How to connect jbl to a computer via Bluetooth

How to connect a Bluetooth column to a laptop or PC

The turn of the next instructions for the use of wireless headphones came. I will show how to connect a Bluetooth jBL headset to a computer or laptop with the Windows 10 and 11 operating system. We will use JBL Tune 225 TWS headphones as a “experimental rabbit”, which are very popular among users. However, the article is relevant for any other JBL models. Tune 590BT, Tune 500, T110BT, T460BT, 400BT Live and so on. Also, the laptop manufacturer does not matter, to which the JBL headphones will be carried out. Lenovo, Honor, Huawei, Samsung, HP, Acer, Asus, Xiaomi, MSI, etc.D.

The main condition for connecting TWS or ordinary JBL wireless headphones to a laptop or computer is the presence of a Bluetooth module on it. In the case of a laptop, it is most likely already built into the system. For a stationary PC, you need to purchase a separate BT adapter, one of which we have already shown in one of the reviews on Wifika.Ru.

Such devices today are in the “Dake” Demive market today, and they are completely inexpensive. So anyone can order it on the same aliexpress and equip their computer with a wireless module for connecting JBL headphones. The main thing is not to forget to install the drivers on it so that the device is found in Windows. For verification, you can open the “Device Manager”

And see if there is a Bluetooth adapter on the Bluetooth list

How to connect without wires?

JBL is a company widely known thanks to the production of wireless speakers. Its columns can be used with the phone by simply charging the built.In battery and completing their connection via Bluetooth. The whole process takes several minutes and does not require great technical knowledge. Over, if there is a chip in the smartphone and the NFC column, you can connect them in one touch.

To connect via Bluetooth, you need to perform a number of actions. To begin with, to charge a smartphone and a column, since a certain battery resource requires wireless communication. If it is not enough, the signal from the source simply will not be accepted. After making sure that everything is in order with the battery, you need to take certain actions.

  • Set the mating devices nearby. Manufacturers do not recommend when the first connection exceed the distance of 1 m. In the future, the Bluetooth signal reception range increases to 3-10 m, and sometimes more.
  • Turn on the column, wait for the signal on the display or the corresponding light indication. On miniature versions of wireless acoustics, it is these “lighthouses” that serve as a kind of indicator of the state of the device.
  • Make a wireless communication module on the column. To do this, in the JBL technique, a button control panel is provided, on which you need to clamp and hold the desired key. The appearance of flashing light indication suggests that Bluetooth is included. The column is available for recognition by other devices. It is worth considering that the temporary segment during which the connection can be performed is only 5 minutes, after this period you will have to repeat everything again.
  • In the smartphone you need to open the settings section. In it, find a wireless contact tab. Activate the work of the Bluetooth module. If it was previously included in the column, when you start the search, a new device will appear in the list of available for mating.
  • Select a column in the list of available options. Activate the conjugation and wait until it is established. It can go to this up to 5 minutes. As soon as the column is displayed in the phone menu as a connected device, you can turn on the music. The sound will go through the speaker of the external device.

You can turn off and completely break off the connection between the devices by selecting this item in the phone’s submenu. It is enough to remove the detected device in the conjugation settings. At the column itself, you can also reset to factory settings to completely delete the list of previously installed Bluetooth connections from the memory. Depending on the model, the procedure may vary, but it is usually enough to squeeze and hold 2 buttons: Bluetooth and hold the volume on the wireless acoustics on. The device should turn off, when turning on, the blue power button indicator will flash.

To the iPhone produced JBL columns are easily connected in a wireless way. If the conjugation is not installed, it is recommended to check the serviceability of the devices, if necessary, discharge wireless acoustics to factory settings. In addition, it can help the closest location of the devices relative to each other.


A number of JBL columns have opportunities for connecting to mobile devices via NFC. In order for everything to be successful, you need to make sure that there is such an option. The NFC function on the column does not need to be turned on additionally, but on the smartphone it may require its activation using a classic change in position on/off in the corresponding section. The connection is installed instantly, in a fraction of a second, the information is transmitted through the Bluetooth channel, the radius of action is about 10 m. You just need to touch the body of the column on the case with a smartphone.

