How to connect a student subscription to Apple music

Unlike Spotify, Apple Music does not offer a “free version” that plays ads. Anyone who subscribes to the service will pay a monthly fee. But with its interesting exclusives and live radio shows, the subscription is worth it.

Before we go any deeper, it should be noted that all Apple Music price points offer access to the same catalog of ad-free music, offline listening, on-demand radio shows, exclusive releases and Beats 1 live. The main difference is its family plan, which we’ll talk about a little later.

The most basic price of the Apple Music 9 plan.99 per month in the U.S. Students can get a discount by halving the cost of the plan, which means they only pay 4.99 per month for a subscription to the music streaming service.

There is also a family plan where you can sign up 6 people in your family. Priced at 14.99 per month users can save a lot because it provides access for up to 6 people, each with their own personal account. To do the math, that only brings you 2.50 per user per month for 6 people using Apple Music.

Apple Music. Family and student subscriptions. Free.

One of the most popular platforms for listening to, downloading and buying music, Apple Music, was released by our beloved Apple company years ago. The multifunctional and practical app is considered convenient for all iPhone and iPad users.

So what’s the practicality of it? Let’s take a closer look at Apple Music.

  • Make sure your device is running the latest version of iOS 12.
  • Open the Music app. You’ll be greeted with a welcome screen.
  • Click try to get a free subscription to Apple Music.

You can return here at any time by clicking the Account icon in the upper left corner of the Music app and clicking Free Trial Subscription.

Congratulations, you are subscribed to Apple Music! Enjoy three months of unlimited listening to your favorite music.

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What to do for those who are family subscription members?

If so, you basically don’t need a student subscription. However, if you are part of a family group and want to change your current subscription to a student subscription, the creator of your family access will need to pay not only for the general family subscription, but also for your student subscription.

As you can see, it is not exactly profitable, so it is better to continue to use the advantages of a family subscription. If you decide to just pay for the student subscription yourself, the family subscription creator will need to remove you from the group, you will enter your payment information and pay your own bills.

Student subscription to Apple Music

Apple more than anyone else understands that paying monthly for access to several services is quite expensive even for working people, not to mention students. That’s why the company decided to offer its students a free subscription to Apple TV. Of course, you can’t get access to the video service for free at all. You need to have a valid Apple Music subscription. But since it only costs 75 a month, it’s hard to call it anything other than a gift.

How to subscribe from an Android device?

No worries. If you do not own an “apple” device, but you like their music service, you can download the application and use it successfully (of course, on a fee basis). What you need to do:

Download the required application from Google Play.

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If you’re signing up for a student subscription, click on it.

Confirm that you are a student.

Click on “Verify Eligibility” and a browser window will appear.

Type in your email address, look for your school.

Log in to the portal, if you are logged in. The system will verify your student status, and once verified, a message will appear asking you to activate the app. Select “Open with Apple Music” and you can return to the app to complete your subscription activation.

If prompted, enter your Apple ID and password.

You can subscribe from within the app. To do this, open the app settings → select “Checkout” → click on the button with the subscription price, when you confirm the connection, the payment will come from your Apple ID or Google account.

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How To: Apple Music Student Discount

To do so, check it out at this link: The offer is available to all new subscribers to the music platform. VK music subscription allows you to listen to tracks without ads, as much as you want in the background, and offline. using the BOOM app.

How to get a student discount on Apple Music

[Conclusion]: As a college student, you can get a 50% discount on a four-year subscription to Apple Music. Here’s how to get an Apple Music student membership and keep your downloaded songs forever after you cancel your Apple Music student plan.

Apple Music. is Apple’s music streaming service, giving you access to 50 million songs. Content can be streamed or downloaded for offline playback, as well as song- and genre-based radio stations and scheduled Beats 1 stations. Apple Music offers two subscription plans: 9.99 per person per month and 14.99 for a family plan for up to six people. If you’re a student and don’t have the ability to pay for a subscription? Now, if you are a qualified student, you can get up to 50% off your Apple Music subscriptions. This way, you only have to pay 4.99 a month for a membership, which is incredible for unlimited music streaming. You can learn from the article what the Apple Music student plan is and how to get this student discount. In addition, you can also get a reminder on how to save your downloaded songs forever after you cancel your student Apple Music subscription.

Apple Music student subscription

If you have a valid Apple Music, you need to select the “Login” feature and follow the instructions accordingly to choose either the student plan for students or the family plan subscription for 3 months. Next, decide on a qualitative characteristic of the student and select between “University Student” or “College Student”. To do this, activate “Confirm Student Status” and, when the search box appears, type in this email account, as well as the name of the college. The program will then link several years of entered email to the specified institution. If you have a registered UNiDAIYS subscription, then activate the “Already confirmed status in UNiDAYS”, and then enter it by filling in the line with the address of your mailbox.

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If you are a foreign student, activate the “Study outside this country: Russia” option and change your region if necessary. When you need an intervention, activate “UNiDAYS Helpdesk” for guidance. To activate your student form, log in to your school’s website and subscribe to Apple Music via WI-FI network by filling in the field with your e-mail. Once your page opens after confirming your student status, then select “Open this page in the Music option,” and then activate the “Open” option to get to the Music section to complete the subscription step.

If this is your first time subscribing to Apple Music, activate the familiarization section to use the annual student subscription. Once you receive the invitation, write down your password and Apple ID to log in to the iTunes Store. You can also use Touch ID to sign in.

As for when to pay, the first month is an introductory month and you won’t be asked to pay for it, but after the introductory period is over you will need to pay for three months or make an annual payment to the appropriate account. To do this, select “Acceptable Payment Method” and click on “Subscribe”. The payment method is basically the same as a standard subscription. If your subscription period is not over, and you no longer need it, find out how to unsubscribe from Apple Music, if the subscription period is still running, as you have subscribed. Disconnect automatically when your subscription expires.

At the end of the question about accepting the general provisions, you must agree with their terms, and then navigate at your own discretion: choose your favorite artists or popular genres.

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