How to connect a LH TV to the phone. Features of the iPhone connection and smartphone on Android

Good day. I have a question. I have a LG 43U640V TV, it supports Smart TV and management. But I would like me to endure the image and video for example from YouTube. But I have a problem in the village. There is no about the LALL. But I have a phone with megabizlimite. Tell me which device needs to be purchased to implement my problem? Thanks in advance.

Good afternoon. A TV like you wrote above (LG 43U640V) LG does not have. There is a LG 43UF640V model. I think you have just such. Yes, in this TV there is Smart TV on Webos and there is a built-in Wi-Fi module. And this is very good in your case.

So you need to connect LG TV to the Internet via a mobile phone. You have not written what your phone is with unlimited mobile Internet, but I suspect that this is a smartphone on Android.

So, in your case, connect the TV to the Internet and watch on it for example a video in YouTube, use a browser and other Smart TVs from LG, you need to distribute a mobile Internet via Wi-Fi from your smartphone, and connect to this network (which will distribute the phone) your LG TV. No need to buy anything additionally.

  • In the smartphone settings, start the Wi-Fi access point. Depending on the manufacturer, the version of Android, and T. D., This function can be called otherwise. She is in the setting, where Wi-Fi. For example, you can see the article how to distribute the Internet from the Samsung smartphone (Android 7.0) by wi-fi. After starting the access point, the phone will broadcast Wi-Fi Network. The phone will be like a modem (router). I advise you to put the phone for charging, as it will quickly sit.
  • Further, in the TV settings, in the “Network” section you need to connect the TV to the Wi-Fi network, which your phone gives out. Just select our network and indicate the password. It is installed on the phone when starting the access point.
  • The TV will connect to Wi-Fi, and in the Smart TV menu you can run applications. They should get access to the Internet via the phone.

I don’t have such a TV on Smart TV Webos, so I can’t explain in more detail.

Possible problem: many mobile operators block the distribution of mobile Internet in this way. Therefore, if your operator also blocks, then the TV may connect to Wi-Fi, but the Internet will not work.

Try. You can write about the results in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев below. Good luck!

Wired methods

You say what wires, in the yard of the 21st century, have long been Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, and in general the whole world is rapidly abandoning the annoying laces. I understand that it looks like I want to return the “Ancient Age”, but this is not so.

MHL adapter

HDMI cable avoids delays in “pulling pictures” when broadcasting the screen onto the TV. And this can be relevant, for example, in games, dynamic films, in working moments. Using the adapter OTG or MHL, allows you to expand the full.time capabilities of the smartphone: connect the keyboard, mouse, other periphery, charge the battery. In fact, you can use a mobile phone as a system unit, and a TV will act as a monitor.

In general, the wired connection has not yet lost its relevance.

But if for Android you can use an OTG or MHL adapter, then for the iPhone you will have to buy the Lightning to HDTV Cable Video and Charge Plug and Play with an HDMI connector. Now the of such accessories have fallen very much in price, so you will not have to lay out 5,000 for a plastic box.

MHL or special connection process. The adapter for the iPhone is not difficult:

  • Insert Lightning, Type-C, or Micro-USB into a connector on the phone case,
  • HDMI cable in a TV connector,
  • We connect an external power supply (usual by 5 volts),
  • Select the signal source using the remote control from TV.


Another version of the cable connection is through the morally outdated Slimport device. The principle of operation is similar to MHL, but there are versions for DVI, DisplayPort Monitor and for the VGA-input of the projector.

Type-C adapter on HDMI

A modern wired option, but not suitable for all phones. The fact is that to support the display of the image from the device of the equipped Type-C to a large screen, the device must support the DP Alt Mode technology (most often through the dock). The list is extremely short, but if you are a happy surplus of a boot apparatus, feel free to buy a Type-C adapter on HDMI, and use health.

Like a flash drive

The easiest option, but the most not functional. Allows you to view files in the internal memory of the device, photos, videos, music. In fact, the mobile phone joins the TV like a flash drive, the main thing is to choose a USB in the TV menu on TV. A file manager resembles Windows will open, using a remote control and “arrow”, open a multimedia file.

Wireless ways

There are completely free ways to display the image on a large TV screen from any phone. Let’s understand.


Miracast is a wireless analogue of HDMI cable. To duplicate the image of the display, on the Android smartphone we move to the “Settings”-“connection”-“broadcast” menu, then click the “menu button” (at the top right, but the integration may differ), activate the function and wait 10-20 seconds. Basically, the technology is supported by all modern Smart TV, as on Android, as on Tizen.

