How to connect computers in a local network

Connect 2 computers via WI-FI Windows 10

As the scope of computers is constantly expanding, and the amount of data increases, the advent of networking remained a matter of time. Now there are many ways to create a network connection between networked devices. So, there is an option to connect them by cable, creating a local network, or if you have a Wi-Fi router, to make a wireless connection. If there is no router, Wi-Fi adapters will help us to solve the problem.

You don’t need an Internet connection, so how to connect your PC to your PC over Wi-Fi is easy. As for desktop PCs, they need to connect a wireless signal transmitter (laptops are provided by default).

How to transfer files over a Windows 10 local network?

To join a computer to the home group, do the following:

  • Open a home group. Click the Start button, select Control Panel, type homegroup in the search box, and then select Homegroup.
  • Click Join and follow the instructions on the screen.

How to join computers in the local network Windows 10?

In Windows, find and open the Network and Sharing Center. Select the Change advanced sharing settings item. Select Enable network discovery and Enable File and Printer Sharing. Click Save Changes.

Open “My Computer” in Windows and you will see the familiar partitions on the drive, which you had in your laptop. Simply copy the necessary files or folders from your laptop’s hard drive to your computer’s hard drive. This completes the recovery of your data.

Step three. Check network settings

Now you can check if the local network has been correctly created. To do this in the Start menu, search for cmd and hit Enter, in the window that will appear, type the word ping, followed by a space, the address of the desired computer, for example, ping If everything has been done correctly, you will see a successful packet transfer message and a response time. If the settings have not been made correctly, then you will see messages about exceeding the waiting interval for the.

If you are using a router in your system, setting up a regular “LAN” is no different from the above steps for the switch. But if you want to connect the computers in the local network to the Internet, the sequence is radically different. We configure only the router, and for all devices connected to your home network, set the network card settings item. Obtain IP-addresses automatically.

To configure your router, open any browser window and type in its network address (it’s usually found on the box itself or in its documentation). Depending on the brand and manufacturer, these IP addresses may be different. The browser will open a window with the router settings, where you need to specify the information that your ISP gave you. If everything has been done correctly, all your devices will be automatically networked and connected to the Internet. Now you can go to step 3. check if the settings are correct and “ping” all your devices as described above.

Sharing the Internet for the local network

Also a very common task that users face. As a rule, only one computer in the apartment is connected to Internet and the rest get access from it (unless a router is installed :)).

1) First, go to the tab “network connections” (how to open it was described in the first part of this article. You can also open it by logging into the Control Panel, and then entering “View Network Connections” in the search box).

2) Next, go to the properties of the connection, through which the access to the Internet (in my case it is a “wireless connection”).

3) Then in the properties you need to open the “Access” tab and tick the box “Allow other users of the network to use the Internet connection” (as shown in Fig. 16).

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What is needed to start the work?

1) Two computers with network cards to which we will connect the twisted pair.

All modern laptops (computers), as a rule, have at least one network card. The easiest way to find out if you have a network card on your PC is to use some utility to see the specs of the PC (see the “Networking Utility” page for more information). in this article:

By the way, you can also look at all the connectors that are on the chassis of a laptop (computer). If you have a network card you will see a standard RJ45 socket (see chapter 2). Figure. 2).

2) Network cable (so-called twisted pair).

The easiest option. just buy such a cable. This is really only useful if you have PCs that are not too far away from each other and you do not need to run a cable through a wall.

If the situation is the opposite, you may need to crimp the cable on site (and therefore will need special. pliers, the right length of cable, and RJ45 connectors (the most common connector for routers and NICs)). This is discussed in detail in this article:

Setting up a Windows 10 LAN: via a router or between two computers

It’s no secret that many people used to connect two PCs with XP through an ordinary cord or through Wi-Fi modems, but the configuration of the local network in Windows 10 has changed, and significantly. And yet a home network is possible. Almost every house now has a router, because there are several PCs, and we will see how the settings are made in this case. Before we create connections, let’s ping the connection, and then we’ll find out what it takes to successfully complete this procedure. Because many people already at this step will solve all their problems.

