How to connect Android TV Box to the monitor

Is it possible to connect TV box to the monitor?

How to connect Android TV to the mosif by a DVI or VGA connector To connect a digital TV set will have to acquire an adapter. It can be both HDMI. DVI and HDMI. VGA.

You can connect the Android mini-PC to the monitor in two ways-directly through HDMI to the monitor, which has an HDMI connector or through the converter if the HDMI connector is absent. The mouse and keyboard are connected through the USB port, there are usually 2-4 pcs in the device. Some new models are already equipped with a USB 3 port.0.

Android for the head device (prefix TV Box)

JVC radio (established earlier here) in general is not even anything, and the sound is worthy and vidyuhi and the photo supports and you can even activate the navigator function, but you need to do it.GPS module is more expensive than the head itself. I decided this problem much more budgetary.I ordered such a not cunning device in China

The essence of this device is to make a full.Fledged Smart TV out of a regular TV with the functionality of the tablet PC.

How to flash android tv box with your computer?

Problems to adapt to a car is power and lack of entering HDMI to Gu.

With the power supply, the problem was as follows: I bought a car charger with a USB connector for tablets (5V 2A) 1 amperes is not less than 2. I picked up a connector that is suitable for the prefix (you can cut off from the one that comes with the kit) and soldered the lace on one side of the USB on the other connector of the prefix. In order not to occupy the cigarette lighter, I connected the whole case to the power supply of the radio tape recorder (connected through the relay and the control wire of the radio so that the device is turned on and turned off with the radio tape recorder, if anyone is interested, ask for a draw for connecting) about the connection to the GU: on the console the main exit on the prefix HDMI, but there is also an additional output AV (tulips), due to the lack of HDMI to GU, I connected via AV (I will tell you below why HDMI is the main one).

Connect, turn on the input to the GU check

Everything is working. The next problem is the device management. The usual control of the sensor naturally does not work. In the kit, in principle, there is a remote control that, in principle, can be controlled, but I did not like it, I connected a small wireless mouse personally for me so much more conveniently.

The next problem is since this prefix is ​​a very budget option. There is no GPS module in it. Here I decided to take an access point from my phone/ here to help the program Tethergpslite. Install the program for both devices launch/set up. Everything works) there is an option to implement this using external GPS modules (according to Bluetooth or USB). This is so far in the plans.

As a result, both the location of GPS and the Internet is distributed from the phone. Since there is and the Internet here is already the functionality of this gadget, everyone can develop how convenient it is, there is already the opportunity to use online radio, online video and other online software.

I identified the prefix in the glove compartment, the mouse is well fishing, but to use the remote control you need to open) in the plans to move it into the feeder that is above the checkpoint of the checkpoint, it did not fit there because of the ranges, but you can realize if you wish will be realized.

Regarding the connection via HDMI or AV: when connecting via HDMI, quality and image resolution are simply at a height, but when you connect the quality and resolution by AV (tulips) are soooed! This is noticeable even on the small monitor of the radio. Here, too, plans to implement the connection by HDMI through the next adapter

Of the minuses: not very convenient management and as the Uanimate resolution of AV has already said.There is no point in listing pluses to.To. There are clearly more of them.

Of course, many will say. “Buy a full Android gu and do not bother”, here as they say everyone is his own. If possible, I probably agree. This is much more convenient for all sorts of such stray But there is also its own but. At first it is expensive, secondly, Chinese Android GU (in terms of lickeeping quality for auto radio), the sound of the same JVC sound quality. In general, this is just an upgrade of the available gu to the modest budget)

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Technical parameters of the prefixes Android

Despite the whole line of television prefixes Android TV Box, they are all similar in technical parameters. They work on the basis of two or four.Core processors of the Rockchip series with the architecture of the Cotrex A9 series. Graphic accelerator for quick playback of pictures. Mail 400. The difference between models is mainly in the clock frequency of the processor.