On some smartphones, “Miracast” can be in the curtain and be called differently, for example, “wireless monitor”, “Screen Mirror”, “Mirror Shader”, “Translation”, Samsung, this function is called “SmartView”. In general, if you have not found a menu in the Android settings, check the curtain.

If you recommend using AirPlay, in fact, if you do not delve into details, this is the same. Read more about this method below.

  • When projecting the image on TV, you cannot block the smartphone, otherwise the TV screen will go out with it,
  • There is no multitasking, that is, you can not broadcast the film on the TV and at the same time sit in VK or play the game. Friends and relatives will be aware of your correspondence, pop.up messages and other data.


A great option, but we’ll make a reservation right away, in no case should you confuse Chromecast technology and the Google Chromecast prefix, these are completely different things. Google Chromecast is just the name of one of the many devices supporting chromcast technology.

Chromecast technology supports a lot of different devices from Xiaomi, Samsung, Google to all sorts of Chinese nouns. The main difference from Miracast is the image does not duplicate on a smartphone and TV. Technically, the mobile phone acts as a mega of a convenient control panel (rewinding, pause, forward, back, etc.), as it simply “transfers a link to the video” to the TV without taking part in the streaming process. In the process of watching the video, you can calmly climb on social networks, not worrying that the correspondence is “burned”.

To understand whether your TV TV supports Chromecast technology, connect the phone and TV to one Wi-Fi network (one router, so that IP addresses are from one subnet). In the cell, in the application, for example, YouTube should appear here such a badge.

You can use Chromecast not only from a particular application, try calling the Google assistant on the phone and ask him to turn on the video on the TV. The assistant himself will find the right video on the Internet, and will transfer to the TV on Wi-Fi.

Perhaps you noticed that the Chromecast icon can be found not only on a smartphone, but also on a computer, in the Google Chrome browser. In the same way, find a movie on a laptop, then click on the Chromecast icon (in the settings at the top right) and continue to watch on TV. Just like in the case of the phone, the laptop after that can be turned off and removed on the shelf. PC is no longer involved in the process, the TV “pulls” the material directly from the site.

Of the features: Chromecast technology by default supports work in Miracast mode. In fact, these are two options:


This method is designed specifically for iOS technology: iPhone and iPad.

connect, phone, features, iphone, connection

On modern TVs working on Android TV and Tizen (from Samsung), go to the application store and find AirPlay (if not, write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, I will help), install the program.

  • After that, with a swipe from the bottom up, put the lower menu on the iPhone,
  • Click on the “repeat of the screen”,
  • Choose your TV,
  • The technique will ask you to introduce authorization codes, do this according to the instructions.

Especially for YouTube

Great option for youtube lovers. The application allows you to display a video on a large screen in any available resolution, at least in HD, Ultra HD or 4K. The technology is somewhat reminiscent of Chromecast, but it works a little different

  • Connect TV and mobile phone to one SSID (Wi-Fi network),
  • We open on the phone and on TV program YouTube,
  • We go to the settings (above),
  • Click “Watch on TV”,
  • If this is the first connection, you need to enter the access code shown on the screen,
  • Everything, you can run any video.

Image output through USB

To connect the phone to LG Smart TV using a USB or OTG cable (they are no different by the principle and work), the installation and use of additional software will not be required. To do this, it is enough to buy any of these wires or take the one that was included with cellular. After that, USB outputs of two devices must be connected to each other.

After the connection is installed, there will be a message about choosing the mode on the smartphone screen. You need to choose the column “recognize as a USB-drive” (for an android) or click “Allow access to the device” (in the case of iPhone or iPad).

Then we move directly to the adjustment of LV plasma. It is carried out in the following described way.

The following buttons will be used on the device control panel:

Please note that the names of the buttons may vary depending on the model Smart TV.

It is necessary to set the plasma of LH in the reading mode of media files. After pressing the desired button on the control panel, you will get into the device menu. There you need to configure the path of reading files. To do this, click the Signal Source Choice button and select either USB or Multimedia from the proposed options.

Then we move on to the designation of the files with which we will work: audio, photo, video. After the necessary information is reproduced, it is necessary to return the LCD back to your standard mode and disconnect the devices from each other.

details on the video at the end of the article.

