How to connect iPhone to a Sony TV

How to connect your iPhone XS or other models to a TV? Follow the simple instructions: Connect your smartphone and TV to a Wi-Fi network using a router. On your smartphone, go to the control menu, start the “Screen Repeat” function and select the set-top box from the list of available devices to connect.

The following TV models support Apple AirPlay2 and HomeKit.

  • A9_A9S series.
  • Z8H_ZH8 series.
  • A8_A8H series.
  • XH95_X95H series (models 49, 55, 65, 75 and 85)
  • XH90_X90H_X91H_XH92 series.
  • XH85_X85H_XH91 Series.
  • XH81 series.
  • XH80_X80H series.

If AirPlay is not set up, press the (input select) button on the TV remote control to select (AirPlay). Then select AirPlay and HomeKit Settings and turn on AirPlay. Make sure your Apple device is connected to the same network as your TV. Select content to broadcast on your Apple device.

Select Wi-Fi in the iPhone settings to enable Wi-Fi function. On your iPhone screen, tap Direct-xx-Bravia to access the password entry screen. Enter the WPA key (password) shown on the TV screen, then click Join.

Special programs and other ways

If standard methods are not enough, you can playback from your mobile gadget to the big screen with special programs. In 2020, TV Plus and iMediaShare are considered effective. The main purpose of such softwares is to broadcast content from your phone on a big screen projector or TV. In this case there is a version for Android as well as for iPhone. Application tools allow you to automatically scan and display a list of devices which can be connected in a nearby radius.

  • Connects to game consoles, TVs, music centers and players;
  • supports HD and 3D formats;
  • Interfaces with cloud storage.

TV Plus and iMediaShare versions can be found free of charge in the public domain. After downloading allow the device to install from unknown sources.

For home use, Chromecast is a great alternative to Apple TV for consumers, allowing you to connect your iPad to your TV wirelessly. Instead of using AirPlay with Apple TV, you simply set up your Chromecast dongle on your TV and then download the Chromecast app to your iPad, available from the App Store.

How to do AirPlay mirroring with AirServer:

  • Download AirServer.
  • Swipe up from the bottom of the iPhone screen.
  • Just browse through the list of AirPlay receivers.
  • Select the device and then switch the mirroring from OFF to ON.
  • Now everything you do on your iOS device will show up on your computer!

How to connect your iPhone to your Sony TV

With the advent of smart TVs, or Smart TV, it has become much easier to access the Internet to watch digital channels, movies in high quality, surf the web, play games and much more. In addition, there is a Wi-Fi Direct function that allows you to connect your phone to the TV. You can use it to type faster, display photos or videos from your phone on the big screen, turn the device on and off, and make various settings. It makes TV usage much easier, because standard remote controls are not as simple and functional as cell phones.

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Main ways of connection

There are several basic ways in which you can connect your cell phone to your TV:

  • Via Wi-Fi. Using wireless networks is the most convenient solution, as there is no need to pull a cable all over the apartment, there are no difficulties with interference. However, this solution is only possible if the TV is equipped with a Wi-Fi module, so it will not be available to owners of outdated models.
  • Through a cord. You can connect your iPhone to a TV through HDMI, which is available on almost every TV. If a modern smartphone model does not have an appropriate connector, you can buy an adapter adapter. The connection will allow you to watch high quality video and use additional features.
  • Via USB-connector. It’s usually found on every model of modern LCD TV.
  • Via a special app installed on your smartphone. These programs allow you to synchronize with your TV, access is possible if you have an internet connection.
  • With a special set-top box. You can buy it to unlock new features of Smart TV.

What TV can connect your iPhone? Since you can use different ways to connect, this feature becomes available for almost any modern TV with an LCD screen. Usually there are no problems with connection to LG, Sony, Samsung and other popular brands of equipment. Let’s look at each available connection method in more detail.

Connecting via Wi-Fi: Features and Benefits

If you have a question how to connect the iPhone to the TV, the use of Wi-Fi module will be the easiest solution. This will allow you to connect wirelessly, you will not have to pull a cable through the whole room and experience difficulties with the use due to the emerging interference. You don’t need any additional equipment for this, so you can avoid extra costs.

To make the connection, follow the simple instructions:

connect, iphone, sony
  • Open your TV’s main menu and tap Apps.
  • Download and install the appropriate application for your smartphone. You can use Smart View for Samsung TVs, and Twonky Beam or iMediaShare for other brands.
  • Start application synchronization. After that you can choose a file for broadcasting to watch it on the big screen.

If your apartment has a home network and a router, you can connect both your TV and smartphone to the network with no problem. If there is no such network, you can use the Wi-Fi Direct function, although not all TVs have it. You can use it to connect to Wi-Fi without a router.

