How to Connect a Router to the Internet via a Phone


How to identify network

To determine the network, which is distributed by Wi-Fi router, just click on the icon of vertical bars in the bottom right corner of the screen. After that, the list of available networks will open. The access point of this transmitter will be without a password, so it is easy to find it.

If there are several unlocked connections in the list, then act like this:

  • Switch off the router by pressing the power button on its casing;
  • open the list of available Wi-Fi on your computer in the same way;
  • turn on the router without closing the Wi-Fi connections window on your PC;
  • The new network must appear in the list of available. It can be tracked by name and controlled later.

If the user uses a router that has been previously configured on another computer, you must reset the settings of the transmitter. For this purpose, hold down the “Reset” button on the device for a few seconds.

Important! You can also reset your machine by going to its web interface.

List of Wi-Fi networks on your Windows 7 computer

Setting up

Finally, take a mobile device and read how to configure the router via your phone. Note that we are working without a network cable, which is called a patch cord (it is needed to connect the router with a PC or laptop). Go to search for a wireless network and in the list click on the network of our access point. Connection to it should be without a password for now. In rare cases we need a code to log into the selected network. It’s easy to find, since it’s written on the back of the router.

Connect Network Adapter to Smart phone

Next, on your device turn on any browser and in the address bar write the default IP, or and make the transition. The address of the device can usually be found on an adhesive label that hangs on the back cover.

Then we get to the settings menu, or a window will pop up asking you to enter your username and password. Usually the login and password are standard admin and admin. Enter these and you get to the router’s web interface. And then goes the usual configuration.

It is better to configure the router so that it works properly with any Internet-provider, and therefore there will be no problems with connecting to the network and access to Wi-Fi for your devices. To perform this task, we need to know a few criteria that we may have been told by the Internet service provider when signing the documents to connect the Internet service.

First, you need to know what technology is used for the connection. Let us list the options:

This information is either in the documentation provided by your provider, or you can request it from tech support by calling a “hot mowing line”.

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It is also necessary to find out about tying by unique ID and ask to tie the port to the MAC-address of your router. The data can be found on a sticker on the bottom of the router.

This is a very important nuance in setting up the access point by yourself. If you neglect it, then our devices will be connected to the World Wide Web, but they will not get access to the Internet.

How to configure your router from your phone (Android, iPhone) via Wi-Fi

A familiar situation: you’ve brought home a new Wi-Fi router, already anticipating how now you will connect to the Internet and watch movies, communicate with friends and share photos, but here’s the problem: you do not have a computer or laptop to configure the router the usual way: through a network cable (patch-cord). But nothing is impossible!

So, here’s a detailed step-by-step guide on how to set up your router from your Android phone or tablet, as well as your iPhone or iPad over Wi-Fi without a cable. The process is described in such detail that the manual is suitable for both confident users and beginners. And, by the way, these steps will also be useful for setting up a router from scratch via Wi-Fi from a laptop, where there is no Ethernet port as such, such as MacBook Air.

Of course, it is worth noting that you can configure the router from the phone only if it broadcasts Wi-Fi network from the box. But, as a rule, in all modern models (at least, those that I came across) wireless network broadcasting is enabled by default.

How to connect Wi-Fi to your phone: connect to a router, configure

Since the topic is rather brief, we won’t rant too much and tell you what Wi-Fi is on your phone, what it’s eaten with, and how to connect Wi-Fi to your phone (or phone to Wi-Fi-). Let’s get down to business right away.

The only thing you need to know about Wi-Fi is the wireless Internet network, the speed of which depends on the Internet provider and the quality of the signal. Wi-Fi range varies from 2 to several hundred meters, depending on signal strength.

In both iOS and Android connection to the network is the same way. Here we go:

  • Open the menu and look for the “Settings” button.
  • Find the “Wireless networks” or “Wi-Fi” line. Click on it. Wi-Fi is on.
  • You will see a list of available networks.
  • Choose a name and enter a password.
  • Press “Connect”.

In Android smartphones you can exclude the first two items. Simply unlock the smartphone, open the Quick Menu and hold the “Settings” button. Well, this is for the very lazy.

One more thing. When there is no Wi-Fi network available on Android smartphones, they always automatically turn on the mobile Internet.

How to connect your smartphone to Wi-Fi, see the following video tutorial:

How to connect the Internet from your phone to your computer

There are several ways to connect a laptop to the Internet via a smartphone:

These methods differ in the degree of convenience, the speed of the Internet and the number of devices (computers) that can be connected to a smartphone to provide Internet access. In addition, some of the above ways how to connect the Internet from your phone to your laptop or computer are less secure than others.