Image output through HDMI

Transfer the image from a smartphone to the LG monitor, you can use the HDMI cable. All recent models are equipped with a special port for connecting a TV to devices for data exchange.

connect, phone, features, iphone, connection

There is one nuance in this method. In order to transmit information from the mobile, you will need an additional adapter that will connect Micro-USB and HDMI. Usually,

The principle of connection and synchronization is as follows:

  • You need to turn off both devices.
  • Combine them with a cable.
  • Then turn on them.
  • Most likely, there will not be any messages about the new connected equipment on the plasma display, so the signal source will need to be indicated in its settings.
  • Go to the Smart TV menu and select the “HDMI” connection using the Input button. In the same section, you can adjust the image parameters, their format, quality and resolution.

If everything was done correctly, then immediately you will see the picture from the smartphone screen on a large display. Now you can watch the best programs, films and high.resolution videos.

Connection of a laptop on Windows 10 via Screen Share to LG TV

To do this, your computer or laptop should have support for Miracast. She is in default in Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. If you have a computer on Windows 7, and on the Intel processor (not older than 3 generation). then you can try to configure through Intel Widi.

If you do not know whether your computer is Miracast or not, then see this article: Miracast (WIDI) wireless display in Windows 10.

How I connected my laptop on Windows 10 to the LG TV on Miracast:

Additional Screen Share settings

There are no special settings of the Screen Share function. Unless you can change the name of the TV in the settings, in the section “Network” there is a item “Teale”.

Also in the window of the Screen Share program you can disable the “listening mode”. By default it is turned on. If I understood correctly, then when this mode is turned on, the devices can always find the TV, even when the Screen Share application is not running. If you turn it off, the TV will be available for connecting and duplicating the screen only when the application is running.

It is also recommended to turn off the “listening mode” if the connection via Wi-Fi is unstable.

If you have any problems with duplication of the screen on the LG TV, the phone or laptop does not connect, does not see the TV, then describe the problem in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев. Well, do not forget to share your solutions and other useful information on this topic.




LG Smart TV TVs

I connect as recommended. The sound floats.

Yes, the quality of the connection may not be very. Depends on different factors. From the device itself.

I have not found information on Wi-Fi adapters with support for Miracast anywhere. Please tell me-at least some USB/PCI-E/M2 models? Recently took TL-WN722N-it does not support.(p.S. PC supports Miracast (NDIS 6.30, Miracast: Available, with HDCP), LG 496200PLA TV (also supported).

According to the idea, there is support in all modern adapters. I won’t tell you specifically, since I have no way to perform a check of different models. And in the characteristics this is usually not indicated. Unless to look for an adapter on which chipset and watch the characteristics of the chipset.

See an article about Miracast support in Windows 10. The link to it is higher in this article.

I’m trying to connect Android to the TV via Miracast, they find each other, I choose a TV set from the list of devices and the window pops up on the TV, they say the TV asks to confirm the connection. But there is only one option to “reject”. But there is no “confirm”! How so?

I don’t know this should be contacted in support LG. Some very strange situation.

The same situation.writes to reject and everything Model TV LG OLED55BX No Screen wi-fi direct lines I can’t connect the MI9t phone

Just wait, connect yourself in a couple of seconds)

And I don’t have a US Skrik on LG where to find?

Hello, I was able to connect the TV to the phone for the first time. But the next day did not work. I connect both the TV and the phone to Wi-Fi, turn on Screen Share, turn on the wireless projection on the phone, but the phone is not looking for a TV

Thank you for the article! Question about sound-if you duplicate the video, then everything works fine, but if video calls, then the sound still comes from the tablet. Is it possible to somehow configure it?

I don’t know, to be honest. View everything in place, check. But it is hardly possible.

connect, phone, features, iphone, connection

I connected everything, brought the movie to the TV screen, but there is no sound, I don’t know where else can be pressed to get the sound

Try another video run. Check the volume level on the TV. There should be no problems with the sound when displaying on DLNA.

Thanks. I tried it, nothing happened. What is DLNA?

What device do you translate the screen from?

And on the phone the sound is wound? Try it from another site, through another browser. Run music, or video on YouTube.

Thank you, I’ll try in the evening, while there is no possibility. I’m not strong in technology, I don’t know where and what else to press. Or maybe the reason is that I am abroad? Maybe a phone from and a TV from Italy cannot make friends?

Sergey, I made another attempt, nothing happens. If the connection is wireless, then there is no sound. If through the cable, then there is no signal. I probably already tortured you, but what else can I do?

