How to connect headphones to LG Smart TV

How to connect wireless Bluetooth headphones to TV

For a long time I did not want to sit down to write this article, and not even because I was too lazy, but just the topic with the connection of Bluetooth headphones for TVs with Smart TV very “dark”. It all started with the fact that I bought Bluetooth headphones and connected them to my TV Philips, which works on Android TV. Everything connected very simple and without problems. I thought why not write detailed instructions for connecting wireless headphones to TVs. Over, many modern TVs have Bluetooth support.

But somehow I didn’t really want to write about Philips, I decided to make a general instruction, and show how to connect Bluetooth headphones with LG, Samsung and Sony TVs. I don’t have these TVs there, and I can’t check everything on my personal experience, I started looking for information on the Internet. And then it began. If Philips and Sony TVs that work on Android TV are connected to wireless headphones without any problems, then LG with Webos and Samsung Smart TV there complete porridge there.

It is clear that the built.In Bluetooth adapter should be on the TV. But you probably know that almost all TVs work only with original devices (cameras, adapters, remote controls, etc. D.). There are about the same story with the headphones here. You can easily connect the original Bluetooth stereo headset to the LG and Samsung TVs. But ordinary headphones are unlikely to be connected. But it depends on the model of the TV, a series, versions of the firmware, the year of production and still knows what. Porridge is such that when studying this topic for several hours, my brain boiled.

It seems that in the new Samsung TV models you can already connect any Bluetooth headphones. There is also a service menu in which you can try to include support for this function. But again, it all depends on the series and model. LG has about the same story. And if you believe LG support, you can only connect original headphones. But again, not on all models.

In order not to get confused, I will divide this article into three sections. I’ll tell you for each manufacturer separately. I’ll show you how to try connecting Bluetooth headphones in TV settings.

In order not to waste time, I advise you to immediately make sure that your TV has a built.In Bluetooth (if you have a Smart TV, then most likely you have). In some models, it needs to be connected by a separate proprietary adapter. You can see the characteristics of your model on the official website.

If your TV is not Bluetooth, or it flatly refuses to see headphones, then you can use a special Bluetooth transmitter that is connected to 3.5 mm TV output (the option of connecting via RCA (tulip), or optical audio output) is also possible). And the headphones will be connected to him. I will tell you more about such adapters at the end of the article (or read the article about Bluetooth transmitters by link above).

What is Bluetooth transmitter and why it is needed?

As a rule, these are compact devices in which the built.In Bluetooth module and different Audi entrances/outputs for connecting to different sound sources (televisions, computers, phones) or to devices that are designed for sounding (speakers, acoustic systems, musical centers, radio and radio centers, and tape recorders, and t. D.). All these devices differ not only in technical characteristics, but also by the appearance. Here are some of them:

[LG WebOS TV]. Connect Wireless Bluetooth Headphone with LG Smart TV

The main differences between different models of Bluetooth transmitters:

  • Support for different connection integrations. For example, there are transmitters that are connected only through a regular 3.5 mm jack. And there are models in which, besides 3.5 mm connector is also RCA (tulip) and an optical audit/output.
  • Presence, or lack of built.In battery.
  • Versions of Bluetooth.
  • The ability to connect several Bluetooth headphones or columns.
  • The quality of the Bluetooth module, the presence of different control intenses, the quality of the assembly, cables, etc. D.

If I understand correctly (maybe I’m mistaken, since it is unrealistic to check all the devices). Then all transmitters presented on the Bluetooth market can work in reception and transfer mode (2 in 1). Since even my cheapest adapter can both take the sound by Bluetooth and transmit it to the same speaker system, and transmit the sound by Bluetooth (from TV, PC) to headphones, or other device. Usually these modes are called TX Mode and RX Mode.

  • TX. Transmitter mode. Когда Bluetooth трансмиттер принимает звук от того же телевизора через определенный интеейс (кабель) и передает его на наушники через Bluetooth. These devices are most often used in this mode of operation.
  • RX. Receiver mode. When we connect ordinary speakers, music center, car radio (via AUX) to the transmitter. Or another device for displaying sound. Then, from the phone, tablet, laptop or other device, we connect to the transmitter via Bluetooth and broadcast the music. It turns out that we add Bluetooth support for ordinary speakers.

