How to connect an iPhone to a Samsung TV

Connecting via analog cable

To combine two devices through an analog cable, you need to understand the features of this method of connection. Analog cable is known as a tulip cable. The main disadvantage is that it is impossible to transmit a high-resolution video to the TV. This method involves the use of an adapter.

You can connect to your TV using one of these wires such as:

Let’s consider the first option. So, it is enough to insert the bells in the TV device, and the other end of the wire connects to the smartphone. The TV does not need to be configured, you only need to activate the AV, and on the cellular phone you need to turn on “Mirroring”. This option can be found in the “Settings” section.

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If you are the owner of version 4 and above of the iPhone, the picture can be transferred to the TV by connecting a component cable. The essence of the connection is identical to the previously described option.

As for the last option, it is considered the most difficult. To connect this type of wire to the cell phone, you will need to buy the VGA adapter Lightning Apple. Also remember that this method is only suitable for iPhone version 5 and higher.

Other ways to bring your iPhone to your Samsung TV

Unfortunately, the instructions on how to connect the iPhone to a Samsung TV are not suitable for older TV models. In such a situation you will be helped by the seemingly thoroughly forgotten “tulips”. Of course, using an analog format connection, you can not hope for a flawless picture. but you can still start watching.

Currently, you can choose to synchronize with the phone a few options “tulip” and other adapters. Models are optimal:

  • Composite “tulip”. The most familiar set for the user, which includes three output plugs on one side and a USB-C contact on the other. Best of all, like the following model, suitable for 4th and older generations of gadgets.
  • Component Tulip Pipes. Guarantees a better data transfer due to the upgraded design. Enables fully synchronized broadcast.

Wireless connection

Wireless connection is much more convenient than a wired connection. It allows you to directly connect your gadget to the TV without adapters and adapters. There are several ways to wirelessly connect your gadget to your screen:

AirPlay to Apple TV

If a user doesn’t want to connect their iPhone to the screen with a wire, the easiest way to connect wirelessly is with Apple’s AirPlay feature, which allows them to mirror their iPhone or iPad screen to an Apple TV or other TV that supports AirPlay 2 (Smart TV devices).

  • If you already have an Apple TV set up, make sure it’s connected to the same home Wi-Fi network as your iPhone.
  • Next, open the Control Center on your device by swiping down in the upper right corner of the iPhone screen to launch Control Center. On the iPad or iPhone X-series, swipe down from the upper right corner; on other devices, swipe up from the bottom of the screen.
  • Next, click on “AirPlay Mirroring” and then select the desired Apple TV or other device that supports the AirPlay 2 feature in the list of available devices that opens. On iOS 11 or later, the user must click “Screen Mirroring” and then select “Apple TV”.
  • The Apple TV device will broadcast the full screen of the connected apple device. (It is also possible to simply use AirPlay to stream media from the iPhone to the TV, such as music or videos purchased from iTunes.)
  • To do this, you need to connect your Apple TV to your TV via the spare HDMI port, and then connect your Apple TV to your wireless network. Select the appropriate input on the desired TV and make sure the Apple TV home screen is displayed.

You should always monitor your iPhone or iPad’s connection to the same Wi-Fi network as the Apple TV.

Some apps, such as BBC iPlayer and TED Videos, have their own AirPlay icon. During video playback, you should tap the AirPlay icon and select Apple TV to start streaming videos.

Sometimes the user does not have the ability to stream video from the app or from the Internet to the TV. AirPlay support is determined by developers, and not all developers approve of streaming content to a big screen TV device.

Google Chromecast device

If you can’t connect to Apple TV, you can use third-party devices such as Google Chromecast or Google Chromecast Ultra. Each is a small device that looks like a flash drive and plugs into your TV’s HDMI port.

Separate the two main models of the device. the classic Google Chromecast and Google Chromecast Ultra, which supports 4K and Ethernet connections, the highest quality will be HD as standard. The iPhone screen cannot be completely mirrored on the TV screen via Chromecast, but it is possible to use the iPhone to navigate the streaming media apps that the Chromecast supports. You can use it to remotely control video services like Netflix, Hulu, YouTube and many others (but not Apple TV or Amazon. Chromecast doesn’t have them).

Special programs

To synchronize two devices from different companies, you can use various cross-platform utilities. Before you start a connection, they must be downloaded and installed on the devices. The AllShare utility is great for this role. it’s integrated into the main TV software and available for download in the AppStore.

The main purpose of AllShare is to use the Samsung TV display to display user-generated content that’s stored on your smartphone.

Other Wi-Fi apps with a free license. such as iMediaShare. can provide a similar option.

The only rule is that both devices must be in the same WI-FI network and not hidden by the settings for successful synchronization. At the same time, you can display the broadcast of any media content as follows:

  • Go to AllShare TV-Cast and click the media file you want.
  • Select the option to watch on the big screen.
  • Done, the file will be shown on your TV.

Offline and DLNA

How to connect an “iPhone” to a “Samsung” TV? You can bring images and clips to your TV in offline mode. In this case, the actions will not differ much from the previously suggested instruction.

  • Turn on TV.
  • Run Twonky Beam on your cell phone.
  • Go to settings and, as in the previous case, display an additional menu on the side.
  • Click the sidebar on the right side of the screen.
  • Specify the model of TV you want to work with.
  • Click on the image of the house in the upper right corner of the program.
  • Find the desired document and click on it.

You can enjoy the clip without much effort. Video will play from the iPhone on any TV that supports DNLA.

Why connect your smartphone to your TV?