Wired method of connection

To connect the JBL column to the phone, you can use an audio cabble that is included in its configuration. But this connection option requires that the second plug coincides in the format with the device connector. Through ordinary AUX cables with a diameter of 3.5 mm, you can transmit sound to JBL speakers with your own battery or other power sources.

Through jack 3.5 mm the sound will be louder and more stable to be broadcast. In general, the wired connection looks attractive and due to the fact that battery resources are saved. Bluetooth fusion quite intensively consumes its charge, here the losses will be minimal.

Iphone to connect the column through the AUX input for headphones will not work. There is simply no such connector in the design of the device. Apple has long been betting on wireless data exchange.

The own headphones and other brand devices have long have been exclusively Bluetooth-shielding or are connected by NFC.

Possible problems when connecting Bluetooth columns to a computer

As a rule, the connection itself, provided that the adapter is guaranteed to operate and turned on (I remind you, it can be accidentally turned off by a combination of keys or in the Windows 10 notification center. Check) is very simple. However, the following problems are possible:

  • Bluetooth sound lags behind. Details on this topic. What to do if the sound lags behind in Bluetooth headphones (for the columns the same thing).
  • After connecting the Bluetooth column to the laptop, its connection (conjugation) with your phone can be torn and the entire connection process will have to be re.Performed, that is, it will not automatically occur.

JBL headphones to Windows 10

For convenience, the instructions for connecting Bluetooth nashelds are presented with step-by-step actions. In this format, it will be easy to understand how to connect JBL wireless headphones to a computer via Bluetooth.

Initially, it is necessary to activate the Bluetooth function on a computer or on a laptop if it is still not turned on. When it is activated, a blue icon is displayed in the notification panel.

However, this can not be done, but immediately go into “parameters” for instant activation of Bluetooth. It is necessary to open a “start”, go to the “parameters”. In this section, you need to select “devices”, as shown in the figure below.

After that, go to the Bluetooth tab and other devices, activate the wireless adapter if it is in the off mode. Next, click on the “Add Bluetooth or other device” button.

Then you need to turn on the headphones. After turning on, the indicator should burn in blue, which means their availability for the search process.

It happens that the indicator does not light up. This is possible due to the connection of headphones to another device (computer, laptop or smartphone). In this case, you need to turn off the JBL or contact the Bluetooth option.

On the computer you should click on the Bluetooth icon, and headphones should be displayed in the list of available devices. You just need to connect to them, clicking in the name.

How to connect JBL Flip 4 bluetooth speaker to HP Laptop Windows 10 computer

After the actions done, you need to wait for the status of “connected” or “connected voice, music”. In this case, everything will work.

In the future, headphones will be connected in automatic mode, without requiring additional tuning. What can not be said about the sound. It may not be transmitted directly to the headphones. If such a situation arises, you need to switch the sound in the management of reproduction devices.

How to connect a Bluetooth column to PC with Windows 7

The principle of connecting a portable device to the laptop with Windows 7 will not be radically different, but the search for the column will need to be done through the “control panel”. Here in the category “Devices and Printers” it will be necessary to check whether the Bluetooth is correctly configured: there should be a dumplings on the detection functions, and all permits for connecting “blue.Tooth” devices should also be given.

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“Control Panel” “Devices and Printers” “Bluetooth parameters” “Parameters”

connect, computer, bluetooth

In the “Devices and Prinaters” menu, click “Adding a Bluetooth device”. The search is activated, and after some time the name of your portable column will appear on the screen. First we click by name, then click “Connect”. In case of successful interfacing, the column will give a signal (sound).

As for the 10th version, a situation may arise when you need to make changes to the parameters of devices for playback. That is, the speaker should become a device for the output of the default sound.

How to connect speakers to a computer via USB?

