How to connect headphones to a laptop via Bluetooth

How to disconnect, or remove connected Bluetooth headphones?

Connected headphones will be displayed in the settings, under “Bluetooth and devices”.

Or in the additional section “View other devices” in the “Audio” tab (if the system detected them correctly).

There the system will display the charge of wireless headphones. To disconnect the headphones, simply turn them off (or hide them in their case). or click on the menu (three dots) in front of the headphones in the settings and select disconnect. In the same menu you can remove the headphones completely in Windows 11, that is, you can break the pairing.

After removing them, you will have to reconnect them. According to the instructions above.

What you need to connect Bluetooth headphones to your computer or laptop?

And of course we need the headphones themselves, which can connect via Bluetooth connection. This is usually written on the packaging, in the characteristics, etc. д.

Pairing Bluetooth headphones to a Windows 10 Laptop or PC (How to) ��

How to connect Bluetooth headphones to a Windows 10 laptop?

The use of wireless headphones is more comfortable than wired ones. It will be very easy to connect them to modern laptop models. It is worth noting that the Windows 10 system is not at all capricious in this matter and does most of the work automatically. The problems occur with older laptop models or with pirated OS. True, all problems can be fixed in a short period of time.

How to connect

To connect Bluetooth headphones to a laptop, you must check the following points.

  • Bluetooth. Most often it is built in laptops, but if it is broken or absent you can also use an external USB controller: “Start. Control Panel. Device Manager. USB Controllers or Network Adapters. If you do not see your device in these items, then look at “Other devices”. This means that the driver for headphones has not been installed.
  • Check that the Windows 7 drivers are available and up to date. If the device is not displayed and is in “Other devices”. right-click and select “Update drivers”. Then specify the convenient way for you to install via the Internet or from a physical medium. If the headphones are displayed in the “Device Manager”. this means that the drivers required for operation are installed, but it is better to update them to the latest version. You can also do this over the Internet or go to the website of the manufacturer of your laptop and in the “Support, Drivers” download the latest version. After installing or updating the drivers, it is recommended that you restart your laptop.
  • Make sure that the wireless headphones are working properly. Press the power button on the headphones and hold until the indicator light lets you know that they are on. It is also important that the headphones have enough battery power.

Once you have made sure that the Bluetooth on your laptop and headphones are working properly, you can proceed to connect them. Once the headphones are turned on, your laptop will recognize the device via Bluetooth and notify you with a flashing icon in the lower right corner (by default. the Windows 7 system bar is right there). Click on the icon and select “Add device” from the pop-up menu. The laptop will recognize and give you a complete list of devices with active Bluetooth, among which you need to select your headphones.

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The name can be a manufacturer as well as a model.

To successfully connect the devices into one system, you must:

  • Check if you have the drivers installed.
  • Verify that your computer supports Bluetooth data transfer.
  • Charge the devices’ batteries before connecting.
  • Set the volume on the PC to a level you feel comfortable with.
  • Turn the headphone off and on again to break previous connections

Order of connection to Windows 10

Connecting wireless headphones to your computer will not be a problem if you follow the instructions for setting up the pairing. How to connect wireless headphones in Windows 10, will be described on the example of a laptop Lenovo Ideapad 320.

  • Reboot PC and activate the headset.
  • Turn on Bluetooth on your computer: Settings-Devices-Bluetooth and other devices-On.
  • Start the connection.
  • Wait until the headphones are detected (their name will appear in the notification window).
  • Left-click on the headphones icon.
  • You should see “Pairing” in the device status.
  • Check if headset icon appears in connection settings (required for disconnection).
  • If you connect Bluetooth headphones later, the synchronization will be automatic.

Connecting to Windows 7

How to connect wireless headphones to a notebook running Windows 7, we will consider the example of PC Asus x550s.

  • Turn on the Bluetooth module on the PC.
  • Open the “Control Panel.
  • Select the “Devices and printers” item.
  • Click on “Add New Device.
  • Wait for OS to detect headphones.
  • Double-click the left-hand button of the mouse to activate the synchronisation.
  • A pop-up window on the screen should show the headset password for pairing (in 95% of cases it will be “0000”).
  • Confirm the connection.
  • Wait for the necessary drivers to be installed on your notebook.