The picture below shows the work of two modes:

Even my cheapest transmitter without problems (almost without problems :)) works in two modes. We will take and transmission of sound via Bluetooth. Only now the way of switching between modes on different transmitters is very different.

If there is a separate TX/RX switch on the road, then there are no buttons on a cheap at all. And the mode change is connected, disabled and re.Connecting the device to the power source. In the receiver mode, the indicator flashes blue, and in transmitter mode. Red. Without instruction (which, by the way, was not in the kit) to guess it is unrealistic. Well, at least in the description of the goods on Ali it is written about this.

An example of use

This example shows work in the transmitter mode (TX). A TV without Bluetooth (or Bluetooth is, but the headphones are not connected). And we need to connect wireless headphones. We connect a transmitter with a TV using an audio cable. If there is 3 on the TV.5 mm headphones. We use it. In mine, for example, 3.5 mm connector no. Therefore, I connect through an optical audio output. You can also use RAC (tulip). Even in old TVs he has. It is very important to take this into account when choosing this device. You also need to connect to the transmitter. I connect it to a USB port on TV. If there is no USB, you can use any adapter to which we charge the phone.

After turning on the transmitter power, you need to connect Bluetooth headphones to it. Usually, it is enough to convert the headphones to the connection mode. The connection method may cast slightly, depending on your transmitter and headphones. After connecting, the sound goes to the headphones. You can connect two pairs of headphones to the model more expensive at once. In the case of connection with the TV through the optical audio output, the sound is also at the same time reproduced from the speakers of the TV. But you can simply turn it off, or twist it on the TV. Then the sound will only be played through the headphones. There is a small delay between the sound from the speakers of the TV and on the headphones through the transmitter.

An example of use

This example shows work in the receiver mode (RX). There is an ordinary acoustic system without Bluetooth. But we want to broadcast music from a phone or tablet on it. Or even from a laptop or PC, but we do not have the opportunity (or desire) to connect the speakers with a computer on a cable. We take the Bluetooth transmitter and connect it to the columns. Here in the same way can be used as 3.5 mm jack, or RAC, or optical audio cable. Depending on which connectors for connection are on your transmitter and columns. You also need to connect the power to the transmitter. You can take power from the USB port of any device, or through the adapter.

Switch the transmitter to the receiver mode (RX). In this mode, it is available for detection on all devices (phones, laptops). We turn on Bluetooth, for example, on the phone, and connect to the transmitter (his name should be written in the instruction). The phone, or other device defines it as headphones and displays sound. And the transmitter, in turn, transfers the sound to the columns through the cable.

How to connect Bluetooth headphones to LG Smart TV TV

Hello. Today we will consider how to connect Bluetooth headphones to the LG Smart TV TV. And we will not “pour water” let’s move on immediately to the matter.

Second. On the remote control from the TV, click the “Settings” button (in the form of a gears):

Third. In the falling menu, select the “Audio Exit” item and click “OK”:

Fourth. Further, the buttons “Out-and-Olvo” on the remote control “to the right” until “Bluetooth” appears:

Fifth. Sow the point below. The button down. On the point “Choosing the device” and click “OK”. A new window will open, with the choice of available wireless devices:

connect, headphones, smart

The TV should already find your Bluetooth headphones, if it does not find, try to click the “search”. If you find it, then go down to the found headphones, put the cursor on a circle (as in the screenshot above) so that it becomes red and click “OK”.

And in conclusion, the TV will request confirmation for switching to wireless headphones. Select “Yes”:

After that, a message about a successful connection will appear in the upper right corner:

In the future, everything will happen much easier. You just need to turn on the headphones and the TV will automatically offer to switch the audio output to a wireless audio device. Here’s how I have it, I only turned on the wireless headphones and the TV immediately issues the following message:

I choose “yes” and listen to my headphones, while the volume for the speakers of TV will have its own, for its headphones, which you previously set up, is very convenient.

The most popular manufacturers of TV support for wireless headphones

To pick up a good TV with headphones, you should get acquainted with the rating of the best manufacturers of such devices:

Connect to Android-TV and configure sound in less than 2 minutes. If you adhere to the instructions, then there will be no problems.

How to connect columns to a TV? How to connect headphones to a TV?

This can be done by any of the above methods. To find out how to connect the speakers to your TV with Smart TV, you should take into account the type of system and outputs available on each individual Samsung or LG model.

Keep in mind that Smart TV is equipped with a Wi-Fi module, which allows you to use another method of wireless connection (of course, if the AC itself supports this option). The procedure is similar to the synchronization algorithm for Bluetooth, but in the settings you will need to enter Wi-Fi, and then find the required name and confirm the connection.

As you can see, you can connect any type of columns to modern TVs. The way out can be found even when the ports and modules do not match.

How to connect columns to a TV? Step.By.Step instructions, whether it is possible to connect the speakers to TV. FAQ from EARPHones-Review

How to connect columns to a TV? The article shows a step.By.Step guide whether it is possible to connect the speakers to the TV. Hyde and tips for connecting speakers to LG, Samsung and other brands. FAQ from EARPHones-Review. Help and advice! Characteristics ratings reviews advice

Connection of headphones via HDMI ARC port

Another modern way to transmit sound from a television receiver to external devices is the use of HDMI ARC adapters. They, like optical adapters, are digital-analog converters, but instead of an optical cable, an HDMI cable is connected to them.

This method requires the presence of an HDMI port on the TV, but not a standard, but a special design that is designed specifically for the output of the audio signal. The port is called as “HDMI (ARC)” or “HDMI OUT (ARC)” (in any case, the name is the abbreviation ARC):

How to Connect Headphones to ANY TV? What are the Ways of Connecting Headphones to TV?

And here is an example of a digital-analysis converter HDMI-ARC/AUX:

How to connect wired headphones to a TV?

It would seem that the question does not require discussion. You acquire headphones, connect to the TV, and rejoice at the atmosphere of the film.

Not all TVs have the necessary connector.

Most of the headphones are supplied with a cable with a maximum of 1.5 m, and being at a similar distance (“tied” cord to the TV) is uncomfortable and harmful.

There are wired and wireless headphones. The second, of course, is better option, since watching TV at a distance of a few meters with wired sets does not bring any pleasure.

How to connect wired headphones to a TV?

The easiest method is to connect the headphones in the connector indicated by the word Audio. This is a regular output with a diameter of 3.5 mm.

The plug on typical headphones, including the highest quality, is provided for connecting to it. Excellent if this connector is on the side of the TV.

If the exits are located on the back of the case, certain difficulties may appear, mainly associated with the inconvenience of using the wired device.

How to connect a 3.5 mm plug at the same time to two analogue outputs?

Adapter with 3.5 mm on 2 RCA connector

For this, an ordinary adapter is used, which sometimes goes in a set with some headphones.

Such an adapter on the one hand is equipped with RCA plugs, and on the other. A typical input for headphones.

It is not difficult to assemble the system. We stick the adapter into the TV, and the headphones. Into the adapter. You can use all RCA outputs, which are several pieces.

AV-resort Yamaha RX-V385

If there are no analog connectors, you need a device that changes the digital signal that comes from the TV to an analog.

Headphones will be able to accept it and change it to sound. The most common and popular option is AV resident.

The TV is connected to the receiver through the HDMI connector, as it guarantees a clean and high.Quality signal. The headphones themselves are already connected to the receiver.

How to connect wireless headphones to TV?

Wireless headphones have many advantages compared to wired analogues: this is not only practicality, a larger radius of work, but also the ability to easily switch the sound sources.

For this purpose, you don’t even need to get up from the couch. You can transfer headphones from TV to a smartphone for several seconds.

There are Smart TV models equipped with a Bluetooth module. However, its presence does not guarantee compatibility with wireless headphones.

You need to check the technical parameters, and make sure that the function “Sound output on the Bluetooth device” exists.

Run this mode, the TV begins to look for a new device. And connects to the headphones.

If there is no function, you need to find headphones with a transmitting module. It looks like a simple USB flash drive.

