How to connect Apple TV to a TV set

Apple TV 4G what do you need, how to play games, watch movies, photos and listen to music

Apple TV is a great multimedia gadget that has been unfairly neglected by Russian and CIS users. What do you need an Apple TV, its features, a brief description further in this material.

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Let’s find out what the TV set-top box from Apple can be useful for users from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus at the moment.

What else can do

What else can Apple TV4-th generation? This thing is able to run games unlike the previous generation device, here is a completely different interface, a stupid touch screen remote control instead of the convenient remote control with buttons.

Apple advertises the set-top box, telling how it is convenient to show photos and videos to guests with iPhone or display there a Photostream, but I did not do such a mess.

I won’t mention music and videos from iTunes, if you use Apple‘s streaming service, and you have good speakers connected to your TV, you’ll get a great music center. Although it has become inconvenient to turn on the TV just for listening to music, it’s easier to put a speaker like Harman-Kardon GoPlay at home and get great sound.

Why we need an Apple TV and how to use it

Not everyone knows how to turn your regular TV receiver into a Smart TV. It turns out that all you need to do is buy a special set-top box that can transmit media content from a variety of external sources to your TV. One such device is the Apple TV. Let’s see what this TV-box is, what its features are and how to connect it.

How we connected an Apple TV 4K to a million-dollar TV!

I got my hands on the new Apple TV 4K, and I immediately had a crazy idea: I’ll go to my friends in the store next door to the office and I will connect it to the TV for a million dollars. TV. Loewe Bild 7 with a diagonal of 77 inches, it really costs a million, and it’s truly a work of art. It has an OLED display with an insanely beautiful picture, and excellent functionality, and its own operating system, and a motorized stand, and advanced features related to audio. Loewe can be dedicated a separate article, but you have to be careful with such equipment in the Internet.

How To: Set Up Apple TV

In the end people get angry and don’t understand, why Loewe is better than well-known to all brands, then they start speculating about LG OLED matrixes. I will breathe out for now and say nothing, later I will tell you about the same great Bild 4 in more detail. But for now, let’s talk about Apple TV 4K.

I’m an active user of Apple TV, my family has replaced the TV, it’s also a means of delivering new shows, movies, we listen to music, watch photos, sometimes even play. Like the PlayStation 4 Pro, the Apple TV 4K is one of those gadgets where dust doesn’t accumulate. I used to turn on the Apple TV maybe once a week, the new version I play several times a day. Of course, I was waiting for the Apple TV 4K to come out. Quite naturally, it turned out to be quite complicated. I’ll tell you in order.


So, I came to my comrades, got the set-top box, the remote control. it’s a little different now from the old one, and it’s a little more comfortable because of the differently made buttons.

The touchpad is still the same. don’t forget that once you log in to iCloud and connect to the same network, you can use the iOS app to enter passwords and other information. Simply put, my wife sometimes tries to type a title like “Love Love” into a search, and I see the Apple TV keyboard pop up in the next room and start typing “The Blair Witch”. All in all, it’s a good thing. At the beginning, it prompts me to turn on auto-loading aerial photo screensavers, the screensavers are unrealistically beautiful. The Apple TV comes with an HDMI cable, so be aware that to watch 4K content you need a special cable, HDMI with 4K support. These cables there is a lot, the price range from five dollars to thousands of dollars, it all depends on your desire to get a good picture.

Keep in mind, there is an option in the menu to test the cable and not all accessories will pass the test. In the picture there is a package of the cable we chose, it cost about 5000 and fit perfectly to the Apple TV 4K. Okay, we connected the right cable, set up iCloud, connected the set-top box to the internet in the store and tried to watch the latest Spider-Man.

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I want to bring your attention to the fact that in iTunes, movies that support 4K, HDR, Dolby Vision are marked with the appropriate icons, if there is no icon, it means that the update has not yet come. A lot of people ask me if I buy an Apple TV 4K and want to use it with a regular TV, would that make sense?? It makes sense to watch movies in Full HD, and when you buy a TV with 4K support, you can immediately download movies with a beautiful picture. So, we tried to watch Spider-Man, but the picture is nothing but pixels. So it’s not 4K on a million-dollar TV. I went to check the settings and found out that not only did I need a special cable, but I was connected to the network at the minimum speed of 15 Mbit/s, and the speed in the store was less than that.

Okay, I tried switching my phone to modem mode, connected my Apple TV, also slow, in the city center Beeline is working worse and worse. Then I gave up and went to the Megaphone store next door, where I bought a Huawei modem and a modem tariff, with, like, two weeks unlimited. The modem was surprisingly smart, worked for a long time, held several connected devices, lasted about 8 hours, quality of connection was good. Cost about 3300 for the whole experience. With a modem in my teeth I went back to our setup and decided to watch another movie, like “Kingsman.”. Who knows who cooked the Spider-Man master there, 4K just won’t load, for crying out loud, even with a modem.

4K and HDR

Well, the first part of “Kingsman”, apparently, is properly prepared, because we managed to see 4K and HDR. There’s a caveat though. apparently the picture quality is VERY dependent on the quality of the network. The faster, the better the picture, a little slack in the connection, immediately pixels come out. I think with home access point there will be no problem, but in public places or out of town enjoy 4K will be problematic. For example, the Megafon modem is good enough for normal tasks, but the Apple TV 4K needs twice as much speed. Although Speedtest showed a speed of about 44 Mbps, but if you look at the wave, you can see the gaps. well, the Apple TV 4K needs a stable and high-speed connection. I know it all sounds trivial, but in reality the information will certainly be useful to the owners of Apple TV 4K.