After completing all items, the synchronization will be considered completed. Subsequent connections will be made automatically when the Bluetooth modules are activated on both devices.

How to connect to MacOS

Your Apple desktop or notebook is equipped by default with wireless connection capabilities, and will accept Bluetooth connections.

  • Turn on the headset in sync mode.
  • Left click on the Bluetooth connection indicator on the MacBook.
  • Select “Device Setup” in the menu that appears.
  • The system will display a list of available gadgets for connection.
  • Tick the desired headphone model and press “Continue”.
  • Wait until the pairing process is completed and press the “Exit” key.
  • Hover your cursor over the Bluetooth icon and select the headset as the default playback device.

Connecting Sony headphones

How to connect the Sony headphones to the laptop is described in the instruction from the package. In case the manual is lost, you should follow the algorithm:

  • Turn on the headset pairing function by pressing and holding the pairing button for 7 seconds (if using the gadget for the first time after purchase, the pairing mode will be turned on automatically).
  • Verify that the wireless LED is blinking blue and red one by one and that you hear a beep to confirm that the device is ready for pairing.
  • On your computer, select Start, Settings, and Devices.
  • Select the “Bluetooth” tab and activate.
  • Select the WH-1000XM2 device from the list of outputs and press “Connect”.
  • Enter the synchronization code (the default is “0000”).
  • Once pairing is complete the headset will notify you with a voice prompt.

If the pairing has not been completed within 300 seconds, the headset will power cycle in an effort to conserve energy. The 650BTNC stores 8 connections in memory, which will be replaced with new ones as the memory cells are full.

To connect the JBL

For instructions on how to connect JBL wireless headphones to your notebook, see the manual:

  • Turn on the headset with the slider moved to the “ON” position.
  • On your computer, go to the “Start” menu.
  • Choose the “Control Panel” folder.
  • Find “Devices” section.
  • Add a new device by selecting the appropriate item.
  • When the system detects the 650BTNC, select the gadget by double-clicking.
  • Enter the verification code, which is specified in the instruction manual of the device.
  • The operating system will automatically install the necessary drivers for optimal performance.
  • Press the “Exit” button.
  • Go to the “Hardware and Sound” folder.
  • Click on the “Sound Device Management” section.
  • Place a marker next to the JBL LIVE650BTNC, and then select for default playback.
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If the PC does not have a built-in Bluetooth device

In the case where the computer does not have a built-in Bluetooth adapter, there are two ways to achieve the goal:

  • Purchase an external Bluetooth module. connects via USB input and requires the installation of a driver yourself.
  • Internal adapter. more expensive, but more powerful. Built into the motherboard, has additional antennas gain. All of the necessary modules and drivers come with.

How to configure using programs?

If there is no CD, you will have to search for and install the software from the Internet. There are two ways to do this:

  • Find it by yourself by going to the web page of the module manufacturer;
  • Install a special program, let’s say, Driver Booster to search for software.

In the first case, it is advisable to use the site, which belongs to the manufacturer of the device, and in the “Help”, “Software” or “Technical Support” download the necessary drivers. In the second example the process is automated.

After the above steps we should make sure that the drivers are installed correctly. To do this, enter the “Device Manager” and detect the radio module by the characteristic icon. If there are no question marks, exclamation marks, it means that Bluetooth is functioning properly.

The last step is to turn on the headphones and start the synchronization, as described above.

Connect headphones with optional adapter

I will also tell you how to connect Bluetooth headphones to the computer, which comes with built-in adapter for PC, which has a form of USB flash drive. That is, even if the PC will not be Bluetooth. the headphones can safely be used.

  • Turn on the headphones and plug the adapter into a USB port.
  • At the startup, in the search box, type “Connecting devices”, click on “view devices and printers”.
  • The operating system will frantically search for connected devices. It will also start installing drivers. At the very end you will see a window telling you that the device has been added.
  • Now right-click on our headset in “Devices and Printers” and select “Bluetooth Operations”.
connect, headphones, laptop, bluetooth

Now you can turn on any player, video or watch movies on the Internet, and listen to the sound from the new headphones. If there are errors during installation, then install the drivers from the disk, as usually such a headset comes with an additional disk with software. In any other case you can download software from the official website.

