How to connect headphones to iPhone 7

tips for new Airpods users

Step 2. Open the Airpods case with the headphones inside.

Step 3. Tap “Connect” on the animated splash screen on your iPhone.

The REAL Reason iPhone Doesn’t Have A Headphone Jack

Thanks to the built-in W1 chip, after the first connection to your iPhone, the headphones will automatically be set to work with all devices that are linked to your Apple ID.

You can control playback on Airpods from your iPhone, iPad, Mac.

What the light on the case indicates

The Airpods case has just one light on it to show you everything that’s going on with the headphones:

No indication: the headphones are completely discharged, they need to be plugged in to power;

Orange with earbuds inside: Both the earbuds and the case are powered;

Orange with no headphones inside: less charge in the case than you need for one charge of Airpods;

Orange blinking: there is an error connecting the headphones, you need to reconnect them by holding down the button on the back of the case;

Green with headphones in: the headphones are charged by the case;

Green without headphones: enough charge in the case for at least one charge of Airpods;

Green blinking: the indicator lights up and goes out when you pull out and place the headphones in the case;

connect, headphones, iphone

White flashing: the headphones are waiting to be connected.

The indicator light is under the lid of the Airpods case, right between the earbuds.

You can control the headphones with a double tap

Step 2. Go to Bluetooth.

Step 4. Select “Left” or “Right” under “Double-tap Airpods.

By double-tapping one of the Airpods, you can activate Siri, start or pause playback, switch to the next or previous track.

Select any action for each of the headphones to control them as you wish.

You can only use one earphone

You can use one earbud as a wireless headset. In the “Settings” menu of Bluetooth Airpods “Microphone” you can choose whether it will be the left or right earpiece. If you choose left or right as the situation demands, you should have “Automatic” selected in the menu.

You can turn off automatic ear detection

Step 2. Go to Bluetooth.

Step 4. Move the “Auto Detect Ear” switch to the inactive position.

This way, the Airpods won’t pause playback when you remove one of the earbuds from your ear. The sound from your iPhone will also not automatically switch to the Airpods when you take them out of the case and put them in your ears.

The best way to change the name of the Airpods headphones

Step 2. Go to the Bluetooth section.

Step 4. Change the name of the headphones to “Name.”.

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You can add your phone number to the headphone name. If you lose your Airpods, when you try to connect to a new device, the finder will see the number and can contact you to get the headphones back.

Airpods with iPhone can be turned into a baby monitor

Step 2. Go to “Point of Control.

Step 3. Expand the Setup menu. controls.”.

Step 4. Add the “Hearing” feature to the “Control Point”.

Step 5. Open “Control Point”, activate “Hearing” function and turn on “Live Listening”.

Step 6. Leave your iPhone near your child and put the Airpods on.

Now you’ll be able to hear everything that’s going on near the device within 10-15 meters. That’s how you turn a pair of iPhone and Airpods into a real baby monitor.

You can find the location of the Airpods on a map

Step 2. Enter your Apple ID username and password to log into the service.

Step 3. Select the Airpods from the “My Devices” list.

Here you’ll see the last location of the Airpods, and you’ll be able to play a shrill sound on the headphones to find them at home or in the office.

If the headphones in the Find iPhone app are circled in green, they are still connected to your smartphone, if they are gray, they are out of Bluetooth range.

Check the charge of the Airpods on your iPhone and Apple Watch

To find out the exact charge of your headphones, add the “Power Elements” widget to your iPhone. This will display them when you use them.

You can also open “Control Point” on the Apple Watch and go to the battery menu. If the headphones are active, this will show their charge.

Airpods can be used through the Apple Watch

If you’ve already connected the Airpods to your iPhone, you can select them as your playback source in the Music app.

Airpods and other Apple headphones don’t require additional apps when you connect them to your iPhone. For many quality models from well-known manufacturers (Sennheiser, Sony, Marshall, and others) there are branded applications for the iPhone. Same as for Android. But all models can work without special applications.

The Apple gadgets’ headphone connections aren’t much different. Turn them on first, then Bluetooth in your phone settings. After that, select your device in the list of found equipment and allow the connection. Most often together with iPhone use Airpods, which allow you to use Siri remotely.

How to connect a wireless headset to your iPhone

The theory is discussed, now in practice we will describe step by step how to connect a wireless headset to iPhone. Interestingly, the algorithm for connecting a wireless headset is common to almost all Apple devices and iPhone versions.

  • Turn on the headphones;
  • Activate their ability to connect to a previously unknown device (usually by pressing and holding for more than two seconds);
  • When the headphone is open for searching, turn on the power.
  • Wait for the blue indicator to blink.

If the light refuses to blink, use a special key on which you can see the designation of Bluetooth. In some cases, you have to use the headphone power key. You’ll need to hold down this button.

How to connect two pairs of Airpods or Beats to your iPhone

Step 1. Connect the first Airpods or Beats the standard way. open the cover of the headphones next to your iPhone and press the “Connect” button.

Step 3. Go to Bluetooth.

Step 4. Press and hold the pairing button on the second Airpods or Beats until their light pulses white.

Step 5. When the headphones appear in the Other Devices menu, select them and wait for connection.

You now have two pairs of Airpods or Beats headphones connected to your iPhone. They can play the same sound without delay. similar to AirPlay 2’s wireless sound control feature.

  • Go to the “Home” screen.
  • Open the case that holds the Airpods and place it next to your iPhone.
  • The iPhone will display an animated screensaver of the setup process.
  • Click “Connect.
  • If you have Airpods Pro headphones, read the instructions on the screen.
  • On your device, go to “Settings” Bluetooth and turn on Bluetooth
  • Put the accessory in discoverable mode and wait for it to show up on your device
  • To pair, tap the accessory name when it appears on the screen.
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How to use your favorite headphones with the new iPhone smartphones now?

