How to connect a watch to the phone via Bluetooth

General instruction for Smart hours in Russian

Smart hours instruction in Russian will help to synchronize with a smartphone, understand the purpose of the functions, the intricacies of watching watches through a mobile application, and will also give answers to questions related to possible failures in the work.

M3 Intelligence Bluetooth Health Wrist Smart Band Watch Monitor/Smart Bracelet

Watches exchange data with a phone on a closed cycle. After synchronization, the devices interact with each other and affect each other’s functions:

  • The pulsometer of the clock transmits data to the smartphone, the application of which leads statistics;
  • A gesture or button on the wrist gadget starts the camera on the mobile;
  • Alerts about SMS or missed calls are displayed on the clock display.

The conjugation of two devices is carried out by means of Bluetooth. Some manufacturers are experimenting with Wi-Fi synchronization, but this method is still excessively energy-intensive and has not become widespread.

Connecting smart watches to a smartphone on Android

The next stage of any setting is to connect a Smart watch to a mobile phone. Devices made by Chinese manufacturers are best connected to smartphones with the Android operating system. Since the iPhone smartphones have its own Smart watches. Apple Watch, which do not require explanation when connecting.

So, first you should enable the Bluetooth signal on the mobile apparatus, since it is through this type of connection that Smart Watch will be connected to the user’s smartphone.

How to Pair an Android Phone to a Mercedes Benz via Bluetooth

Then you need to activate the gadget, that is, connect it to the mobile phone system. You can do this in two ways.

The first is simple and does not require additional software:

  • Turn on the Bluetooth function.
  • We go into the settings of this option on the smartphone.
  • Before us appears a list of all devices to which it is possible to connect.
  • We find the necessary device from the list.
  • We connect.

Activation through the second method requires the installation of a special application for connecting gadgets. You can find out the name of the desired software on the official website of the watch manufacturer.

  • Install a suitable program.
  • Turn on Bluetooth.
  • Launch the application and start searching for devices.
  • From the selected options, let’s take a picture to the desired watch.

This instruction is suitable for any models, so do not panic if the Baby Smart Watch does not have instructions in Russian. Children’s Smart watches are adjusted in the same way.

How to Smart Clock Connect to the phone via Bluetooth

For successful synchronization, it is necessary to install the Galaxy Wearable application on the phone. It can be downloaded from Google Play for free.

After that, you need to run it and find the “Start” button in it, after which the synchronization process will begin.

At the end of the work, a list of possible devices for connecting will appear. You need to find “galactic watches” in it. If the name of the device is absent, you must look for the link “My device is not available”.

Then the application will ask for confirmation whether your location may be determined. He will also ask you to allow access to your storage, contact list and much more. Click “Allow”.

At some point in the connection, it will be necessary to click on the watch icon and perform all the actions described in the instructions on the screen.

After the process is completed, another instruction will appear on the phone screen describing the clock management. You should also read this leadership, since it contains a lot of useful information.

What applications are needed to connect Smart hours to the phone

Smart Watch is synchronized with Android using free applications loaded from Play Market.

  • Wearos. An official application from Google;
  • Mediatek Smart Service. A program for synchronization of devices operating on the media processing processor;
  • BT Notification is the Chinese alternative to Android Wear, installation on both gadgets, suitable for any hours.

List of Applications for Popular Smart Watch models for Android:

When buying a tracker, the user must find out in advance all its pros and cons, as well as the features of the work.

It is necessary to find out how to connect it correctly and which application is better to use.

All the necessary parameters have already been established in the “smart” bracelet.

But if the smartphone does not see it, it is worth redesigning the device and again, step by step to take the conjugation and adjustment of the tracker with a mobile.

The method of connecting Smart watches according to this manual is similar to the methods of interfacing with Bluetooth other devices. Therefore, in most cases, everything will be simple and intuitively clear.

Actions for connection problems

If nothing helps, radical measures are needed, but they will not give 100%protection.

It is worth noting that such actions are performed “blindly” and do not eliminate real interference.

Reset of both devices

Reset to factory settings completely updates the device, returning it to its original state.

At the same time, all established programs are erased, and even Root flies.

Both watches and the phone are discarded from the settings.

