How to connect a movie from a phone to a TV

How to transmit an image from a phone on TV: wireless and wired methods

Modern manufacturers are seriously aimed at uniting different devices of a smart house and not only in a single network, in which they all will easily interact with each other. Still one of the most popular devices in most rooms remains a TV. Even TV with Smart is not very smart, the same smartphones offer more flexible opportunities at times. If it is not possible to find the desired content on the TV or it is worth watching personal videos from a mobile gadget, they need to somehow be connected to each other. We will show how to convey an image from a phone to a TV in a variety of ways: wired and wireless.

In general, the task looks absolutely feasible. There are many ways to share an image or files with a TV, but much depends on the specific case. For example, the task will be complicated if the smartphone works on the basis of iOS (iPhone) or the TV does not have a Wi-Fi module. Usually you have to select the optimal method based on the characteristics, location, capabilities and other properties of both devices.

In general, we can highlight 2 groups of connections:

  • Wired. As the name implies, to connect devices and the transmission between them, a cable will be required. It can be a classic usb-s, HDMI or less popular and specific MHL, Slimport. However, in a particular case, an additional adapter from HDMI to VGA or another may be required.
  • Wireless. We will need one of the wireless standards (Bluetooth or Wi-Fi) and a program for watching films from the phone on TV. Advantages of the method: lack of rigid binding with wires of both devices and the disappearance of the need to purchase additional devices (in most cases).

Connection of the phone to the TV using OTGMHL

The easiest and most obvious option is a wire connection using the appropriate adapter.

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On the one hand. Yes, in the era of wireless technologies, connecting a wire is generally last century and it is unclear why there are so many wires in the house. On the other hand, it is this method that transfers the image directly from the phone without any delays, so in some situations it is the most appropriate. In addition, the use of the OTGMHL adapter allows you to connect a keyboard, mouse or joystick to the smartphone and turn the phone into a full.Fledged game or computer, and use the smartphone itself as a system unit.

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How to display an image from a phone to a TV via HDMI Cable

This method almost completely repeats the previous one, but the connection cable will be different. HDMI connection allows you to convey the image and sound from a smartphone to TV.

Cons of such a connection: reducing mobility and spending on an additional wire. Will have to purchase a USB-s cable or hdmi cable or adapter. It may turn out that the TV does not have a connector for HDMI, then use the adapter with HDMI. VGA (or RCA). In this case, the image will be transmitted to the TV screen, but not the sound. If the image does not appear immediately, it is necessary to change the screen resolution settings in the smartphone.

Via broadcast on Android

Modern Android Smartphones support the “Translation” function (“projection”), which allows you to quickly display content from the gadget to the TV screen from Smart TV. It is also important that TV and phone are connected to the same Wi-Fi, otherwise nothing will work.

To display the smartphone screen onto the TV, use one of two methods:

connect, movie, phone
  • Go to your smartphone settings. Find the item “Connected devices”. “Translation”.
  • Open the curtain and click on the icon with a square (a phone or wave can also be drawn on it, like a Wi-Fi icon). Depending on the shell, it can have different names. For example, in Samsung smartphones, it is called Smart View.

Further, the smartphone will begin to search for external displays. Select your TV in the list. After that a notification of connection request will appear on it. Agree to the conjugation and ready. You can watch a movie or YouTube from a smartphone on a TV screen.

Special software

In addition to connecting directly through the cable, you can use wireless methods, for example, various applications. A prerequisite is the presence of a Wi-Fi network.

connect, movie, phone

For this method, the version of the Android operating system is required not older 4.4. Although at present old models are not produced.

To interrupt the work, you need to select the “broadcast of the screen and sound” and then the shutdown.

The application has many different functions and an affordable integration. Outwardly VGET looks like a simple Internet browser. In the search line, you should enter the name of the site for watching films, start the selected cinema. In the window of the window, select DLNA and a TV model from the proposed list on the window screen. Broadcast is launched through the Play button. The process will be displayed on the smartphone display and at the same time on the TV screen via DLNA.

The main advantage of using VGET is the ability to work on a smartphone and during a broadcast. You can even turn off the phone. The TV will not stop playing the video.

