in detail. As a rule, the kit includes a special USB cable, which is connected to the registrar at one end, and others to a USB port on a computer or laptop. After connection, the registrar goes into the drive mode and works as a regular memory card.

How to Connect Dahua DVR with Laptop without internet!

How to make better functionality?

It is necessary to connect it to the PC and, as it should, store records on the outer/main disk, encode and load them somewhere, write it on the carrier in other words to do any other deeds. This is especially useful for those who want to keep the video.

How to connect a DVR to PC? For this purpose, you need a cable with the HDMI (High Definition Media Interface) at both ends at another HDMI connector at one end and audio/video defect RCA-type or USB at the other end, depending on available ports of connection on the device. Regardless of the wire used, the connection is carried out rapidly, and you will download the contents to the PC very quickly.

Computer settings

To connect the DVR to the Windows computer, go to the control panel/center of control of networks and total access:

  • Here, select the option “Change of adapter parameters”. “connection by local network”.
  • Click on it twice. A window of properties will open.
  • Find the IP version 4 and click the line twice.

Now it’s time to put the IP address directly on the computer. For example, DVR was assigned IP “192.168.One.20″. You need to put the IP of the same series on PC.

The computer does not see the DVR via USB. What to do?

What to do if when connecting the DVR, the computer does not see it, or sees but does not determine.

DVR unit, or DVR (Digital Video Recorder), has largely replaced standard video recorders that reproduce VHS cassettes or home DVD recordi, due to its ability to write down directly on a built-in hard drive. Despite the fact that some old.Style devices are still in circulation, DVR offer much more opportunities.

Computer settings

To connect the DVR to the Windows computer, go to the control panel/center of control of networks and total access:

  • Here, select the option “Change of adapter parameters”. “connection by local network”.
  • Click on it twice. A window of properties will open.
  • Find the IP version 4 and click the line twice.

Now it’s time to put the IP address directly on the computer. For example, DVR was assigned IP “192.168.One.20″. You need to put the IP of the same series on PC.

How to connect a registrar to a network?

To connect to the registrar from another PC, you need to open it on the Internet-Explorer browser (it is this browser, t. To. You cannot connect from other browsers) and enter into the target line of the IP address that you assigned to the DVR (in our case, this is 192.168.One.20).

  • Connect your computer with a registrar using a cable.
  • Open the “Networks control center and total access”
  • In the “Control Center and General Access” active Ethernet Coherenting will be displayed.

How to connect a laptop to a DVR instead of a monitor?

The need to use a laptop, as an additional monitor for PC, occurs quite often, and how to use a laptop as a monitor for a computer and how to connect it will be promptly step.By.Step instructions and visual photos. Since this can be done?

Is it possible to use a laptop as a monitor?

Yes, such an opportunity really exists. And the need for a second monitor often arises, for example, in office workers. The most common methods that allow the use of a laptop as an additional display are such:

In the first case, VGA, DVI or HDMI cables are standard for connecting (the latter is used for Mac laptops).

You can also use additional synchronization programs. For example, Air Display, Teamwiewer and so on.

connect, laptop

These are the most basic methods, and further about them will be described in more detail.

By means of cable

This option is the most simple and reliable. Connection is carried out through the system unit. It is only important to purchase a suitable cable. Over, the external laptop integration may have differences, depending on the model. It is necessary to specify the ports of video in both devices. For a personal computer, this is standard:

A frequent case when there is a cable, but it is not suitable, and there is no way to buy a new one. You can make it easier and buy an adapter from the available cable to the desired entrance.

How to make a connection (Windows)

Using a cable, you need to connect a personal computer to a laptop. Most often it is done through VGA.

connect, laptop

Turn on both devices and then perform the following sequence of actions:

  • Wait for the loading of operating systems.
  • Click the right mouse button on the desktop on the PC, calling the context menu.
  • Select the parameters/resolution of the screen (the inscription will depend on the version of the operating system).
  • Click on a picture of the screen marked with the number 2.
  • In the field several screens select duplicate item.
  • Press approx.

Thus, a copy of the PC desktop will be displayed on the laptop.

How to make a connection (Mac)

If the laptop with the Mac OS is used, the connection is performed as follows:

  • Connect PC to the laptop via HDMI.
  • On the laptop to enter the settings section.
  • Select the option system settings.
  • In the subsection monitors will be an image with several monitors.
  • Next, you need to place one of the rectangles relative to PC.
  • Click OK so that the actions are preserved.

This configuration is used not only by office workers who can not do without a PC monitor connected to a laptop, because you often need to open a lot of files or databases at the same time. But, apparently, it will not work to use the laptop instead of the main monitor, just connecting the wires.

With Wi-Fi

For PC with Windows 7 OS and other later versions (Windows 8 and 10) there are several excellent programs with which you can quickly and without problems connect a laptop to a personal computer using only wireless Internet.

Air Display

To be able to use this program, first of all you need to install and activate it on both devices. Having completed simple settings, it will be possible to quickly achieve the result. The instruction built into the application is simple and understandable, so the connection will take no more than a minute.

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This utility will be able to provide stable PC synchronization with a laptop as a main display. It is important to pay attention that the application exists in two versions at once:

After starting the utility, the server is obliged to automatically detect a client device. After connecting and performing step.By.Step settings, you can use a laptop as a computer monitor.

The utility is convenient, but it has one significant drawback. It will cost expensive.


The program is used for remote access and will easily make a second monitor from the laptop for PC. Teamviewer is a free program, but only for a home user. Commercial customers will have to buy it.

In the process of installation, the home user will need to make a choice of “non.Profit use” and wait for the installation to complete. Further, the process is simple. For the connection, ID and password will be needed. This information can be found on PC and then enter them on a laptop. After that, the connection will be completed.

Zoneos Zonescreen

The program combines a personal computer and monitor at the IP address.

After starting the application in the window, select the “status” of each computer. The signal will go from the server device, and the picture will be displayed on the client.

  • First of all, you need to choose ACT as a Server. Next. Then go to the output settings, that is, to clarify from which monitor the picture will be displayed. Install a resolution and select a port. The latter is better to leave unchanged. 2730.
  • In the new window, indicate the characteristics of the picture.
  • The number of personnel without compression is better to specify 10. This means that every tenth of the account will be sent in its original form. This reduces data transfer speed, but increases the load on the network.
  • If some edits were made to the settings, at the end you need to click Reload. If not, getting along with the settings just click on Start.
  • In the laptop, start the application in ACT AS A Client mode. Indicate the port number and IP address PC. Press Next and wait for connection. The new window will open with the desktop of a personal computer.
  • If it is not clear where to find the IP address, you need to run the command line and register the IPConfig command. The necessary numbers will be indicated in the line IPV4. You can use an alternative way. Through the control panel: go to the network, then to the network control center, after. In connection, at the end. A local network and, finally, information.
  • If you have been noticed, you can try to change the video program settings.
  • In addition, one nuance should take into account. The application is already quite old, because it can be incompatible with the latest versions of Windows.