How to connect an internet cable to a laptop

Ethernet: Connecting to the Internet in Windows 10 via a network cable (router, modem)

Let’s consider the simplest connection at first. If your ISP just put a network cable into your home, and the ISP did not provide a username and password to connect to the Internet. If you have a normal Ethernet connection.

To configure such a connection is sufficient to connect the network cable from your provider (router or ADSL modem) to your computer (laptop). Into the network card slot:

If all is well with Ethernet settings on your computer (no one has changed them). then it should work immediately (you’ll see it in the notification panel). If the Internet on the network cable does not work, the computer just does not respond to the cable connection, see this article. I ran into this problem myself.

If you are connected to your computer, but your computer is in Limited status or your network is not recognized and your Internet is not working. then you need to check your Ethernet adapter’s settings.

In Windows 10 it is done as follows:

Right-click on the Internet Connection Status in your system tray, and select Network and Sharing Center. Next, click in a new window on the item Change adapter settings.

Right-click on the Ethernet adapter and select Properties. Choose IP version 4 (TCP/IPv4). If this item is not checked, be sure to check it, otherwise the Internet will not work. So, select “IP version 4 (TCP/IPv4)” and press the Properties button.

In the new window, check that the automatic settings for obtaining IP and DNS-addresses are set, and click Ok.

Internet should already be working. If not, then restart your computer. If you still can not connect, then check your cabling and see if there are any problems on the ISP side or if the router or ADSL modem you connect through works fine (if you are not connected directly to your ISP).

That is it, this type of connection is taken care of, next we have a high speed connection.

How to connect and configure wired internet on your Windows 10 computer

Today there are two types of Internet connection. The first type is a wired connection, using a cable called twisted pair. The second type. Wi-Fi connection, which provides Internet connection via radio waves. Wi-Fi connection is widespread nowadays. However, wired Internet has a number of advantages, relevant in large organizations and offices. At home, too, it makes sense to make a wired connection to at least one computer. For a stable connection to the Internet and efficient work it is necessary to properly configure its connection parameters.

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Adjustment procedure

It is not enough to connect a PC to a cable. к. It is necessary to set up the Internet. First, let’s take a step-by-step approach to the whole setup process, using a notebook with Windows 7 installed as an example.

How to connect laptop to router with ethernet cable

It is necessary to perform the following consecutive actions:

  • Through the “Start” enter the “Control Panel”;
  • Then go to the “Network and Internet” tab;
  • Then open the “Control Center” section.networking and”;

How to connect the Internet from a router to your computer (laptop) via a network cable?

On the subject of connecting to the Internet via a wireless network has already written many articles. Instructions on how to connect, how to solve various problems, errors, etc. д. And in this article we will consider how to connect the router to the computer via a network cable, which is usually supplied with the router. The cable connection is much easier than the Wi-Fi. But despite this, sometimes there are issues with connecting to a router using a network cable (LAN).

Basically, of course, using a cable to the Internet are connected to desktop computers, which have no built-in Wi-Fi receiver. And if you buy a special Wi-Fi adapter for your computer, then you can get rid of wires. I always recommend to connect a router via cable for its setup, and of course to upgrade the firmware. There are different cases, maybe Wi-Fi does not work on the laptop, and you need to connect to the Internet, or the speed of the wireless network is low, here we can use the network cable. The cable connection is always more stable than the air.

All we need is the network cable itself, which we will use to connect the computer to the router. This is a normal twisted pair, with RJ-45 connectors on both sides. Such a cable should come with your router. True, it is short (depending on the manufacturer of the router). If you need a long cable, you can make it in a computer store. You can do it yourself, but it requires a special tool. There are a lot of instructions on the Internet.

You can usually connect 4 devices to your router with a network cable. You will most likely find 4 LAN ports on your router. In some cases, the LAN connector can be 1, or 8. It does not matter what version of Windows you have on your computer. Instructions are good for Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10. In Windows XP it connects in exactly the same way, but the IP settings will be slightly different.

How to connect computer (laptop) to router with network cable [LAN] (even if there is no Ethernet-connector for the Internet cable)

Good day all!

As a rule, when you connect and configure the home Internet, you should at least once log into the router’s Web interface, connecting to it via a network cable (through the LAN-port). This is especially true for not the newest routers.

In general, usually the problem arises more with the configuration of Wi-Fi, than directly to the LAN-port of the device.

