How to connect Bluetooth headphones to your tablet

Why the phone does not see Huawei headphones?

Most often the problems occur because of a damaged headphone cord

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or contamination of the plug. If the headphones work, it means that Huawei can not see them due to software or hardware malfunction. Software failure can be caused by installing an incomplete and low-quality audio and video playback app.

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Plugging Errors

The most common problem is missing headphones and bluetooth, first try reconnecting your device and check to see if the headphones and bluetooth are enabled on your tablet.

If that didn’t work, reboot both devices and try again. If that doesn’t help either, check the accessory on another device, it may be the tablet’s bluetooth module.

If the sound disappears suddenly, perhaps the headset has insufficient power or is too far away from the tablet.

Can’t find my device

When connected, the smartphone does not find the bluetooth headset, This happens for the following reasons:

  • Bluetooth connection is not enabled on the phone, the module may not work or it may not be in the settings (such problems occur on iOS). You need to update your operating system to the current version and repeat the process;
  • Low battery, when Bluetooth is on, the battery drains faster, reducing battery life. Some devices automatically activate power save mode, which disables the radio module. Not sure what this means? Read an article that explains what iPhone power saving mode is.

No pairing between the devices

A wireless headset may not work with your smartphone due to different Bluetooth versions installed in your devices. Due to software errors the headset and phone do not “see” each other, when buying an accessory you need to determine the version of the wireless headset and compare it to the version installed on your mobile gadget. If they are different, you are unlikely to avoid problems during use.

No sound in headphones

A common problem with wireless headsets is audio interference. Sound is distorted or sometimes unclear even when the devices are close together. It usually helps to reconnect according to the instructions above, If sound transmission is not restored

In the first case, disconnect the connection and re-sync. In the second case, return the headset to the manufacturer or send it in for repair.

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Wireless headphones are a compact and convenient accessory, which is popular among owners of modern mobile gadgets. Connecting a Bluetooth headset to your smartphone is easy enough, the main thing. follow the instructions and follow the sequence of steps. If during the synchronization there are problems, it is recommended to reboot the device, If a positive result is not achieved, it is worth to contact a specialist.

Checking for faulty connector

This procedure is only suitable for those tablets that are already out of warranty. To check the quality of the connector, you should arm yourself with a screwdriver and:

  • Carefully remove the device cover by unscrewing all the nuts and screws.
  • Remove the battery and the SIM card, if any.
  • The search for the fault is performed at the connector itself. It could be mechanical damage that has resulted in a loose contact.

If all contacts are intact, and the connector is loose in the socket, you must reinsert the battery and SIM card, and then put the lid back on. It is possible that the reason lies in the wrong settings. To fix it, you have to reset them to the factory state, perform a software update. If the above steps have not succeeded, you need to take the device to be checked by a service technician.

How to connect Wireless Headphones�� to Samsung Tab

Now in order I will tell what to do if the Android phone does not see the headphones wired. Look for your case.

Be warned at once! Some of the problems you can solve yourself. If something is serious and requires disassembly of your smartphone, then you are better to apply to the service.

This article applies to all brands producing phones on Android 10/9/8/7: Samsung, HTC, Lenovo, LG, Sony, ZTE, Huawei, Meizu, Fly, Alcatel, Xiaomi, Nokia and others. We are not responsible for your actions.

Warning! You can ask your question to a specialist at the end of the article.

How to connect Bluetooth headphones to the Android tablet: step by step instructions, possible problems when connecting, how to fix them

The most popular add-on device for tablets and smartphones is headphones. They will come in handy during use outside of the home as well as at home.

Headphones for the tablet come in two types: wireless and wired. And since headsets with wires are slowly going out of fashion, in this essay I will talk about wireless options, and how to connect wireless headphones to your tablet.

First problem: Bluetooth starts without errors, but the tablet cannot see other devices

The solution is. Perhaps the reason for this behavior is the visibility settings. Go into the main Settings of your tablet, find the section with Communications, where the Bluetooth settings are located. Here we need to pay attention to two parameters: Timeout for detecting other devices and Visible mode.

In the timeout settings you can set the time that your device will be available for communication with other gadgets via Bluetooth. Visible mode must have a check mark next to it, which means that the tablet is accessible to other devices.

The peculiarities of wireless connection

Nowadays this type of connection becomes more and more popular in the developed countries of the world. You can take as an example a remote control from the TV or an air conditioner, which is habitual for any person. Like all such devices, it is equipped with a sensor to receive the signal coming from the corresponding source and transmitted in one of three ways:

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Wireless headphones work on the basis of the last type of connection and their undoubted advantage is compatibility both with cell phones and with tablets of various firms. Among the leading models on the market are Airpods from Apple, Beats Studio Wireless, products from Sony and Samsung. Below we will consider how to connect them to the device correctly.