Other basic characteristics of Android TV Box include:

  • RAM volume from 2 to 4 GB of DDR3 series.
  • The presence of a built-in memory flash on 8-16 GB.
  • A slot for expanding memory is provided using a flash card.
  • Built-in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth wireless integrations.
  • The presence of a remote control and an option (optionally), with which it is easier to control TV.
  • High performance affecting the speed and quality of content viewing.
  • The speed of playing video in Full HD format from the Internet.

To check the quality and functionality of the acquired prefix, you can download several heavy video files to the USB flash drive and reproduce them through the media player.

Connection of the audio system

If the TVs are equipped with a built.In audio system, then when using a monitor, it will be necessary to additionally connect the speakers. It can be both small portable audio devices and full-fledged systems for the type of “cinema” with a 3D-response function. Such columns have a built.In volume control, filter and amplifier, which guarantees high sound quality. Even modern media centers can be connected to some prefixes, and connecting any audio systems to individual console models becomes a real problem. All prefixes are originally designed to connect to TVs where the speakers are built.In by default, so there may simply be no exemplary detective for audio systems on the tuner. But such difficulties are also solved, though a special adapter will be required.

Connection of audio systems is carried out directly to the prefix, the ability to connect the speakers to the monitor is missing.

You can consider the most popular ways to connect sound systems to the prefix:

connect, android, monitor
  • Bluetooth. Modern consoles are equipped with a signal wireless transmission technology, so they can be connected to a new generation of columns even without using conductors and cables. The same can be done with Bluetooth harnitus (wireless headphones). This is the easiest way to connect, but, unfortunately, inaccessible in the case of old consoles.
  • RCA. If “tulips” are used on the prefix, then the connection will be very easy. All columns and any audio systems have this type of nests. The complexity will arise only with the connection of the prefix to the monitor.
  • HDMI. The most difficult type of connection to acoustics, as it implies a direct connection of the prefix and monitor. This problem is solved using a special adapter, which has the necessary branches with the same “tulips”. That is, at one end of the adapter there is a connector for HDMI, and at the output there are already two connectors: HDMI and RCA. One of them connects to the monitor, the other to the audio system.
  • Scart and DVI. Two adapters will be required at once. It will be necessary to use the transition by type Scart (DVI)/HDMI, and already to the exit to connect the above adapter HDMI with two conclusions: HDMI. To the monitor, RCA. On columns. If the monitor has a channel of a different type, the connection is carried out using an additional, third adapter HDMI/(monitor connector).

If the speakers are equipped with nests different from RCA, you will have to buy special adapters. It can be TRS, Jack, Minijack. Adapters with RCA for any type of connection can be easily found on sale, and them

Important! Connect a modern Bluetooth column or wireless headphones to the prefixes of the past generation is impossible.

The main connectors of TV settings

When connecting and configuring digital television, a difficulty may arise in the determination and appointment of a connector in the prefix building. The description of the connectors will be given by the example of a common CISCO 2230 TV setup.

DC in

A network power supply is inserted into this connector 200V. Depending on the manufacturer, it can be indicated in different ways, but outwardly always the same-round with a metal rod in the center.


This button is designed to reset all the settings to the factory value. Is not of full.Time functions and is used in case of random errors in the operating system.


An integration for connecting an external data drive on which various video files or photos can be located.


Using this connector, the TV set can be connected to the Internet or personal computer.

Using a video connector, HDMI connects to monitors and TVs for transmitting video and audio signal


Provide the connection of morally outdated video equipment that does not have more modern HDMI video output. The main disadvantage is the impossibility of transmitting an audio signal.

Optical Digital Audio

A modern way of transmitting audio of television broadcasting on optical fiber. Used in expensive technology, insofar transfers a signal without distortion, which requires high quality of technology.

connect, android, monitor

The Optical Digital Audio connector is needed to transmit audio.Domed television broadcasting on optical fiber

Video out

Using this connector, old televisions are connected with outdated image transmission technologies.


Designed to transmit stereo signal to the sound reproduction device. Accompanying inscriptions L and R show which speaker should be connected: left or right, respectively.