Connecting with HDMI

This is the easiest way to connect to almost any TV. The cable may be included with your purchase, or it may be purchased separately. To connect your iPhone to your TV with HDMI? To do this, follow these steps:

  • Plug the cable into the appropriate connector on your TV.
  • Connect the other end to your smartphone. Since Apple devices have their own special connectors, you will need to use an adapter.
  • Start the TV and your smartphone, and synchronize.
  • Choose a file to broadcast on the screen.
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The main advantage of this method is affordability. But there is a disadvantage: the cable length is limited, and it must be connected to the TV set all the time. This makes it difficult to switch videos and other files remotely on your smartphone. However, the connection via the cord opens a lot of opportunities, so you can neglect the slight inconvenience.

Connecting via USB

Another common connection option is via a wire with a USB connector, if the corresponding port is provided on the TV. To make this connection, you must do the following steps:

  • Insert the micro USB connector into the phone, its exact configuration depends on the smartphone model.
  • Connect the USB connector to the TV port. Usually it is on the back or on the side of the case, depending on the particular model.
  • Turn on the TV and go to the main settings menu. You must select USB cable as the main source of information transfer in the appropriate section.
  • Wait until the synchronization is completed, and then you can start using the device.

Important feature: with this type of connection you can not watch video content from your smartphone, for this you need to use an HDMI cord with a connection to the appropriate jack. However, the phone can be used as a memory drive. you need to download movies or other content to your smartphone in advance in order to watch it later through the TV screen. Use the USB cable to connect your phone to view photos on the big screen with friends, view saved videos from your camera, and more.

Connecting using the Apple TV set-top box

Another option for connecting to the TV is to use a special Apple TV set-top box. It is designed specifically to extend the functionality of the TV, so it opens up a wide range of possibilities. For example, you can use it to duplicate the screen to run multiple files simultaneously, you can also use a variety of Internet resources and enjoy impeccable image quality. The main disadvantage of this set-top box is a rather high cost.

How to connect your iPhone XS or other models to your TV?

  • Connect your smartphone and TV to your Wi-Fi network with a router.
  • On your smartphone, go to the control menu, start the “Repeat Screen” function, and select the set-top box from the list of available devices for connection.
  • Pass the security check. The TV screen will display a code of a few digits which must be entered on the iPhone. This will allow you to synchronize your devices, in the future you won’t have to go through this check again.
  • After you finish watching video files, turn off the screen repeat function on your smartphone.

This is an option to connect your iPhone 7, 6, 8, 5, SE, 5C, 6S, X, SE and other popular smartphone models from Apple to the TV. Buying a special set-top box would be the most convenient solution to take advantage of the full functionality of both the TV and the cell phone.

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In the Android 6 version.0 to do this, go to settings. “networks and communication”. “wireless display”. Activate the mode. The smartphone will search for available equipment, then your TV will appear in the list. Press on it. the contact will automatically be established, and the TV will display the image from your mobile device.

How to Broadcast iPhone Screen to Android TV Make sure your iPhone or iPad is connected to the same local network as your Android TV device. Do not use multiple subnets, VLANs or VPNs. The TV does not need to be in Screen Mirroring mode, just select “TV” or any HDMI IN port.

connect, iphone, sony

Why connect your iPhone to your Sony TV?

Not everyone can afford to buy a modern smart TV with full Smart TV functionality. However, it is possible to expand the list of available functions of the receiver without extra expenses and use it not only for watching TV programs but also for playing content from the Internet.

How To: Use Apple Airplay with your Sony Android or Google TV

Connecting a smartphone to the TV opens the following set of possibilities:

  • Watching movies and videos with high image and sound quality. Information is broadcasted online via your cell phone, the TV is used only as a screen. Watching movies this way is much more comfortable and enjoyable.
  • Organization of video conferencing, remote meetings, various business events. Big screen gives you the opportunity to organize a quality video call to address important issues.
  • Communicating with loved ones via Skype and other modern messengers. A good screen allows you to create an immersive experience.
  • View photos and videos taken with your phone camera. It is an opportunity to see all the details in detail.

If you know how to connect iPhone to an older Sony TV, you can do without using Wi-Fi, because not all televisions are equipped with wireless connectivity. You can connect your mobile device through a cord, different types of cables are used for this.

  • Make sure the TV is connected to the screen duplication input.
  • Turn on the screen mirroring setting on your mobile device.
  • Reboot your mobile device.
  • Perform a power reset on the TV.
  • Start pairing your mobile device with the TV.
  • Set the Bluetooth Android TV options to Off.

You can stream the screens of all Android devices (which have Smart screen or screen mirroring) and Sony smartphones (which have Miracast) to your Sony Bravia TV. If your smartphone doesn’t have these options, you can still mirror your device’s screen on your TV using a third-party app.