Nastya, you need to watch. I don’t know what else to tell you.

Hello) I can’t connect the iPhone to the TV, asks for some 6-digit password. Where to get it?

And what kind of application? Directly with the iPhone, duplicate the screen on the LG TV (standard tool) can only be on the models that support AirPlay.

TV LG 32LK6100 via Screen Share earlier with Huawei P10 Lite has been connected without problems. New Mi 10t Pro phone nothing. Through Screen Share, the television phone sees the Connect begins. An inscription appears on the TV that such a phone asks for a connection, but it is impossible to confirm on the TV in any way. There is no confirm buttons, only cancel.

Connection via Windows 10 HP to LG. connects and abruptly breaks off, on the TV pops up the message (the device is disconnected) explain how to connect normally so that movies then watch

And you definitely connect them by dlna? I need to look, I won’t tell you anything. Very little input data.

Hello, I can’t find Screen TV. The Nanoctll 49nan086 model and the same problem as described above, when connecting a laptop, reject one option on the TV. It is somehow treated? Thanks in advance for the answer.

Please tell me why on the LG TV the broadcast turns off after 1-1: 20 viewing, I connect via Lenovo Tab P11

I won’t tell you so. You need to watch and understand the situation.

Hello. Laptop with Windows 8.1 does not see the TV set (in the list of B/P the monitors is simply not displayed) while Screen Share is turned on. I tried to search with iPhone 11 through AirPlay, it doesn’t see it, but I was able to connect to YouTube through the settings of the YouTube account itself. Can tell me what ! Thanks

Wireless connection

Synchronization of the work of a smartphone and a TV receiver without wires is carried out through the Wi-Fi adapter. Modern LG Smart TV panels and Android smartphones support this technology. You can synchronize the phone with the TV using different Wi-Fi connection options.

Using Wi-Fi Direct

This option is suitable for TV panels with built-in wireless adapter and support for Wi-Fi Direct function, which is responsible for the search for networks for connecting. On mobile gadgets with Android OS, this function is supported from 4 versions of the system and above.

To tie the device by the air, no connection to the router is required. All manipulations are performed in the settings of the TV receiver and smartphone. The order is as follows.

  • Activate the desired command (Wi-Fi Direct or additional settings) in the “Wireless Network” settings in the settings.
  • On the TV in the “Network” section, enable the function of searching for networks.
  • After the Smart-TV system will determine the devices available for connection, their list will appear on the screen. You need to select the name of the smartphone and initiate the connection.
  • Wait for the signals from a conjugated smartphone on the TV.

Important! It is recommended to monitor the level of charge of the mobile phone battery. Wireless communication quickly plants the battery.

The technology does not work on old TV models and mobile devices.

Through Miracast

Miracast connection connection suggests that the TV panel and mobile gadget are connected through the router to the home network. To connect to the LG TV using this option, the following sequence of actions is performed.

  • In the settings block of the Network TV panels, you need to open the Mirakast item and turn on the function (we transfer the toggle switch to the “ON” position).
  • In the settings of a mobile device, you also need to enable a similar function. If it is not provided by default, you should download and install the Miracast-Wi-Fi Display program from the application store.
  • Smart-TV will determine the phone as available to connection. It is necessary to confirm the synchronization of the devices and wait for the connection.

Important! So that on the TV panels the picture is displayed at the top of the screen, it is necessary to install the smartphone horizontally.

Smart Share (only for LG phones)

For wireless communication of the LG brand, there is a proprietary technology Screen Share/Smart Share. For synchronous work, the TV and the LG brand smartphone should be part of one Wi-Fi network. Implement the connection is simple: it is enough to activate the Screen Share function on both devices, wait for the phone to determine and confirm the connection.

Wending connection

The main condition for the implementation of such a decision is the presence of the necessary connectors and support the selected connection technology. HDMI connection provides complete duplication of the image and sound from a smartphone on a TV panel. Connection via USB makes it possible to connect a smartphone to TV like a flash drive.

Through the HDMI integer

Modern TVs are equipped with several HDMI ports. If the smartphone is equipped with a port of Mini HDMI, then by means of HDMIMINI↔HDMI cable, physical connection is easily performed. It is more difficult to implement the connection of devices when the phone does not have the right connector. In this case, you have to purchase a special transition adapter and use the HDMI↔HDMI cable.

