How to connect honor to the TV via USB

File exchange between the mobile device and computer is realized very simply: we take a USB cable and use it to connect the phone to the computer.

After a short pause, during which the computer at the first connection with the mobile device loads the necessary drivers to make a connection via USB, the phone will display the message “USB connection” with three menu items:

In order to exchange files you need to choose “file transfer” item.

How to connect your phone with TV using USB cable.connect phone and TV via usb cable

After that on the screen of the COMPUTER two windows will appear:

How to connect Huawei Honor smartphone to computer via USB

For many PC users this method is the easiest and most effective, which allows you to download a collection of photos from your mobile device or record a movie on your phone in the shortest possible time.

To implement this way in the first “HUAWEI P Smart” window to open the “Explorer” of the PC choose the “Open device to view files” item.

Как подключить телефон хонор к телевизору кабелем через usb

In the window that opens again select “Internal memory” of HUAWEI P Smart smartphone.

In the next “Explorer” window we will be presented all the folders available on the smartphone. Here we can perform operations with smartphone files (copy, rename, delete) or copy files from the PC into these folders.

When the file exchange is finished, it is necessary to disconnect the mobile device from the computer, for this purpose select the USB-device icon in the lower right corner of the computer screen and then select “Eject HUAWEI P Smart”.

This completes the data exchange session between the computer and Smartphone.

Connecting Huawei smartphone to PC using HiSuite

The second way is to use the HiSuite utility, which helps to perform quite a few useful operations. In particular, with its help you can open the synchronization of contacts, activate access to the photos, as well as access to all files in general. Both those files, which are stored in memory of the device, and those on a microSD-card are taken into account. over, this way you can read and edit messages, and generally use the basic features of the smartphone.

To activate the connection of your Huawei phone to your computer using the specified program, you will need to download an archive with files to install the program. After that you should set the USB Debugging Mode in the communicator settings. On the PC we install the program, which will launch the utility necessary for quick connection of Honor Huawei honor.

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Thus you can quickly display all the necessary data on your PC screen. The actions that the user will be able to perform with such a utility are more extensive than simply connecting the smartphone via explorer. At least the synchronization process here is much easier: in personal sync PC can be much easier than in standard mode.

When you connect your smartphone it can be activated the “charging only” mode. This way the gadget will not transfer data to a personal computer, but it will recharge. In addition, the computer can display information about what he saw Huawei.

The user will also be able to set the “photo” mode. It is the most convenient to transfer photos from the SD-card (by the way, in this option is possible to work only with it).

How to connect Honor and Huawei to a computer via USB

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There are many reasons to synchronize your smartphone with your PC, the main one is to exchange files or transfer some information unilaterally. Below we are going to discuss several ways of how to connect Honor and Huawei to PC via USB. You will also learn about 3 additional programs that can help you connect to a PC.

How to connect Huawei (Honor) to your computer

A little instruction on how to connect Huawei and Honor smartphones to your PC.

Connect your Huawei and PC via USB cable, then on the screen of your smartphone you will see information about connection. Select File Transfer:

If you accidentally clicked on cancel it’s not a big deal. Open the notification curtain, there by default you will see Charging by USB. Click on it and select file transfer.

Next, on your PC, go to My Computer and see the following picture:

The Normal Connection Option

In the first case mentioned above, you will need to perform the following actions:

  • Connect your smartphone to a stationary device using USB.cable;
  • Wait until the computer recognizes it and starts the automatic installation of drivers;
  • wait until all the files you want are installed and the icon with the newly connected device appears in the “My Computer” tab;
  • Open the folder with the mention of the smartphone.

After that, the phone owner can safely view and move files between the smartphone and PC. You won’t be able to install apps or change Android settings.

How to connect Honor 9a laptop to TV?

There are several ways to connect your smartphone to your TV without apps. We will explain you the connection via HDMI, Bluetooth.

How to connect your Honor 9a to your TV wirelessly?

Screen sharing using Miracast technology Most of the latest phones offer screen sharing technology. Most newer TVs offer screen sharing technologies like Miracast, which will allow you to stream your Honor 9a’s screen directly over a Wi-Fi connection. 1080p video streaming and high sound quality is possible. However not all phones and TVs will be compatible, and your cell phone will consume the battery very much. If your TV doesn’t have this Miracast technology, you can add a Miracast, Chromecast or Amazon fire Stick, which offers the ability to stream this Wi-Fi signal from your TV to your laptop, it’s often important to use an app for them. use. Take a look at our second chapter to see how to use them. Steps to connect your Honor 9a screen to your TV To project your Honor 9a screen to your TV, all you need to do is follow these steps:

  • On your TV, activate Screen Sharing, Miracast
  • There are 3 methods on your cell phone depending on the content to be streamed:
  • Or scroll down the top menu
  • Then click the Smartview icon, Screen Sharing, Screen Mirroring, or Display Mirroring.
  • You will see all the devices that offer Screen Mirroring and Chromecast.
  • Tap on your TV, which will be displayed, to connect your Honor 9a to your TV.
  • Go to connect, and under connectivity or advanced connectivity settings
  • Here you will find Miracast or the screen sharing option. Click on it, then click on the name of your TV.
  • Your TV will ask permission to connect
  • Select the video or photos to broadcast on your TV and then tap “Share”, you will have an offer to show on your TV.
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How to share the Honor 9a screen with your TV via HDMI?

