How to Connect a Plantronics to Your Phone

How to connect a Plantronics 220 headset to the phone (in 7 steps)

The Plantronics 220 is designed to be used as a hands-free headset on cell phones. This very lightweight device has a range of more than ten meters, allowing you to talk on the phone when the equipment is on the table next to you or in the car seat next to you. If you have just bought a headset Plantronics 220, set it up to work with your cell phone is very simple, and it will only take a few minutes.

Turn on Bluetooth on your cell phone. On many phones, it is turned off by default because it uses battery power. You can find the Bluetooth menu in the “Settings” (preferences) of your cell phone.

How to reset your Plantronics Bluetooth headset?

Press and hold the power button for about 5-6 seconds until the indicator flashes red and blue. Release it and press and hold both volume buttons. The indicator light should flash purple quickly 3 times and then the headset turns off.

To make the pairing, you need to do the following steps on your smartphone:

  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Click on the “Bluetooth” line.
  • Move the slider to activate the wireless module.
  • Tap on “Search for devices.”
  • From the list, point to the name of the headset model you wish to pair with.

How to change the language on your Jabra headset?

On the Jabra device support page, select one of the available languages in the firmware. If you want to change the language of the device, select the desired language. Click Download, and then open and run the file. If the security warning appears, click Yes.

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Go to your phone‘s settings and make sure that Bluetooth is activated and visibility time is set correctly. The visibility time is set in the advanced settings. On some phones these are called “Device Visibility Time” and on others “Discovery Timeout”.

How to connect a Bluetooth headset?

Connecting Airpods headphones to your Android phone is easy. Also turn on the Bluetooth on the phone, then open the charging case cover. Press the button on the back of it and wait until the charge indicator flashes white. The headphones will appear in the list of available devices, connect to it.


Before the first use, the owner must perform the pairing between the headset and the compatible device. This task is performed in three stages, as the necessary settings will be completed. So, now we can move on to the question of how to connect the Plantronics headset to the target device. The first thing is to turn on the headset, set the synchronization mode. The readiness of the device for pairing will be indicated by the typical blinking of indicators. Next comes the second step, during which it is necessary to activate the Bluetooth action in the phone or computer itself.

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The final stage involves plugging the wireless gadget directly into the main device. To do this, run the search mode in the phone, smartphone or computer Bluetooth devices and search the list of found names for the right model. After confirming the synchronization, the Plantronics headset will be used as a valid accessory of the device. However, you may be required to enter a password at the time of confirmation. The default setting is “0000”.

Headset control

Operation is simple. We have already mentioned the main buttons and controls, through which the user can make calls, end them, adjust the volume, etc. д. These features a modern Plantronics Bluetooth-headset is not limited. For example, you can answer calls by saying the word Answer through voice control. An even more technological solution involves the use of space sensors. The task of such a sensor is to recognize the moment when the user puts the headset on his ear. Then the automatic answering of the call will be performed.

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Despite the technical complexity of the gadget, it does not guarantee a perfect signal transfer. But there are some simple tips you can follow to get close to optimum performance. For example, the developers note that stable synchronization is only possible if the Plantronics headset is no more than 10 metres away from the phone. If you lose the connection, you can re-establish it with the call button or the Bluetooth control settings on your phone. You should also listen to the signals that the headset transmits. They, in particular, help to perform timely charging of the gadget or know about the termination of the pairing.

How to change the language on your Plantronics headset?

You can change the language on your headset (if applicable) by downloading the appropriate app to your cell phone. Go to the “Settings” menu and press “Language” to select the desired language. Plantronics Moblie Apps: Plantronics HUB for iOS / Android.

To reset the Jabra BT2046, follow these steps:

  • Turn off the Jabra BT2046.
  • Press and hold the Answer/end button (Answer/end) for approximately 5 seconds until the LED begins to glow blue.
  • Double-tap the Answer/end button (Answer/end).
connect, plantronics, your, phone

Putting aside the functional and technical merits of such devices, the stylistic qualities come to the fore. Still, headset for the phone Plantronics worthy of attention and as a designer accessory that can complement the image carrier. The company offers models in different colors, but they all differ in the original style of execution. However, a characteristic feature of the models of this brand has become a large size, while other manufacturers, on the contrary, tend to go the way of minimizing the size. On the performance of this nuance is not particularly affect, but the female audience look of a large gadget on his head a little scares.

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Pairing is the set up process of “getting to know” your headset and phone. Before using the headset for the first time you need to pair it with a Bluetooth compatible phone that is switched on.

Before you start, after taking the device out of the box:Turn on the headset. The indicator light flashes red and blue to indicate pairing mode.Pairing with a new phone:Turn on the headset. Press and hold the call button until the LED flashes red and blue.

Activate the Bluetooth function on your phone, then add/discover new Bluetooth devices.The phones provide several menus to choose from:iPhone: Settings General Bluetooth On. (The device search starts)Android smartphones

Bluetooth Wireless & Network Settings: On. Search for devices.

Select “PLT_ML18” or “PLT_ML20” from the list of Bluetooth compatible devices displayed on your phone.If your phone asks for a password, enter four zeros (0000). Numbers may appear as asterisks on the screen Some phones also require that you confirm the headset connection after pairing.Once successfully paired/connected, the headset indicator stops flashing red and blue.You can now make a call using your phone‘s keypad or voice dialing.