What to do if there is no sound or the microphone doesn’t work through the new headphones?

It happens that in the sound settings you can not switch the sound to “Bluetooth Headphones” (stereo headphone). Or connect (microphone) to “Bluetooth Headset”. Or bad sound in headphones. In this case you need to check the services in the properties of the headphones. To do this, open “Bluetooth Devices”.

Next you need to right click on the headphones and select “Services”.

There will be two services: “Listen to music” and “Redirect VoIP calls to hands-free device”. If they are active (like links). then click on them in turn:

If for example there is no need to use microphone on the Bluetooth headset (as headset) in Windows 7, the service “Redirect VoIP calls to handsfree device” may not be activated (disabled).

After that, go back to the sound settings (right click on the sound icon in the tray and select “Playback Devices”) and by right-clicking on “Bluetooth Headphones” select “Use Default”. If the headphones will also be used as a headset (for Skype or other messengers). We will set the “Bluetooth Headset” as the “Default Connection Device” by right-clicking on it and selecting the appropriate item in the menu.

  • Bluetooth Headphones are stereo headphones. When Windows 7 transmits clear, high-quality stereo sound through wireless headphones. It is the default device to output sound (music, sound when watching videos, playing games, etc). д.).
  • Bluetooth Headset is a Bluetooth headset. When the microphone on the headphones is engaged. If, for example, you make it the default device for sound output and not for communication, the sound will be of very poor quality. This is a feature of the connection. You cannot have high quality sound and a working microphone at the same time. I wrote about this in an article: Bad sound in Bluetooth headphones on a computer or laptop. But to communicate in Skype, for example, the sound is acceptable.
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Other info

Enable or disable the necessary services can also be in the properties of Bluetooth headphones or speakers.

The list of services depends on the headphones themselves. For example, in the properties of the JBL and Airpods headphones, the list was slightly different.

  • Wireless phone connection. as I understand it, this is using the headphones as a headset. Displayed as “Bluetooth Headset” in sound settings.
  • Headphone. also a service related to the operation of the microphone on the headphones. Airpods didn’t have this service in their properties and the microphone didn’t work on them.
  • Audio receiver. this is the normal mode of the headphones (stereo). Aka “Bluetooth Headphones.”.
  • Remote control. most likely the service that is responsible for switching tracks and starting/pausing with the buttons on the headphones.
  • AAP Server (was in Airpods services).

If you have any service disabled. check the box and apply the settings. Then check the settings in the sound settings (wrote about it above).

My experience with connecting the Airpods to Windows 7

My second Airpods connected with an error. There was a yellow exclamation mark next to the headphones. And in the process of connecting there was an error “The software for the device was not installed”. And a red cross for “Bluetooth Peripheral. Could not find driver”.

connect, headphones, laptop, bluetooth

At the same time, the other components (Hands-Free Profile, Audio/Video Remote Control, Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (Sink)) were installed and the headphones worked fine.

Tried removing the headphones and reconnecting them (in order to remove that yellow exclamation point). When I reconnected, I got the error “Error while adding this device to the computer”. But after one more attempt to connect everything worked. The driver for Bluetooth Peripheral was installed and the error disappeared. But they worked without this component (service).

When I wrote the article how to connect Airpods to a computer and laptop on Windows, I had problems with the connection. Seven couldn’t install any drivers for the headphones and they didn’t work at all. But the problem was solved by updating the Bluetooth adapter driver. Read part 2 of the article above, or the following tips in this article.

Connecting a wireless headset to a computer

When the module is ready, you need to turn it on (if it is activated, you will see a blue icon on the notification panel: open the notification center and click on the appropriate icon to go to a separate menu. The steps are the same for different laptop models (Lenovo, HP, Asus, Sony, etc.).)

The procedure can be performed in a different way, going directly to the settings. Step by step instruction:

If the sound is not coming to the headphones, you will have to switch it in Playback Properties Management.