Often after that the problem disappears, but there are several “but”:

  • You can turn the device into a brick. This may be due to the error when reset, which is why the clock or smartphone simply will not turn on.
  • Will have to restore all applications and contacts.
  • There is a chance that the problem will not leave. However, this will indicate the hardware cause of the malfunction.

When performing a reset, transfer all user files and passwords to a computer or to a cloud to quickly restore them.

connect, watch, phone, bluetooth

Photos and pictures, as a rule, are not deleted, but for reliability they are also better transferred to a memory card.

connect, watch, phone, bluetooth

Reloading of both devices

A characteristic problem for Xiaomi products: their periphery can simply stop working.

Therefore, before you configure the Smart watch, both devices need to be rebooted, and perhaps not one time.

On one of the reboots, the clock can suddenly connect to the smartphone. On the forums it is this method that is recommended first of all, t.To. Often the problem is.

Conduct a new conjugation

How to connect a watch to the phone. It was described above.

Repeat the instructions until the devices are contacted.

Sometimes any temporary interference interferes with the conjugation:

Again, the situation is characteristic of Xiaomi gadgets, who sometimes simply “do not want to contact”.

How to connect Smart hours on Android

The procedure largely depends on the type of wearable technique: often you have to avoid conjugation through Bluetooth and focus on corporate software from the manufacturer, where you have to deal with the configuration and loading of updates.

But, if you give instructions for a common denominator, you will have to act like this:

  • Find and download the application specified in the instructions from Google Play or App Store.
  • Enable Smart hours or fitness bracelet and initiate a conjugation procedure. And again there are a lot of discrepancies. Sometimes it is enough to press a couple of buttons on the case or choose the appropriate operation directly on the dial.
  • Open the application, select the “Start” or “Add device” in the list that appears.
  • Wait until the conjugation ends and access to the panel with parameters and additional settings, where the manufacturer allows you to deal with push notifications, sounds or modes of work, and also-with choosing a language, determining the time or loading music.

In the future, you will have to contact the application again. View statistics, analyze sports results or change the fed dials.

I can’t connect the Smart hours to the phone on Android

The first thing to do is make sure both devices

Important! A lot of energy is used to work Bluetooth connection. If the gadgets have a low charge percentage, the connection between them can be interrupted.

  • You need to break the Bluetooth connection and retake it.
  • If the connection cannot be installed, restart the device. Press and hold the connection button for 15 seconds until the device starts to work.
  • Reset the factory settings of the device. You must go to “Settings”, the “System” item, and then drop all the settings.
  • You need to check the availability of updates of the operating system, if any, install them.
  • If any updates are installed for Wear OS applications.
  • Your smartphone does not detect a new device, then you need to delete and reinstall the Wear OS application.

After each operation, you must re.Connect the clock to the phone until the next algorithm is reached:

connect, watch, phone, bluetooth
  • Go to the Wear OS application.
  • Find the name of the new gadget.
  • Click on the icon and select “New”.
  • Follow the display instructions.

Make sure Bluetooth is included on the phone

  • Open the settings of the device.
  • Select connected devices. If the connection settings are displayed, press it.
  • Choose Bluetooth.
  • Make sure Bluetooth is turned on.

Remove the watch from Bluetooth memory

  • Open the settings of the device.
  • Go to connected devices connected devices.
  • Choose a watch name.
  • Click on the “Settings” icon. Delete the device.

Reset watch settings

  • If the screen is darkened, tap it.
  • Scroll the screen from top to bottom and press the “Settings” icon. System.
  • On some watches, you need to move the screen to the left.
  • Scroll the screen down and press the “Disable and restore” icon
  • If there is no such record, tape the “disconnect from the phone” icon
  • To confirm the action, click on the icon “Ready”

Settlement of smart watches

Each presented application has a number of parameters that differ depending on the model of the connected device and the version of the Android operating system. Internal settings must be studied independently, since for the full coverage of functions it is necessary to consider in some articles.

connect, watch, phone, bluetooth

The parameters are usually available from the main menu on the start page. In addition, the use of all existing functions may require authorization.

This article is suitable for completion, as we paid attention to all important moments in terms of connecting and setting up smart watches on Android. Additionally, you can familiarize yourself with a similar topic of fitness scraps due to a combination of the features of both types of devices in the same gadget. In addition, do not forget about the possibility of using some incompatible devices.