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Castto. Duplication of the phone screen on TV

Castto. An excellent screen for duplication of the screen from the Android phone on TV. The application comes with many useful functions that can be used by its users.

It has an excellent search for the nearest devices, so connecting to your Smart TV is very simple. Connection will occur on a safe connection and protect your data on a smartphone.

An unlimited stack connection of a smartphone to the TV will allow you to view videos, films, photos and applications on the TV screen.

To transmit data from the phone screen to the TV, you need:

  • Download to your phone or Android tablet from Google Play Store. It is necessary to install the correct application called Screen Mirroring, Cast Phone to TV-Castto.
  • Your devices should be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • In the TV settings, activate the Miracast Display function, and start Wireless Display on the phone.
  • Press the choice button, after which the application will show all the nearest devices to which you can connect.
connect, movie, phone

Choose a TV for connection and give permission when connecting directly to it using a remote control panel.

The devices are synchronized and you can enjoy watching the TV screen.

You can see all the work that is performed on the screen, whether it is moving the main screen or opening an application.

You can go into your game applications and play by looking at the TV screen.

Show your photos on the big screen for the whole family or watch a movie in stream mode.

Due to the fact that there are several languages ​​on the menu, the application can be used in different regions. He supports English, Portuguese, French and Spanish. Select your tongue before using the application.

Works with any TV Samsung, LG, Sony, Philips.

Screen Mirroring with All TV

One of the simple applications that will help transmit the contents of the screen of your Android device for TV.

connect, movie, phone

To start mirroring the phone monitor, check the connection of TV and smartphone to one Wi-Fi network.

Then press the Start button and a search will begin to transmit devices signal.

In addition to the TV, other devices, for example, a laptop, can be displayed in the list. Accordingly, it can also duplicate the screen on it.

Secondscreen. Mirror screen display for Android

This application is designed for advanced users who often use the screen of the screen mirror on other devices.

With its help, you can change the resolution and density of the picture on your device so that it most successfully corresponds to resolve the large screen of the TV or monitor.

Secondscreen also includes support for scanning in new versions of Android and the ability to block the screen rotation.

In the application, you can create several profiles with different names and configure to different types of monitors.

To create a profile for a specific monitor, press the button with a plus and confirm.

Further, by going into the profile settings, you can change:

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How to connect an Android phone to a TV

Wireless connection

This is the most convenient type of connection. You do not need to think about where to put another wire, you do not need to approach the TV for connecting a smartphone. The only unpleasant moment concerns that your TV should support Wi-Fi. If this is not the case, then you will have to take care of the purchase of additional accessories.

To connect a smartphone to the TV, you will need to buy a chromecast media player. Fortunately, it is not worth it and cost you only 3500-4000, and if you add about 3 thousand more, you can purchase Chromecast with Google TV. In this case, you will not only be able to broadcast content from a smartphone, but also get a full-fledged TV setup that turns your TV into Smart-TV.

And so, you bought Chromecast, what’s next? Connect the prefix to the TV via HDMI and install Google Home for Android or iOS on the smartphone smartphone. After that, switch the source of the TV signal to the HDMI port of the console and make it setting up, following a simple and understandable step-by-step instruction.

How to connect a phone to a TV via Chromecast

To use a wireless technology for connecting a smartphone to a TV named Chromecast, you need a special prefix from Google or other manufacturers. It is connected via HDMI. With the help of a mobile application from a search giant, you can broadcast any content that you need.

Any TV is suitable

The quality of reproduced content directly depends on the TV itself. On kinescope models, it is impossible to play the video Full HD and even more so 4K. But you can see ordinary photos through an adapter like “tulips” if the technique supports the desired format.

The easiest way is to broadcast content on Smart TV. Smart TV and so connected to the Internet through a wireless or wired network. And it is easy to synchronize with a modern smartphone. There, you can watch any video in various quality and format.

Classic plasma and LCD panels support various video formats, but not all. To understand which record can be reproduced from the phone on TV, you need to carefully study the TV passport, which indicates the supported formats.

How to watch a video from a phone on a TV depends on the connection method, type of file and technique model. We will figure out all the options for transmitting records.

General diagram of phone connection to TV

Always focus on the features of the technique itself. Smart TV is easier to connect the wireless method. In other cases, you will need either an additional program or a cable for connecting devices.