Today’s review isn’t just about setting up a network in Windows 10, it’s about ensuring communication between two PCs. Although with the development and cheapening of services providers more and more profitable to upload files to network storage instead of transmitting data over the local network. The very notion of a locale goes out of fashion. When we even play now not in Diabolo on pirates, but in CS (sometimes, however, with bots). Configured pool PC is bad by the fact that it can be discovered by hackers. And we don’t need that at all.

Before you start

It’s widely recognized that Windows is one of the worst platforms for networking. So try to act as close as possible to the regulatory framework. For example, call the workgroup WorkGroup. We had a PC that couldn’t even see itself because. no, that’s ridiculous. one of the shared folders was empty. Following this, the laptop disappeared from the sight of the entire group. And when we put the text into an empty folder, it did see itself, but it never showed up on the rest of the network.

Hackers call the Microsoft product as MustDie, which is translated from English as having no right to exist. But we do not care about all these features. Instead, it will try to adjust the network, because to a bad dancer all the floor is uneven. And one more note: the easiest way to connect the Home versions of the. Why? But Pro is for the smart ones, let them figure it out!

Pinging allows you to establish that a particular configured subscriber is ready to communicate on a serviceable cable. In this case the operation is successful when network access to files and folders is enabled. Let’s check it out:

  • Win I.
  • Logged on the network.
  • Choose Ethernet.
  • Go to Change advanced.
  • For guest network, turn on file and printer sharing. Without this, the PC will not be available.
  • Perform all the settings as mentioned above and check again (via ping).

Now we can move on The cable is fine.

PC name and group

Windows 10 retains the requirements of previous generations. However, we do not agree that PCs must still be in the same group. Here’s a screenshot from the first one:

Workgroup names do not match. So, the nonsense is that you have to fix the names. But you can do it for the sake of doing more things or for the sake of pro-forma.

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Create folders for access

Creating folders is because it’s still a good thing that the OS knows how to configure it itself in the process, and will automatically set it up the way it needs to.

  • Click on Network.
  • Follow the instructions of the system, select the locale. Why, you can also get into the global? Yes. You see the housemates here sometimes.
  • Click on it and result is shown at once.
  • This PC is configured, but does not see folders from the second PC. That’s because the sharing isn’t set up yet. Which shows us the insufficiency of the ping procedure alone, which simply assesses the quality of wires.
  • See what changed on one PC and do the same on the other.

Now everything will work out. It is done, and there is no need to reload anything. Here is a screenshot from one of the PCs on the local network. Even two screenshots.

So, if that doesn’t work, write to Billy Gates personally and tell all and sundry about his OS being called Mastdike, but. “shh.!”Nothing about us. Even virtual PCs can be networked without problems (and with real ones). This is the easiest way to transmit a lot of information:

connect, computers, local, network

I’m being asked for my password.

In the visibility settings, at the very bottom there is an option to disable password sharing (Win I, Networks, Ethernet, Change advanced settings). Here’s a screenshot for those who can’t find it on their own.

After that, you won’t be asked for password.

Via Wi-Fi

We frankly don’t know what to write in this section:

  • Turn on the power to the router.
  • Via a local address (usually Go to the home page of the device.
  • Enter admin username and password.
  • Start handing out Wi-Fi and write down his password.
  • Connect via wireless adapters to the router.
  • Do everything else exactly the same.

So it does not make any difference if you configure Ethernet or Wi-Fi.

How to share a folder

  • Press Win E to start File Explorer.
  • Find the folder you are looking for.
  • Right click on it.
  • Select Properties and click on the Access tab.
  • Click the button there that says what you need.
  • Write everything down in the settings, as shown in the screenshot.

2 PC by cable

  • Win I.
  • Network.
  • Ethernet.
  • Configure adapter settings.
  • Go to the link, right click on the desired Ethernet adapter, go to the settings.
  • We are interested in the TCP/IP4 protocol properties.
  • For both PCs we assign addresses from the same subnet.
  • For the second one, you can type

Your patch cord should not be a regular cable, which we use to connect to the router, but a cross-over cable. Then configure the local network as shown above. The peculiarity is that usually the router assigns IP addresses. But since we discarded it, we had to do the work ourselves.

