How to connect iPhone to laptop via USB

Iphone connection to a computer via a USB cable

To connect the iPhone to a computer via USB, you need to make sure that both devices and charging are completely working. But you can ensure a stable connection not only in this way. Consider the features of the USB connection and other options.

As new models of the phone were released, new USB cables appeared, which can be used not only for charging the device, but also to connect it to PC. At the moment, the owners of different iPhone can see such charger USB:

  • Lightning-connectors appeared with the 5th phone model, and with the 7th they are already used, including for headphones. This connector is convenient in that it can be inserted into devices from any side, it is not required to turn it over the specific.
  • 30-pin-the device was used on 3 and 4 iPhone models. Now such charging models are extremely difficult to find in stores, so the breakdown or loss entails the need to replace the phone.
  • USB Type-C is available in any official Apple store and is a mini-version of the usual USB. It provides for the highest data transfer speed.

When buying any Apple device, charging is included. In addition to it, there is technical documentation and a special key for the SIM card connector. If there is no USB, you need to contact the seller who has been purchased.

Connection without iTunes

Mac iTunes computers is a pre.Installed program that is part of the operating system. Windows users have to install it on their own, and not everyone likes it in terms of functionality. Given that Apple reduces dependence on this software, you can connect the iPhone to PC directly. In this case, photos and videos recorded on camera or previously stored in his memory will become available.

  • Unlocked smartphone we connect to the USB port. In this case, Windows will correctly recognize it to download and install the necessary drivers. Just as it does for a flash drive. A request for access to media files will appear on the iPhone screen. We agree by pressing the button indicated in the screenshot.
  • To get to its contents, you need to open several folders. Their sequence in the screenshot is indicated by the frame. The desired materials are contained in the Directory 100Apple. There is no internal separation in it, so you will have to look for the right one by completing the sorting by the date of creation or change. Of all control functions, only copying from the device on PC in the original quality is available.

You cannot transfer the photo from the computer on the iPhone thus. Nevertheless, a method can come in handy when you need to quickly share the shot material.

USB cables for iPhone: What are?

Any or restored iPhone has a USB cable in the kit. If there is no cable, it means one of them: either they are trying to sell a non.Original smartphone (in other words, a Chinese fake), or the cable was lost with sluggish consultants of the salon that used the configuration of the gadget for their own needs.

There are two types of USB cable for iPhone:

The first is Lightning. Connectors with 8 contacts appeared on complete USB cables and charging together with the 5th modification of iPhone. Iphones of the 7th modification use Lightning also to connect headphones. A distinctive feature of Lighting is that you can insert a connector into the connector any of the sides.

(depending on the length).

The second is 30-pin. Cables with 30-pin connectors were equipped with the iPhone 3rd and 4th versions. Now such cables are better not to lose and not break: their cost is low, but in stores and salons it is extremely problematic to find such.

On the other side of the cable for the iPhone, there can now be not only a classic USB-connector, but also a USB Type-C connector that looks more like Micro-USB.

Such a connector has several advantages: firstly, it, like Lightning, is symmetrical, that is, it can be inserted into the connector with any side, secondly, it guarantees an outrageous data transfer rate (throughput-10 GB/s). Lightning-USB Type-C cable is also available in the official Apple store-at a price of 2.5 thousand. Rubles.

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The second method. ITUNES program

As you can see, without it, the device is determined by the computer as a digital camera without the possibility of recording content. The maximum that you can do is to download photos and videos. If you have the need to download something, you will have to use the official software from Apple-it is iTunes.

  • Download from the official site;
  • Run iTunes on a computer;
  • Connect the iPhone to a computer via USB;
  • Wait until the program recognizes it;
  • Click on the icon indicated in the screenshot, and you will get access to the content on the smartphone.

Installation by

First you need to install iTunes on your computer. If you have not done this before, then download the official installer from the Apple website. If you use the Windows 10 operating system, then you can find the corresponding in the Microsoft Store app store. This version also sets not only the program, but also necessary for synchronization drivers.

Now you can start connecting the iPhone itself to a personal computer.

USB-wire as a way of transmitting Internet with iPhone: Advantages

In the modern active rhythm of life, situations often arise when we do not have enough Internet in the iPhone, even if it is a large model. For certain working or personal purposes, we need to take a number of actions on PC or laptop, while you need to connect to the network, and there is no wi-fi or 3G modem. What to do in such emergency cases?The only solution at such moments is to “distribute” the Internet from phone to computer. There are three ways to transmit the Internet through the iPhone to a hospital or laptop:

How To Mirror iPhone To PC With USB No WIFI Needed

The advantages of the last option are several

  • Firstly, Wi-Fi may not function everywhere, it all depends on your location. And we always take the USB wire with us, because it is necessary for recharging.
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  • Secondly, the speed of data transfer by USB will be incomparably higher. Information will be loaded faster, applications will work more quickly, and you will save your time.

The method of transmitting the Internet via Bluetooth also loses in comparison with USB: the Internet via Bluetooth is more difficult and tuning longer, and the speed is ultimately lower.Finally, using the USB pipeline, you will simultaneously perform two significant things: and “hand over” the Internet PC/laptop, and from it your device automatically recharge the battery. Saving!

So, the advantages are clearly enough to trust this method of connecting the Internet via iPhone. The main thing is to learn this process and do not forget to take a USB cable with you! Let’s just talk about cable now.

Using iPhone as a modem

In any iPhone there is a function “Modem mode” that allows you to transfer the Internet to a computer, and just act a network access point. You can use the device as a modem for any connection (USB, Wi-Fi, etc. P.).

First of all, you need to make sure that the function “cell data” is included. If it is disconnected, then the modem mode cannot only be turned on, but even such a item may be absent.

Further, the specified mode must be turned on and set the necessary settings. If Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc. Will be disconnected, the function “Modem mode” will offer them to enable them. On the same settings screen, you can set the password for the network:

As for actions from the computer, here you need to standardly connect to the network point. This refers to the Internet that is heard with the iPhone. Most often it is called “Apple Mobile Device“:

Depending on the method used between the iPhone and the computer, you need to perform the corresponding actions. That is, with USB or Wi-Fi, just switch the Internet in “Network connections”. And for Bluetooth connection-search for devices from a computer and find iPhone. It is in this sequence, because the device is used as a modem.

Elimination of iTunes problems for Mac

If the Mac cannot recognize the device on iOS or iPados, the following should be done:

  • Check the USB connection, inspect the cable connector for the presence of dust, try using another USB port and other cable.
  • Make sure you pressed the “trust” button on iOS when connecting to the Mac computer (Trust this computer dialog box).
  • Reload your iOS device.
  • Reload the Mac.
  • Check the availability of software updates on Mac. For example, you need to update the operating system to MacOS Catalina or install a local update so that the MAC connects to the iPhone on iOS 13. If necessary, you will see the corresponding message on the computer screen.
  • If you have an antivirus installed for Mac, turn it off during the connection. This may be the reason that the Macnook computer or laptop does not see the iPhone via USB.

Finally, check if your iPhone, iPad or iPod is determined on Mac. To do this, click on the apple in the upper menu and open the point “About this Mac”.

How to transfer files from iphone to pc using itunes

In the “hardware” section, open the USB section and your iPhone, iPod or iPad should be displayed on the right side of the window.

If your device is not displayed, it remains only to contact Apple’s technical support or service.

We hope that this leadership helped you solve problems with the iPhone, iPad or iPod display in iTunes. If you have questions, ask them in Комментарии и мнения владельцев, we will try to help.