How to connect iPhone to a computer via cable

Iphone connection to a computer via a USB cable

To connect the iPhone to a computer via USB, you need to make sure that both devices and charging are completely working. But you can ensure a stable connection not only in this way. Consider the features of the USB connection and other options.

As new models of the phone were released, new USB cables appeared, which can be used not only for charging the device, but also to connect it to PC. At the moment, the owners of different iPhone can see such charger USB:

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  • Lightning-connectors appeared with the 5th phone model, and with the 7th they are already used, including for headphones. This connector is convenient in that it can be inserted into devices from any side, it is not required to turn it over the specific.
  • 30-pin-the device was used on 3 and 4 iPhone models. Now such charging models are extremely difficult to find in stores, so the breakdown or loss entails the need to replace the phone.
  • USB Type-C is available in any official Apple store and is a mini-version of the usual USB. It provides for the highest data transfer speed.

When buying any Apple device, charging is included. In addition to it, there is technical documentation and a special key for the SIM card connector. If there is no USB, you need to contact the seller who has been purchased.

How to connect iPhone to a computer using a USB cable

To connect a smartphone to a computer, you will need a USB wire that is included and is used to charge a smartphone. Connecting the device to PC is carried out in the following sequence:

  • Connect one end of the cable to the smartphone and the other to the computer.
  • If there is no iTunes application on the computer, the operating system will offer to immediately go into the device’s memory and display its contents.
  • So that you can view the contents of the device on the computer, unlock the phone, and then allow access to files in the dialog box that appears. Otherwise, view the data on the computer, but the computer will still see the connection.

For convenient transfer of files, as well as performing a number of other operations, for example, restoring the smartphone operating system, creating backups, etc.D., It is necessary to install a special iTunes application. To do this, follow the following actions:

  • Download the ITUNES installation file from the official website of Apple.
  • Run the installation and follow the indications on the screen.
  • At the end of the installation, run itines.
  • Allow iTunes to provide the computer access to data.
  • Connect the smartphone with a cable to the computer.
  • Unlock the smartphone and allow access in the dialog box that will be displayed on the screen.
  • On the main screen ITUNES, select a connected smartphone to access its contents.
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Possible difficulties when connecting

The connected device does not always immediately start working correctly, sometimes you have to perform additional actions for successful synchronization. Consider the most common problems and ways to solve them.

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  • First of all, if you can’t execute the connection, check the ports on the PC. Perhaps the one to which you are connected, not a worker (for example, burned out).
  • Check the USB cable by connecting it to another device, or use it like charging to make sure that it functions properly.
  • In no case do not connect the iPhone using various adapters. Use only the original cable.
  • Do not forget about the iTunes application. Look at the firmware version. The connection may not be due to the fact that the version of the program is outdated. In this case, update it via the Internet to the newest.
  • Try to disable antiviruses and other defenders of the operating system. Very often they become an obstacle when connecting PC to other devices. But do not forget to return them to an active state after disconnecting iPhone.

Perhaps also the whole thing is in the computer. In this case, you need to reinstall the OS. But to make sure of this need, connect the phone to another PC. If everything works, then you will still have to engage in cleaning the system.

  • When connecting, be sure to look at the phone screen, most often the question pops up there: “Do this computer trust?”If not noted, then the iPhone will simply be charged, but will not provide access to its file system.
  • Inspect the connector-it happens that due to the accumulation of a large amount of dust, the cable cannot transmit data.
  • Update the phone system to the latest version, if there is already accessible.

If you are afraid to do something wrong or all actions have not led to a positive result, then you should seek help in the service center.

Iphone connection to PC without a USB cable

Iphone connection to a computer can be carried out without using the cable, but using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

When a connection occurs using Wi-Fi, the Internet and iPhone Internet access is carried out through one router. This is very convenient, however, such a connection is too energy.Consuming, so the gadget battery will sit down too quickly.

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In addition, not all functions in this mode can be used. Therefore, you will have to work with significant restrictions. For example, it will not be possible to update programs, restore some documents from a backup copy. However, in certain situations, this is quite acceptable.

To carry out such a connection, for the first time it will be necessary to use a USB cable. In the future it will not be needed. ITUNES program will work.

