How to connect Bluetooth headphones to Smart TV

How to connect wireless headphones to a TV or console Android Smart TV via Bluetooth?

Connecting wireless headphones to the TV is just as easy as Bluetooth column. Any modern Smart TV on android has a built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth modules. And this means that he can work with any wireless headset JBL, Xiaomi, Redmi, Samsung, Huawei, Honor, Apple Airpods and T.D. In addition, there is a device such as TV console (Android TV Box). Thanks to her, even the oldest TV that does not have wireless adapters can be watched through headphones or headset. Connection of the TV and TV prefixes running Android to headphones is identical. The only difference is that in the first case, the Android TV system is already sewn into the case. While the second device is responsible for working with the Internet and Wi-Fi-the Smart TV prefix, which is connected to the HDMI cable TV.

It is on the example of the console under the control of the Android TV operating system (in my case, Xiaomi Mi Box) I will show the whole process. The manufacturer of the TV itself does not matter. LG, Samsung, Philips, Sony, etc.D. In this case, he only plays the role of the monitor, which displays the picture from the prefix. We will connect the wireless Bluetooth headphones to it for questioning sound from this TV.

First you need to turn on the headphones with the button on the case so that they move into the waiting mode of the communication installation

Next, go to the TV settings section or in my case TV prefixes. It should already be connected to the TV and configured. About how to do this in detail was described a little earlier in one of the publications on Vaifaika.RU.

Here we scroll the menu to the section “Remote and accessories”. By the characteristic Bluetooth icon, you will immediately understand that it is here that the wireless devices are performed. The list already has a remote control that was included with Xiaomi Mi Box.

We should choose the “Add the device” and wait until TV box finds wireless headphones on Bluetooth.

Ways to connect wireless headphones to TV

Having a rather new TV model, I expected it to have built.In Bluetooth support so that I could connect my Bluetooth wireless headphones. But I was wrong, spending several hours to bother with TV settings and guidance.

However, having rummaged on the Internet, I really found several ways to connect wireless headphones to your TV, even if it is an old TV with an Alt, which I am going to share in this post. Let’s delve into this.

Bluetooth support on TV on TV.

Bluetooth is the best way to connect wireless headphones to TV. Many TVs have no Bluetooth support by default, but it can be found in the service guide.

All TVs have a hidden service menu that technical specialists use to turn on / off functions and eliminate problems. However, gaining access to the service menu is not so easy. You will need a specific code of your TV service menu.

Do not worry, you can look for a service menu code for your TV for this site. They have codes of the service menu for LCD televisors, LED, plasma and even ELT TVs of all brands. Use the search line at the top to enter the brand and model of your TV.

  • As soon as you find yourself in the service menu, find the Bluetooth section inside the options. Usually inside the engineering menu (at least for Samsung TVs).
  • Turn on the Bluetooth option and restart the TV.
  • Go to the sound parameters of your TV, and you must find the Bluetooth parameter in the Sound output section.
  • Use this option to search for headphones and connect.

Although in my case this decision did not work, but people find the Bluetooth option in the service guide.

Using the Bluetooth audio transmitter.

A simple audio transmitter Bluetooth can provide Bluetooth support in your TV. This is a tiny loaded device that connects to an audio output of 3.5 mm on the TV and provides the ability to transmit sound via Bluetooth. After that, I just needed to connect two devices and boom, music in my ears.

These Bluetooth adapters are available in abundance, and you can get them for only 5. However, I recommend that you buy a quality product if you are going to use it to watch TV. Sound delay can be a huge problem when choosing the right transmitter. Even a small delay can really kill your experience.

My recommendation is to go to the transmitter Trond Bluetooth. It has a bilateral sound transmission, and you will not notice any delay at all. You can easily get a similar high.Quality audio transmitter Bluetooth.

Use additional devices.

If you use any other device with the TV, check if it supports Bluetooth. Devices such as media-stamps or gaming consoles usually have Bluetooth support for transmission of sound via Bluetooth.

For example, a year on the remote control has a connector where you can connect headphones for wirelessly listening to sound. Both PlayStation and Xbox have Bluetooth support for sound transmission.

Chromecast can also configure sound transmission through Bluetooth. You just need to connect the headphones to the phone / laptop, which works as a chromecast controller.

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Use wireless radio frequency headphones.

If all of the above methods do not work for you, you may think about buying wireless headphones RF (radio frequencies). These headphones have a wireless transmitter that connects to the audio output of the TV and sends the sound to the headphones using radio frequencies.

Of course, they have their advantages and disadvantages. Their main advantage is their huge range, as you can listen to the sound at a distance of up to 300 feet. In addition, they are quite cheap, even the best radio frequency headphones cost less than 80.

The problem with radio frequency headphones is that other electronic devices operating on a similar radio frequency can affect their sound quality. Usually they work on radio frequency from 900 MHz to 3200 MHz. Thus, devices such as wireless phones, microwave oven and even other radio frequency headphones can ruin the sound quality.