A regular TV without Internet access has extremely limited functionality. with its help it is possible only to watch TV programs on available channels. However, this narrows the choice, the quality of television content continues to decline. If you understand how to connect your iPhone to your TV, you can do much more with it. The following functionality becomes available to the user:

  • View all kinds of movies and YouTube videos. You will be able to watch them on the big screen, enjoying the quality of picture and sound. In this case, the TV is used as a monitor to which the picture is transmitted.
  • Internet-Seeking. You can browse any website, browse social networks, search for what you want, and display it on the big screen.
  • Video calls with the help of modern messengers. The TV will show a clear picture on the screen, it will make communication with friends and relatives much more pleasant.
  • Conducting business video conferences, which is especially important for office workers.

Is it possible to connect the iPhone to the TV, if there is a regular model with outdated features? You won’t have any problems with the connection, as there are several ways to do so.

The main ways to connect your smartphone to the TV

Wired and wireless methods can be used to connect your iPhone to your full-size TV. The first type is the most affordable, because it is suitable even for older TV models that do not yet have a Wi-Fi module. However, wireless communication is much more convenient, there are no unnecessary difficulties with the connection. Each option has its own advantages, you can decide on the most appropriate way depending on the characteristics of a particular model of TV.

Let’s consider how to connect the iPhone phone to a Samsung TV, in more detail, identify the main advantages and disadvantages of each method.

Connection via Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi connection is the easiest way to connect two different devices. There is no need to pull wires through the living space, there will be no unnecessary inconvenience.

However, in order to connect in this way, it is necessary to install special applications for mutual synchronization on both devices. On modern Samsung TVs, the AllShare application is already factory installed, which allows you to view various types of content from your smartphone screen. If for some reason it is not available, you can easily download it on the site of the proprietary Samsung Apps store.

You can either install the original AllShare TV-Cast app on your mobile, which is designed specifically for Samsung TVs, or its handy analogue, for example, you can choose iMediaShare. This is one of the most popular and popular applications of this type.

To ensure the interaction of devices, you need to make sure that they are connected to the wireless network via a router or Wi-Fi Direct. It is desirable to update the firmware on your TV to the latest version first, this will ensure the correct operation of the application. To send a video file to be played from the TV screen, you need to select it from the list and send it via the app. The synchronized device will receive the signal and provide a startup.

Connecting your smartphone with Apple TV

Another popular option for those who do not want to buy a new TV is to buy a special Apple TV set-top box. This is quite an expensive purchase. However, such a set-top box will allow you to turn an outdated home TV into a full-fledged computer that can broadcast images, audio and video content from the Internet after connecting to a smartphone.

The set-top box and smartphone are connected to the wireless network, to synchronize with each other, you need to select the appropriate option on the phone through the menu of the Home button. The set-top box is used as an intermediary: it allows you to display the image from your smartphone display on the LCD TV screen.

Installing the set-top box will allow you to watch even higher quality movies with 4K resolution, they can be downloaded from the official AppStore. If the financial investment is within your reach, buying such a device is guaranteed to be worth it.

DLNA connection

If your TV supports DLNA digital content, this option will also help to establish contact between the gadgets. How to connect to a Samsung TV with an iPhone via DLNA:

  • make sure that both devices have a Wi-Fi module;
  • connect to a shared point;
  • download the program from the official store
  • activate it and perform the pairing;
  • use.

Why does not it find and does not catch channels digital set-top box: reasons, what to do?

How to connect to different models?

Most modern TV models have wi-fi module, but the built-in application is in different menu items. In addition, manufacturers compete with each other by releasing specialized applications that simplify the connection of various devices.

Apple Airplay 2 On Samsung 4K TV’s

Samsung (Samsung)

The connection to the wireless network on the devices of the South Korean firm Samsung is made through the profile AllShare. If this utility is missing from your TV, you can download it from the Samsung Apps store. Meanwhile, the iPhone should download AllShare TV-Cast, iMediaShare or any other app to sync with the TV.

If both devices support the same network and are visible for synchronization, you can proceed to the direct transmission of media from your phone to the TV screen. Just select a file in the mobile app and send it to the TV.


In LG’s TV appliances, wi-fi is located in the Smart Share software product. Further connection to the iPhone is similar to the above methods.

To synchronize an Apple smartphone and LG Smart TV of 2012 or newer AirBeamTV developers suggest using a special application Mirror for LG TV. It allows you to stream content from your iOS 11 device to your Smart TV screen.

It’s easy to establish a connection between devices using the app:

  • Check connection to the same network.
  • Open Mirror for LG TV on your iPhone. Wait until the TV appears in the list of available devices.
  • Perform the necessary settings in the “Control Panel”: allow access in programs, add the “Screen Capture” icon, enable “Notifications.
  • Select “Mirror LGTV” and press the “Start streaming” button to watch the content on TV screen.

Sony (Sony)

Let’s look at how to connect to a Sony Bravia TV.

  • To set up the connection on your iPhone, you need to download the appropriate media streaming app (iMediaShare, DiXiM, etc.д.), and on the TV, activate Wi-Fi Direct.
  • Then in the settings of wi-fi of your mobile device, select the TV network (approximate name: Direct-xx-Bravia) and enter the WPA key displayed on the TV screen, press the “Connect” button.


With Philips products users are free to choose any of the synchronization methods:

over, using a special Philips TV Remote app, you can turn your iPhone into a remote control. To do this, just connect both devices to the same wi-fi network and establish a connection by selecting TV in the list of available connections. Among the presented options (Watch TV, Top Picks, Media Browser, Apps and Games) will be a shortcut in the form of a remote, by clicking on it, the user gets full access to the TV control.

To share files, streaming video, audio, and pictures from your smartphone to the big screen, you need to select “File Sharing.