For primary settings, the following actions should be performed:

  • Turn on wi-fi on iPhone. To do this, you need to go into its settings. Then you should open the corresponding section and put the switch to the “enable” position. Then open a network connection, enter your password.
  • Next, you need to prepare synchronization. Here you will need to connect the PC and gadget with a USB cable.
  • Then you should use the iTunes program and click the icon depicting the phone.
  • In the “review” find the line “synchronize by Wi-Fi” and put a checkmark.
  • Press the word “apply”.
  • Now turn off the cable and check the quality of the connection.
  • On the iPhone we open the main section.
  • Then we enter the “synchronization with iTunes” and select “synchronize”.

The check was successful, you can use the Wi-Fi network to conjure a computer and a mobile device.

Connect the iPhone to a computer without using the wire and if Bluetooth is installed on all devices. To do this, just turn on the Bluetooth on the iPhone so that it reacts to the computer.

This is done very simple. Go into the settings of your iPhone with Bluetooth on. Find a computer in the list of devices and activate it. In this case, a code message will appear on the screen. This code should coincide with the fact that it will simultaneously arise on the computer screen. The process can occur in both automatic and manual mode. Therefore, in some cases, the code will need to be entered independently.

The second method. ITUNES program

As you can see, without it, the device is determined by the computer as a digital camera without the possibility of recording content. The maximum that you can do is to download photos and videos. If you have the need to download something, you will have to use the official software from Apple-it is iTunes.

  • Download from the official site;
  • Run iTunes on a computer;
  • Connect the iPhone to a computer via USB;
  • Wait until the program recognizes it;
  • Click on the icon indicated in the screenshot, and you will get access to the content on the smartphone.

Iphone connection to PC via USB

Despite rapidly developing wireless technologies, USB cables are still used in all iPhone models. They allow you to charge the device from adapters with different power, as well as synchronize with the computer. The wire can be used even to transmit the Internet connection.

Selecting USB cable

Unlike most Android devices, different iPhone models use various USB cables. Old versions up to the iPhone 4s were connected to a PC cable with a 30-pin connector.

In 2012, an innovative and more compact USB-cable appeared-Lightning. It to this day is the standard in the newest models, including the corresponding connector is used to connect headphones. Therefore, if you have iPhone 5 and further, connect the device only using Lightning.

First connection

The first time, connecting a smartphone with a new computer, the user will receive a question about whether it is worth trusting this PC. If you click “not trust”, it will be impossible to view and edit data on the iPhone. In this case, the phone will only be charged. We will analyze clearly how to properly connect via USB.

Please note that to synchronize the device with PC you need an iTunes program, which can be downloaded by link below.

Click on the device icon in the upper menu to go to setting the connection parameters.

We go to the “Review” section and set up an important function: Create backup copies. Here we are interested in creating copies of iCloud, which occurs automatically once a day when an active connection of a smartphone to the Internet via Wi-Fi, and the iPhone should be charged. If desired, you can create a backup manually, for this, click “Create a copy now”.

To store backups on PC and regularly update them when connecting, you should turn on the corresponding functions. Get down a little lower and put checks opposite such points as: “Synchronize automatically if the iPhone is connected” and “Synchronize this iPhone by Wi-Fi”. Click “Ready” to complete the setting.

Connection without iTunes

You can manage files on your iPhone using a computer without using the standard iTunes program. Windows conductor will help us with this.

Using this method, you can only view photos and videos on your iPhone through the conductor, as well as copy data to PC. You cannot delete and edit files.

After that, in the “Devices and Disks” section, iPhone will appear in the conductor.

To view the necessary files, the user needs to go to a specific folder. Click “Internal Storage”.

Click on “100Apple”. In this folder, you can sort files by the date of creation or change for more comfortable work.

File managers

The replacement of tunes with a full set of similar functions can be a third.Party file manager. For example, ITOLS or IFUNBOX. Connection and synchronization in these programs is carried out quickly and does not even require password entering.

In several of our articles, we examined in detail how to work in file managers for iOS. We advise you to read.

Modem mode

USB cable is used not only for charging and synchronization with a computer. With it, you can organize Internet access for PC. This function is called the “modem mode”. She works like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and through the cable.

