How to connect headphones to a Samsung TV

Make sure the audio cable is securely connected to the TV’s audio output If your headphones have a volume control, set the volume to high on the source and use the headphone volume to adjust the volume to the desired listening level Select Headphones / Audio Output.

If your TV has a 3.5mm headphone jack, just plug wired headphones into it. If your TV doesn’t have a 3.5mm jack, but has RCA stereo outputs, get an RCA to 3.5mm adapter and use your headphones that way And even if you do have this wire, you’ll be physically attached to the TV.

Connecting wireless headphones to LG TVs

LG televisions run on the WebOS operating system. Therefore, the process of connecting headphones via Bluetooth will be significantly different. The synchronization process is quite complicated. Especially if you draw parallels with TVs from other manufacturers. There is extremely little information on this topic on the Internet.

To begin with, you will only be able to connect an LG headset. This means that TVs from this South Korean brand only work with branded devices. Take your remote control and then go to settings. Select “Sound” and then “LG Sound Sync (Wireless)”.

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Note that even if the TV supports Bluetooth technology, it is primarily aimed at connecting the Magic Remote, as well as other proprietary devices. You may need a Bluetooth adapter for headphones.

There is also an alternative headset connection scheme:

How To Connect Bluetooth Headphones To Samsung TV

  • Open the Bluetooth settings menu.
  • Select “Bluetooth headset”.
  • Press “OK”.
  • Press the green button to search.
  • Select your headset and press “OK”.
  • Enter PIN code, it is specified in the manual.

This instruction is published on the official LG website. This is how proprietary devices are connected.

Some users prefer to set up a connection via TV Plus. You can download this utility from the branded marketplaces. Google Play and Apple Store. Such apps were specifically designed to control LG’s TVs. They function under the operating system webOS. It is possible to set up the connection via a firmware application on models with webOS 3 firmware installed.0 and higher.

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It is done elementary. First, download the application LG TV Plus on your smartphone or tablet. Go into the program and set up the synchronization with the TV. In the settings of the application there is a special section. “Bluetooth Agent”. The headphones are connected via this agent.

How to Connect Headphones to a Samsung TV via Bluetooth

Users can not always figure out how to connect the headphones. Detailed instructions are listed below.

Samsung J-series

  • turn on the headphones and select a mode;
  • Press the special button to activate it;
  • wait for the indicator light to turn on;

Confirm to the system consent to use the new device.

Samsung H-series

Follow these steps to connect:

  • turn on the TV;
  • Make the transition “Info”/”Menu”/”Mute”/”Power On”;
  • Open “Options”;
  • go to “Engineering menu”;
  • find the line “BT_audio_ON_OFF”; press “ON”;
  • Exit the engineering menu;

As a result, open the menu and go to “Sound”/”Speaker Settings”/”Bluetooth Headphone List”.

Samsung other series

In other receivers menu can be slightly different. Then you need to select the sections that correspond to the suggested headings as much as possible.

Connecting to an LG TV

How to connect Bluetooth headphones to LG TV? It’s a little harder to figure out here than with Samsung, since the connection is only possible with the original devices.

The connection itself is simple and looks like this:

For wireless connection setting it is recommended to use mobile application LG TV Plus (Android and iOS). The application allows you to manage LG TVs, working on the platform webOS.

To create a connection, you have to download LG TV Plus on your smartphone and connect it to the TV. Next, under “Bluetooth Agent” (in the app), connect your headphones to the TV.

Connecting Bluetooth headphones to a Samsung TV

Moving on to Samsung TVs, which in this topic is a complete mess. As I wrote in the beginning of the article, it seems that the new models of some particular series support connection of Bluetooth headphones of any manufacturer. At least I saw a video where I connected my Beats headphones to my J series TV without any problems.

I do not know what kind of TV you have, what firmware is on it, what version of Smart TV, etc. д., But I suggest you give it a try. What if everything works and it will work.

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Connecting: Open the TV settings. Go to “Sound”. “Speaker settings”. Turn on your Bluetooth headphones and place them next to the TV. They must be in connection mode. The blue indicator light should flash. Select “Bluetooth Headphone List”.

Appearance of the menu can be slightly different.

Next, the TV should find our wireless headphones.

Select them and the devices will be paired. The sound from the Samsung TV will be transmitted via Bluetooth to the headphones. If they are disabled, the sound will come through the TV speakers.

In the settings you need to open the section “Sound”, then “Select Speaker” and “Bluetooth Audio”.

Activating the “Bluetooth Headphone List” section in the service menu

I will not describe the whole process, but just add a video, in which the author explains and shows in detail. There you can see the whole connection process.

If you were able to enable the service menu to turn on Bluetooth headphones on your Samsung TV, write about it in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев of this article and do not forget to thank the author of the video.

Let me remind you that much depends on the series and model of your TV. If that doesn’t work, you can describe your case in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, or you can use the solution I discuss at the end of this article.

How to connect any wireless headphones to any TV

Maybe you want to watch a show at full volume while others in your house sleep. Or maybe you like headphones because they neutralize noise and distractions in the next room or apartment. Whatever the reason, connecting wireless headphones or Bluetooth headphones to a TV can seem a little confusing.

To connect wireless headphones to the TV, you either need to connect to the TV via Bluetooth, or connect the headphone transmitter to the TV via a 3.5mm or optical cable. You can also connect your headphones directly to a streaming medisource instead of your TV.

Wireless headphones are great for personal listening. But what are the options and how do they fit together? Take a look below to learn how to connect just about any wireless headphone to your TV, as well as some tips for pairing it with your multimedia devices.

Which headphones are suitable for Samsung TV sets?

The South Korean company has tried to equip its Samsung TVs with all the latest innovations. That’s why, according to many users of the latest Samsung TVs, there shouldn’t be any problems with connecting headphones here. And it applies equally to the original headset from the company itself, as well as to other manufacturers of headphones for TV sets.

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However, in case you don’t have the latest version of your TV, you may have trouble plugging third-party wireless headphones into your TV. This means that these instances are suitable for connection only with their native headset manufactured by Samsung. With regard to wired options (headsets with a long wire), there are special solutions to the problem. Or rather not even solve the problem, but to simplify it, by which the connection of headphones to the TV will be easier and more convenient. Where to find the jack for the connection we will discuss further.

How to connect headphones to TV through the jack?

For a full immersion in what is happening on the TV screen using home theater speakers. But if the house has small children, picky neighbors, or the area of the room does not allow to place additional equipment, the only option is headphones. Let’s find out how to connect headphones to the TV, and what problems can arise in this case. On sale you can find headsets of two types. wired and wireless. Let’s look at the connection features of each variant.

How to connect headphones to TV ?

Bought a TV and found there was no outlet for regular headphones at home. Instead of the usual headphone output. Two outputs, supposedly. right and left. The splitter. The tulip wasn’t easy to find. Found something similar in a huge Radiophotovary store, but it didn’t fit because it turned out that you still had to guess the distance between the two outlets. What you bought did not fit a millimeter. There are 2 questions in this regard: 1. What to do ?2. What is the purpose of the manufacturer to make the headphone output in such an unusual way ?