Allows you to connect a special infrared receiver that significantly expands the range of remote control.

Allows you to connect many devices:

  • Webcams;
  • Camera;
  • Flash drive;
  • And even a smartphone.

Depending on the version of the standard, the data transfer speed may vary within a wide range.

Parameterusb 2.0SB 3.0
Speed 480 Mbps/s 5 Gbit/s
The number of contacts 4 44
The maximum current strength 0.5 a 0.9 a
Maximum wire length 5m 3m
Operating systems supporting the standard Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, MacOS, Linux Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, MacOS, Linux

How to connect a phone to a TV prefix via USB?

The second method is to connect the cable to both devices via USB. In the menu that appears, choose “use as a drive”. Using the remote control, select a connected device for tuner T2 among sources. Using arrows on the remote control, select the necessary folders and files inside them.

How to connect a phone to a video watching a video?

Several main reasons can be distinguished, due to which the phone is not recognized by TV. Using the MTP (Media Transfer Protocol) mode when connecting. In this case, change the mode to PTP or “USB-device”. TV does not support the desired file format.

Overview Smart-TV prefix Xiaomi Box 3

Chinese company Xiaomi destroys all stereotypes about low quality of Chinese products. Those electronic gadgets that appeared in the world thanks to the brand engineers have earned the highest expert estimates and positive Комментарии и мнения владельцев on ordinary users. XI O Mi in the production process uses the most advanced technologies and modernized equipment, which allows it to make a large range of products.

The world.Famous Xiaomi company managed to please its fans by releasing the updated version of Android TV Box. Xiaomi Box 3, which is the optimal combination of stylish design, advanced functionality and budget value.

The appearance of the prefix is ​​modern and elegant. The compact case does not have unnecessary unnecessary details, equipped with USB ports and a connector for the SD card. Matte coating and universal black colors contribute to the fact that the gadget easily fits into any interior and looks harmonious with the TV. The design was appreciated not only by ordinary users, but also by professional experts who awarded the Hood Design Award 2015 gadget.

Of the technical features, it is worth flying away:

    operates on the Android operating system 6.0;

  • A new powerful 4-nuclear processor allows you to install even more applications relative to previous versions, while the device works quickly and clearly;
  • The set.Top box from the box in English or Chinese, which will not be happy with those users who are with foreign languages ​​“on you”. However, there is the possibility of Russification of the gadget;
  • Xiomi Box 3 supports many formats and even 4K Ultra HD;
  • Management takes place using a compact remote control Mi Bluetooth Remote, which allows you to perform operations with gestures;
  • The prefix has a wide range of initially installed applications, including Google Chrome, MX Player, YouTube, FS Video, IP TV and others.
connect, android, monitor

The prefix Xiaomi Box 3 will give new opportunities to your TV. With her, he will turn into a multifunctional device that will allow you to watch films, play games, use the possibilities of the Internet and much more. You can purchase a prefix on the Chinese website of Aliexpress, as well as in the Xiaomi online stores, its

[Product_Partner IMG = »https: // Smartbobr.RU/WP-Content/Uploads/2017/01/WSI-IMAGEOPTIM-Xiaomi-BOX-3.JPG »Text =” Xiaomi Box 3 “Link =” http: // ali.SKI/GW5Mke “]

Which devices can be connected to the TV setting?

You can connect almost all modern devices that have a USB-intense (various manipulators, keyboards, mice, USB flash drives, hard drives, and pr.).

Android Smart TV prefixes support the work with most Web-frame on the USB intese, but some, nevertheless, for not identified reasons, are not compatible. The presence of AV and HDMI video outputs allows you to connect almost any old and most modern TV, as well as any monitor with a conventional VGA entrance using an inexpensive adapter HDMI-VGA.

In all models of TV settings, it is possible to use the flash cards of the expansion of Microsd or SD.

The built.In Bluetooth in the prefix allows you to connect various Bluetooth devices: phones, headsets, headphones, mice, keyboards, gamepads, etc.