How to connect wireless Bluetooth headphones to Mi TV for Free

However, if you can keep such devices away from radio frequency headphones, they can become an excellent alternative to Bluetooth headphones, which are actually more powerful and cheap.

If you are sure that you can try wireless radio frequency headphones, I will recommend you to try. Sennheise RS175 This is available and offers reliable functions.

Use infrared wireless headphones.

Infrared headphones are a good alternative to radio frequency headphones, since they are not subject to a deterioration in sound quality, regardless of how many interfering electronic devices are nearby. Their configuration process is the same as that of radio frequency headphones, you connect the transmitter to the audio output of the TV, and the headphones capture infrared signals for sound receiving.

However, you may have to separately buy an infrared transmitter if your TV supports an infrared output or headphones do not supply it with it. Infrared IR sound transmitter is a good infrared transmitter if you need it.

The problem with infrared headphones is that you need to make sure that no physical objects pass directly between the headphones and the transmitter. This means that you cannot go to another room while listening to your favorite show. Although the passage between you and the transmitter will not cause any problems.

Technical requirements for TV and headphones

There are no complex technical requirements. The following will be required:

  • TV with Bluetooth;
  • Wireless headset;
  • If the connection is performed using another technology, then in both devices this sensor is mandatory.

Also, for the correct connection on TV, there should be a Bluetooth version higher or equal to the one that is installed in the “ears”. Otherwise, failures arise in sound transmission. You can clarify the Bluetooth version of both devices in the instructions and on manufacturers’ sites.

How to connect wireless Bluetooth headphones to LG TV

The principle of connecting headphones is the same for all LG TVs, with built.In Bluetooth. If there is no Bluetooth module in TV, then you can buy a Bluetooth adapter, more about this (this is cheaper than buying a new TV =)).

On your bluetooth headphones we turn on the conjugation mode (Bluetooth connection).

connect, bluetooth, headphones, smart

One.1 on TWS headphones is: opening a case, opening a case to get headphones, clamping on the case or other actions (other options). See the instructions for your headphones if it does not work.

One.2. The mating mode is not on TWS headphones (overhead/full.Size) is usually turned on by a separate button or click on the power button. See the instructions for your headphones if it does not work.

The task is to go to the headphone mission mode so that the headphone indicator changes its condition. This is usually a blinking of an indicator or color change.

Go to the LG TV menu → Sound → Audio Exhibition → Choice of the device → After that you will find Bluetooth devices and the search will start automatically.

If you have a different version of the firmware, then the task is to go to the Bluetooth settings and turn on the search mode for devices.

Your headphones should appear in the list of available devices. Connect Bluetooth headphones to LG TV.

Why is there no sound after connecting

The most common reasons due to which after connecting headphones the sound is not displayed on them, the following:

  • The TV does not support the necessary Bluetooth codes. As a rule, a wireless module in them is used exclusively to connect the remote control panel. The only option to get around such a restriction is to use an external Bluetooth resident.
  • It is necessary to update the built.In firmware tv. Many manufacturers have no additional functions from the wireless headphone support plant and the whole spectra. But they are added in the future by releasing an updated built.In.
  • The connector of 3.5 millimeters on the TV is faulty (if the connection is used by Wi-Fi or through radion-shutters). Since they are rarely used, oxides are often often formed on contact sites. Accordingly, when connecting headphones, the signal is simply not transmitted. You need to contact the service center. Although the forums often recommend cleaning yourself using ethyl alcohol.
  • The headphones themselves are faulty or they have a minimum volume.
  • Next to the TV are devices that theoretically can interfere with the radio signal. It can be a refrigerator, microwave oven, a wireless router, a mobile phone and so on. The receiver itself and the headphones are recommended at least 3-5 meters from a potential source of interference.

Total, viewing TV using radion shows is really convenient.

If it is Smart TV, then connecting wireless acoustics to it is quite simple. Difficulties in users most often arise when using outdated TVs, where the connection is carried out through a special receiver.

How to connect wireless Bluetooth headphones to Samsung TV?

The principle of connecting wireless Bluetooth headphones is the same for all Samsung TVs, with built.In Bluetooth. If there is no Bluetooth module in TV, then you can buy a Bluetooth adapter, more about this (this is cheaper than buying a new TV =)).

On your bluetooth headphones we turn on the conjugation mode (Bluetooth connection).

One.1 on TWS headphones is: opening a case, opening a case to get headphones, clamping on the case or other actions (other options). See the instructions for your headphones if it does not work.

One.2. The mating mode is not on TWS wireless headphones (overhead/full.Sized) is usually turned on by a separate button or holding the power button. See the instructions for your headphones if it does not work.

The task is to go to the headphone mission mode so that the headphone indicator changes its condition. This is usually a blinking of an indicator or color change.

Go to the Samsung TV menu → Sound → Settings of a loudspeaker → List of Bluetooth headphones.