  • The cable is connected to the TV and the phone. It is important to remember the number of the port on the TV panel.
  • In the TV menu, as a signal source, you need to select the port corresponding to the physical connection.
  • The connection between the devices is installed automatically.

Via USB. port

USB connection is used to transfer files to Smart TV memory or playing photo collections and films. For physical connection, a standard integration is used, which is included with a smartphone. Communication configuration consists of two steps: choosing a USB signal source on the TV and the “connect as a flash drive” on a smartphone mode and the mode.

On some models of the LG brand TV, support for USB device is impossible. Despite the fact that the connector on the device’s body is provided, the phone is not connected, since the port is marked with the symbols “Service Only” or “Remote Control”. Such a port is intended exclusively for diagnostic or repair work and blocked for other connections.

How to connect a phone to a LG TV without wires

Connect a smartphone to a TV and transmit information without using wires in several ways. You need to understand that the quality of the picture and the work of a certain application will depend on the selected method. The methods are as follows.

Wi-Fi Direct

Only subscribers are able to use the connection option whose TV is equipped with a built-in Wi-Fi adapter with a Wi-Fi Direct function. It is necessary that Android 4 is on the phone.0 and above.

Connecting a smartphone to the LG TV using this method takes place according to the following instructions:

  • The main menu opens in the phone, you need to go to the “Settings” item;
  • The “Wireless Networks” tab is selected, the “Wi-Fi” section;
  • In the upper right corner there are 3 points, they need to click on them and select “Wi-Fi Direct”;
  • The device system will automatically start the search for networks for connecting using Wi-Fi Direct technology;
  • The remote control is taken and the main menu opens on the TV, where you need to click on the section “Network”, the Wi-Fi Direct tab;
  • The TV system will launch the search available for synchronization of devices;
  • The model of the required mobile device is selected from the list, a request for confirmation of the connection will come to the phone, it is necessary to confirm it.

After the actions performed, the smartphone and TV are synchronized. The signal from the phone will be transmitted to the large screen.

This method has significant advantages. For example, you do not need to stretch wires, a Wi-Fi router is not required, content is reproduced in various formats, the connectors on the device are free, you can put the phone for charging.

It must be remembered that the Wi-Fi Direct function is present only in new phones and mobile devices. If the old equipment is required to use another connection methods.


Miracast is a modern information transmission standard, the essence of which is to use wireless channels. In the event that the TV has support for this technology, the user will be able to broadcast any content on the screen, spend time in games and launch applications.

When using this option, the main requirement must be observed-the TV and the gadget must be connected to one Wi-Fi network.

You can connect the phone to the television transmitter using Miracast using the following algorithm:

  • Activate the TV, go to the main menu and open the settings;
  • click on the “Network” section and enable the miracast function;
  • Open the phone settings, go to the Miracast tab and turn on the option, if there is no such function, you need to download the Miracast-Wi-Fi Display from the Software application store;
  • In the TV menu, select a mobile device and confirm communication installation, synchronization will begin.

After the end of the connection process, the data transfer from the phone will begin. If the images are not displayed on the entire TV screen, you just need to turn the smartphone, transfer it to a horizontal position.

The advantage of using this technology is that the Miracast option transmits information in better quality, the sound enters 3D, the smartphone battery sits more slowly than with any other option.

Smart Share

This feature is a proprietary LG integration. It makes it possible to view files, videos and photos on the Smart-TV television transmitter from any phone. You only need to comply with the connection to one local network from both devices.

When connecting, you must act according to the following instructions:

  • The equipment is connected to one Wi-Fi network;
  • The LG TV SmartShare program is installed on the mobile device;
  • In the TV menu, you need to find the “Smart Share” item and go to the “connected device” section;
  • Find your smartphone in the list, connects to it.

After that, synchronization will automatically begin. You can view any files, photos and videos.

You Tube

You Tube Service is a video hosting where you can view and download video files. To broadcast them on TV from the phone, you need to do the following:

  • install YouTube application on a smartphone;
  • run the service, go to settings, select the “View on TV” section, then you need to follow the tips of the system;
  • The same program is launched on a television transmitter, you need to select the type of connection “in manual mode” in the settings;
  • The code from the TV display is entered on the phone, the “Add” key is pressed;
  • In the presented list “Broad for the device” is selected LG TV, connection is allowed.

After that, you can broadcast the videos from the You Tube site on the large screen.

