How to Connect a Receiver to an LG TV

How to connect a tulip cable to an LG TV?

Some televisions may not have a tulip jack. In this case, it will be necessary to use an adapter. These can be SCART to RCA and HDMI to RCA, VGA SVGA to RCA, and other options. Thus, if necessary, you can connect bells to absolutely any TV or monitor.

The side with the Scart connector, the cord is inserted into the player, and the side with the “tulip” connector. into the TV. On one side of the component cable there are five plugs. They need to be connected to the DVD player, following the color markings. Three of these are responsible for the picture and two are responsible for the sound.

Ways to connect

You can connect the Center to the TV with different wires. So if you don’t have a “tube” connection on your TV, for example, don’t worry. There are other ways.

Connecting via receiver

This method is most often used when nothing else works. You don’t connect your stereo to your TV, but to a receiver which is already connected to your TV. It’s simple. find on the center and the receivers common connectors, through which they can connect to each other. There are many kinds of cables: RCA, SCART, AUX, HDMI, whatever you have on both devices.

Important! Wires that should be connected to the TV, you must connect to connectors labeled “OUT”, and in the receiver to the “IN”. Accordingly, when connecting the center (to the receiver) connectors should go into “IN” sockets, and already in the receiver in the “OUT”. The colors on the “tulips” should match the colors on the connector bezels.

Connect the wires carefully so that you don’t have to look for a solution to a non-existent problem later.

Connecting an LG TV

To connect to LG TV, follow the following algorithm:

  • Look around the TV and center for similar connectors. Both on one side and the other.
  • See if you have the correct cable for pairing.

If you don’t find the cable you need, you’ll have to buy it at an electronics store. But do not rush to go shopping, look at home. It might be in a far away drawer or TV box somewhere.

Samsung TV

Connecting the music center to a Samsung TV is identical to connecting it to an LG TV. It’s best to do it with an optical cable (if you have ports and wire), and cables with TRS-RCA or RCA-RCA connectors.

What to do if the box is not searching for channels?

To do this you need to reset the tuner settings (built-in or set-top box) to factory settings and re-search for digital TV channels; download new firmware for your TV or set-top box; update the access card for satellite TV, if you use a device with pay TV channels.

In the case where there is no headphone jack on the TV, you can connect an active speaker via Audio-R (white) and Audio-L (red) outputs. In this case use cable 2RCA-2RCA. If the speakers are expensive, they may have an optical input.

How to connect a receiver to LG TV

All modern models of LG TVs give their owners the opportunity to watch all kinds of channels: digital, satellite and cable, as well as to download multimedia content from the Internet or connect to online streaming services. Since Russia fully switched to digital television in 2019, analog broadcasting has been turned off everywhere. To have access to 20 free TV channels, you need a TV with a built-in DVB-T2 tuner, a Smart TV or an external receiver. This is necessary in order to decode the signal.

In modern LG TV models the tuner is built-in by default and you don’t need to buy anything separately. However, for older TVs, including plasma and LCD TVs you may need to install a receiver, since these TVs are set by default to work with analog broadcasts.

What is the difference between digital TV and analog TV?

The main advantage of digital television over analog is higher quality picture and sound, the absence or minimum interference. Also unlike analog television, transmitting a signal through a single protocol (DVB-C) digital television is able to transmit the signal in three ways:

There are three types of receivers: cable, terrestrial and satellite. But the working principle of all kinds of tuners is the same.

  • They receive and amplify digital signals.
  • Decode and convert the digital signal to analog using SCART, RCA, HDMI or “Tulip” connectors.

Also, some receivers have additional features: to play multimedia from external media, record content with further possibility of delayed viewing.

Receiver whichever model and variety you prefer, its main function. the transformation of digital signals into analog, while maintaining image quality and sound remains the same.

connect, receiver

How to know if you need to buy a receiver for your TV

As we said above, all modern models of LG TV do not need an external receiver, because they are equipped with a built-in tuner T2. Detailed information about the specific model can be found in the technical passport of the device, which comes with every television set LG.

To choose the correct receiver for your LG TV, you must first determine the type of signal.

  • Cable receiver is suitable for apartment buildings that have a cable with a digital signal. Such a receiver is connected simultaneously to the cable, TV and a power source (mains).
  • Satellite tuner is suitable for owners of private and country houses, which receive a television signal with a satellite TV antenna. In some cases, in addition to the satellite tuner the owner may need a signal amplifier.
  • Terrestrial receiver is the most common model of receiver, which allows you to connect to a package of free TV channels. Such receivers were often installed for free during the mass transition to digital television, which occurred in Russia in 2019.

In addition, receivers differ in technical characteristics:

How to Connect a Receiver to an LG TV: step-by-step instructions

Depending on the model of receiver may come with an adapter to connect to the TV or not. In this case, it must be purchased separately. Then you can connect the receiver to your TV set LG.