If you have a different version of the firmware (other menu), then the task is to go to the Bluetooth settings and enable the search mode for devices. Find it is not difficult, go on the settings.

One. How to connect wireless Bluetooth headphones to TV?

Below the instructions how to connect wireless headphones to the TV if the TV has a built.In possibility of connecting via Bluetooth (built.In Bluetooth module).

  • We turn on wireless headphones and the search mode for devices on them. Typically, for this, you need to keep the power button for 5-15 seconds to the sound signal. Or separate Bluetooth button. On TWS, this is a button on the case or opening a case. Read more about the conjugation. In our instructions or in the documentation for your headphones.
  • We go to the TV settings and search for Bluetooth devices. Usually this can be done in the sound settings, there should be options for sound devices: audio output, device dynamics, loudspeakers, and the like. Among them should be Bluetooth. Or just in the connection options.
  • In the submenu “List of Bluetooth devices” (maybe a similar name, is in the device or sound menu), select your wireless headphone model.
  • We conjure (connection). Ready! Bluetooth headphones are connected to TV.

This general instruction how to connect wireless headphones to the TV is suitable for any TVs with built.In Bluetooth. With different TV models, setting is different, but the principle is the same.

General principles of connection

It is easy to connect the headset, especially when there is an H/P Out inscription on a TV, next to a suitable connector. What you need is to insert the headphones into the nest, and you can safely listen to music or watch television without interfering with anyone.

But besides Samsung, LG, Sony, and other companies are engaged in the production of television equipment, including little.Known “Chinese”. Each TV model with its own features, but usually the desired audio output is located on the front or rear panel. Of course, in order not to lose, it is worth opening the instructions for the technique and see which connectors are available.

This is a headset with a cable that connects to a television connector. But the length of the cord usually does not exceed 2 m, and this affects the convenience of operation. Having such a model in stock, it is worth immediately buying an extension cord, where at one end is the input connector, and on the other. The connection plug.

By the way, you can connect the headphones to the old TV, provided that there is an appropriate output. And even if not, the situation is solved in a different way. The speakers are connected to TV, and already to them. The headset.


Advantage. Connection to multimedia devices without the use of cables. Possible connection schemes with the telepressel:

  • By Wi-Fi. The optimal method for home, but the TV should have a module that converts the signal;
  • According to Bluetooth. Bluetooth is not provided in every TV model. But this is solved by connecting the appropriate adapter;
  • On the infrared port. A working method, but is practically not used, since a person will have to sit as close to the IR port as possible;
  • Optical connection. A qualitative way to transmit audio from TV.

The wireless headset is good in that a person does not get confused in cords, they constantly do not turn off, they are disabled. After use, headphones are installed on the base for recharging.

There are wireless models loaded through a USB? This is not a minus, but a feature of the design.

With a microphone

These are wired and wireless models, the distinguishing feature of which is the possibility of changing the voice. The headset with a microphone is used by gamers playing network games on the prefix connected to the TV. Communication. Component of any multi.User project.

If the television receiver does not support Bluetooth

Connect contactless Bluetooth devices to any TV models without Smart interrogation using a transmitter.

What is a transmitter

Telecommunications transmitter (transmitter). An electronic device that takes the sound from the TV by cable (Bluetooth connector) to the wireless sets.

Bluetooth transmitters. A universal solution for almost any TV, even old

The radio transmitter carries out the following tasks:

  • Receives a digital signal;
  • Generates it to read any Bluetooth device;
  • Carries out conjugation with columns, headphones and other contactless devices, sending a sound signal to them through radio frequencies.

Which is better to choose a transmitter

The connection technique for all transmitters is approximately the same, and they differ:

Sony Headphones: How to Connect / Pair to Samsung Smart TV (Wireless Bluetooth Connection)

  • By type of power. USB or battery;
  • On receiving a sound signal-RCA, audio 3.5 mm (mini-jack, TRS), fiber;
  • By the number of connected devices. Some headphones or several devices (Dual Link technology);
  • To support standards-AVRCP, A2DP and A2DP 1, SBC, APT-X, HFP.

All these parameters, and especially supportive standards (for example, the “blue tooth” technology from Philips Semiconductor, increasing the coating area and sound transmission speed) strongly affect the cost.

However, experienced users do not advise buying cheap models, as they often delay and interrupt the sound signal.

How to connect Bluetooth to TV via transmitter

The principle of connecting Bluetooth gategers through a transmitter is quite simple:

    The transmitter cable is connected to the Audio-Separation of the TV.

When connecting headphones via Bluetooth transmitter, it is enough to connect the cable from the transmitter to the release of the TV under the headphones, and then connect your headset with the transmitter

Using a wireless headset to watch television programs creates convenience for all family members. From this article you learned how to connect Bluetooth headphones to a TV of any brand, but still before buying, we strongly details in detail with the manufacturer’s instructions and the connection scheme. Good luck.