In the next tab, activate the function by moving the switch to the right. If the PC is automatically connected to the network, a special panel appears at the top of the screen, which shows the number of connections.

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The abolition of confidence

Sometimes the user needs to cancel confidence in a specific computer in order to prohibit him with the ability to control smartphone files. To do this, it is not necessary to connect the iPhone to PC again, just go into the settings.

Iphone connection to a computer

In order to successfully connect the smartphone with the computer, you need the following equipment: 1. PC with a free port. 2. Ios device. 3. Standard cable (which was included with the gadget). 4. ITUNES program (it is needed so that the OS can correctly recognize the device).

How to connect iPhone: 1. First of all, you need to insert one end of the USB cable into the computer port. 2. The second end of the cable must be connected to the gadget. 3. If the computer is installed on the computer, then the operating system should quickly identify the smartphone.

If the connection is made correctly, it will be possible to view the file system on the PC. It can be seen in my computer.

Conclusion: there is nothing complicated in the iPhone connection to the computer. You only need to have the necessary components at hand (USB cable, according to) which allow you to successfully perform this operation.

Connecting devices via a USB cable

The USB cable itself is included with a smartphone, as well as among accessories, headphones are also attached. The connection process through a USB is quite simple and should not cause any problems.

Connect one cable connector to the phone and the other to the system unit, that is, in any USB computer port. After you need to wait a few seconds while the drivers are set. If the message “Trust this computer” appears on the iPhone screen, then we naturally confirm by pressing the corresponding button. If the connection is successfully completed, an icon in the form of a digital camera should appear in the “This Computer” section.

By clicking on the icon, we fall into the folders in which files are stored. Video and photo. Now you can copy them and move to the computer.

Iphone cannot connect to PC, what to do for synchronization.

Iphone does not connect to a computer. The reason is PC

Yes, in most cases it is he who is the cause of malfunctions. In order to exclude them, we perform the following actions:

  • First of all, we reboot both devices. So to speak, for prevention.
  • We try various USB ports and check their performance. After all, one of them can burn out, short or simply not work.
  • We do not use adapters, biases, extensors and other devices for USB ports.
  • We update iTunes. The perfect option would be complete deletion, and the subsequent installation of the latest version from the Apple website.
  • Disconnect third.Party software (antiviruses, firewalls). Do not forget to turn them on, after checking!
  • The most radical step. Reinstalling the operating system, will help with a high probability, but time will take.

It is impossible to connect the iPhone to a computer

If the gadget cannot connect with another computer, then the matter is clearly in the device No matter how reliable and stable the products of Apple were, but there are exceptions. Although most often, the owners of these devices are to blame, bringing them to such a state that it is amazing how they can turn on, and not only synchronize. I distracted something 🙂

Returning to the topic, try to perform the following steps:

  • After the connection, unlock the phone, it is possible that you will see a pop.Up window with the question: “Trust this computer?””. Without an affirmative answer, no synchronization will occur, only charging.
  • Change the cable. Even in the absence of visible damage, the wire may be faulty. Or it is quite possible that it is not original. But in this case, there is an opportunity to force a device with an “unsupported” accessory.
  • Reset the content and settings of the device. If you decide on such a desperate step, remember the backup of the information (using iCloud or iTunes), otherwise you will lose all your data irrevocably.
  • Jailbreak, or rather the so.Called tweaks installed with its help, can also contribute to the occurrence of malfunctions in synchronization.
  • Update software. It is always useful!
  • Clean the connector on the phone (possibly oxidized or polluted). Important! Clean very carefully, ideally entrust a professional. If you take it yourself, look for information on the Internet, otherwise you can aggravate the situation.
  • The last point is the most sad. Broken or a connector for charging and synchronization is out of order. There is only one road. To the Apple service!

The computer does not see the iPhone

By the way, there is another win.Win option. Contact Support Apple. And torture them with the question: “Why is my iPhone does not connect to a computer using USB?””. Frankly, I have not tried it. But I think I can’t hear anything new from them, and the conversation will take a lot of time.

Contact IFIX

As you can see, in most cases you can do with “low blood” and eliminate problems at home. If, you have tried all the items given in the article, and the situation has not changed for the better-the iPhone still does not connect to the computer, then contact our comprehensive help and quick elimination of the malfunction.

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