Connectors for the receiver in LG TVs are on the back of the TV (in some models can also be located on the side of the TV).

Begin the connection of the receiver to the TV set LG should be that disconnect all devices (TV and receiver) from the network.

After that, you can connect the receiver to your TV set LG through the previously selected connector with the adapter.

Then connect an antenna or other signal source to the receiver.

Connect both TV and receiver to the network and start the automatic channel tuning.

You can connect the receiver to the TV using various cables. The most preferred way. using HDMI cable (will allow you to watch content in Full HD quality), DVI / D-SUB, as well as Scart cable. Less preferable way to connect the receiver via RCA cable (RCA tube) because the maximum signal quality at this type of connection is 1080p.

Is it possible to connect two televisions to the receiver LG simultaneously?

If you have the need to connect to one receiver two LG TV sets at once, choose a tuner model with the signal distribution feature.

How to connect a dvd to a televisions televisions

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A large variety of set-top boxes can be connected to the Smart TV device, enhancing the capabilities of the equipment. On how to connect the DVD to the TV. further in the article.

Connecting a DVD to your TV

After buying a dvd player, you must understand how to properly connect it to the TV set in order to eventually get a high definition picture on the big screen and quality audio (the device transmits sound in stereo mode). Connection cables are used to connect, as well as, if necessary, different types of adapters.

The player comes with a cable to connect. In most cases, you use an RCA cable or a higher quality type. HDMI. The first kind of cord is called a “bell cord”.

The studs on both ends should have multiple colors:

This is the international standard with which every device is equipped. On the back of the dvd player, there should be connectors with the corresponding colors. Yellow is labeled Video, red and white are Audio. R-L.

The same connectors should be located on the back of the TV device. On some models these may be on the side or front. Connecting the player to the TV is not a complicated process, but you should learn some nuances.

Adapters to connect a DVD player to a television

Sometimes it happens that LCD TV and DVD players do not have the same connectors. In this case, to connect the DVD player to the TV you will need to use the appropriate adapters.

List of common types:

  • SCART-RCA. In this case you can use only one adapter because each plug sends not only the picture but also the sound. This is the best way because you won’t get tangled with cables and the picture and sound quality will be good.
  • SCART to S-Video 2RCA. The S-Video cable can not transmit the audio signal separately, so you need to install an additional 2RCA cable.
  • HDMI-RCA. If you use such an adapter, the quality of the signal will be markedly impaired, despite the fact that the DVD player will be connected with an HDMI cable.

The process is simple, but it is important to know the nuances of how to connect your DVD to your TV with an adapter.

How to Connect a DVD to TV

In order to make a proper connection between your DVD and TV you need to choose the right cable. The first thing to do is to determine which connector to operate, and make sure that the appropriate cord is intact and compatible with the port.

As a basic guide, you can use the scheme to connect the DVD to the TV through an HDMI cable, as it is the easiest to install, and guarantees the best quality signal transfer.

  • Place the DVD receiver close to the TV screen, so that the cable is not stretched, but freely connects the two electrical appliances.
  • It is important not to install the electrical equipment on top of each other, because overheating may occur, which will damage the technique.
  • Before you connect the cables, you must de-energize your television with the player. This way you can avoid breakage, through electrical discharge.
  • Connect one end of the cable to the HDMI connector on the dvd player. there must be a corresponding marking on the back panel.
  • Install the other end of the cable to the same connector on the TV. This port is installed only on modern TV devices that can transmit a high quality picture. The connector is labeled differently on the TV panel. HDMI or HDMI IN. In any case, it is a necessary input for installation.
  • You can find a wide variety of HDMI cables in stores. If you do not want a particularly perfect picture after connecting you can use the wire that comes with the TV. No need to spend extra money.
  • The next step is to turn on the TV and DVD player and install the CD-ROM so that the picture is transferred to your TV monitor.
  • To make the picture go to your TV, you need to change the receiving channel. To do this, press the “Source” button and select the connected set-top box.

Using an HDMI cord, you can be sure that your TV will not only receive the picture in better resolution, but also with better audio.

To use this type of connection, you need to buy a good version 2 cable.0 and on. The shell should say: High Speed with Ethernet.

RCA cord is an obsolete specimen, but on DO still be used on many devices to connect the DVD to the TV. To mount the cord, you need to connect one side to the player.

The wire consists of 3 different colored tulips. Each of the colors should be placed in the corresponding DVD socket with the same color. Do the same operation with the TV.

Component cable

The component kind of wire consists of 5 plugs. To connect properly, you need to use each of them. On the panels of the DVD-device and the TV, you need to find the marking Output, as well as the corresponding port of different colors.

The white and red sockets are needed for audio transmission and are often separated from the rest. Blue, green and red are for the video signal. Make sure that all five plugs are connected.

If you use the component wire, you can get confused, because there are two tulips have the same color. red. To figure it out, you need to put the wire on the table and count them in a certain order: green, blue, red (video signal), white, red (audio signal).

Some wires may only have green, red and blue plugs. In this case you will need to buy an additional red and white cord to transmit the audio signal. To make sure that Dividedi is connected correctly, you must click on “Source” in the menu and turn on the corresponding video channel on your TV.

connect, receiver

The picture should be transmitted to the screen. If it is difficult to determine which signal source is connected to the TV, you need to click on each item in the list in turn when the DVD is on.

If an image appears, this is the new connection. If the TV monitor only receives video or audio separately, then the connection went wrong. It is also possible that the signal does not reach the device at all.

What is a receiver

Digital Television works in a modern digital format. New technology has improved sound and picture quality. In addition to 20 basic TV channels, “digital” catches more than 300 different TV programs and is constantly expanding the range.

Most older TVs, including LCD or plasma, are set to work with an analog signal DTV (Digital Television). It is transmitted in the AM band on FM radio frequencies. The quality of the transmission is not good because of the large amount of interference. And the farther away the reception point from the radio tower, the worse it is.

In order to broadcast quality television with 525 lines, 60 fields and 30 frames moved to the standards of Full HD, you need to connect the receiver to the TV.

Features of digital TV broadcasting

Analog TV works using the standard DVB-C protocol. Digital broadcasting transmits the signal in three ways:

Equipment for decoding the signal is chosen from its type. TVs with a built-in T2 receiver do not require auxiliary devices.

How tuners work

Based on the type of signal transmission of digital television, there are three types of receivers: cable, terrestrial, satellite.

Regardless of the type, all tuners work on the same principle:

  • Digital signal reception and amplification.
  • Decoding and conversion to analog signal through RCA, SCART, HDMI, Tulip.
  • Play multimedia from USB-type media and storage devices (optional).
  • Recording, stop and delayed viewing (optional).

Connect the receiver to the TV set is necessary precisely for the “conversion” of digital into analog signal without loss of sound quality, image.

What TV doesn’t need a STB

Modern models of TVs are equipped with built-in or external T2 tuner. No additional set-top box is required for these options. You can check the availability of such equipment in your TV at the manufacturer’s official site, for example, go to the Samsung website and type the TV model in the appropriate section.

You can carefully study the TV passport. It must specify the complete set and the type of incoming broadcast signals.

Smart TV, working through an Internet connection, does not require a receiver. The quality of broadcasting in this case depends on the speed of the network and the reliability of the connection.

How to connect a satellite tuner to the TV

It is worth looking at the back of the receiver and we will immediately see all the possible connectors for connection.

It’s important to find one for your TV.

The most common connectors are SCART and RSA composite, so-called. tulip. You need an appropriate cable to connect.

There are adapters to and from SCART to RSA, but it’s best to use a straight line with the same plugs at both ends.

This two-way switch is also possible

So we connect the receiver to the TV, turn them on and no picture. The reason is simple. you need to switch the TV to video mode with the AV / TV button, some older TV sets have a mechanical switch next to the connector. Note that the scart connection will load the receiver automatically, but the composite connection only requires you to press the AV button.

There are other variants of video connection in some satellite receivers for a better picture.

In various satellite receivers almost always have this connector.

It is quite universal and can be connected to the TV with this or a similar adapter

HDMI connector can be connected with the proper cable.

Used in modern plasma and LCD TV sets for better video quality.

I think its connection will not be difficult for you, approximately as described in the first post. It is enough to plug the cable into the corresponding socket.

Can be found in some more advanced receivers.

Used to connect to a computer monitor, plasma, or LCD TV with the right cable.

In older TV sets which have no such outputs, it is possible to connect with an antenna 75 ohm cable as a standard terrestrial antenna. Video tuning as one of the channels. Quality is certainly not very good, but when there is no choice. as an option.

In the Комментарии и мнения владельцев we write more all possible connections.

How to use

The television antenna must be connected to a special connector of the existing equipment. Then start the setup process in the “Channels” tab in automatic mode. The source of the signal must be “Satellite”, then continue tuning process.

Be sure to select a satellite and configure the display. It is recommended to click on “Change satellite settings” and find the available channels. After that press “Next” to search for programs exposed on the used equipment.

Help! A window with various settings will be available in the appeared window. It is advisable to check the quality of the signal used and the image displayed. It depends on it, how properly the antenna is tuned to receive satellite channels.

The next step is to define the search parameters. If there is no CAM module, select “Skip encrypted channels”, because they are not available for broadcasting. To search for it, press “Execute”.

Once the channels are found, you can sort the programs, make additional adjustments for quality picture, sound. After that you can fully enjoy watching TV.