Most TVs have HDMI ports for transferring data between your device and the TV screen. On the other hand, Android cell phones do not have an HDMI port. There are HDMI adapters like MHL (Mobile High-Definition Link) for phones for this purpose. Make sure you find a special adapter for Honor 9a. HMDI / USB-C and HDMI / Micro-USB adapters are available. You will need to purchase a separate HMDI cable to connect the adapter to the TV if you do not already have one.

In the same item are Slimport adapters, which offer the ability to transmit high quality video and different formats. Connect it to the TV screen the same way with HDMI cable.

Huawei Problem to turn on USB Development

Connecting to Xiaomi TVs

You can connect your phone to Xiaomi TVs through DLNA technology. It is possible to create a wireless projection from the smartphone screen to the TV display. For this purpose you need to download the BubbleUPnP application on your Honor phone, create a server in the application and give it a name.

On the TV you need to open the “Source” section and select the server you just created as the source. After that the image will be transmitted from your smartphone to the TV screen.

How to connect Huawei Honor 8X to your computer via Wi-Fi

This way is less reliable, because the quality of a wireless connection depends directly on the speed of the Internet. However, in this case you will be deprived of the disadvantage of additional cables, which are constantly broken and get tangled underfoot.

To set up Wi-Fi connection you need to install special software on your Android smartphone and PC. As an example, consider My Phone Explorer:

  • Install the program on your computer and Huawei Honor 8X.
  • Connect both devices to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Launch the application on your smartphone.
  • Also open the program on your PC and select the “Connect” option.
  • Wait for the end of the synchronization.
  • Open the folder you are interested in and perform the necessary actions.

You can also use other applications for connection, working on the principle of FTP-server. Just enter the appropriate search query in the Play Store, after which all available programs will be displayed.

Speaking about the tablet, it is allowed to use all the above options, as the operating system and the interface are about the same everywhere.

  • USB cable. take the cord, and visually inspect it to make sure there is no damage, connect one side to the TV, and the other to the phone. If the socket format is 2.0 format, then use it exclusively. If, on the other hand, the input accepts 3.0, then it is universal.
  • Wi-Fi. open the wireless settings on your tablet or mediapad, select the line with wi-fi, and open Wi-Fi Direct, wait for the connection to the access point to complete, connect the TV to the access point, and control it via the IR port.
  • Mirror Share. lower the curtain, find the icon with this caption, and turn it on with one click. Then turn on the projection.
  • Chromecast. an alternative manual to duplicate the screen from one device to another. To turn on, take the remote control, and there press the Home key (Home), select with it on the screen “Settings”, in the TV category open applications, there select the column “System”, select Chromecast or Google Cast, turn on.
  • Smart TV Box attachment. converting the tuner into a multimedia player.
  • HDMI. plug one end into your tablet and the other end into your TV and use.
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Why connect your smartphone to the TV

There can be many reasons to connect an Android gadget to the TV, each user determines why to synchronize Android and TV.

The main reasons for connecting an Honor or Huawei phone to TV are:

  • Broadcasting video from YouTube or films from Kinopoisk, IVI or any other web-site to TV. Synchronization allows you to watch the video on the big screen and the user can set the resolution on the phone, so it will look good and on the big screen.
  • View photos and videos taken or downloaded on Android. Viewing on TV allows you to see all the details of the picture, as the TV display size is much larger than the display of a small smartphone.
  • Streaming games. Many Android users don’t realize what their phones can do. Over the Internet, if this functionality allows TV, you can stream a game and use your smartphone as a joystick or steering wheel, depending on the category of the game.
  • Using the phone as a PC, using the TV as a monitor. Not all Honor and Huawei gadgets have the ability to use them as a PC, especially the budget models. To learn about the capabilities of your model, you can see the instruction manual, or reviews on websites or YouTube.
  • Using it as a TV remote control. Depending on the price category, from low-end devices to top flagships, Android phones have these capabilities. To use your smartphone as a remote control, you need to have an infrared port pre-installed on it. If there is no port, you can not use Android as a remote control.
  • For other purposes, in which you need to connect your smartphone and TV by any available means.