Accordingly, the console knows how to work with the quality of the picture, depending on the quality of the connection, and you need to know and understand this. As for HDR, Loewe has the ability to adjust High Dynamic Range levels, for example, you can choose light, dark or dynamic presets; I liked the light. Photos can’t capture the allure of the picture, but in real life, you just want to roll out a big chair, grab some popcorn, turn off the lights and watch the same “Kingsman” one more time, then find out what other movies are in 4K. Very, very, very good picture, smooth, but at the same time, the most clear, lots of details, beautiful colors, for this we need to say thank you and Loewe.

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A little boring information about Apple TV 4K, the set-top box comes in two versions, 32 and 64 GB, supports 2160p video playback, Dolby Vision and HDR10, has the A10X Fusion processor, uses Wi-Fi 802.11ac with MIMO technology, simultaneous data transmission in two bands (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz), Bluetooth 5.0. Compared to the last Apple TV, it’s a clear improvement on all fronts, with the USB-C connector removed from the case for service. The memory is needed to install applications, and the movies, as you understand, are loaded for playback in the system and there is no progress bar, and it’s not possible to download the movie in 4K pieces and watch it in good quality. If you have Internet you watch video, if you don’t have Internet you can play a toy or make yourself a sausage and eat it with mustard and peas. That is, the approach in general has not changed, but added the ability to enjoy 4K movies with HDR. It’s very good that the price of movies hasn’t changed.

Yes, apart from movies, you can use other 4K content. like TV series, it is announced that Netflix and Amazon Prime Video will soon have support. Looking forward to Amedia Library and other services.


Owners of the first console the main question probably is: “Well, dude, so what, to change it or not?? It’s simple, if you already have the main ingredient, a TV with 4K and HDR support, if you have a library of movies in iTunes and a desire to use legal content, then it is worth spending 13490 or 14990 on a new set-top box (the difference in price depends on the memory). If you do not have a normal TV, then you should not think about a replacement. If you have a Loewe TV with 4K and HDR, it’s definitely worth buying. If you have another 4K TV with HDR the picture is BEAUTIFUL.

P.S. Do not forget about a special HDMI cable and a normal Internet! All this is necessary for Apple TV 4K like air!

We express our gratitude to SoundProLab and the staff of BoseLoewe salon in GUM for the help in organizing all the moves

Why do you need Apple TV 4G??

From the standpoint of the average person, Apple TV is an analogue of the usual cable package of channels with the ability to buy additional content from iTunes and a few other features. Actually, that’s not quite right.

Firstly, even television itself with Apple TV goes to another level instead of hundreds of useless channels, the user gets really high-quality content of a completely different format. Many major companies, such as HBO or Netflix, are already moving to standalone streaming, targeting specifically owners of set-top boxes and smart TVs. Many aggregators, channels and online theaters (even domestic) release plugins and applications for Apple TV, and the capabilities of these programs are far superior to the functionality of conventional digital TV.

Secondly, Apple TV can turn even a rather old TV-set (which doesn’t have an Internet connection) into a device with a lot of useful functions. Internet access, its own App Store, integration with mobile devices, computers and smart home devices, games, music and much more is available to the owner of the TV set-top box in a few clicks.

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over, Apple TV capabilities are constantly expanding, both through the Apple Company’s own developments and through third-party developers and content providers who understand the potential of this sphere.

How to connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to your Apple TV

Apple TV allows you to display a picture from any iDevice on the TV screen. The main condition. the set-top box and iOS device must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network. To do this, just go to the Control Panel (swipe up from the bottom of the screen), select “Repeat Screen,” and in the list of devices that appear, select Apple TV. Of course, the device must be turned on and connected to Wi-Fi.

After that, the TV will display everything on your iPhone or iPad screen. games, movies, music, etc.д. In addition, you can activate the integration with Apple TV in some applications, for example, YouTube.

In short, Apple TV is a gadget designed to broadcast to the TV screen multimedia data from the iTunes Store and other Internet services, as well as from the iTunes library on computers and mobile devices of the user.

Apple has made some shows, movies and TV series free to watch:

  • Little America
  • House with a servant
  • For the sake of humanity
  • Dickinson
  • Snoopy in Space
  • Assistants
  • Mystery Quest
  • Queen of Elephants

HomeKit in a TV is useless

Let me start with HomeKit, or to be more specific, with the ability to add a TV to the Home app, where other “smart” devices are available (with protocol support, of course. devices without it cannot be added).

What’s in it for you? Yes, in fact, nothing at all. The TV can be turned on via “Home” or Siri voice prompt, and you can choose what to stream, it’s about HDMI inputs and wireless AirPlay. On the one hand it may seem that an extra feature. it’s always good, but that’s the only time it works, or rather, it all depends on how you turn off the TV.

For example, if you go to bed and ask Siri to turn off the TV, you can turn it on through Home. But if you have turned off the TV with the remote control in the old way. that’s it, the status is “No answer”, and only turning it on with the remote control you will be able to control through the Apple-devices.

Maybe it’s the lack of a “Home Center”: in order to control “smart” devices in the house remotely, you need to have an Apple TV 4th generation (or newer), HomePod or iPad, which you do not take out of the apartment. I don’t have any of these devices, so I can’t turn the TV on after turning it off with the remote (my assumption). But it is possible that the protocol simply does not work properly.

How to install and turn on a screensaver on your Apple TV

The next-generation Apple TV boasts stunning screensavers in the form of high-quality video depicting cityscapes and other beauties. Nevertheless, it is possible for users to customize the screensaver to their liking (choose the screensaver and set the frequency of its change). To do this, go to Settings. Main. Screensaver and select “Apple Photos,” “My Photos,” “Home Collection” or “My Music”.

In each section, you can choose the animation of changing the screensaver and the frequency of updates.

To turn on the screensaver at any time, press the Menu button twice.