Connection is done in the same manner (configuring folders, network visibility and so on).

It is no longer possible to create a local network using the wireless protocol. But you can try to set up an access point and connect to it. It is quite realistic, although it takes a long time. We have a separate review on this topic.

Lesson outline “Combining computers into a local network

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Topic: Combining computers into a local network

A local network is an association of several computers located at a short distance from each other (usually within the same building) to share information, computing, educational and other tasks. In a small local network can be 10-20 computers, in a very large. about 1000.

sharing of common hardware (printers, modems)

Enterprise (institution) information system

Although there are many different ways to connect computers. There are essentially two types of computer networks: a peer-to-peer network and a client-server network.

Peer-to-peer network. It is a union of equal computers. Usually a peer-to-peer network unites no more than 10 computers and is organized in homes or small offices.

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A client-server network is more common in organizations such as a school, business, or library than in the home. In this type of network, one computer called the server is the heart of the network. It stores information and resources and makes them available to other computers on the network. The other computers that use the network to receive this information are called clients.

Client-server networks are best for networking more than ten computers. They are more expensive, but in cases where you need to store large amounts of information, this is the best choice.

LANs can have different configurations depending on their purpose and technical. The overall connection pattern of computers on a local area network is called a network topology. Network topologies can be different. Most LANs can have a “bus” or “star” topology. In the first case, all computers are connected to one common cable (bus), in the second. there is a special central device (hub) from which go “rays” to each computer, t.е. Each computer is connected to its own cable.

In bus topology computers are connected to a common channel (bus), through which they can exchange messages.

The bus structure is simpler and more economical because it does not require an additional device and uses less cable. But it is very sensitive to faults in the cabling system. If even one part of the cable is faulty, you have a network-wide problem. The fault spot is difficult to find.

In a radial topology (star topology), a hub is in the center, communicating with subscribers one by one and linking them together.

In this sense, a star is more stable. A damaged cable is a problem for one particular computer, but it does not affect the network as a whole. No fault localization effort is required

In a ring topology the information is transmitted via a closed channel. Each subscriber is directly connected to the two closest ones, although in principle any subscriber can be connected to the network.

In a network with a ring structure, information is transferred between the stations in a ring with re-transmission in each network controller. Reception is made through buffer drives, made on the basis of RAM, so if one network controller fails, the whole ring can be disrupted. The advantage of the ring structure is the simplicity of implementing the devices, and the disadvantage is the low reliability.

Hybrid topology is a combination of different topologies in one network. For example, you can connect several networks with a star bus using a single cable.

How do computers communicate with each other?

A network is based on the fact that all pieces of equipment are connected to each other in one way or another. Each computer and equipment such as printers, scanners, laptops are interconnected using different sized cables, satellite links or telephone lines. Today there are even wireless networks that connect computers together with radio waves.

LAN hardware generally includes:

Special devices that support the functioning of a network (routers, hubs, switches).

Each computer connects to the network using a network card-adapter.

A network cable is connected to the network card. If you use radio or infrared communication, you don’t need a cable. Two types of network cables are most commonly used in today’s LANs:

connect, computers, local, network

Usually the choice of cable for the network depends on the following factors: the cost of installation and maintenance, data transmission speed, the limit on the transmission distance without additional amplifiers-repeaters (repeaters), data transmission security.

Twisted pair is a set of eight wires twisted together in pairs to provide protection against electromagnetic interference.

Twisted pair is the cheapest kind of cable. Twisted pair allows a maximum transmission speed of 10 Mbit/s. The cable length should not exceed 1000 meters, and the data transfer rate will not exceed 1 Mbit/s. Use shielded twisted pair to improve noise immunity. Each twisted pair connects only one computer to the network, so a broken connection affects only this computer, which allows you to quickly troubleshoot.