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Considered in this article ways how to distribute Internet from smartphone to laptop available for mobile devices running Android and iOS. Windows Phone users can only access the Internet via a Wi-Fi hotspot.

How to connect to the Internet via a router

This series of articles will help you acquire the skills to create a small network of several computers in your home, as well as to connect your laptop to the Internet via a wireless wi-fi connection.

In order to perform all of the above operations, we will need such a clever device as a router. So as not to use any complicated terms and confusing explanations I will say in simple words: router is actually a separating box. which you can connect up to four computers via cable and many computers via a wireless connection.

That is, the provider conducts us only one cable into the apartment and, of course, we can connect only one computer, if we do not use a router.

The most popular today are routers from D-Link. On the example of the router of this firm and I will show how to perform further actions.

If you print the box, it should include the router itself, a power supply, a cable with two RJ-45 connectors, instructions for use, and an installation disk.

You probably won’t need an installation disk. because it is better to configure everything manually.

Let us now look at the router itself D-Link Dir-300. Pay attention to the ports:

INTERNET. the input for the cable that was pulled to you by the employees of the company-provider.

LAN 1,2,3,4. inputs for connecting computers. As you can see, the maximum number of 4 pieces.

RESET. A small button you can press with a pen or match. Reset or reboot button. Resets all the settings that you set and sets the default settings. A very handy button when you forget the password to the router, because when you press the button it is reset along with the other settings.

connect, router, internet, phone

How to reset your router? To reset the password and router settings, you just need to hold a little more than 5 seconds of the RESET button with a match. Then wait until the router reboots and the lights on the front panel start blinking again, as if nothing had happened.

Router can hang somewhere in the corridor, so it does not interfere. There must be a 220V socket nearby so that the power supply can reach.

Before setting up your router you need to tell your ISP the MAC address of your router. It is written on the back of a white sticker. By the way, where to look MAC-address of the specific router you can read in its manual. Most ISPs require that you tell your router addresses over the phone, just like the physical addresses of your computers’ NICs. The operator will have to register the router in the network, so that the router with this address will have access to the Internet through this provider.

Let’s look at the photo to see how the laptop is connected to the router via a cable.

Mount the router on the wall and connect it to the power and plug into the INTERNET port of the cable from your ISP.

Connect the network cable into the appropriate slot on the laptop and connect it to one of the LAN sockets of the router.

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Configure Any Wi-Fi Router from Android Phone without Laptop/PC

A properly connected router looks like this:

If you just connect all the cables, the Internet will not work, the router must be configured. Exactly the same way to create a connection to the Internet, as in the case of the computer, exactly the same way to enter into the router’s interface your username and password, so that the provider will let you through to the Internet.

On the phone, turn on the mobile Internet (in the settings of the operating system this option is called Data, Data Transfer or Mobile Data Transfer). Then turn on USB Modem mode. Go to Settings Network and Internet Access point and modem, and enable USB-modem mode. Important!

connect, router, internet, phone

How to share Wi-Fi from phone to phone

  • Turn on the mobile internet.
  • Click on the access point button there as well;
  • A dialog box will appear, displaying the name of the access point and the “zero” password.
  • In the access point settings, set the network name and under “Security” select WPA2 PSK;

How to configure the router through your phone

Now configure the router through the browser on your smartphone. To do this, do the following steps:

  • Run a search engine on your smartphone (iPhone), such as Yandex or Chrome.
  • Enter the IP-address or the url of the router in the address bar; the address can be found on a sticker on the back of the device. The address will look like this IP: or so IP:
  • After entering the user must be redirected to the settings menu, or in the opened tab there will be two empty fields where you must enter your login and password to access the router’s admin panel. Since you have previously performed a factory reset, these data will be standard: login admin and password. admin (or 1234).
  • After successfully entering the access codes, the screen should open a web interface with the router settings. Now let’s move on to the standard settings.

How To Share your Mobile Data Wirelessly to PC via WiFI Router

Pay attention to the case when you enter the username and password. By default, all mobile gadgets capitalize the first letter. Password and login should be entered in lowercase characters only.

What is Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi is a wireless communication technology that provides a wide channel for data transfer. This in turn provides a high speed of information transfer. This type of connection is very convenient for home use or for use in Internet cafes and other establishments. However, the main disadvantage of Wi-Fi connection is a small coverage area. Usually Wi-Fi router provides 30-50 meters range of coverage. In this case, the farther you are from the signal source (router), the lower will be the data transfer speed.

It is worth noting that nowadays almost every cafe, restaurant, and other public place has an access point.