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However, in a number of cases interesting “mishaps” happen: when you connect computer/laptop and router with cable, but network icon in Windows for some reason says that there is no connection. cable is not connected (and on the icon a red cross is lit).

In general, in this article I will consider step by step all the steps to connect a PC/laptop to the LAN-port of the router. I think this article will be useful for all new users who are trying to set up a home network.

Laptops don’t have an Internet cable (LAN) connector. How to connect to the Internet via cable?

In this article we will solve the problem, when a laptop has no input for a network cable, it is Ethernet, or LAN-port. Simply put, when your notebook does not have a network card, and we need to connect the Internet cable.

Laptop makers are actively discarding the LAN connector in their laptops. This trend has been happening for several years now. MacBook owners, for example, have long forgotten what this port looks like, as the MacBook no longer has one. Most often there is no Ethernet port on compact notebooks (13-14 inches), and on ultrabooks. You can still find an input jack for the Internet cable on ordinary, usually not expensive, laptops. I think in a few years there won’t be a single new laptop with a built-in Ethernet adapter on the market. Unless some gaming models.

connect, internet, cable, laptop

Why do manufacturers refuse to make this connector?? To save space. The network adapter itself is not small. It takes a lot of space, both outside and inside the notebook. And notebooks today are so thin that the RJ-45 connector port just doesn’t fit in them. It is almost the same height, or even taller than the laptop chassis. Here is my old laptop, it is true, not very thick, and the input for the network cable takes almost the entire body (in height). It’s almost impossible to fit an RJ-45 port into a thinner chassis.If you know that you need a LAN port on your laptop, and you have not yet bought a laptop, then choose among the models that are still equipped with this port. If you have already bought a laptop, and it turned out that it has no connector for the Internet, then you have two options:

  • Forget about the cable, and use Wi-Fi to connect your laptop to the internet. But it’s not always possible. Sometimes you need to connect your laptop to the router via cable. Or in a hotel, for example. Where W-Fi is not always stable.
  • Use a USB adapter. LAN. USB LAN Ethernet Adapter. This is an external network adapter which plugs into a USB port on your notebook. Such cards work with Windows laptops (Asus, DELL, Lenovo, HP, Acer, Samsung, etc. д.). And so it is with your MacBook. Further in this article I will describe these adapters in more detail.

All advantages of wired Internet

No matter who says, but you can’t go anywhere without cable Internet. Whenever you connect a new ISP, you first get a cable into your apartment. And then according to the wishes of the client sets up a Wi-Fi router for wireless access to the World Wide Web. Wireless Internet, of course, very practical and undoubtedly very popular. But a wired connection also has its advantages, and we’ll tell you about them in a moment.

  • When you connect to the Internet via cable, the speed of Internet is 2-3 times faster than any wireless. For example: network cable (twisted pair) has a maximum speed of 100 MB/s, optical cable has a maximum speed of 1 GB/s.
  • For those who like to play online games is very important delay from PC to game server (Ping). The longer the delay, the slower the game will be. The user connected via Wi-Fi will have more latency than those connected via cable.
  • Cable connection is not afraid of any radio interference and does not depend on all sorts of obstacles. What can not be said about Wi-Fi, it is difficult to pass through the walls in the house and is very susceptible to interference in the airwaves.
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As soon as you connect the Internet cable, the system recognizes it as a new device. For each device requires drivers to ensure compatibility of hardware, operating system and computer components. If the drivers are missing or outdated, it is possible that the Internet will not work properly.

connect, internet, cable, laptop

As a rule, the drivers are either loaded independently or installed in the system by default. But it happens that they go on a separate drive, are lost or for one reason or another are absent. Whatever the case, it is recommended to update the drivers before setting up the network.

If there is a disk with drivers, run the program on it, and it will install the necessary components. Otherwise, do the following steps:

    Expand the device manager, you can find it in the system search bar.

Find your network adapter and open its properties

We open the tab “Information” and look the ID of the equipment

Use the “Update drivers” function

Select the option that allows you to find the drivers on this device

If the drivers do not install, uninstall the device

Connecting the Internet on a laptop: all possible ways

Do you already have a laptop or are considering buying one?? Then it is advisable to think about connecting to the Internet, otherwise you will not be able to fully use the technique. Downloading programs, updates, antivirus databases, as well as movies and music without it is impossible. There are many ways to connect to the global network. Wired and wireless access is possible. Some of them do not require cost, while others force the purchase of auxiliary equipment. Consider how to connect your laptop to the Internet in all existing ways.

Modern laptop and the global network is a single whole