Surely many people still don’t understand why Apple did away with the 3.5mm audio jack on their new iPhone smartphones. Of course, there’s the option to upgrade to the new wireless Airpods headphones, but what if you already have a pair of great wired headphones and you’re not going to change them anytime soon? What to do if you don’t want to buy Airpods for 159 (and they will cost more in Russia)? Luckily for those people, there are several solutions to this problem.

connect, headphones, iphone

Some options take into account the possibility of using Bluetooth, while others rely entirely on a wired connection. Either way, you don’t need to put your favorite pair of headphones in the box. Below you will find the most suitable option for you.

What to do if iPhone 7 can not see the headphones Airpods

Wireless headphones Airpods from Apple also sometimes cause problems to users. In our case, the Airpods do not want to connect to the iPhone. Let’s analyze this situation in order. This model of headphones can be connected to mobile devices quite simply. You need to turn on the iPhone 7 Bluetooth and open the case cover on the wireless headphones.

A window will appear on your smartphone screen labeled Airpods and a connect button.

After clicking, the headphones should automatically connect and become visible in the list.

Press the “Connect” button on your iPhone

Find them in the connected devices section.

Connected to your iPhone via Bluetooth

If not, reboot your phone and try reconnecting the headphones.

Disconnect other Bluetooth devices, they may interfere with the current connection. Move other Bluetooth devices away from your smartphone and headphones. If you tried to connect them to your iPhone 7, but they do not play once connected. remove the pairing and reconnect.

You can disable Airpods in the window of Bluetooth-connected devices. Select the one you want from the list and go into options to select the item to remove.

Headphones do not work on iPhone 13/12/11/X/8/6, what to do ?

Owners of iOS devices face a variety of problems while using their gadget. For example, after connecting the headphones to the iOS device, the sound is heard from the speakers but not from the headphones, iPhone does not see the headphones or after the headphones are disconnected, when you adjust the volume on iPhone, the volume indicator of the headphones continues to be displayed. But they’re usually all solvable, and in this article we’ll provide a few methods for fixing iOS device headphone problems.

Possible difficulties

If you follow the instructions given in the headphones manual, the connection is successful.

True Wireless Stereo translates to truly wireless stereo, so the TWS headphones use Bluetooth not only to connect to the device, but each ear-monitor to each other.

Not detected

If the wireless headphones are not detected by the iPhone, it is necessary:

  • Verify that the phone and headphones are compatible (the gadget’s instructions should indicate the required version of iOS used in the device);
  • to check the battery level of the Head Set and iPhone;
  • Check that the iPhone that you are connecting has Bluetooth enabled and that other devices that have previously worked with these wireless headphones have disabled pairing;
  • to ensure that the Wi-Fi router does not affect the pairing, it is better to move to another room;
  • Reboot the iPhone, turn off the headphones and repeat the connection process.
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Sometimes wireless headphones appear in the list of Bluetooth devices, but the connection does not occur. In this case it is necessary to clear the transmitting device from unnecessary connections using the line “Forget this device”.

Connectivity problems after the update

Sometimes iPhone stops detecting headphones after firmware update.

Independently return to the previous version of the firmware. To do this:

  • make a full backup of data in iCloud and iTunes;
  • In the iCloud settings, turn off the iPhone to remove protection from the software available on that device;
  • download the old version of iOS to your PC;
  • Connect your iPhone to your computer with the cable;
  • In iTunes, after opening the device management page, hold down Shift;
  • by pressing the appropriate button, update the control window;
  • Select the downloaded file with the previous operating system in the opened file explorer;
  • After full installation activate the phone.

Install a new version of the firmware in the service center, followed by checking the Bluetooth headphones for compatibility.

Pairing occurs, but there is no sound or poor sound

The problem may arise for the following reasons:

  • depleted batteries in the Head Set;
  • The volume control is defective;
  • Volume is set to minimum level in the player app you are using;
  • The distance between the headset and iPhone exceeds the range of Bluetooth.
  • Having solved these problems, the headphones are turned back on to connect.

Inexpensive headphones refuse to work

Problems are more common with Chinese knockoffs of expensive Airpods. The most minimal inconveniences can be:

  • Lack of original sync with iPhone (you will have to connect the same way as a regular Head Set);
  • Ear-monitors do not work in isolation;
  • touch control is malfunctioning;
  • The connection is frequently interrupted.

In such cases, the user will have to disconnect the headphones each time and re-sync. In the worst case, a bad copy stops working.

One earphone plays quieter than the other

This “disease” more often affects the wireless headset TWS.

Each earphone has its own rechargeable battery, and if the battery is dead, the sound in the earphone or earpiece will be quieter.

You must put the devices in the charging box and wait until the battery is fully charged.

The second reason could be the contamination of the sound channel of the headphones by earwax, for complete cleaning, from which sometimes it is even necessary to disassemble the case.

Only one earphone works

  • In the iPhone equalizer, the sound level on one of the headphones is accidentally set to zero;
  • in non-wireless Head Set devices, the connecting wire may have been damaged or broken near the dynamic transmitter;
  • the wireless headphones may have failed to sync between the left and right ear monitors, or the battery may have failed;
  • The speaker in one of the headphones is broken.

You may try to fix the problem by rebooting your iPhone and the device, and then re-synchronizing.

If this does not work, contact a service center.

The headset discharges quickly

If the battery in wireless headphones is discharged quickly, not only the sound volume decreases, but also the quality of the Bluetooth connection deteriorates.

This may be due to the wear and tear of the battery. The owner has 2 options: