How to connect headphones to your Samsung phone

How to connect Wireless Headphones to Android Phone (Samsung)

How to connect wireless headphones to your Android phone

The following connection order is valid for Samsung phones and most other Android counterparts.

  • Go to the settings.
  • Select the “Bluetooth” or “Connections” menu.
  • Activate the wireless connection.
  • Find available devices or create a new connection.
  • Choose to connect the headphones (by name or by number).

For your information! To speed up the process, hold the “Bluetooth” icon in the status bar, after which the required settings are instantly accessed.

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Connection error, how to fix it

It is not always possible to connect the headphones through the Settings menu, which can be due to additional subscribers or gadgets connected to a single channel. In this case, the pairing of users occurs with errors or delays, which can lead to difficulties in identifying the information by the operating system.

To understand how to do this in such situations, it is necessary to pay attention to third-party programs. Utilities like Scanner or Pair will help to systematize connections and unload the OS of the smartphone. If you have problems synchronizing the left and right segment, it is recommended to put the Bluetooth headphones in the case, wait for deactivation. After that, the devices are taken out of the box and the power-on procedure is repeated.

Instructions for getting a normal wireless headset connection with a connection reset:

  • Insert both items into the charging slot, take them out after a few seconds.
  • Lock the power key for a few seconds.
  • After resetting the connection, put the headphones in, wait for the connection to sound.
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How to connect wireless headphones to your phone and set them up?

Older smartphones may not support the four-pin audio jack, so the microphone and the button on it will be inactive.

There is a separate article on connecting and supercharging wireless models, which can be found at this link.

Adjust the music volume with mechanical buttons on your smartphone, headphones, voice assistant, or smart watch.

How to turn on and adjust the equalizer

Connected headphones play sound in “default” mode, relying on the phone’s default preset. Change settings through the system’s built-in player or downloaded equalizer. As an example, consider Square Sound, pre-installed in a smartphone from Meizu and running through the application Yandex.Music:

  • The home page features pre-made presets that add surround sound, powerful bass, betting on clear voice or live music. settings are hidden in an additional menu.

Regarding the equalizer. it is divided into 3-10 frequency bands, which regulate the range of each, amplifying the low, high or medium frequencies. The supercharger depends on the genre of music you listen to.

Regarding Play Market apps, Equalizer FX stands out from the crowd. It has :

Once the app is turned on, it converts all audio coming from the device, including video tracks or incoming calls.

Possible problems

How to connect wireless headphones to the phone, if there are malfunctions and failures in the work of the paired devices. Here are the main possible problems and their solutions.

Problem Solution
Phone does not see Bluetooth headphones Make sure that the devices are fully charged; reboot, holding the power button for at least five seconds; update the list of available devices on the phone
Problems of interaction after updating of phone OS (new versions of drivers conflict with headset firmware) Correct by reverting to previous OS version or installing updated firmware on the wireless headset
The Bluetooth signal on your phone is broken or the connection is not possible The reason is that the Bluetooth versions of the phone and the headphones do not match. Requires contacting a service center or selecting headphones with a Bluetooth version that matches your phone
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For Android

To successfully connect your headphones to a Samsung, other Android phone, make sure they are ready to use. If device is not charged. wait until it is fully charged.

  • unlock your phone;
  • go to settings and connect Bluetooth. The tool may be in the “connection” section. The second variant of connection. on the main screen to lower a curtain, to find the necessary icon;
  • turn on the headphones by pressing the power button. A red light will light up;
  • The next step is to bind the gadget to the headphones. To do this on honor, Sony, forza plus, qcy, jbl, tws i7, i7s, oodvj, other brands hold down the power button for a long time. When using a gadget with NFC (Near Field Communication) chip for synchronization it is enough to bring it to the smartphone at a distance of 20 cm for a few seconds. In some cases, to pair, you need to enter a code. you can find it in the manual. For dexp it is 0000. On a successful synchronization will indicate the LED’s flashing blue and red;
  • go to the smartphone. The name of the new headphones should appear in the bluetooth section. All you have to do is select it and wait for it to turn on.

How to connect wireless headphones to your Samsung phone via Bluetooth

Fully charge the headphones no matter what brand they are or if you have done this before, that way if there is a problem we can know it’s not the charging. After that, press the Bluetooth button on them.

Open the “Bluetooth” settings by going to the appropriate section in the settings or expand the upper curtain, hold down the appropriate icon until the menu opens. Turn on the function.

After searching the list of devices found, click on your Bluetooth headphones to make a connection with them. If asked to enter a password. do it, it is often written on the box or headset itself. Try 0000, this is most often the case.

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Immediately after that all the sound will go through a headset and you can safely listen to music and use the microphone if it is also built in.

Reset Bluetooth headphones in a Samsung smartphone

Sometimes the Bluetooth headphones are plugged in separately. Because they are essentially two separate devices. And can work on two Samsung smartphones at the same time. If you connect them to the same phone, they will not be detected as one, but as two different devices. Can even work incorrectly. In such case dump of settings will help. Let’s see how to make it.

The AirDots from Redmi will be taken as an example:

Almost all Bluetooth devices come with a Russian-language manual. If something will be not clear to you, you can receive the necessary information from it. In general, the process of connecting wireless headphones of any company and for any cell phone is standard.

Plugging in the headphones

You can connect any wireless headphones to your ]Samsung[/anchor] smartphone via “Bluetooth” technology.

    Turn on the pairing mode on the headphones. As a rule, for this there is a special button on the case.

Before you connect wireless headphones to your smartphone, you need to follow the general guidelines

The first thing to do. Connect and turn on the headset. Some models are equipped with a charge indicator, but often it is not. So, don’t forget to charge your device on time.

  • In the headphones themselves will need to turn on pairing mode. It turns on in different ways on different devices, but it usually requires a long press on the power key;