DLNA connection

The DLNA method is suitable only for phones that use the Android system. In order for the DLNA technology to work correctly, it is necessary to install a special program on the mobile device, a popular application that supports this connection protocol is Bubbleupnp.

In addition to installing the program, you need to make sure that the TV supports this technology. The connection between the equipment occurs through the router, the TV can be connected to the home network with a wire, and a smartphone by Wi-Fi. Next, follow the following instructions:

  • Activate a TV, a network to which it must coincide with the one that the gadget uses;
  • Download the Bubbleupnp program if it is not yet installed on the phone;
  • Go to the application, click on the button with three stripes in the upper left corner and go to the main menu;
  • Go to the Library tab and select those video files that need to be viewed on TV;
  • After that, selected files will start on the TV.

How to connect a TV with a wired method

In addition to wireless methods, there are options that involve the use of wires. For some users, this may not be quite convenient, for example, the cable was lost. Then it is recommended to use the above methods. If the connectors and wires are in order, you can apply the following connection options.

The option can be used by users who own the Android Smartphone and whose TV has a USB port. A USB cable will also need in good condition. It is necessary to perform the following:

  • Connect a mobile phone and a USB TV;
  • A signal source is selected on the TV, it should become a USB port;
  • if the phone requires confirmation of the connection mode, confirm it;
  • On the screen of the television transmitter, a list of files will be displayed that the TV system was able to recognize and scan what the user will see will depend on the model of the smartphone;
  • It is necessary to use the remote control for viewing and navigation.

This is a simple connection method, it allows you to use the gadget as a storage device. Only the data that is in the phone’s memory can be reproduced.

The method is suitable for phones on the Android and iPhone system. The TV should have an HDMI part. Depending on the port of the phone, an adapter may be needed so that the connection is correct. After that, you need to do the following:

  • Connect the gadget and the TV among themselves with a cable, if necessary, it is necessary to use the adapter;
  • On TV, you need to use the HDMI signal source;
  • The picture is automatically transmitted to the display, if this does not happen, you need to change the screen resolution in the smartphone settings.

This method allows a person to broadcast on the screen of games, films and other content. The TV display displays absolutely everything that the user does on the phone.

The possibility of connecting a smartphone to a Smart television via Wi-Fi

Current smartphones are a full.fledged multimedia center that can replace any other gadget to its owner, because he qualitatively shoots photos, videos, reproduces music and films. We can also say about Smart TV, which fully cope with almost all similar tasks.

And if you combine two such useful gadgets with each other, then the comfort of their use will increase several times. The advantages of this manipulation include:

  • reproduction of any content on the phone on a large screen (video recordings, photos, etc.);
  • communication in the messenger or opening on the television screen of video calls;
  • duplication of open Internet pages in a browser;
  • high.quality listening to music through Smart TV speakers;
  • read books or demonstrate presentations, show documents.

Data transfer, regardless of the selected method, occurs quickly, the picture will be clear.

And you can even control the Smart TV itself using your smartphone. For example, applying it as a remote control panel. To do this, only you need to install an application called LG TV Remote. The program is free of charge of stores of any OS (Android and iOS iPhone).

Wireless ways to connect a mobile to a TV

There are several ways to synchronize two devices among themselves. Having dealt with each of them more specifically, the user can choose the most suitable for himself

Wi-Fi Direct technology

This method is very convenient, you do not need to use wires or additional prefixes, adapters, router. Only wireless wire-fi connection is enough. However, it is important that both devices support the following configurations:

  • for the TV-the presence of a built-in adapter that allows you to carry out wireless connections and supports Wi-Fi Direct technology;
  • for a smartphone. Android version is not lower than 4.0.

In addition to the mass of the pluses, the method has some disadvantages. One of the main ones includes an increased load on the smartphone battery, from which it will become faster to discharge.

Remote control for LG webOS for Android. how to connect to TV

The scheme to start connecting will be as follows:

  • Open order in the cellular: “Settings”, hereinafter “Wi-Fi”, “Expanded Settings”, and after “Wi-Fi Direct”. Automatic search for available networks will begin, so you need to immediately start installations on Smart TV;
  • run the menu using the remote control;
  • Find the item “Network”;
  • Select the “Wi-Fi Direct” section, activate it.

Next, you will need to set the security code:

  • Find in the program section “Security key”;
  • come up with a reliable password, enter them;
  • In the phone, find the login of access points created on the TV, start connecting to it (you need the specified password).

The next step will be synchronization. When one of the devices finds the other, it is necessary to choose the highlighted model on it and approve all confirmations.

After 5-10 seconds, the phone and TV will be connected. You can take on the necessary manipulations. To send files to the file monitor, you need to go to the gallery, click on the required, select in its settings “Send”, in the list of applications there will appear television data, which you need to select.

Miracast program

The modern Miracast standard allows you to connect the phone to Smart TV also using wireless data transmission. When the procedure is successfully completed, then on the television screen you can broadcast all the content available in the smartphone (any media files, including your favorite applications).

The method has its restrictions:

  • SMART support for a TV of this Inte Week;
  • one router for both devices;
  • Miracast’s functionality support smartphone. You can check as follows: search in ordinary installations or lowering the curtain on the screen by finding the option “CAST” (or “MIRACAST”). If this is not available, it can be downloaded in Google Play by introducing it in the search bar-“Miracast Wi-Fi Display”.

If all the requirements are satisfied, you can start connecting:

  • run the TV menu;
  • Select: “Settings”;
  • activate Network;
  • in the Miracast menu, transfer the cursor to the ON value;
  • enable the found (or uploaded application) function in the smartphone.

After the final stage, the mobile phone will find a TV and it remains only to confirm all the actions for the final connection.

When the phone is able to connect, and when not?

Most of the well.known brands of smartphones (Lenovo, Asus, Honor, Huawei, Samsung or others) can be connected by wireless connection to TVs. Problems may occur when trying to connect via cable. The TV will not determine the connected smartphone, or the picture will not be displayed.

One of the main reasons for the absence of a signal is the incompatibility of information transmission format between devices. To solve the problem, you need to purchase a special adapter. It is best to use the Mobile High-Definition Link adapter, as it is supported by all smartphones.

But still most devices on Android are connected to the TV without any problems.

Step-by-step instruction

As already mentioned, you can connect a smartphone by wireless or wired connection.

Wireless options

Wireless methods work when Wi-Fi adapter is installed on the TV. If it is absent, it can be purchased separately. Wi-Fi adapter is built in all the jobs with Smart-TV. For other models, you can purchase a Wi-Fi adapter LG An WF100 or LG An WF500. They are made in the form of a flash drive and inserted into the USB connector.


To broadcast videos from the YouTube video hosting, you need to do the following:

  • Download the official application to the phone and start. After that, you need to go to “Settings” and select “View on TV”. Then you need to follow the tips.
  • On the TV, this application should also be installed and launched. In the settings, select the type of connection “in manual mode”.
  • A code will appear on the TV screen that must be entered on a smartphone and click “Add”.
  • Now you need to select the LG TV and allow the connection.


Connecting a smartphone using Miracast

Miracast is one of the new information transmission standards that uses wireless channels for this. The TV model should support this technology. Such models include LG OLED55B7V, LG 55SJ810V, LG Nano and other modern devices. In earlier models (until 2018) there is no such technology.

In this case, it will be possible to display absolutely any content from the smartphone, including applications.

Important! When using this connection method, both devices must be connected to one network.

Connection is as follows:

  • Go into TV settings.
  • Select the “Network” section and activate Miracast mode.
  • Download Miracast-Wi-Fi Display Appendix to the phone. Go to the settings and enable Miracast option.
  • In the TV menu you need to select a smartphone and confirm the connection. After that, the process of synchronization of devices will begin.

The advantage of this technology is the high quality of information transmission. In addition, the phone is discharged much more slowly than when using other methods of connection.

Smart Share

If the phone is also from the LG manufacturer, then it will be best to use the Smart Share proprietary option. It must be turned on on TV and smartphone. After that, you need to select your phone on the TV, automatic synchronization will begin. A picture from a smartphone will appear on the screen.

Connection of the phone to TV via wi-fi

It is necessary that the TV has a built-in Wi-Fi adapter, which has a Wi-Fi Direct function. It is present in all devices released after 2012. The connection of the phone is as follows:

  • On the smartphone you need to go to the settings and select the “Wireless Network” tab.
  • Go to the “Wi-Fi” section. Click on 3 points located in the upper right corner and select “Wi-Fi Direct”.
  • The phone will automatically begin to look for networks using Wi-Fi Direct technology.
  • Now you need to take a remote control from the TV and go to the “Network” section in the main menu, click on “Wi-Fi Direct”.
  • You need to select a phone model and confirm the connection. Synchronization of devices will begin.