Not all TV models convey sound through USB. If you can connect a wireless mouse to it, or a keyboard, this does not guarantee compatibility with headphones.

Example headphones with USB adapter

To connect the headphones to TV, you will need a regular USB-partition obtained by any of the above methods-to find on the TV panel, use an adapter or receiver.

The transmitter of the Bluetooth signal is connected to such a connector. He will receive an analog acoustic signal from the TV on the cable and broadcast it through the air to the headphones.

The radius of the reception fluctuates depending on the properties of headphones. Most often, several meters. High.Quality headphones make it possible to transmit a signal even between rooms.

After connecting the transmitter, it remains only to turn on the headphones. The sound will appear immediately if the device is charged.

If none of the described methods has worked, only the modernization of the TV remains.

It is necessary to open the housing, and solder the withdrawal for the connector (which is mounted in the case panel) to the input of the low.Frequency amplifier).

But such work is suitable only for an experienced electronist, in addition, such actions should be deprived of warranty obligations.

General principles of connection

It is easy to connect the headset, especially when there is an H/P Out inscription on a TV, next to a suitable connector. What you need is to insert the headphones into the nest, and you can safely listen to music or watch television without interfering with anyone.

But besides Samsung, LG, Sony, and other companies are engaged in the production of television equipment, including little.Known “Chinese”. Each TV model with its own features, but usually the desired audio output is located on the front or rear panel. Of course, in order not to lose, it is worth opening the instructions for the technique and see which connectors are available.

This is a headset with a cable that connects to a television connector. But the length of the cord usually does not exceed 2 m, and this affects the convenience of operation. Having such a model in stock, it is worth immediately buying an extension cord, where at one end is the input connector, and on the other. The connection plug.

By the way, you can connect the headphones to the old TV, provided that there is an appropriate output. And even if not, the situation is solved in a different way. The speakers are connected to TV, and already to them. The headset.


Advantage. Connection to multimedia devices without the use of cables. Possible connection schemes with the telepressel:

  • By Wi-Fi. The optimal method for home, but the TV should have a module that converts the signal;
  • According to Bluetooth. Bluetooth is not provided in every TV model. But this is solved by connecting the appropriate adapter;
  • On the infrared port. A working method, but is practically not used, since a person will have to sit as close to the IR port as possible;
  • Optical connection. A qualitative way to transmit audio from TV.

The wireless headset is good in that a person does not get confused in cords, they constantly do not turn off, they are disabled. After use, headphones are installed on the base for recharging.

There are wireless models loaded through a USB? This is not a minus, but a feature of the design.

With a microphone

These are wired and wireless models, the distinguishing feature of which is the possibility of changing the voice. The headset with a microphone is used by gamers playing network games on the prefix connected to the TV. Communication. Component of any multi.User project.

If TV without Bluetooth module

In old models and some new ones there is no Bluetooth transmitter, which does not allow us to connect headphones. There are several options for actions here. Read the instructions for the TV to understand what types he supports. You can buy radio-shutters or Wi-Fi headphones operating through a wireless network. Although there are more universal outputs than buying such devices.

Using the transmitter

You can purchase a Bluetooth adapter for connecting headphones. It is performed in different forms, looks like a small box that connects to an audio output or through a tulip. Food is provided by a battery or battery.

connect, headphones, smart

The principle of action is simple: charge the battery, it lasts 8-12 hours and connect it to the connector on the TV. In fact, just stick. Now take out your “ears” and put them in the search mode. After some time, the connection between them and the transmitter is activated, so the sound will go through them until you turn it off. On the TV, it is worth switching in the settings the issuance of sound from speakers to headphones, this will improve sound quality.

With the help of a prefix

The prefixes for TV are connected through HDMI, in the rare case through other types of connectors. They are designed to convert the signal to the format that the TV is able to understand.Also have different functions, such as rewinding a few hours ago. You can buy different models, there are several types of those in which the Bluetooth or Wi-Fi modules are built-in and which are used to connect audio devices.

There are several more types of prefixes, like IK settings and opticals that are created for their types of devices. They do not have such universality as ordinary transmitters or consoles with the desired function, so it is worth using if the rest did not fit for some reason.