How to connect Alice to a Samsung TV

Talking with Alice is possible not only in the mobile app “Yandex. with Alice. Even a computer with Yandex browser running will do. But the most convenient way to use a smart speaker with Alice. Just place it somewhere on the table or night table and that’s it. She listens to you and is ready to talk.

Yandex.Station Lite. the most affordable, but also the newest speaker with a single 5-watt speaker, touch buttons and Bluetooth 5.0. Its peculiarity is not boring color scheme, and from the color depends also the character of Alice. For example, Alice in the purple speaker is ready to dance all night. But “minty” Alice is gentle and sensual. “You come, and immediately my life is filled with meaning,” she shares. Alice’s favorite playlists are also made for her character.

Yandex.The Station Mini. although the Mini version of the “Station” is more expensive than the Lite, the speaker here is not as loud. its power is 3 watts. What is interesting about the model? There’s a 3.5mm jack, which you can plug into your phone if you don’t want to use Bluetooth. And instead of touch buttons, a sensor that responds to hand movements is used. Raise your hand up. turn up the volume. Put your palm down. turn down the volume. A fun thing about the Station.The Mini is a synthesizer mode where the speaker can turn into a guitar or drum. Only you do not need to knock on it. it is enough to move over the speaker with the palm of your hand.

Yandex.The Station. This speaker features multiple speakers that create stereo sound with rich bass. The power is 50 watts, and the range of playable frequencies is 50-20000 Hz. This means that unlike the younger models, this Yandex.The station is not only suitable for communicating with Alice and controlling the smart home, but also for quality music listening. There is an HDMI port for connection to a TV set, which means you can use the speaker as a soundbar.

Yandex.Station Max. the coolest speaker from Yandex with five speakers that form three channels of total power of 65 watts, and Dolby Audio surround sound technology. Yandex.Max Station plays so powerfully and brightly that it’s a match for a 4K TV for ultra-high definition movies. To keep the picture on the screen stable and smooth, there’s not only an HDMI port, but also Ethernet. Hidden under the trim of the speaker LED display, will help create a mood. it can display the emotions of Alice, the spectrogram of the track and other nice animation.

In addition to branded speakers from Yandex, you can find Alice in JBL Link series speakers. Their peculiarity is 360-degree sound. The speaker spreads sound evenly around itself, not in a single direction, and therefore sounds great outdoors and indoors, no matter which side of it you’re on. The configuration of JBL Link is simple. one 20-watt speaker and a pair of passive cones. There are two models of JBL Link. stationary and mobile.

JBL Link Music is a desktop, mains-powered home speaker. In addition to 360-degree sound and Alice offers rich bass frequencies up to 60 Hz.

The JBL Link Portable is the mobile version with a built-in battery that lasts up to 8 hours of battery life and moisture protection. To fully charge the speaker requires 3.5 hours. Interestingly, it uses a docking station for charging, and it connects via USB Type-C.

By the way, together with Yandex and JBL speakers you get 90 days of Yandex Plus subscription with access to Music, Cinema Search HD and discounts for Taxi and Drive.

How To Rescan Channels On A Samsung TV

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Voice assistant “Alice” befriended by Samsung Smart TV

Voice control based on the smart assistant “Alice” will be available in TVs of the 2018 and 2019 lineup of Samsung Electronics. This applies to QLED, LS series, 7100 series and above. These Samsung Smart TV devices will be the first to support the voice assistant from Yandex without additional devices.

The smart assistant “Alice” uses an open platform SmartThings based on the Internet of Things technology, which integrates all smart home devices connected to Wi-Fi. To use Alice, simply add the device to your SmartThings account on your mobile gadget, install the “Yandex. with Alice” mobile app and activate the SmartThings Connector in it.

Before that, Russia had already started releasing washing machines with remote control capabilities through the SmartThings app or with the help of a virtual assistant. This became possible after Samsung joined Yandex’s Smart Home in the summer of 2019. Samsung models became the first to be controlled by Alice’s voice assistant.

“Thanks to our collaboration with partners, the capabilities of our devices, integrated into the SmartThings platform-based smart home ecosystem, are being significantly expanded and are now among the first in the market to be available to Russian Samsung SmartTV customers. Such steps and allows Samsung to remain the unchallenged leader in the global TV market for the past 13 years,” commented the news Vice President of Consumer Electronics Department of Samsung Electronics in Russia Dmitry Kartashev.

“Alice” will allow you to turn the TV on and off, switch channels, adjust the sound level and put the device into silent mode using voice commands in your native language. A number of Samsung Smart TV models. 7090 series and below, as well as 4500 series and above. also obey all these commands, but do not support turning on the TV.

How to set up voice control

Launch the Yandex app and go to Devices.

Press. select Other device and connect the gadget to the smart home system (if you haven’t done so before).

If you use a third-party IR remote, you can connect it as an original Yandex remote, or plug it in through a plug-in of the brand you use, for example, Tuya or Xiaomi.

In this case, the delay between the command and its execution may increase, because the signal in addition to the Yandex cloud will pass through the Chinese servers and third-party clouds. If the gadget is recognized as an original Yandex accessory, it is better to connect it this way.

When the remote control is added to the app, open its page and click Add device.

Choose a suitable type of device (TV, console, air conditioner or receiver) and find the model by manufacturer.

You can use the automatic selection of the gadget, in which case you will need to direct the original IR remote of the device to the receiver and press a few buttons. The system identifies the accessory and selects the most suitable control profile.

The most interesting option in this section is Customize manually. It allows you to create custom remote controls for further voice control. You won’t get a handy remote control interface in the app, but you’ll be able to use a lot more features of the device you’re controlling. About this we will tell below.

On the page of the added device, you will see the remote control and a tab with the most common voice commands that you can use to control. You can send a command through the Yandex app on your smartphone, a proprietary browser on your computer, or the Alice assistant column.

After that, the original IR remote control from your TV or set-top box is no longer needed.

How to connect Alice to your TV

Do not get upset if you do not know how to properly connect the voice assistant Alice to the TV. The editorial team of the site “TechnoExpert” has prepared information that will help you to deal with this problem.

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Alice speaker is the first interesting equipment created by the team of Yandex developers. It easily connects to a variety of devices connected to other electronic gadgets using wireless networks. Many people combine the voice assistant with the TV for ease of control. This process takes no more than 15 minutes.

How to connect the speaker Alice to Wi-Fi: all the ways

Smart speaker Alice, or Yandex station allows you to do many things with your voice, without remote controls, it is extremely convenient. The device requires initial configuration, so let’s break down how to connect the Alice speaker to Wi-Fi, fully use it. With the right approach, any person who has held a smartphone in his hands can cope with this task.

Almost all televisions support Alice connection methods. The user needs to have these items:

The presence of at least one of the above items is required. Let’s take a closer look at each method.


The connector is only available in the max version of the speaker.

The step-by-step guide is as follows:

  • Turning on the TV.
  • Using the HDMI cable from the package. An alternative way is to use a similar wire to the version 1.4.
  • Using an adapter for power connection.
  • “Alice” will offer the user to download the software “Yandex” on the phone or to upgrade to the final version.
  • Opening a mobile app.
  • Carrying out logging into an account or creating a new profile.
  • Go to the section called “Services”.
  • Heading to “Devices” subsection. Calling the “Station” card and pressing the “Connect” button.
  • Choosing a Wi-Fi access point, entering the password.
  • Bringing your smartphone to the device and pressing the “Play Sound” button will automatically connect to the wireless network.
  • Waiting for firmware update to complete (a few minutes).
  • Displaying main menu. Device is ready to work. Now you can turn on the TV using Alice.

Wireless connection through Wi-Fi is the best way to turn on the TV with voice, control its settings, switch channels.

Detailed instructions are as follows:

  • Opening an application called “Yandex”.
  • Going to “Devices” subsection.
  • Open the “Manage Settings”.
  • Selecting desired device.
  • Pressing “Set up again” option.
  • Selection of the necessary wireless network from the presented list.
  • Bringing your smartphone to the speaker.
  • Click “Play sound”.
  • Done! New connection is made, allowing you to turn on, turn off the TV by voice, change the volume and change the channel.

According to the given method you can connect other TVs, air conditioners, etc. to the station.д. Subsequently, you will need to tell Alice to turn on a particular device in the room or in the kitchen.


Before using the method it is necessary to determine the version of the Station and the TV model. The Mini Station is a “stripped down” version of the speaker with enhanced capabilities.

Mini Speaker System is connected to TV via Bluetooth only by default. The capabilities of such a station will be severely limited, you will not be able to select the channel. The work in this mode is performed at the level of a standard wireless speaker (only sound playback).

Synchronizing your smartphone with the speaker does not allow you to use it as a virtual smart home assistant. To use the other functions you must turn off synchronization via Bluetooth.

  • Turn on the TV and go to “Settings”.
  • Open the “Add device” tab.
  • Saying the phrase “Alice, turn on Bluetooth.
  • Selecting the inscription “Yandex Station Mini. Depending on the TV model some menu items can be different.
  • Done! With the speaker connected to your TV you can now turn it on by voice commands.

How to control your TV through Alice on your phone

Is it possible to control the TV through Alice directly from your phone? And if so, how to implement it?

To make it easier to interact with your TV and not use a remote control, you can control it through Alice, a virtual voice assistant from Yandex installed on your phone. But you may need additional gadgets to transmit commands.

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Connecting Yandex.Stations to TV

Connecting Yandex.You can use HDMI to get access to some of the assistive features on your TV. To do this, set up the smart speaker using your cell phone according to the corresponding instructions and, when the procedure is complete, connect the plug of the said cable to the marked port on the side of the currently disconnected device above the socket for the adapter.

connect, alice, samsung

Note: If you own a Mini Station, you can’t connect it to your TV using this method because it simply lacks HDMI.

The second plug of the cable should be connected to the TV through a similar port and using the internal settings, depending on the model, set the selected HDMI as a signal source. After that all you need to do is to plug the Station into the mains and make sure the speaker logo appears on the screen, indicating that the task is being loaded and therefore successful, because the setting is done fully automatically. What is HDMI on your TV

You can control the picture on your TV using the Alice voice assistant integrated into the speaker, for example, to find and quickly play a movie, TV series, and more from one of the supported sites. You can read the full list of basic commands that the Station understands on a special page in Yandex.Help at.

General Information

As you know, “Yandex.The Station is more than just a smart speaker. Its most colorful bonus is the Russian-language voice assistant, Alice. It powers the device, answers questions and voices information from other services.

It’s the presence of Alice that makes Yandex.The “station” is a device from the future, when you can ask the assistant about the weather at any time with your voice, ask to play the right track or turn on the right movie. It is Alice, not the speaker sound, that makes this device so popular and in demand.

The smart speaker from the Russian brand is synchronized with the branded services, which are part of the subscription “Yandex.Plus.”. To control it, you need to use voice commands that begin with the name of the assistant: “Alice, turn on the music”.

connect, alice, samsung

There are a total of 2 physical keys on the device:

No matter what brand of TV your TV is connected to (Samsung, Sony, LG), the sound will play through the speakers.

You’ll see hints in the form of phrases for easy control of the station.

You’ll be able to find stores, gyms, cafes, restaurants, and more near you, and Alice will tell you exactly what’s on your way. You can also ask it for the currency exchange rates, including cryptocurrencies and what the temperature is right now.When you are going somewhere by car, ask Alice about the situation on the road, and she will tell you where the biggest traffic jams are at the moment.

If you’re used to finding out about all the latest news over a cup of morning coffee, Alice will be happy to read you a summary of the latest news from Yandex. And if you suddenly need to do some mathematical calculations, ask Alice, and she will definitely help you.

The Alice Station can also control your alarm clock, create reminders in your gadgets, set a timer, and even read you stories, sing songs with you, and tell jokes in loud company.

When you’re watching TV in the evening, you can ask Alice to turn on a particular movie, stop it, or turn it back on (the speaker supports movies from Kinopoisk, Amedia Library, and ivi

connect, alice, samsung