Music and how to listen to it

Who doesn’t like to listen to music? For many it helps to get through difficult moments in life, being a kind of antidepressant. Music takes you to a whole other world. In these moments, you can feel free, flitting over the ground like a butterfly, just freed from its cocoon. Perhaps nothing expresses the human soul quite like the music you listen to. So, some people find a kindred spirit while watching someone else’s playlist. And how do you actually listen to music?? What modern gadgets help us do that?

Wireless headphones solve the problem of tangled cords

Let’s not deny the popularity of real speakers, but in the bustle of the city we are increasingly resorting to smaller devices. You’re probably thinking about portable speakers right now, but let’s hasten to correct you. We’re talking about headphones. They keep us company on public transport, on lonely walks around the city or in the park. Many people choose headphones very carefully: for them it is a ritual of checking the quality of the sound that comes out. For others, it is not such an important parameter. But the thing these people have in common is that the wires are always getting tangled up.

You have probably seen a hostile person somewhere in the subway, assiduously unraveling the headphones. It’s you and me! Some resort to various tricks to avoid it in every way, but still, every owner of wired headphones at least once in your life unraveled them. It’s just unavoidable. However, there are those who are no longer affected by this problem. And it’s not that they threw out that magical invention for listeners and don’t listen to music anymore. It was enough for them to buy wireless headphones.

How to choose good headphones for your tablet

It would seem that the main purpose of any audio headset is to reproduce sound, and any model, even the cheapest, is able to do so. Then why are some devices more expensive than others?? It’s all about sound quality.

In headphones the sound signal is a priori of lower quality than from speakers, and even more so from sound monitors.

This is due to the fact that between the source of sound and the one who receives it (in this case, the receiving party is the human ear), there must be at least a small distance to make the sound vibrations “make their way” in the air.

Naturally, headphones with a microphone for the tablet is located close to the ear, and therefore the sound almost does not vibrate in the air, thus losing quality.

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So the quality of an accessory’s outgoing signal, dramatically affects what we hear. You want quality sound. buy a good headset.

Now on to how to choose the right wireless accessory.

To that end, I’ve compiled a few basic criteria to consider when choosing:

  • External or internal. Internal accessories are called large versions, which cover the entire ear and have a top rim, such as gaming headphones for a tablet. They usually have better sound and more autonomy, but the head and ears get tired in such a headset pretty quickly. An external headset is one that is plugged into your earbud. These accessories are comfortable to play sports, and some even wear them all day, because your ears almost never get tired (except inside the shell).
  • Battery life. Since a wireless headset is not connected by cable to your tablet, it has its own small battery. But unlike the battery in mobile devices, the specifications of audio devices do not indicate the number of milliamps per hour, but the approximate battery life. On average, it is 8-14 hours, depending on the model.
  • Presence of microphone. If you plan to not only listen, but also talk through the accessory, then pay attention that they have a microphone.
  • Noise isolation. This individual parameter depends on the user’s preferences. If you don’t want to hear extraneous noise, then choose a vacuum type headset (in the case of the internal one) or closed external earphones. There are also models with adaptive noise reduction, which analyzes the sound from the microphone and filters the noise level.
  • Frequency Range. Any playback device has a range of frequencies it can play. A person can recognize from 16 hertz to 20 kilohertz. The closer to this index the better.
  • Volume. I recommend buying a headset with a sensitivity of 80 dB or more.

Factors such as design, type of mounting on the head (or ears), and so on, I did not describe, because it is too subjective criteria.

What are Apple Airpods

Questions on how to configure wireless headphones on the iPhone, especially relevant for owners of the latest versions of such gadgets. In the 7th generation of iPhone the manufacturer decided to abandon the familiar to many 3.5mm audio jack, and offers owners of newfangled smartphones branded headphones Airpods.

Enjoy up to 5 hours of continuous listening time with Airpods, just like a normal Bluetooth headphone.

Controls are thoughtful to the detail. Thanks to the optical sensors and accelerometer, the accessory recognizes the need for standby mode. The headset turns on automatically, it does not need to be additionally configured. Audio information playback starts when the user puts them on and stops when they are removed. To switch the volume, answer a call or navigate a route, the user needs to activate Siri by pressing on the sensor.

In music mode, Airpods can work up to 5 hours continuously. It is possible to recharge it quickly thanks to a special wireless case. No need to charge the headphones for over 24 hours.