This method has certain advantages. For example, it does not require a router.


The TV should additionally have a Chromecast prefix. It connects to the device using the HDMI cable to one of the connectors located on the rear wall.

After that, the prefix must be connected to a home wireless network. Then the algorithm of actions is as follows:

  • Google Home app is downloaded to the phone.
  • The program starts. Through it you need to select a device for broadcasting content from a smartphone.
  • After connecting to the prefix, you can choose the required media files and run viewing.

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Wending connection

In addition to wireless ways, there are also options that imply the use of wired connection.

When connecting a smartphone via a USB cable, the device will be used as a drive, that is, the screen will not be duplicated. Can’t run applications or play games. You can only run separate files.

Most smartphones are connected by this algorithm:

connect, phone, features, iphone, connection
  • Using a USB cord from a kit with a phone, you need to connect a mobile device with a TV.
  • On TV LG, you should open the main menu where you need to select as source of the USB signal input. In some cases, you need to select the correct port number.

After connecting the devices, a conductor will appear, where you can select a file that needs to be launched. All management is carried out using the remote control.

HDMI cable connection

HDMI cable connection is considered the easiest to implement. It is desirable that the smartphone has an entrance to Mini HDMI, as it will create direct connections. But this is quite rare. Among these models, Samsung Galaxy S4 I9500 White, Sony Xperia Z C6602, HTC One M9 Gunmetal can be distinguished. For other models, you need a MicroUSB-HDMI adapter.

  • One end of the cable must be inserted into the connector located on the TV, and the other into the rower. The adapter is connected to the Micro USB nest on a smartphone.
  • Now you need to turn on the TV and go to the main menu, and then select the HDMI port as the source of the signal.
  • After that, the screen resolution setup should be launched so that the picture is displayed for the entire value.

Connection to the LG TV and control from a smartphone

  • Make sure the phone and TV are connected to one router. If you do not have the opportunity to perform such a connection, then you can try to connect them via Wi-Fi Direct.
  • Install the LG TV Plus application on your smartphone. It can be found without problems through a search in Google Play or App Store. In the TV settings there is a QR code for loading this application (see the following points below).
  • In the Smart TV menu, run the “connection manager”.
  • Select there “Smartphone”. “TV control” (use the phone as a remote control for a TV). There will be a connection instructions and a QR code for phones on Android and iPhone. If you have not installed the application yet, then just turn on the camera and enter it on the desired QR code.
  • After installation, start the LG TV Plus application on the phone.
  • A PIN code will appear on the TV screen.
  • Enter this code in the LG TV Plus application on a smartphone. In my case, this is iPhone.
  • After that, the smartphone will be connected to the TV and in the application all the functions to control the TV will be available. I will tell in more detail about these functions in the last chapter of this article.

Through Wi-Fi Direct

You can connect a smartphone to the TV directly. And after that, the connection in the LG tv plus appendix. I did not check the work of this function when connecting via Wi-Fi Direct. Yes, and you are unlikely to use this method. But it should work.

You need to go to the TV settings, in the “Network” section-“Wi-Fi Direct” and connect the smartphone to the TV.

If the phone does not see the TV

  • Check the connection of the TV and phone to one router.
  • Turn off the TV for 10 minutes (completely, from the outlet) and reboot the smartphone.
  • LG TV Plus works with TVs that were released after 2014. If you have an older TV, then it will not work to control the smartphone through this application.
  • Make sure that the LG Connect Apps function includes in the TV settings on the Network tab.
  • Update TV firmware.

How to use LG TV Plus?

Immediately after connecting in the application, different ways of managing the TV will be available. There is a page with a digital block and buttons for quick switching channels, volume adjustment and sound turning off.

A joystick for navigation on TV menu is available on another tab. There is also a SMART TV button, buttons for managing file playing, etc. D.

In the upper right corner there is a switch to the touch panel. This is when a cursor appears on the TV. How when connecting the Magic Remote remote control. You can move the cursor using a touch screen on your smartphone.

If you click on the “TV menu”, then you can turn off the TV, start the search, application, open the program, select the entrance on the TV, or open the settings.

In the TV settings, if necessary, you can disable all the connected smartphones and applications. You can do this in the “Network” section. Select “LG Connect Apps” and click on the “Release” button “. Confirm the removal of all connected devices.

After that, if you need it, you can again connect to the TV in the LG TV Plus application on your phone.




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