To connect the column in this way, you will need an adapter from a conventional USB to mini or micro-USB, USB cable and AUX- cable. The sequence of actions in this case, the following: insert the adapter into the phone connector, and the USB column cable into it. The other end of the cable is connected to the column itself.

  • Take a USB cable that comes with a column
  • Insert one end into the USB port of the computer, and the other in the port of the column
  • Turn on the column
  • Windows will automatically start installing a connected device (can take up to a minute)
  • Upon completion of the installation, try to reproduce the sound

Possible problems

When connecting a Bluetooth gadget, users often have the same problems. For example, despite the “contact” PC and an audio appliance, there may simply be no music. In this case, first it should be determined whether the problem is in the column or in the computer itself. In order to check the audio vehicle, it must be connected using Bluetooth to another device, for example, a smartphone. If the music is played, then the source of the problem is in the computer itself.

To check, again, you should try to connect the playing device via Bluetooth, for example, another column. If the music plays in both cases, the problem is the connection itself, to eliminate it, you can simply use the cable. If the other column does not convey audio, then the Bluetooth drive is probably obsolete. To correct the situation, it can be updated.

In many cases, the computer does not see the column or does not connect to it, because Bluetooth itself is turned off on one of two devices. The work of the module is checked through the task manager. Sometimes PC simply cannot find a column in the list of available devices, and therefore connect to it. The problem is solved by clicking on the icon “Update the equipment configuration” located on the top panel of the tasks dispatcher. If the Bluetooth module does not turn on even after rebooting, you will have to purchase a new connection adapter.

In the absence of sound, the problem may also be in the column itself. For example, if the speakers broke down or the fee has burned down.

It is important to check the volume of charging an audio vehicle, as well as make sure that there is no electromagnetic interference. We must not forget that the Bluetooth connection usually has a password, and the PIN code installed on the column must be recognized from the manufacturer.


Driver update

Often users neglect this stage, but a couple of minutes spent on updating the drivers and firming an audio device will help to avoid problems in the future. The laptop will need:

  • Open the “Device Manager” panel. In order not to look in the settings, you can use the built.In search for the system.
  • Find the Bluetooth radio module and call the menu by click of the right button. Select “update”.

It is also worth updating the firmware of the audio girl. For example, the JBL line has released the JBL Flip 4 mobile application for its speakers, which is intended only to update the firmware on the audio devices of this brand.

As a rule, standard Bluetooth Microsoft drivers are installed on laptops and computers, there are rarely problems with them. But there are exceptions. If you managed to connect the column to the laptop via Bluetooth (on Windows 8.10, 7), but the sound is not played, then the installation of drivers from the manufacturer may be the solution.

  • Find out the manufacturer of the radio shield installed in the laptop: in the “Device Manager” by a click of the right button by the name of the radio module, call the menu and select “Properties”.

Wired connection

But what to do if there is no wireless adapter on the laptop (or it does not work for some reason)? How to connect a JBL column to a laptop in this case? If this happened, you can try to connect the speaker system using a USB port. But you need to take into account that on “Windows 7” such a feint is unlikely to work. In addition, you need to stock up on the corresponding wire (USB-MicroUSB). Only then can it be possible to achieve a positive result. Suppose you have all this. What is the algorithm of action. It is very simple.

  • Connect one end of the cable to the charging nest of the column.
  • The second end is included in the USB port on the computer.
  • We are waiting for the operating system to determine the device, install the driver and set it up. It is better to provide Internet connection, since the Windows database may not be the right driver.
  • After installing the driver, we turn on the player and in its settings we select the playback device. In each player, it will be displayed in its own way, so there is no universal instruction here.
  • Turn on some track, check the sound and set it up.
  • We begin to use the column.
connect, computer, bluetooth

This is how you can connect a wireless column from JBL to a laptop without a wireless adapter. This option is suitable for almost everyone. In the same way, you can “make friends” with a full PC column that does not have a Bluetooth adapter.